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Two treatment with fraxel laser

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Information on acne, acne treatment reviews, and treatment of scars. Includes a regimen to help clear your acne.

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              Look Young and Feel Good
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              The treatment package includes:
Two treatment with fraxel laser
Three treatments Of 3DEEPEndyMed PRO advanced skin
  Results are outstanding without undergoing surgery

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         And FREE LATISSE (eye lash extender)
                     Women’s Heath & Laser Center
                         7250 France Ave. S
                             Suite #102
                          Edina MN 55435
3DEEP EndyMed pro RF technology
    Advanced facial and neck tightening
               Body contouring
               Wrinkle reduction
     Non invasive with visible results
        Safe      Painless    Effective
                No down time

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      Free consultation with our M.D.
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         Women’s health & laser center

          7250 France Ave S., Suite 102

                 Edina MN 55435

        Look good - feel good
     Resurface your face, neck or decolette
                          Erase acne scars
Eliminate pigmentation, sun spots and age spots

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                      Minimal recovery time
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    Women’s health & laser center. 7250 France Ave S., Suite 102. Edina MN 55435

  Fill lines around the mouth
Juvederm XC injectible filler with
      Minimal discomfort

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      Radiesse Filler

GREAT opportunity to fill ALL
your UNWANTED facial folds.

      Longer lasting filler

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            Skin science that delivers dramatic results
     Safe non- invasive treatment with minimal recovery time
                         for all skin types
    Fraxel laser FDA approved for treatment of the following

•   Wrinkles around the eyes
•   Wrinkles on the face & neck
•   Sun damage and age spots
•   Acne scars & surgical scars
•   Skin resurfacing
•   Improve collagen, texture and tone
•   Melasma ( brown spots/pregnancy mask )

    Treatment performed by physician in office

    Any part of the body or targeted areas can be treated

    To schedule your appointment call 952-831-2828
    For details please visit our website at
Call for the details

       PAINLESS Laser Hair Removal
               Performed by Physician
                   State of the art laser

                   No local anesthesia

                     Excellent results

             Hello Laser – Bye, Bye Razor

              For the silky smooth skin.

 Call Us for Your Appointment at 952-831-2828

          Please visit our website at
                                            Laser Spider Veins Removal
                                                           “ I suffered from unsightly
                                                            spider and varicose veins
                                                         for years. You don’t have to! “

Before              After

Who is a candidate?
The physician will determine if you are a candidate. During your consultation, a review of your
medical history will ascertain the cause and severity of your condition. Depending on types of
veins, a combination of different treatment modalities may be suggested.

How does laser spider vein removal work?
Our Nd: Yag laser has a wavelength of 1064 nanometers. This wavelength targets hemoglobin
or blood. Each vessel is traced with pulse of laser light. As the energy is absorbed by the blood
in the vessel, heat is created and the vessel wall is destroyed. The vein will die and the body will
clear away a bruise. People with all skin colors can be safely treated. Each client’s body will
have it’s own times schedule for how quickly veins will be reabsorbed. This could range from
days to weeks and possibly month.

How many treatments will it take?
Several treatments may be required to achieve the optimum results. In most cases, as few as 2 or
3 treatments will fulfill the desired outcome. Discomfort is minimal and topical anesthesia is
used. You may be asked to wear support hose or a supportive wrap for short period of time
following treatment. This precautionary post-treatment measure will apply compression to the
treated vessels to prevent recurrence. For long term benefits use compression stockings.

                                   7250 France Ave. S. Suite # 102
                                          Edina MN 55435
                                       Phone 952-831-2828
         Special Offer
    New Ultrasonic Technology
Crystal Free Microdermabrasion
 With antiaging vitamins infusion mask
         One hour treatment

  Benefits of one Microderm is
       Equal to 6 facials
    Super Exfoliation & Hydration
          Pores Clearing
 Reduces fine lines &Pigmentation
     Invigorating & Relaxing
  Special offer includes full neck
     Microdermabrasion Free
          952 – 831 - 2828
  Visit our website at
                                 CHEMICAL PEELS

                                      Smart skin solutions
    Visible dramatic results possible with our customized chemical peels
                                   Various Conditions Treated

        Acne                                                                                   Wrinkles
      Aging skin                                                                           Under eye Circles
       Rosacea                                                                               Sun Damage
     Blackheads                                                                                Hydration
 Hyperpigmentation                                                                           Rejuvenation
       Dry Skin                                                                               Large Pores
       Oily Skin                                                                           Deoxygenated Skin
       Psoriasis                                                                            Dull Complexion
   Weak Capillaries                                                                           Callus Feet
Laxity and Fine Lines                                                                        Cracked Heels

