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									Edmonton Coalition on Housing and Homelessness
Minutes of the Annual General Meeting of June 8th, 2010 (Note the ECOHH web-site (www.ecohh.ca)

Present: Keith Harding (Chair) Giri Puligandla, Mary Sullivan, Perla Ben-Zvi, Ed Jones, Colin Simpson, Tanya Tellier, Jim Gurnett, Roberto
Peterson, Sarah Nicolai-deKoning, Bob McKeon, Jeannette Wright, Max Scharfenberger, Drea Chrapko, John Whitaker, Cecilia Blasetti, Irl
Miller, Bob Hanbrich, William Marvela, Lynn Hannley, Bryce Voogd, Kyla Fisher, Sharman Hnatiak, Marian Enow, David Ward, Susan
McGee, Beatrice McMillan, Carol Cass
Regrets: Jennifer Hunter, Solina Richter, Anette Kinley
1. Keith chaired: He called the meeting to order, welcomed all and noted that quorum was met.
2. Agenda approval – Tanya moved, Perla seconded
3. Minutes approval – AGM, June 16th, 2009: Giri moved, Colin seconded, passed.
                             Regular meeting May 11th, 2009: Mary moved, Cecilia seconded. passed
4. Introductions and agency updates:
            Jim Gurnett – individual, connected to ECOHH’s Homefest and Physical Memorial Committees
            Sarah Nicolai-deKoning – new, from Mustard Seed taking over Leanne’s position, interested in the Homefest Sound bites
            Bryce Voogd – noted that Mustard Seed community gardens are taking off
5. Brief History of ECOHH: Jim – see handout attached
            Jim noted ECOHH has been active in the community for 25 years. A few highlights: In 1987 issued the No Place Like Home report,
      in 1990 its report , the basis to create the Edmonton Joint Planning Committee on Homeless, 1997 worked with the Alberta Real Estate
      Board which accessed funding, in 1999 created the Edmonton Housing Trust Fund and became a society. In 2000 created Alberta
      Housing Coalition. 1st Homefest 2003, 1st Memorial 2005, and numerous other public awareness activities over the years.
6. Monthly Presentation: Guest Speaker Bob McKeon, Director of the Social Justice Office of the Catholic Archdiocese
              Bob noted the importance of ECOHH’s advocacy work and long history, which he has followed as a social activist and
       McCauley resident. Community groups taking action are key to a civil society. The need for Housing advocacy continues to be great.
      We need a way to hear those we serve, and to speak for those who cannot be heard, with a clear voice and expressing clear values.
      Those with housing and those in the private market are often over represented to government on issues. GEA has had some success in
      getting discussions with renters and developers in the southeast and northwest.. A few neighborhood leaders are being given significant
      say. ECOHH advocacy is crucial with the broader issues city-wide. With the 10 year Plans we need much wider mobilization from many
      sectors. Bob is working with the Faith communities in one part of this mobilization. Church communities have been and can become
      more involved. An example is the advocacy workshops Anglicans and St. Vincent DePaul are hosting, another is “No Room at the Inn”
      – a campaign to raise funds and inform in the process. Churches are looking at ways to support Housing 1st such as welcoming new
      neighbors and to be critically engaged in positively impacting NIMBY in neighborhoods. Service clubs and unions could also have a
      large impact. We need outreach to these and other groups. We need to move the access and ownership to the broader community who
      need to be armed with clear information for action. The most affected are not at the table. We need a way to follow through to create
      welcoming communities.. This is what makes a civil society and ECOHH’s leadership is crucial in creating it.
6. Annual Report: Keith – see written report attached
            Keith noted that Giri had written the report as Keith has just returned from sick leave. Noted he is pleased with all the work that
      has been accomplished. (such as the bylaws, Jim’s work, Mission, Vision and Goals). He thanked Giri for taking on a lot in his place. He
      expressed sadness at the loss of Mary’s work on the board and thanked her for all of her hard work.
7. Treasurer’s report: Mary - see report attached
            Mary distributed Profit and Loss and Balance Sheet reports and answered questions. Cecilia moved, Colin seconded her report
8. Committee Reports: –
            A. Advocacy & Communications: Giri – see attached report
