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   The Church of England in South Africa
                                                                                 http://cesablog.wordpress.com | October 2009

God’s Master Plan
for Change                                                                                                                 part 1

If you love someone you won’t try to
change them. Love accepts people as
they are, warts and all. Maybe you’ve
heard that relationship advice before?
But is it always true? Is acceptance of
someone’s shortcomings really a dem-
onstration of true love? God’s love for
us is a perfect love. And yet, He doesn’t
love us for who we are. He loves us in
spite of who we are. And because He
loves us, He very much wants to change
    You could say that the whole Bible
story is about God’s master plan to
change lives. None of us are who we
should be. Our lives are a very pale re-
flection of what God intended. Sin has
taken its toll. We are all in need of a
complete overhaul. That’s where God’s
master plan for change comes in. Be-          a people that are his very own, eager        promises to see His change project all
fore time began, God set His sights on        to do what is good.” As Jesus atoned on      the way through to that point of com-
loving and calling and restoring broken       the cross for our sin, paying its penalty    pletion in the future glory. Philippians
people. Romans 8:28 tells us that God         and destroying its power, He opened          1:6 says that “he who began a good
is orchestrating every moment of every        up the possibility for change. That is       work in you will carry it on to comple-
day so that everything we experience,         why Jesus died. That possibility then        tion until the day of Christ Jesus.” God
if we are God’s children, has been de-        becomes reality in the most incredible       is in the business of changing lives. He
signed by Him to change us into the           act of God’s power and grace. Through        never does half jobs. And He has a 100
people He intended us to be – people          the gift of the Holy Spirit, God unites      per cent success rate. Through Christ
whose lives look more and more like           people to Christ as they put their faith     He destroys the penalty of sin and the
Jesus.                                        in Him, so that they benefit from all that   power of sin so that one day we will be
                                              Christ achieved. God’s simple purpose        free from the presence of sin.
Made Possible by the Cross                    in doing this is so that “we may live a
    God’s great change project was made       new life” (Rom. 6:4). The Bible calls this   some of the implications
possible through the cross. The death         the new birth.                                  The implications of this are huge.
of Jesus made real personal change not           But God doesn’t stop there. Not           Firstly, it means that change is inevi-
just a pipe dream, but an achievable re-      only does He set His affection upon in-      table for God’s children. God is trans-
ality. Titus 2:14 says that “Jesus Christ …   dividuals in eternity past, not only does    forming us into Christ’s likeness with
gave himself for us to redeem us from         He unite them to Christ at the point of      ever-increasing glory (2 Corinthians
all wickedness and to purify for himself      conversion in the present, but He also       3:18). So I don’t have the option of
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    The Rev Brian Cameron                     The Rt Rev Frank Retief                      Dr Jerry Gule
    PO Box 2180, Clareinch, 7740              cesa@mweb.co.za                              jerry.gule@total.co.za
    CESA News | October 2009

                                        A Word from the Presiding Bishop

                                      Synod Round-Up
    synod                                       salary Revision                            most unlikely people having a Gospel
       Thank you for your participation in         We were grateful to Mike Budden         concern: E.g. the Free State farmers for
    Synod. It was a good time of fellow-        and Lew de Jager of Cebano for the         their workforce. What a strange and
    ship and rekindling of friendships. I was   hard work they put in to this presenta-    wonderful land we live in. Bishop Mar-
    grateful for the “family” atmosphere        tion regarding salaries and remunera-      tin’s comments on the pros and cons of
    that prevailed and the warm-hearted-        tions. Their report has been sent to all   staying in South Africa instead of leav-
    ness exercised by everybody.                presbyters and Christian workers. It is    ing were a timely reminder to us all of
                                                now up to the various Churches and         the wonderful opportunities for evan-
    Speakers                                    Area Bishops to carry this report for-     gelism and witness that exist in Africa.
       We are grateful to Michael Lawrence      ward and assist people in thinking it
    and Thabiti Anyabwile for being our         through and implementing what they         change of name
    speakers this Synod. They came to us        are able.                                    This is an ongoing debate. The is-
    at no cost to CESA because they were                                                   sue now seems to be that our consti-
    on their way to a conference at Africa      Issues
    Enterprise. The three talks on the Penal        It was interesting,
    Substitution of Christ were excellent       from my point of view,
    and the two talks on race were superb.      to note the issues with
    I hope you are able to obtain copies to     which we dealt at Synod.
    lend to others.                             In summary they are as
2                                               follows: race, transfor-
    new Bishop                                  mation, succession, mis-
       We congratulate Raj Moodley on his       sions, local ministries,
    election as a new Bishop for CESA. His      money, and care for the
    consecration will take place on 28 No-      poor.
    vember. We do hope it will be a bum-            We did not deal with
    per occasion. We were disappointed          these in great depth be-
    that no other black Bishops were nomi-      cause they are ongoing
    nated this year for various reasons. But    conversations, but I think
    we were heartened to hear that there        we covered important
    will be nominees for next year. We con-     issues that would be applicable for        tution makes it impossible to change
    tinue to keep transformation on our         all Churches. I was greatly blessed to     our name. If this is so then we might
    agendas and pray for God’s help and         hear of the various projects being un-     need to consider an additional “trading
    guidance in this regard.                    dertaken in different areas and of the     name”. Legal advice is being sought on
                                                                                           this at present.