                        Individual treatments and packages available – call 952-831-2828
                     Laser treatment for active Acne and acne scarring

Acne Treatment
  •   Routine skin care:      Use Clarisonic Brush with antibacterial wash twice a day
                              Do not pick or squeeze pimples

  •   Medical therapy:        Topical antibiotic creams or gels
                              Retinoids topical
                              Differin, Tazorac, Duac
                              Oral antibiotics

  •   Microdermabrasion:      Crystal free ultrasound cleansing

  •   Laser treatment of active acne: Highly effective treatment for acne that does not respond to other therapies.
                                      Laser kills acne bacteria and rejuvenates the skin. Spot treatment or full face
                                      treatment can be done for mild, moderate or severe acne. One or more
                                      treatments may be needed.

  •   Laser treatment of acne scars: Highly effective Fraxel Laser treatment to erase the acne scars. Three to four
                                     treatments four weeks apart are required to erase 80% of scars.

  •   All treatments performed by Dr. Sharon Kshettry. Free consultation can be scheduled .
             Women’s Health & Laser Center


                        Treatment options

1.   Topical gels and creams are ineffective.

2.   Oral antibiotics are toxic to liver and needs prolong treatment.

3.   Cortisone cream may reduce redness but can not be used for
     longer than two weeks.

4.    Laser treatment to close off the dilated blood vessels is very
     effective and risk free. Often one treatment is required. In some
     cases two to three treatments six weeks apart are needed.

5.   No down time needed after laser treatment.

6.   Consultations & Laser treatment is performed by Dr. Kshettry
Laser treatment of nail fungus & plantar warts

 Simple                    New                      Effective
Benefits of nails laser treatment :
                       High cure rates
                       No side effects
                       Eliminates daily topical applications
                       Spare liver from side effects of oral therapy
                       Short treatment and cost effective

Laser Treatment :      Two treatment per week x two weeks
                       Painless and no anesthesia required

Benefits of plantar warts laser treatment:
                        Only one to two treatments required
                        Highly effective

      For details and to schedule appointment call 952-831-2828
                  Women, men and children are welcome
                    Women’s health and laser center
             7250 France Ave S, suite #102, Edina MN 55435
                  SEXUAL HEALTH FOR WOMEN
                         You don’t have to suffer silently

                    If you have any of the following concerns

           Please feel comfortable to discuss with Dr. Sharon Kshettry

      •   Lack of sexual desire
      •   Inability to achieve orgasm
      •   Loss of sensation
      •   Dry and Painful intercourse
      •   Correction of asymmetrical labia.
      •   Labial lift for aging labia
      •   G – Spot enhancement
      •   Vaginoplasty to tighten the vagina
      •   Labiaplasty for labial reduction

Visit includes detailed consultation, physical exam, blood hormone tests and
plan individualized treatment options. Follow-up visits are included.

                Call for your appointment at 952-831-2828

                Please visit our website at
                                                    G – SHOT

                     G – Spot Augmentation
    Feel the excitement the way it is supposed to be.
  • Recharge your sexual health
  • Restore and improve orgasm
  • Renew the sensitivity during intercourse

G – Spot is a bundle of nerve endings located in the lower anterior
vagina. In some people nerve endings are flat. During intercourse
there is a lack of contact and sensitivity leading to unsatisfactory
intercourse and poor orgasm.

A simple procedure using human collagen is performed in the office
by our physician to build and elevate the G – Spot. Procedure takes
less then 10 minutes. Can resume to sexual activity the same day.

This procedure improves the sexual contact during intercourse,
increases the sensitivity and excitement during sexual activity leading
to satisfactory orgasm.

        Women report high satisfaction with this procedure.
                                  Wedding Season Specials
                             Be Flawless – When it has to be Perfect

                                       Look Your Best on Your

                                                Special Day!
                             At Women’s Health & Laser Aesthetic Center

      For the perfect look we provide the following services

                           BOTOX Cosmetic
                              Facial Fillers
                            Chemical Peels
                   Crystal Free Microdermabrasion
    Aesthetic services for your neck and back for backless dresses
                      Mole and Acne treatment
                Laser treatments – facial and leg veins
                Fraxel Resurfacing – Face, neck, hands
                     Painless Laser Hair Removal

          Bring the bridal party for BOTOX and Bride is Free

                     Gift Certificates available
                  Discounts for combined services

Prewedding GYN health exam and contraceptive consultations available

              Women’s Health & Laser Aesthetic Center
                  7250 France Ave S. Suite #102
                        Edina MN 55435
                  Phone Number 952-831-2828

        Please visit our website for promotions

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