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					RFS NEWS                                                                                                Issue# February 2009



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          With our best range of Magnifiers

                                           Image of a 10 cent coin taken with the
                                            Lumos X-Loupe, as featured on Front
                                            Cover of the September NDT Journal                   
                                     Russell’s Desktop

                                               Welcome to 2009

This year is guaranteed to be a year of challenge and we are stepping up ready to meet what is ahead. This year we will
be seeking to put a focus on each edition of RFS News and for this edition it is Magnifiers. We hope you will enjoy the
information we have for you and that being able to see more clearly your items for inspection will make your life easier
and give you better results.
We hope to catch up with many of you during the year in our visits and assist you with your product needs. Don’t forget
our ever changing website - The search field at the top right hand corner of the screen will guide
you to your field of interest.
What’s on this year - Lots of travel and the AINDT Conference in August. Even as you receive this, Joe Buckley from
Sonatest and I are travelling the east coast of Australia with the Rapidscan. Next month we have representatives from
South Africa with the Lo-Rad Se75 close proximity radiography system. Our aim in 2009 is to serve you better and more
professionally than ever before. We are at your service.

                                                2009 Calendar

February 9 - 20: Russ & Joe travel with Rapidscan to Sydney, Newcastle, Melbourne, Brisbane & Gladstone
March 16 - 25: Russ with Gammatec & Lo-Rad to demonstrate Lo-Rad close proximity radiography system to New
                 South Wales & Western Australia
August:         AINDT Conference - Gold Coast

                                                              Just look at the Shoppa/MaggyCam. This was made to
                                                              assist sight-impaired people but we see it as a tool for
                                                              inspectors. Illumination and clear vision on a good
                                                              resolution screen makes Shoppa perfect for inspection
                                                              of fine assemblies, machine components or corrosion in
                                                              a difficult to access area. Shoppa is great for ‘fine print’
                                                              drawings. The Shoppa has rechargeable batteries as it can
                                                              be taken to the job or just set upon the work bench on
                                                              power for ease of inspection.

                                                              For more information, please click here

Product Feature

        Take the Lumos
        Laboratory with You
        The Lumos X-Loupe portable microscopic camera will
        transform your inspection capabilities. Highly effec-
        tive in a vast array of applications the Lumos X-Loupe is
        utilised in the fields of NDT; Engineering; Forensic Science;
        Entomology (study of insects); Customs; Archaeology; Art
        Evaluation; Education; Medical Science or Photography.
        Combining a digital camera and microscopic module it of-
        fers superior magnification levels and the ability to clearly
        capture objects approximately 6mm - 10 microns in size.

        • Pocket sized, weighing less than 300g
        • Interchangeable lenses offering 60X, 100X, 150X, 300X &
          UV lens (some models) magnification levels
        • Built in fully-dimmable LED lighting
        • Auto-focus captures clear micro images
        • Connectivity with TV or Printer without the use of a PC
        • Preview and quick browse on 2.5 Inch LCD screen
        • Durability: Run-time is approximately four hours
        • Quality: Lithium battery cell made-in-Japan
        • Stand is available to ensure stable use

                    For more information click here

               South Australia Police
                     Forensic Forum
                                                     By Susan Pile
On December 10, 2008 Russell and I attended the South Australia
Police Forensic Forum which was held at the University of Adelaide. We
had the privilege of being the only Company invited to showcase our
products which gave us a fantastic opportunity to display to virtually all
of the 130 delegates, something which could be of benefit in their field
of forensic work.

The products we were able to demonstrate include the Lumos X-Loupe
portable microscope camera, Isomark replicating compounds, a range
of Optimax torches from Spectronics and the MaggyCam portable
electronic magnifier. Russell also gave a fascinating demonstration on
how serial numbers which have been filed back on a metal block can be
revealed using magnetic particle inspection.

All of our products generated an immense amount of interest and we
were kept very busy endeavoring to demonstrate everything during the
seminar breaks. Overall the day was very successful for Russell Fraser
Sales. We were able to inform a large number of forensic specialists of
new and exciting technology which will lead to faster and more accurate
results in the many different fields of forensic science.

                                           Product Feature

 Be the B.O.S.S. in Brinell Hardness Readings
                                                        The B.O.S.S. system from Newage Testing Instruments is an automatic
                                                        scanning system for measuring Brinell impressions. It is designed to
                                                        make testing faster, more accurate and improves quality control as it
                                                        automatically stores data and is network capable.

                                                                       Virtually eliminate operator influence...

                                                        It is widely appreciated that measuring Brinell impressions can
                                                        result in measurement errors of 0.1 mm between operators (the
                                                        range is even greater between labs). This error can take up your
                                                        entire tolerance specification. The B.O.S.S. will virtually eliminate
                                                        operator influence on test results and your test results won’t change
                                                        with every shift change.

                                                                         Take measurements in an instant...