    Continued from page 1                                                                  chancellor
    stagnating on my journey to becoming        agement when change seems painfully           We have been without a Chancellor
    more like Jesus. I must not be satisfied    slow. When persistent sin seems im-        for five years. The Chancellor is the le-
    with mediocrity in my Christian life. If    possible to overcome and failure feels     gal advisor to CESA. Allistair McIntosh
    God’s goal is perfection, then I should     like a way of life, I need to remember     was our Chancellor until an accident
    aim at nothing less. Secondly, it means     God’s commitment to present me spot-       made it impossible for him to act. It
    that the key to bringing about change       less and pure on the final day. Because    was, however, wonderful to see him
    in my life and dealing with specific sins   He loves me, that is His goal. And He      back at Synod this year. With Synod’s
    is found in the gospel. The gospel is our   will stop at nothing to achieve it.        permission we have asked him to re-
    power and motivation to change. In the                                                 sume his position, bearing in mind that
    fight against sin we can do no better       Recommended reading:                       we need to train a new Chancellor in
    than preaching the gospel to ourselves      You Can Change by Tim Chester; How         accordance with our commitment to
    again. Thirdly, it means that because       People Change by Tim Lane & Paul           transformation.
    God is not finished with me yet, I should   Tripp; Finally Alive by John Piper.                              Continued on page 3
    not become overwhelmed by discour-
                                                                                            CESA News | october 2009
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Other Matters                               The problem is that those who readily       through the land, with his jacket flap-
                                            welcome us and seek us out are more         ping open, his hands behind his back
1. GWC is going through a process of        Anglican than we are and think we are       and his eagle eye watching for every
strategic planning at present. We look      more Anglican than we really are. This      opportunity to ask somebody “Are you
forward to a report in due course on all    is a debate we must have in the future.     a Christian?”
their deliberations.
                                            5. Following on from the previous point         Finally, brothers and sisters let me
2. In the Cape the building of the new      may I ask you to seriously reflect on        comment on the request of Synod for
“Arise” building on the premises of St      your order of service? I have been to       me to stay on for one more year. First-
Thomas’ Church in Heideveld is under-       services where the leader prays a short     ly, it is an honour to serve God in CESA
way.                                        prayer of confession at the beginning of    and Beulah and I gladly do so. Secondly,
                                            the service then a song is sung. Apart      I am putting into action now a process
3. Bishop Des Inglesby and I were re-       from this being out of order with our       by which we will hopefully elect a new
cently invited to attend the opening ser-   normal practice, the point is that I want   Presiding Bishop to be presented to
vice of the Anglican Church’s Cape Dioc-    to confess my own sins. I do not want       next Synod. More of this in the future.
esan Synod. We found the Archbishop         anyone else doing it for me, especially     Both Beulah and I are conscious of the
to be a most pleasant and courteous         when it sounds hurried, insincere and       need for new leadership. We are both
person who welcomed us warmly. The          bad grammatically. This confession is       past our sell-by date and are amazed
service was typical high Anglican with      an opportunity for all of us who feel       and grateful for your patience with us.
much ringing of bells and billowing in-     stained and defeated by the world to        Both of us live only to preach Christ
cense that filled the building. We were     come together as God’s flock and con-        and invite sinners to come to Him to be
amused, after the service, to see a ‘NO     fess our sins and ask for forgiveness,      saved with all that means in terms of
SMOKING’ sign in the foyer. Des and I       which He graciously promises in Jesus       changed lives. But we are also dedicat-
recently had a follow-up meeting with       Christ our Lord. Sincerely and imagina-     ing ourselves to finding new leadership.
the Archbishop. It was a most cordial       tively done this could be a great mo-       Beulah will be running the last Wom-
time underscoring the good relations        ment in the service. Please do not take     en’s Conferences this year. Next year is
we have with the Anglicans and affirm-        this away from me or from your con-         the World Cup and travelling will be a
ing the difference between the present      gregations.                                 nightmare. That, combined with costs
with all its changes and the acrimoni-                                                  and the fact that many regions have
ous past, which most of you reading         6. We are grateful for the visit of Vijay   their own Conferences, make it pru- 3
this will not remember.                     Menon to our Churches. He came at           dent to call it quits this year. But Beu-
                                            my request as I thought this was to be      lah hopes to continue to be involved in
4. It occurs to me that with the new        my last Synod and I wanted to publicly      other ways. The old era is coming to a
developments around Africa and the          thank him for being such a good friend      close, but a wonderful new era is beck-
invitations Bishop Martin Morrison          over the years. Many of you have bene-      oning. Please pray for us and for CESA
is receiving, we need to rethink our        fited from this unique individual. Many     as we move into the future with all its
stance as an Anglican Church. I suspect     have been converted, encouraged and         exciting opportunities.
that our Anglican roots are not that        challenged afresh. He is 79 years old
important to our current generation.        and hard to keep up with as he marches        Bp Frank Retief

