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11-13 August   KZN Coal Indaba IV
5 August       Spontaneous Combustion III
28 July        CONSTRAINED WORLD ECONOMY. Part 2 : Will the coal industry
               survive to 2050?

               Dave Collins,MAC Consuslting. Setting the Scene.
               Dr. John Topper, IEA Clean Coal Centre. Coal Demand Scenarios and
               Industry Mitigation Actions.
               Paul White, Venmyn. Coal is Not a Dirty Word! Just Because It’s Black
               It’s Not Dirty.
               Alex McNamarra, Camco. Climate Change : Risks & Opportunities for
               the South African Economy.
               Andrew Gilder & Marie Parramon, Imbewu. The International and National
               Climate Change Regime.
               Danie Vermeulen, Univ. Free State. The Looming Water Availability
               Crisis and Implications for the Coal Industry, Especially in the
               Waterberg Coalfield.
               Ian Hall, South African Coal Road Map. SACRM : Background & Current
               A.D. Surridge, SANERI. Carbon Capture & Storage.
               Bill Lamont, Mhlatuze Coal. Coal Demand for Export Markets; The
               Future from 2010.
               Bob Tait, Retired (Wits, Mintek). SASOL and Where to for the Whole
               Synthetic Fuels Industry?
               Dick Kruger, Chamber of Mines. Infrastructure Issues.
               Johan de Korte, CSIR. Beneficiation of Waterberg Coal.
               Xavier Prevost, XMP Consulting. South African Coal Resources &
               Zaheer Khan, Eskom. Eskom Coal Demand.
               Richard Worthington, WWF SA. Transformation to a Climate-Safe Future
               Through People-Centred Development.
15-16 July     Prof. Carol Dahl, Mineral and Energy Economics Program, Colorado School
               of Mines.

               Prof. Carol Dahl. Leading the Continent in Energy Management.
               Prof. Carol Dahl. Energy Sustainability and Transition to
               Prof. Carol Dahl. Turning on the Lights in Dark Continents
               Electricity Regulation and Restructuring.
               Prof. Carol Dahl. Carbon Footprints : Calculating how much carbon is
               absorbed by which forests and farms is a tricky task, especially when
               politicians do it.
               Prof. Carol Dahl. Will 20th Century Energy Resources Fill 21st Century
               Energy Needs.
               JUNIOR COAL MINING VENTURES V. 5th In the Series of Conferences
27 May         on Technical, Financial, Legislative and Logistical Factors for Junior
               Coal Miners and their Associates.

               Graham Soden, SRK Consulting. Addressing Some of the Challenges in
               Taking a Mining Operation from Cradle to Production Successfully.
               Andre Boje, Wescoal Holdings. Role of Traders – Merchants in the Coal

               Andrew Birtles, SRK Consulting. From Resource to Reserve; How to
               Convert a Right to a Mine.
               Peter Ford, KAGISO. Current and Future Developments for Kagiso.
               S. A. Institute Mining & Metallurgy, S.A. Geological Society. South African
               Mineral Codes. SAMREC, SAMVAL
               Xavier Prevost, XMP Consulting. S.A. Reserves for Junior Coal Mines.
               Bill Lamont, Mhlatuze Coal. Changing Patterns in International Markets and
               Their Qualities.
               Divyesh Kalan, Transnet. Transnet Update on Expansion and Impact on
               Junior Miners.
               Sagie Chetty, ESKOM. ESKOM Coal Requirements.
               Tebogo Modiba, SRK Consulting. Conversion of Data to Information –
               Coal Mining – Development of the Project Through Appropriate
               Maryna Möhr-Swart, ESS. Environmental Issues and Future
               Ndoba Vibetti, IDC. The Role of the IDC in Funding of Coal Mining
               SOUTHERN AFRICA. Review of Clean Coal Technology Worldwide
               and the Southern African Perspective.

