How and Where to Locate Podsafe Music for Podcasts by aihaozhe2


									Nothing really polishes a podcast more than background music or theme music. In the
music world, these music segments are referred to as intros and extros. While many
enjoy streaming Internet Audio and recording songs they like over the Internet, these
songs cannot legally be used in a podcast.

PodSafe Music

Podsafe music refers to music specifically for podcasters. The music is licensed in
such a way that podcasters can purchase a license to include the music in a podcast
without incurring additional fees or expenses. In order to use traditional music that is
heard on the radio in a podcast, podcasters may have to pay royalties for each time the
song is played. Some music files licensed under public domain or creative commons
are exempt from royalties and these songs are available for use in a podcast, but
generally when searching for music to include in a podcast it is probably best to stick
with music that is specifically designated as "podsafe".

Where to find Podsafe Music:

Fortunately the popularity of podcasting has spawned an industry of "podsafe" music.
All podcasters need is an Internet connection, and they can have access to a variety of
songs and musical clips that are deemed podsafe and available for use in podcasts.

Podcast Themes

If you want your podcast to have a distinct sound and you lack the talent to create a
theme consider using Podcast Themes. Podcast Themes can create a unique musical
theme for your show. Podcasters will own the rights to use the podcast theme and the
podcaster will not be required to pay royalties for the themes use in podcasts.

Podsafe Audio

PodSafe Audio promotes music that is licensed under Creative Commons. Musicians
can upload their music to the Podsafe Audio website. Podcasters can use the music
files in their podcasts, they just need to credit the musician in the podcast, for the
musical clip.

Instant Music Now

Instant Music Now provides professional digital quality background theme music for
purchase. Podcasters must voice over the music in intervals of 30 seconds or less. In
other words podcasters cannot allow any music segments that exceed 30 seconds in
length without any additional commentary.

Opuzz provides royalty free music to podcasters. Music clips can be purchased for as
low as $ 2.99, there are no additional licensing fees for the use of purchased music


Indie Podcasting podcasts offer a way for webcasters, broadcasters, and podcasters to
find quality music content from new Independent and unsigned musicians. The promo
podcasts and artist directory contain only 2 minute versions of songs, these clips can
be used in podcasts but the artist should be contacted about the clips use. Those
wishing to play full versions of the songs on the air or promote them in a podcast
should contact Indie Podcasting for additional licensing information.

Sound Effects - Partners in Rhyme

Partners in Rhyme provides royalty free sound effects, that can be downloaded and
used in multimedia projects. A note of caution however, podcasters should be aware
the Partners in Rhyme website does include a disclaimer, that the sound effects are
believed to be in public domain but Partners in Rhyme is not responsible for
verification, meaning if you use a sound effect and it violates a copyright you will be


Neosounds provides royalty free music tracks that start at $ 6.95 per clip and sound
effects are available at $ 1.65 per clip. NeoSounds complicates things a bit though; if
the licensee uses the music or sound effects in public (as in podcasting), the
"Licensee" is required to fill in and submit a cue sheet to a local performing rights
organization (PRO). There are no additional fees associated with submission of cue

Adding music and sound effects to a podcast does not need to be difficult. There are a
number of podsafe music directories that allow for podcasters to locate theme music
or sound effects to enhance their podcast. This new industry understands the
complexity of licensing professional music and the majority of these repositiories
provide royalty free music clips for podcasters to use in their shows. Music and show
sound effects give show a professional edge and really make it difficult for listeners to
discern the difference between a hobby and a studio broadcast.

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