           introducing . . .
   Nils Holmgren
  Nils is going to be writing some posts for the
  CESA blog, so we thought you should meet him
  and get to know him before he does that. Nils is
  a huge reader and thinker, so we’re pretty sure
  you’ll benefit from the stuff he writes.
  Nils Holmgren is a pastor at Tokai Community
  Church in Cape Town, South Africa. He is cur-
  rently involved in leading the young adults
  ministry, music ministry and he oversees The
  Bible Talks congregation.
     Nils completed his Theological studies at
  George Whitefield College in 2005. Before en-
  tering full-time ministry, Nils studied marketing at the Cape Technikon and worked for Santam in market research.
     Nils is married to Chantelle and they have two beautiful daughters.
    CESA News | october 2009

    A cricketing double-act, featuring Pe-
    ter Pollock and Johan Botha, drew the
    crowds at an evangelistic weekend,
    hosted by St James Church in Port Eliza-
    beth recently.
       On the Friday evening Johan en-
    gaged with Grade 6–12 learners about
    his faith and the importance of being
    100 per cent sold out for Jesus. Learners
    came from schools where congregation
    members are employed as teachers
    or visit voluntarily to teach Scripture
                                                classes. (St James members teach 6          addressed adults at a banquet on the
                                                Scripture classes in local schools each     Saturday evening and preached at
                                                week). The church’s ongoing links with      the Sunday service. Many lives were
                                                local schools also provided great op-       touched and some professed faith dur-
                                                portunities for follow up.                  ing a follow-on Christianity Explained
                                                   Peter spoke to the children but also     course.


        Crossword Junior Kids Camp ’09
    On Friday, 2 October, just under 70         small group time to engage with their
    Grade 4–7 campers, and 15 leaders,          kids and point them to Jesus, reinforc-
    descended on Camp Anerley campsite          ing the message of the passages taught
    on the South Coast of KZN. Every year       during the camp. They report having ex-
    Crossword Junior regional camp pro-         cellent gospel conversations with their
    vides a weekend of good Bible teaching,     groups, which is very encouraging.
    and the kind of relationship-building           Another encouragement is that de-
    and fun unique to camping for children      spite the great diversity in social, eco-
    from churches all over KZN.                 nomic and cultural backgrounds of the
        This year was no different. With the    campers and leaders, and
    theme of the Transformers to aid and        the large number of church-
    illustrate, main camp speaker Nigel         es they represented, there
    Richardson (Christ Church, Umhlanga)        was a real spirit of unity and
    taught the kids from Luke’s gospel          friendship amongst every-
    about some of the people Jesus met,         one.
    and how they were transformed by                Praise God for a great
    Him. Camp directors, Michelle Edgcum-       weekend of sunshine and
    be and Pam Jacobs, did the same from        fun, and most of all for Jesus,
    Mark’s Gospel.                              the ultimate transformer!
        Throughout the weekend the camp
    leaders worked hard to make use of the
                                                                                                 CESA News | october 2009