               Barry MacColl, ESKOM. Clean Coal Technologies in a South African
               Dick Kruger, Chamber of Mines. The Coal Industry in South/Southern
               Rob Whitney, CRL Energy Ltd, New Zealand. Intentions for “Coal’ in New
               Zealand, Coal and Biomass Gasification Research.
               Dr. Anthony Campisi, HRL Technology on behalf of ACIC and Australian
               Government. Low Emissions Coal Technology Australia.
               Bill Koppe, Global CCS Institute. Facilitating CCS Development.
               Dr. Nigel Dong & Dr. Steve Mills, IEA Clean Coal Centre. International
               Perspective on the Sustainable Use of Low Value Coals.
               Haruhiko Yoshido, NEDO, Japan. NEDO’s Activities for Clean Coal
               Mike Blenkinsop, Net Energy. Algae : Is it a Realistic Option for South
               Africa’s Carbon Capture Challenge?
               Roger Wicks, South African Coal Road Map. South African Coal Industry
               Prof. A.D. Surridge, SANERI. Carbon Capture & Storage.
               Gordon Couch, IEA Clean Coal Centre. Overview of Progress &
               Development in Underground Coal Gasification.
               Mark van der Riet, ESKOM. ESKOM’s Experience with UCG.
               Robbie Louw, Promethium Carbon. Pricing Carbon Into Coal.
               INDUSTRIAL BOILERS, KILNS & FURNACES. The Influence of Design
24 Nov         and Operation on Boiler, Kiln and Furnace Efficiency, Availability and

               Bob Morrow, Detroit Stoker Company. Emissions Improvements on
               Grate Fired Technologies – The American Experience.
               Johan de Korte, CSIR. Coal Quality Now and In the Future; The
               Influence of Design and Operation on Boiler, Kiln & Furnace
               Efficiency, Availability & Emissions.
               Rosemary Falcon, Coal & Carbon Research Group, WITS University. Coal
               Characteristics Affecting Combustion Experiences Over the Past 30
               Lextan Presentation South Africa.

         Olebogeng Matshedisho, Environmental Affairs, Atmospheric Norms &
         Standards. New Legislative Regime for Industrial Emissions – With
         Specific Reference to Section 21 of the NEM : AIR QUALITY ACT 2004
         (Act No. 39 of 2004)
         Paul Botha, AfriSam. Presentation
         Hans Verbanck, ACTOM. FBC – Bubbling vs Circulating.
         Chaker Bjorni, Durag Environmental & Process Data Management System.
         Emission Control.
         Keith McIntyre, ACTOM. Material Selection for High Pressure Industrial


         Chris Cooper. World Energy.
         Dave Collins. Introduction.
         Marie Parramon, Imbewu. Policy and Legislation: Current aim in
         Mark Gordon, Dept. Environmental Affairs. Climate Change –
         Vulnerability and Impacts.
         Valerie Green, National Business Initiative. Business Risks and
         Opportunities in a Carbon-Constrained World.
         Chris Hartnady, Umvoto Africa. Panel Discussion : South Africa’s Coal
         Supply & Reserves; Alternative (“Hubbertarian”) Perspective.
         Ed Koper, Sasol Technology. Future Southern Africa coal and
         Alternative Energy Demand.
         John Holloway. Regional Coal Basins, Order of Magnitude of Mineral
         Resources; Coal Combustion Emission Intensity in the Region.
         Kannan Lakmeeharan, Eskom Holdings. The Future Demand for
         Southern Africa Coal.
         Kgomotso Abi. Introductory slides on Coal Resources & Reserves in
         Botswana. Energy Demand in Botswana.
         Rosemary Falcon, Coal & Carbon Research Group, WITS University. The
         Impact of Coal Quality on the Remaining Reserves & Resources of
         South Africa. Industrial Uses of Coal in South Africa.
         Xavier Prevost, XMP Consulting. South Africa’s Coal Supply &
         Brian Day, EXXARO. Energy & Carbon Management Programme.
         Ian Hall, Anglo American Thermal Coal. Climate Change Mitigation.
         Jaco Liebenburg (on behalf of Dr. A.D. Surridge, SANERI). Carbon Capture
         & Storage. What? Why? S.A.!
         Mark van der Riet, Eskom Holdings. Use of Clean Coal Technologies to
         Reduce Emissions.
         Bob Tait, School of Chemical & Metallurgical Engineering, WITS.
         Comparison : Coal vs Alternatives.
         Brian van Oerle, Promethium Energy. Wind Power.
         Eben Mulder, North West University. Revisiting the Question : Can
         Nuclear Contribute to Sustainable Development?
         Thomas Gerner, EXXARO. Utilisation of Solar Radiation.
         R. Worthington, WWF South Africa Living Planet Unit, Climate Change
         Programme. Transformation to a climate-safe future through people-
         centred development.
         Ras Myburgh, Eskom. Southern African Coal – Future Challenges.