           Giri noted a lot of work has come through this committee and there is still a long way to go to get ECOHH’s voice out. He spoke to
      widening partnerships. He noted the importance of the upcoming work on the Community Plan. He thanked Jim for all of his hard work
      Advocacy Committee meetings are the 3rd Tuesday of each month at 3:30 pm at Communitas
            B. Homefest: Carol - see attached report.
      Note the agencies we gave to need to be updated on the distributed report. Homefest 2010 is November 7th, 2010..
      The next meeting is August 19th at 11:30, at the EFMF office. The media launch is planned for September 21st, 2010 at the Stanley
      Milner Library and will be followed by a youth forum “lunch and learn” after.
            C. Homeward Trust: Susan McGee , verbal report.
            - Capital Funding – much has been learned through the Provincial RFP process. Some have conditional approvals. More RFP
      funding to come combining Affordable and Homeless dollars. Becoming more specific re: supports and moving toward mixed use sites.
      Attempting to work with the Province earlier in the process. Site acquisition is an issue for all. Reporting is due to the province and to
      the feds on projects funded by the end of September. Watch for information on the website for the next round of funding.
      Working to be clear with the City process and report to come re: the issues for distressed neighbourhoods (13 listed in city report). In
      the interim HT is operating as if there was a moratorium for Boyle Street and McCauley. Very complex inner city issues, connection to
      rate of poverty and to which stakeholders are being heard. . Ultimately HT is trying to create healthy, successful projects. HT will need
      to monitor those projects developed prior to maintain that goal. Community Support: what that might look like as may not be total
           - Housing Supports are a part of a national discussion. (Pathways, Streets to Home, Quebec). Set up a Housing 1st Advisory. ED’s
      are working to deal with strategic issues. Expected added funding will need a rationale for disbursement to present projects. Most come
      up for renewal at the end of August.
          - Community Initiatives work. Working with a pilot for Damage Deposit funding, internal work with the ministry, working on
    individual’s access to identification and a blitz (with Jeannette),
          - Research: The province is setting the strategy on this. HT will work with Ft. McMurray. KKB Consulting is doing an environmental
    scan by the end of August.
          - Homeless Count committee is being chaired by Marg Milicevic. We are reviewing the process with other areas also doing one this
    year and expanding to work with the Regional board. Cam and Lorette are also on this committee.
          - Aboriginal Relations Committee: Dave Ward is working with.
          - Upcoming Events: - HT Open House is June 23rd from 4 to 7 pm – presentations at 5 pm
                               - November 15 & 16th Housing 1st Conference is focusing on successes, with national voices, Working with
                               National Alliance to End Homelessness and CRHA.
                               - Homeless Connect: the next one is October 10th. Last one was very successful. 2nd highest attendance.
                               Thanks to all who helped
          F. Memorial: Giri reported
          Thanks to Lorette for all of her hard work as the past chair of this committee and thanks to the rest of the committee for their time
    and work as well. Giri has offered to be the symbolic chair as an ECOHH board rep, noting that John Acheson is a strong leader on
    that committee. Big news is funding has been received $36,000 from the Edmonton Arts Council for a physical memorial/participatory
    art project. Thanks to Jim for his hard work on this. This committee will be consulted for their input.
    Next Memorial meeting is June 10th at 10 am at Bissell Centre
9. Election of Board Members:
          Seven members make up the executive. Presently Keith Harding is the President/Chair, Giri Puglanda sits as Vice President, Perla
    Ben-Zvi is now the treasurer, Tanya Tellier and Colin Simpson will continue to serve. 2 members have allowed their names to stand:
    Roberto Peterson and Cecilia Blasetti. Giri moved and Colin seconded this slate. Slate approved.
10. New Business: none
          Drea noted the Inner City Barbecue is July 23rd from 11 am onward
11. Meeting adjourned. Drea moved adjournment