                     Saying Yes to Christ
Having barely recovered from SABC 3’s
disastrous ending to Survivor China re-
cently, Hayley and I decided to make
our TV selves vulnerable once more by
tuning into the Amazing Race. If you’re
unfamiliar with the series, the premise
is simple enough. Teams of two race
each other around the world, navigat-
ing their way through various challeng-
es to be the first to cross the finish line
and win the million dollar prize.
    But the real interest of the show re-
volves around the partners chosen to
make up the teams. This season boasts
two overachieving siblings, a grandfa-
ther and grandson, and a pair of Goths.
The one team that’s hard to miss this
season, however, is Kate and Pat, the
lesbian couple that are also (wait for
it...) ordained ministers.
    In the first episode they came across
as confident, self-assured and happy.
They are full of compliments about the
adventure they have embarked upon,
at one point saying something to the
effect of: “Amazing Race is a love letter                                                                                              5
to the planet as we get to go and ex-
plore God’s creation.”
    It was after one such outburst of
carefully aimed happiness and love talk,      ing yes to every sinful impulse is not dif-   yes to sin, but in saying yes to Christ.
that Hayley rather shrewdly observed,         ficult. Whether it be rejecting God’s au-     Only then will we discover what it is
“It’s easy for them to love everything        thority when it comes to our sexuality        to know life to the full, and only then
since they have decided never to say          or our morality, the end result is always     will we be able to know the God who
no to sin.” The danger of Kate and Pat        the same: “The wages of sin is death,”        is love.
is that they embrace what God has told        (Rom 6:23).
us to flee, and then proudly wrap it in           Real joy in life is not found in saying      Scott Tubman
clerical robes.
    Many viewers may think that this
lesbian team represent everything the                                   introducing . . .
church should be if it hopes to remain
relevant in the 21st century. A religion
that denies nothing and embraces ev-
                                                                Scott Tubman
erything is perhaps, at first glance, ap-                                       We’d like to introduce you to Scott Tubman.
pealing.                                                                        He’s also going to be doing some writing for
    Yet can one use the phrase ‘God is                                          the CESA blog, which we hope you will benefit
love’ as an excuse to baptize every hu-                                         from. Here is a little bit more about him:
man whim?                                                                          Scott Tubman is an Australian by birth and a
    Jesus says that if we are to follow                                         South African by choice. In 2000 he crossed the
Him, we must take up our cross, a                                               ocean to study at GWC. Not long after that he
daily battle in which we die to sin. It’s                                       married Hayley and they now have two great
Jesus Himself who points out that to            kids. Scott is the Youth Minister at St James Church, Kenilworth and also helps
say yes to everything is no way to find         look after the evening service. He lectures Youth Ministry at GWC and gets
life. “What good is it for a man to gain        excited about training youth workers for the church.
the whole world and yet lose his soul?”            If you want to see Scott smile, take him for a swim at the beach, throw him
(Mark 8:36).                                    a frisbee, or buy him a good cup of coffee.
    Simply mimicking the world by say-
   CESA News | october 2009