24 Jul
         CAFSCO Presentation; Mark Cummins & Lisa La Fosse. Using Nitrogen
         Foam & Biological Deoxidation for Spon-Com Control & Prevention.
         BME Presentation; William van der Walt. Progress in Dealing With
         Charging Of Hot Holes.

            Anglo American Presentation, G. Mottie. Spontaneous Combusion at a
            South African Colliery.
            Promethium Carbon Presentation, Robbie Louw. Carbon Credit Funding
            for Spontaneous Combustion Projects.
            Spectra Flight Presentation. Coal Mine Thermography (Thermal) Survey.
            Cost Effective – Georeferenced Thermal Imaging Survey Technique –
            Developed to Identify & Characterize Spontaneous Combusion.
24-26 Jun
            John Hancox & S. Rupprecht, Keaton Energy. Exploration Experience in
            Neale Baartjes, Mintek. Key Commodity Trends – A Key to the Future?
            Xavier Prevost, XMP Consulting. Re-Assessment of KZN Coal
            Andrew Kinghorn, Snowden. The Practicalities of Coal Mining in
            Southern Africa.
            Chris Wright, CGS. Importance of Social Impact Assessments in
            Developing a Coal Mine.
            Christophe J. Roelofse, Spectra Flight. Coal Mine Thermography
            (Thermal) Survey. Cost Effective – Georeferenced Thermal Imaging
            Survey Technique – Developed to Identify & Characterize Spontaneous
            Johan de Korte, Xantium, Coaltech, CSIR. Dry Beneficiation of Coal
            using FGX Air Separation Technology.
            Nic Barkhuysen, Derrick Corp. Recent Advances in Fine Screening in
            H.J. Pinheiro, Petmin Ltd. Pricing Anthracite.
            Mpho Mothoa, Ingwenya Mineral Processing (Pty) Ltd. The Somkhele
            Anthracite Coal Mine Processing Plant Experience.
            Daniel van Tonder & H. Coetzee, Council for Geoscience. Current, Future
            Chellanges Posted by Abandoned Mines, With Examples from S.A.’s
            Vincent Donato, DNS Consultants. Carbon Sequestration.
11-12 Mar   KZN Coal Technologies

            OPTIMISATION OF INDUSTRIAL BOILERS. The Influence of Boiler
November    Design, Operation and Control on Efficiency and Availability.

            Barry Bredenkamp, CEF & NEEA. Pillars of Energy. Features :
            Economic, Technical, Environmental, Social & Sustainability Issues.
            Chris Albertyn, C&M. Interpreting Emission Measurement Results.
            Johan de Korte, CSIR. Coal Quality Trends; Optimisation of Industrial
            Rosemary Falcon, Coal & Carbon Research Group, WITS University. Coal
            Properties in Relation to Combustion for Power Generation and
            Industrial Utilisation. Experiences Over the Last 30 Years.
            Christof Bollig, CSIR. National Laser Centre Mobile Lidar for
            Atmospheric Studies.
            Hans Verbanck, ALSTOM. Optimisation of Coal Combustion in
            Industrial Fibretube Boilers.
            Jon Kornik, South Pole Carbon Asset Management Ltd. Industrial Boiler
            Optimisation and Carbon Credits.
            Keith McIntyre, ALSTOM. Metallurgical Investigation Options to
            Determine Life Expectancy of Existing Industrial Boilers.

            Denis Pone, Energy and Mineral Engineering & The EMS Energy Institute,
            Penn State Univ. & Harold Annegarn, Univ. Jhb. Spontaneous

         Combustion of Coal and Potential Environmental Consequences.
         D. Miller, Anglo Coal. A case study of Kleinkopje Colliery, Witbank
         Eddie Dlamini, Anglo Coal. The Impact Of Spontaneous Combustion on
         Kleinkopje plant.
         Glenn B. Stracher (East Georgia College) et al. Coal Fires: Gateway to
         Environmental Destruction and Human Suffering.
         Peter Peschken, Putzmeister. Putzmeister Solids Pumps; Extinguish
         Fires in Subsurface Coal Deposits.
         Sezer Uludag, Anglo Technical. Search for Best Practice on
         “Spontaneous Combustion Control: - The Key Learnings.
         Tom Rogans, Anglo Coal. The Impact of Spontaneous Combustion on
         Health and the Environment.
August   A review of the Coal and Anthracite Industry in KZN in 2008.