12. The next Regular Meeting is the 2nd Tuesday in September – Tuesday September 14th at 10 am –
    at Communitas, #200 12120 106 Avenue.
    Edmonton Coalition on Housing and Homelessness Society
                        Balance Sheet
                     As of March 31, 2010


        Current Assets
              Bank Account                                   21,684.83

        Other Current Assets
              Term Deposits                                  10,922.28

        Other Assets
              Servus Shares                                       286.48

TOTAL ASSETS                                                 32,893.59


        Liabilities                                                  0.00

              Opening Balance Equity                           15,430.42
              Retained Earnings                                14,799.87
              Net Income                                        2,663.30

TOTAL EQUITY                                                   32,893.59

TOTAL LIABILITIES & EQUITY                                              32,893.59

We have reviewed these statements and in our opinion they fairly represent the
financial position of the Edmonton Coalition on Housing and Homelessness as of
March 31, 2010.

_______________________                               _______________________
Director                                   Director
              Edmonton Coalition on Housing & Homelessness Society
                                  Profit & Loss
                        April 2009 through March 2010

                                                  Apr’09 – Mar ‘10

  Dividends and Interest                                          37.61
  ECOHH funding                                               1,500.00
  Membership Dues                                             2,780.00
    Homefest Income                               12,118.42
    Sales – Other                                  1,050.00

Total Sales                                        13,168.42

Total Income                                                       17,486.03

 Bank Service Charges                                           147.75
 Communications & Policy Committee                              109.78
 Contracted Services
  Consultant                                              2,244.77
  Website                                            235.78
 Total Contracted Services                                       2,480.55
 Memorial Event                                               341.99
 Miscellaneous                                                120.71
 Office Supplies                                                 14.18
 Special Events
   Homefest Expenses
      Musicians                             4,372.50
      Homefest Expenses – other                    2,821.31
      Facilities                              413.96
   Total Homefest Expenses                   7,607.77
   Homefest Proceeds                          4,000.00
   Total Special Events                     11,607.77

Total Expense                                                 14,822.73

Net Income                                                     2,663.30
                                      Edmonton Coalition on Housing and Homelessness
                                          Annual General Meeting June 8, 2010

                                                   Report from the Chair

Dear ECOHH Members,

This past year was a busy one for ECOHH. One of the high points was bringing Jim Gurnett on board as a contract employee.
His considerable energy and abilities were manifested in a number of ways including:
               • Continuing to be a spokesperson for ECOHH
               • Lining up the presenters for the information portion of our member’s meetings
               • Working with Lynn Hannley to draft our new bylaws
               • Coordinating an MLA luncheon
               • Preparing letters & news releases
               • Working closely with the Communication & Policy Committee
               • Grant applications
               • Building our membership
               • Supporting the HomsFest Committee
It sure was nice while it lasted; unfortunately, Jim took a “regular” job, the nature of which has meant that his role with
ECOHH has had to change. It is no longer appropriate for him to have a front line role although he continues to work with us
behind the scenes.

As mentioned above our new bylaws were adopted at a general meeting and stamped & filed by Service Alberta, copies are
available at this meeting – a warm thanks to Lynn & Jim for their draft and Mary for the filing(s).

We met with Housing Ministers Fritz & Denis and several other MLAs. We had several cordial and constructive discussions
with the Mayor and other members of city council.

Last year we did yeomen’s work developing our vision, mission and goals; this year we have been keeping them in the
forefront as we move forward.

I include them for reference.

Vision:           Safe, appropriate, affordable housing for all
                  Edmonton cares, and makes housing a priority
                  Housing is provided according to needs and choices
                  Voices are heard and answered

Mission:          The Edmonton Coalition on Housing and Homelessness promotes awareness, advocates, and takes action on
                  housing issues to enhance community life.

Goals:            Developing our Terms of Reference
                  Informing the Public on Matters of Housing and Homelessness
                  Advocacy, Research, and Awareness
                  Securing Sustainable Funding
                  Recruiting, Developing, Engaging, and Retaining Membership

As mentioned in other reports our flagship events, HomeFest & the Homeless Memorial were very successful again this year;
both garnering extensive media exposure. A special thanks to Lorette and the Homeless Memorial committee and Carol,
Rosalie, Jim and the HomeFest Committee for all their hard work and dedication!

I am very appreciative of the dedication and support provided by our current board of directors:

Giri Puligandla – Vice chair
Mary Sullivan – Secretary/treasurer
Perla Ben Zvi – At large
Tanya Tellier – At large
Colin Simpson – At large
Lorette Garrick – At large
A very special thanks to Mary Sullivan who is stepping back from ECOHH after many years of selfless service & to Lorette
Garrick who is also stepping down, her voice was appreciated.

I will close by thanking our members for their continued involvement and participation in ECOHH; it is only by working
together that we will ensure that our visions and mission become

Respectfully submitted by Keith Harding, Board Chair
                                      Edmonton Coalition on Housing and Homelessness
                                          Annual General Meeting June 8, 2010

                              Communications & Policy Committee – Chairperson’s Report

                               Submitted Respectfully by Giri Puligandla, Committee Co- Chair

Dear ECOHH Members,

It is with pride that I present this report on behalf of the knowledgeable and dedicated members of ECOHH’s Communications
& Policy Committee (CPC). Because ECOHH is the voice of those most affected by the homelessness problem in our city, our
committee plays the fundamental role of dissecting complex problems and engaging our membership and relevant stakeholders
to find resolutions. CPC members – each with strong backgrounds in research, communications, service coordination, public
policy, and advocacy – offer their expertise to support informed, constructive responses to policy developments.

In 2009-2010, the CPC engaged in many activities, including the following:
        Meeting with the Minister of Housing & Urban Affairs Jonathan Denis to discuss the issue of rent supplements,
        clarify government commitment to its 10-year plan, highlight the need for preventive funding, and reiterate the
        importance of transparency in funding.
        Presentation to the city’s Executive Committee on their plans to impose a cap on non-market housing in “distressed”
        Participation on a panel for the 2010 Homelessness Marathon broadcast through campus radio stations across the
        Submitting letters to the editor regarding the 2009 provincial budget, project funding decisions, the end of the Housing
        Eviction and Prevention (HEP) fund, and other issues
        Presentation on behalf of ECOHH to the federal Standing Committee on Human Resources, Skills Development,
        Social Development and the Status of Persons with Disabilities (HUMA)
        Attendance at ward forums to discuss the City’s budget
        Hosting an MLA lunch for Edmonton and area MLAs, attended by then Alberta Housing and Urban Affairs Minister
        Yvonne Fritz
        Submitting a letter to then Alberta Health & Wellness Minister Ron Liepert regarding the closure of Alberta Hospital
        Edmonton beds
        News release regarding deficiencies in planning and coordination of efforts to address the needs of people at-risk of
        homelessness beyond the target population in the province’s and City’s 10-year plans
        Arranging for speakers at ECOHH’s membership meetings regarding parklands outreach, Housing First, Capital
        Region Housing Corporation (CRHC), among other topics.