                                                        In a fraction of a second the B.O.S.S. captures an image of the
                                                        impression (operators don’t have to hold the scan head still while
                                                        measuring), then uses the image to measure the diameter to the
                                                        nearest 0.01 mm. The system displays the resulting Brinell value
                                                        and the identified edges at eight positions. Tolerance and warning
                                                        values can be entered that will cause test results to appear color-

                                                                         Increased speed and productivity...
                         COIL AuTO TOuCh
                                                        With more speed and accuracy the capability of your entire Brinell
                           3, 5, 7, 9, 11 x
                                                        program changes dramatically. Instead of being a rough quality
                            IllumInated                 control measurement to find defects, the testing can add
               Features:     magnIfIer                  process control functionality to quickly predict potential production
               • Touch control on/off                   problems and correct them before bad parts start streaming out.
               • Rechargeable batteries                 The B.O.S.S. Software is network capable so test results can be
               • LED Illumination                       directed to your production control software.
               • Lightweight
               • Ergonomic styling                                              Customise data files...
               • Aspheric Lens
                                                        An unlimited number of data test files can be created, each
Recently introduced is the Auto Touch range of
                                                        containing its own preset test parameters, selected from a complete
hand-held pocket magnifiers. The long lasting
                                                        range of Brinell options. The B.O.S.S. has a wide range of statistical
diode illuminates while the magnifier is held
                                                        capabilities. Two sets of tolerances, one for warning and another
and automatically switches off when you put
                                                        for out-of-tolerance may be entered. Statistical reports, including
it down ensuring lasting battery life.
                                                        X-bar & R charts and histograms, can be generated for each data file.
The magnifier has a soft-touch sleeve for pre-          Operators can also capture an image of the impression in the bitmap
cise ‘slip-free’ grip and is available in a choice of   file format.
magnifications. The product is supplied with a
low-voltage charger. Click here for more info.
                                         Product Feature

Spectroline Q-Series
White & UV Magnifying Lamp
The Spectrolince Q-Series White & UV Magnifying Lamp offers excellent visual
magnification during fluorescence analysis and features:

• 12 models with different combinations: long wave UV, shortwave UV & white light
• Built-in, high-resolution magnifier provides 3X magnification at 20.3cm focal length
• Your choice of 1, 2 or 4 long wave (UV) black light tubes
• All short wave models feature our unique LONGLIFE filter glass which lasts up to 50X
  longer than conventional UV filters
• Accessories include: sturdy metal SQ-130 pedestal stand for hands-free use; WQ-
  240 bracket for wall mounting; Unique pantographic spring-balanced flexible arm
  which extends 91.4cm and swings in a 360º arc
                        For more information please click here

                                                            MAGGYLAMP Illuminated
                                                             Desktop/Free standing

The Standard Maggylamp, model ML 201, is the most popular model in the Maggylamp range. The powdercoated cast
metal base provides the necessary counter-balance to keep the lamp on the bench when the flexible chrome arms are
being adjusted. The flexible gooseneck arms provide easy positioning of the magnifying head. The ML201 is supplied
complete with fluorescent tube and 1.8 metre lead.

A widely adjusted magnifier with a biconvex lens of 127mm diameter, with a 4.00 dioptre and a focul length of 254mm.
It is essentially a microscope with a lighting facility which is a circular fluorescent tube which runs off 240 volts. It has
flexible arms for easy positioning. Sturdy, well made product assures a life-time of service. Weight 8.16kgs. Lateral
extension 38cm. Vertical extension 25.4cm. Finishes: ivory shade and chrome arms. Fixings: Table base or hand held.
                                          For more information please click here

                          Welcome to the New Age of
                             Brinell Microscopes
                                                        The Hi Light Brinell Microscope from Newage Testing
                                                        Instruments utilises high performance built-in-LEDs (light-emit-
                                                        ting diodes) to illuminate Brinell impressions. Ideally positioned
                                                        inside the unit, the LEDs provide constant, even light for
                                                        definition of the Brinell impression’s edge.
                                                        Traditionally, operators were forced to attach a torch which
                                                        shone in through a gap in the side of the Brinell microscope.
                                                        Not only was this a tricky maneuver, the operator was often
                                                        required to move the angle of the illumination up and down
                                                        to select a view of the impression to measure, therefore
                                                        introducing an element of variation into the measurement
                                                        The Hi Light Brinell Microscope is completely enclosed,
                                                        therefore allowing zero ambient light to reach the test
                                                        impression. The Microscope features a sharp 20X
                                                        magnification which assists in ensuring more reliable results
                                                        are attained whether measuring Brinell impressions or other
                                                        applications such as total case depth on heat treated samples.
                                                        In addition to the illumination advantages of built-in-LEDs,
                                                        the Hi Light Brinell offers improved durability and greater
                                                        efficiency for up to 200 hours continuous operation without
                                                        replacing the battery. The Hi Light can be used with the snap-on
                                                        base so it stands upright by itself and provides a stable platform for
                                                        taking measurements, or the base can be removed for
                                                        measurements with a narrow 5/8” footprint.
                                                               To enquire about the Hi Light for your application
                                                                              please click here.

Pocket Magnifiers
It may seem trivial to feature a $7 magnifier in our
newsletter but not everything that is good has to be
expensive. Our pocket magnifiers are sold in cartons
of 12 and attach to a key ring so you can have light
and vision right with you. The lens gives quality 10X
magnification and folds into a protector when not
in use.

To enquire, please click here

                Thank you for taking the time to read RFS NEWS

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