         Andries Engelbrecht, Zululand Anthracite Colliery. Development on an
         Anthracite Mine.
         Fleur Honeywell, HCI Khusela Coal. Path to Starting a Coal Mining
         Willie Leeuw, Leeuw Mining & Exploration. "LME's Experience of Toll
         Dirk de Klerk, Multotech. Centrifuge Solutions at Work and Filtration of
         Fine Coal at Goedehoop Colliery, using an Ishigaki Lasta Filter Press;
         A Case Study.
         Petrus Hlabane, Multotec. A Review of Cyclone Geometry, and the
         Materials of Cyclone Construction.
         Rafael Abela, Minopex. Spiral Plants in Coal - From Design to
         Brian North, CSIR. Co-Firing Coal and Biomass Waste in a Fluodised
         Bed Combustion Boiler.
         Hugo Stewart, Umbani Power Co. Discards and Their Uses in CFB's.
         John Clark, SASOL. The Impact of Feedstock Variation on the Quality
         of Calcined Anode Coke.
         Pierre Jordan, EXXARO. Experiences in Using Coke in the Metallurgical
         Rosemary Falcon, Coal & Carbon Research Group, WITS University. Coal
         Evaluation and Utilisation in South Africa.
         Franco de Andrade, SABS. Mechanical Sampling at Richards Bay Coal
         Terminal; An Overview.
         Raymond Chirwa, RBCT. Richards Bay Coal Terminal : Contributing to
         S.A.’s Growth.

July     JCMV Conference

         Brian Tait, SASOL. Food vs Fuel. Are Biofuels the Culprit?
         B.S. Purchase, UKZN. An Example of the Energy Potential of a Large
         Biofuels Project.
         Nassiep, SANERI. RE Update.
         Dr Helen Watson & Ms Diana Sibanda, UKZN. GIS Mapping of Areas
         Suitable for Various Biofuel Crops in SADC Countries.
         Werner Euler, SASOL. Biomass Supply & Technical Options; 2nd
         Generation Biofuels in Southern Africa.
         Cowan, Laubscher & Rose, EBRU. Microalgae as a Renewable to Fossil
         Fuel: Carbon Sequestration and Energy Production.
         F van Niekerk, N.W. University. Opportunities for South Africa in a
         Nuclear Renaissance.

              Bob Tait, WITS. Why Not Hydrogen from Renewable Sources?
              Sibbele Hietkamp, CSIR. Fuel Cells and the Hydrogen Economy.
              M.J. Case, D. Lourens, HCvZ Pienaar, Vaal Univ. of Technology, Univ of
              Jhb. A Zinc Air Fuel Cell for Remote Telecommunication Systems.
              Raoul Goosen, CEF. Renewable Energy in South Africa.
              Dr. Andries van der Linde, Enersys. The Role and potential of Wind
              Energy in South Africa.

              M.J. Lemos de Sousa, Coalcos Project, CIAGEB Portugal. CO2 Geological
              Storage in North Atlantic and Gondwana Coal-types : Comparative
              Research Using Laboratory Modelling vs Pilot Tests.
              M.J. Lemos de Sousa, C. Rodrigues, G.M. Oliveira & M.A. Dinis, Coalcos
              Project, CIAGEB Portugal. The European Union 2020 Targets in Terms
              of Energy and Environment. How the CO2 Geological Storage can
              Harry C.E. Schreurs, SenterNovem, the Netherlands. CCS Developments
              in the Netherlands and Some Related Framework from the EU -
              Technical and Policy Aspects.
              Dr. Paul Zakkour, SA Fossil Fuel Foundation. Monitoring and Reporting
              for CO2 Storage : Development of Guidelines in International
              Emissions Trading Schemes.
              M.J. Lemos de Sousa, H.J. Pinheiro & C. Rodrigues, Coalcos Project,
              CIAGEB Portugal. Methodologies for CBM Exploration and CO2
              Geological Storage in Coal Seams : A Comparative Review with Focus
              in Recent Developments.
              Hanspeter Rohner, Carbon Services Europe & Australia. CO2 Geological
              Storage. Methodology, Technologies & Examples.