For 2010-2011, the CPC will likely focus on emerging issues such as non-market housing caps and development of a new
Community Plan. We will continue to seek participation of members and relevant non-member stakeholders in our work. The
CPC will strive to provide well-researched and balanced opinions to decision-makers and the public to raise the profile of and,
critically, to follow through with appropriate action on housing issues on behalf of our members.
                                             June 2010

1986      City of Edmonton and homeEd brought together a number of individuals and organizations to develop the City of
          Edmonton’s response to the United Nations International Year of Shelter for the Homeless in 1987. The people who
          came together decided ongoing action and activities were required and formed the Edmonton Coalition on
          Homelessness (ECOH).

1987       ECOH prepared a report on homelessness titled No Place Like Home. The report contained 45 recommendations, and
          eventually led to a joint consultative committee with Province, City and ECOH.

1990      ECOH spearheaded Edmonton Inner City Need and Demand Study, funded and sponsored by the joint consultative
          committee. The short term response to the study recommendations were immediate housing projects, while the long
          term response was the creation of the Edmonton Joint Planning Committee on Housing (Province, City and ECOH).
          One of the tasks of the Joint Planning Committee was the preparation of a longer term plan (3-5 yrs).

          ECOH worked with Joint Planning Committee to develop projects and programs. It also worked on increasing public
          awareness regarding issues relating to housing and homelessness.

1995      EOCH was involved in an update on housing needs in Edmonton

1997      EOCH was involved in the Update on Affordable Housing for Low Income and Special Needs Households.

          EOCH secured funding from the Alberta Real Estate Foundation and a number of its members to research the
          possibility of developing a housing trust fund. While ECOH spear-headed this work, the Joint Planning Committee
          was also involved in the research and development of the Edmonton Housing Trust Fund.

1999      As the Settlor establishing the Trust Fund, ECOH had to incorporate and did so under the Societies Act. The name
          was changed to Edmonton Coalition on Housing and Homelessness, to reflect its broader mandate.

          The following are the general objectives of ECOHH as it was incorporated:
    •     To identify the scope of homelessness & the nature & magnitude of housing problems in the
          Edmonton region,
    •     To identify a range of solutions to the problems of housing and homelessness,
    •     To develop &/or to facilitate the development of solutions to the problems,
    •     To collect funds to further the objectives of the Society,
    •     To affiliate with other individuals & groups having similar interests.
          The Edmonton Housing Trust Fund was created.

2000      ECOHH explored the possibility of establishing the Alberta Housing Coalition, and with funding from the Alberta
          Real Estate Foundation, worked with representatives from other communities across Alberta to establish the
          provincial coalition. AHC held three provincial conferences in the next few years.

2003      First HomeFest concert presented, to educate Edmontonians with regard to housing and homelessness issues.
          HomeFest delivers hours of music from some of Edmonton's best and favourite folk and roots musicians. It also
          provides good current information about the real situation. The concert is supported by sponsors, the work of more
          than 100 volunteers each year, and many musicians and other members of the roots music community. Proceeds from
          the concert are used to make grants to ECOHH member organizations for small projects. The concert is presented

2005      ECOHH presented the first Memorial for the lives of people who had died in the previous year due to homelessness or
          housing insecurity. The event has been held annually since.

2009      ECOHH undertook an extensive strategic planning process and developed revised vision, mission, values and goals.

In recent years, ECOHH has:
    •     remained actively engaged in public awareness and advocacy with regard to housing, community,
        and homelessness issues;
    •   remained actively engaged in the Edmonton Joint Planning Committee on Housing and the
        Edmonton Housing Trust Fund until they were dissolved with the creation of Homeward Trust
        Edmonton in 2008;
    •   been actively engaged in policy development at the Municipal level
    •   participated in the Mayor's 10 Year Plan to End Homelessness on leadership and housing
Today EOCHH has more than 30 members. Monthly meetings are well attended. An active Policy and Communications
Committee oversees the education and advocacy work. While the majority of the members are local non-governmental
associations, both individuals and the private sector are represented in its membership. While not members, representatives
from government (City of Edmonton, CMHC) participate at the ECOHH table.

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