                                               GO 2009:
                                               Mitchell’s Plain

   GO Mitchell’s Plain
      The annual GO Mission traditionally
  took people away from Cape Town for a
  week of mission but, this year, we have
  “decentralised”. We held a second GO
  Mission at Trinity Church, Mitchell’s
  Plain, which ran from 23 to 27 Septem-
      We wanted people to realise that
  they didn’t need to “GO” very far to
  find a cross-cultural, mission field. Our
  goals were simple: We hoped the team
  would get to know the local congrega-
  tion and forge long-term friendships,
  learn a bit about the community, reach
  out to the community with the gospel
  and consider the role of the church in
6 a place like Mitchell’s Plain. News bul-
  letins tend to paint a grim picture of
  Mitchell’s Plain and perhaps, as a result,
  many would be scared to just wander in
  for a visit. So we prayed that the Go Mis-
  sion would be considered a “safe” way
  of venturing in. People came and went        a mini-tournament. Our thanks to
  as their time allowed, but on Thursday       Brad Wos for his tireless refereeing
  24th, over 50 people attended.               and coaching. On Friday afternoon we
      The theme was “A New Communi-            played on a dusty piece of ground next
  ty”. Mitchell’s Plain is very community      the church and on Saturday, in the rain,
  orientated but is marred by substance        the players slid all over a wet tarmac.
  abuse and violence. So the seeds of a        But the kids that came obviously loved
  new, Jesus-centred community need to         it. They were delighted afterwards to
  be sown. The theme also covered the          participate in freestyle dancing and to
  need for a new Christian community           listen to live rap. We also took
  in Cape Town, that transcends cultural       20 or so men across to another
  and, especially, economic divides. It        church in Mitchell’s Plain for a
  was our prayer that Go Mitchell’s Plain      men’s breakfast hosted by the
  would begin to address these issues.         “Sons of God” choir. The men
      Colin Banfield provided excellent        loved the singing and were vis-
  training and armed us with question-         ibly engaged during the sermon.
  naires to take out into the streets. The         The proof of the pudding is in
  questionnaires were designed not only        the eating, as they say, and so it
  to stimulate evangelism, but also to         is a privilege to report that since
  help us learn something about the re-        the mission, the Sunday num-
  ligious views and attitudes held by a        bers at Trinity have swelled with
  cross-section of people living in Mitch-     plenty of new faces and return-
  ell’s Plain.                                 ees and encouraging new friend-
      Over the weekend there was five-         ships have formed.
  a-side football, including training and                     Continued on page 7
                                                                                          CESA News | october 2009
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GlaDiator hOliDaY clUB
   Riding the momentum of the GO
Mission, we ran a holiday club on the
Thursday and Friday of the following
week. The holiday club was held at Trin-              Conference
                                                     Cape Town’09
ity in the mornings and St Lukes in the
afternoon. (St Lukes is another CESA
church in Mitchell’s Plain.)

                                           “Let us not give up meeting togeth-
                                           er” is one of the Hebrews’ com-
                                           mands to Christians. No doubt it’s
                                           meant to be worked out in a bunch
                                           of different ways. And the Western
                                           Cape’s Mid-Year Conference (MYC)
                                           is one such outworking – and a
                                           particularly meaningful one for stu-
                                              MYC has always been a
   The theme “GLADiator” gave us           great opportunity for young
an excuse to have pool-noodle sword        people to come together,
fights, human chariot races, straw-jav-    sit under the teaching of
elin throwing contests and a “run the      God’s word, and be inspired
gauntlet” version of dodge ball.           to keep living for Jesus. This
                                           year was no different as we
                                           heard the book of Joel being
                                           expounded by Justin Mote.
                                           We were taught about an
                                           ancient day of judgement, which was in fact a gracious signpost for an even
                                           more awful day still to come. Joel’s message is the gospel, calling sinners to      7
                                           return to God in sincere repentance. Unmissable stuff!
                                              But the thing that marks out MYC from many other get-togethers is a com-
                                           mitment to equip Christians to handle God’s word. To that end there were
                                           workshops every day where students pored over various passages, working
                                           out their meaning, and considering their impact. Students who were on camp
   More importantly, we had an op-         for the first time were given tools to tackle the New Testament, while others
portunity to explain, from Paul’s letter   sank their teeth into an Old Testament passage, a systematic approach to the
to the Romans, that grace saves where      Bible, or some in-depth OT application.
law condemns. This was well illustrated       The first day of camp sometimes has students feeling a bit daunted by the
with a puppet show that starred a Ro-      task ahead. But as they work together, they invariably become excited by the
man centurion called Law and a toga-       clarity of God’s word and the insights they are able to make.
clad, happy man called Grace. Law tried       It’s also always very busy on camp, with additional seminars dotted about
to do everything on his own and failed,    the programme. This year, for the first time, seminars were included to help
while Grace was happy to be helped by      students think through their youth and kids’ ministry. Scott Tubman and Jo
the children.                              Taylor stepped in to help lead those sessions.
   The children learned that we will al-      All of that hard work was matched by a very chilled atmosphere. Arriving
ways fail to make up for sin by our pa-    at Rocklands, in Simonstown, always feels a bit like getting to a holiday resort.
thetic attempts at good works, but that    Afternoons were filled with beach trips, football, touch rugby, and of course
God has graciously made it possible for    every kind of mocha-choca-chakalaka-chino imaginable. All in all, it was a fan-
us to be His children again by simply      tastic time away. Or, in the words of one of the students: “MYC was amazin! It
trusting in Jesus and His payment for      was great 2 learn tools which we can put in 2 practice in our quiet times and
our sin on the cross.                      bible studies. Amazin fellowship in a beautiful place!”

   media resources
   tokai community church recently ran a share life weekend followed by two weekends of guest services.
   the following media clips were used during these guest services:
   View more at http://cesablog.wordpress.com in the October 2009 archive.

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