February      John Gale, IEA. International Trends in CCS Technology. How Far Are
              We From a Demonstration Plant?
              Bill Koppe, Anglo Coal. The Coal Industry and CCS.
              Dr. M. Cloete, Council for Geoscience. Establishing a CO2 Geological
              Storage Atlas for South Africa.
              Gina Downes, ESKOM. A Utility Perspective on 'Carbon Ready'
              Electricity Generating Plant.
              Sibbele Hietkamp, CSIR. Coal & Climate Change. Potential for Carbon
              Capture and Storage in South Africa.
              Lawrence J Pekot, Schlumberger. Solutions for Reliable and Efficient
              CO2 Geological Storage.
              Dr. Frederic J Doucet, Council for Geoscience. Carbon Dioxide
              Sequestration By Industrial Mineral Carbonation of Alkaline Waste
              Materials. Theoretical CO2 Specific Sequestration Capacity.
              Jaco Liebenberg, Sasol Petroleum International. ECBM Challenges.
              N.J. Wagner, K. Premlall, Tshwane Univ. of Technology. The Absorption
              of Carbon Dioxide and Desorption of Methane in South African Coals
              as Determined Gravimetrically.
              Sioboniwe Bhebhe, WITS. The Effect of Coal Composition on Carbon
              Dioxide Adsorption.
              Philip Lloyd, UCT. Is There a Role for Carbon Capture in South Africa?
              Ciska Terblanche, Anglo American. CCS and Clean Development
              Tyani Lwazikazi, DME. South African Position on Carbon Capture and
              Storage in CDM. UNFCCC Negotiations. Proposed Methodologies.

14 November

             Dr. Christos Eleftheriades, Mr. Raven Pillay & Ms Margot Saner, CEO.
             Biomass Incinerators & Carbon Credits.
             Sylvester Mokoena, Dept. Environment & Tourism. NEM : AQA : Long
             Term Mitigation Scenarios, Industrial Energy Efficiency & Emission
             Prof Rosemary Falcon, Coal & Carbon Research Group, WITS University.
             Coal Qualities for Combustion - Anomalies Explained.
             Pressure Equipment Regulations. An Overview of the Pressure
             Equipment Regulations and Accompanying Documents.
             Chris Albertyn, C & M Consulting Engineers. Optimisation of Industrial
             Boilers. Air Pollution Issues.
             Nic van Burick, CWENGA. "Ion Exchange Resin Use in Boiler Water
             Treatment". The Importance of Boiler Water Treatment.
             John Thompson, ALSTOM. New EN 12953 Requirements for Operating
             Solid Fuel Fired Boilers.
             Failure Mechanisms.
             Pancho Ndebele, EMVELO. Cogeneration and What's In It For You.
             Don Watt-Pringle, Greg Olivier, Impro Chem. Boiler Fireside Additives.

7 August

26 July      What You Have Always Wanted To Know About Coal But Were Too
             Shy To Ask.

             Rosemary Falcon, Coal & Carbon Research Group, WITS University. The
             Constitution of Coal. Application of Coal Quality to Exploration,
             Mining & Beneficiation. Impact of Coal Quality to Combustion and
             Power Generation.
             Nikki Wagner, Coal & Carbon Research Group, WITS University. Impact of
             Coal Properties on Gasification. Coal Petrology Analysis :
             Measurement and Reporting.
             H.J. Pinheiro, R.M.S. Falcon & V.M. du Cann. Applications to the
             Metallurgical Industry; Applications to Marketing.
             R.M.S. Falcon & C.P. Snyman, Geological Society. Introduction to Coal
             Petrography : Atlas of Petrographic Constituents in the Bituminous
             Coals of Southern Africa.

             BOTSWANA 2007. The Awakening of the Coal Giant.
28-29 June
             Opening Address by Dr. A.R. Tombale, Ministry of Minerals, Energy &
             Water Resources, Botswana.
             Kgomotso Abi, Dept. of Mines, Botswana. A Case for National Strategy
             on Coal Development in Botswana.
             Jan A de Beer, CIC Energy. Mmamabula Power Station.
             B.C. North, T.D. Hadley & A.D. Engelbrecht, CSIR. Fluidised Bed
             Technology - Applications and R&D in Southern Africa.
             W. Marais, Bon-Terra Mining. Mine Presentation, Mmamabula Energy.
             Michael J.L. Nightingale, Nightingale Africa Partnership. Botswana as an
             African Union Model for Coal Based Ecological Industrialisation.
             Golding. The Lost Coalfields of Botswana.
             Benson N. Modie, Dept. Geological Survey, Botswana. Geology of the
             Coal-Bearing Sequences of the Kalahari Karoo Basin, Botswana.
             Palynology and Palynofacies Insights into Stratigraphic Correlations,
             Kalahari Karoo Basin, Botswana.
             Tebogo Segwabe & Emese Bordy, Dept. Geological Survey, Botswana -
             and Rhodes Univ. The Economic Potential & Geological Framework of
             the Coal-Bearing Karoo Strata in the Central Kalahari Sub-Basin,

         Barulaganye Ace, Dept of Mines, Botswana. Coal Mining and
         Development : Tackling the Environmental Challenges and Exploring
         Opportunities for Sustainable Development.
         B. Chitambira, Dept. of Mines, Botswana. Coal Mining Activity in
         Botswana - Current and Future Prospects.
         B.K. Paya, Dept. Water Affairs, Botswana. Water Resources; Demand &
         Supply, The Current & the Future.
         Minnesh Bipath, SANERI. Carbon Capture & Storage.
         David Lesolle, Dept. Meteorological Services Botswana. Botswana at the
         Dawn of Ecological Coal-Based Industrialisation : Green House Gas
         Emissions and Carbon Credits.
         Philip Lloyd, UCT. Perspectives on Atmospheric Chemistry and Coal
         Buti Mogotsi, Dept. of Energy, Botswana. Power Generation and
         Transmission in Botswana Within the Context of the National and
         Regional Demand.
         Lesley Jeffrey, SRK Consulting. The Geology of the Morupule Coalfield,
         Central District, Botswana.
         N. Ntsimanyana, Dept. Geological Survey, Botswana. Trends in
         Exploration for Fossil Fuels (Coal and Coal-Bed Methane) in Botswana.
         Lindsay Reed, Robert Kirtlain, Aviva Corporation, Botswana. Botswana :
         The Awakening of The Fuel Giant.
         David Aniku. EIA Process and Challenges - The Case of Botswana.
         G.J. de Korte, CSIR. The Role and Relevance of Beneficiation for Coal
         in Southern Africa.
         Dick Kruger, Chamber of Mines. Message For an Emerging Coal Mining
         Obusitswe Seretse, Dept. of Energy, Botswana. Benefits of Cleaning or
         Washing Coal - A Case Study of Morupule Coal.
         Tembe. The Inspectorate. Mines, Quarry, Works and Machinery CAP
         44:02, Explosives Act CAP 24:02.
         Bonno Mojaki Mojaki, Dept. of Mines, MMEWR. Legal Requirements for
         the Acquisition of a Mining Licence.
         Mekiah Mugonda, Mintek. SADC Code of Ethics : Harmonisation of
         Mining Policies, Standards, Legislative and Regulatory Frameworks.
         Kgotla M. Ramaphane, Botswana Railways. Rail Transport and Coal
         Development in Botswana.
         Tsimako, National Geoscience Information Centre. The Mines & Minerals
         Act : Prospecting Licensing in Botswana.

16 May
         Bill Lamont, Mhlatuze. Recipe for a Successful Entry into Exports.
         William Perold, DME. The Role of Small Scale Mining in the Promotion
         of New BEE Mines.
         Johan Bekker, SGS Minerals. Junior Coal Mining Ventures, International
         Standardisation. ISO.
         Abner Manaka, SABS. National Standardisation Framework. South
         African Coal Industry.
         R. Pinheiro, Petmin. Standards in International Trade. Local Industry
         Zaheer Docrat, ESKOM. Primary Energy, Coal Sourcing at ESKOM.
         Gerard McCloskey, McCloskey Group. Prospects for Global Coal Trade.
         Tushar Agrawal, Sandro Power Supply, India. International Coal
         Logistics and Access to Indian Market for S.A.
         Michael J.L. Nightingale, FFF/Nightingale Africa Partnership. Basic
         Principles of Coal Based Ecological Industrialisation. The Business of
         Coal Based Ecological Industrialisation.
         Noble Group. Very Hands-On Supply Chain Management.


15 November    B. North, P. de Beer, CSIR. Destruction of a High Sulphur Pitch in an
               Industrial Scale Fluidised Bed Combustor.
               G.J. de Korte, CSIR. Coal Quality Trends.
               Rosemary Falcon, WITS University. Characteristics of Coal Related to
               Boiler Performance.
               Langridge,I, Anglo American. Energy Efficiency & Boiler Optimisation.
               K. McIntyre, ALSTOM. The Importance of Efficient Operation in
               Reducing Operational, Maintenance and Downtime Costs.
               B. North, T. Hadley & A. Engelbrecht, CSIR. Co-Firing Coal & Biomass
               Waste in a Fluidised Bed Combustion Boiler.
               Desmond Oates, ALSTOM. Dry FGD.
               S. Langridge, Elemental Analytics, U.K. Precise Combustion Control for
               Energy Efficiency and Emissions Control.
               J.C. van Rensburg, Ukhozi Consulting. Boiler Optimisation and Online
               Information Systems.
               H. Verbanck & M. Reck, ALSTOM. Optimisation of Industrial Boilers.
               Roland Zepeck, DURAG. Furnace Camera System. Intelligent Sensor
               and Control System for Thermal Processes.

               NATURAL GAS UPDATE
20 September
               Jack Holliday, International Advisor. "World Gas", Where to Now?
               Dr. A.D. Surridge, DME. Natural Gas Development in South Africa.
               Carlos Zacarias. National Petroleum Institute Presentation.
               Jan Beckering Vinkers, Petroleum Agency. Gas Potential of Offshore
               South Africa.
               Greg Dowling, Anglo Coal. Overview of the Anglo Coal Waterberg CBM
               Julian Scales, Kalahari Energy. Bringing New Energy to Southern Africa.
               Roger Swart, Namcor. Gas in Namibia.
               Larry Williams, SASOL. Future Gas Exploration and Development
               Activities of SASOL and ENH, Mozambique.
               Bradley Cerff, PetroSA. A Gas Vision.
               Braam Conradie, ESKOM. Gas Fired Electricity Generation in Southern
               Hans Naude, SASOL. Gas Markets in Southern Africa, the SASOL
               Kevin Stallbom, Tullow Plc. Kudu Gas Project.
               Arthur Dykes, NERSA. Legal Background & Framework : Downstream
               Ethel Teljeur, NERSA. Gas Regulation.
               JCMV CONFERENCE
15 Sept
               Ian Bird, BOSS Logistics. Logistics - Rail.
               Nonhlahla Shange, BULK Connections. Features : Bulk Connections
               Profile, Market Requirements, Landside Activities & Advantages and
               Zaheer Surka, OSHO Investment Holdings. Co-operative Experience
               Rosemary Falcon, WITS. Coal Qualities & Impacts on Markets; An
               Introductory Overview & General Industry : ESKOM's Coal
               Mr Neil Gardyne - NAMF Funding.
               Mr Andew Kinghorn and Mr Francois Grobler-Snowden. Compliance for
               new miners.
               May Hermanus, CSMI. Health, Safety & Environment; Strategic Issues
               for Coal Mining Ventures.

          Fleur Honeywill, HCI Khusela. Current Experiences.
13 June
          Lena Ashuvud-Eriksson, European Investment Bank. Climate Change
          Finance Facility European Investment Bank; EIB Background, EIB and
          Climate Change, General Project Requirements.
          Andrew Gilder and Melissa Basterfield, IMBEWU Enviro-Legal Specialists
          (Pty) Ltd. The SA law relating to Carbon Capture and Storage:
          international dimension, status quo and some thoughts on possible
          future Considerations.
          Sibbele Hietkamp, CSIR. Capture and Storage in South Africa.
          Dr Geoffrey Jackson, CO2Oil Consulting. The IPCC Special Report on
          Carbon dioxide Capture and Storage.
          Stan Pillay, Anglo Coal. Coal Industry Perspective. Building
          Partnerships to meet the Challenge.
          Jacek Podkanski, International Energy Agency. International Energy
          Agency. Perspective on Clean Coal Technologies and CO2 Capture
          and Storage.
          Wendy Poulton, Eskom. Carbon Capture & Storage, CSLF.
          Shirley Moroka, DEAT. South Africa and Climate Change. 

31 May
          Kiren Bageloo, UKZN. The Latest Developments in Biodiesel
          Commercialisation in South Africa.
          Rob Drennan, NRF. Initiatives in Research and Training in sustainable
          energy technologies.
          Chris Engelbrecht (for Vivian Alberts), Univ. Jhb. New Materials and
          Technologies for the Production of Thin Film Photovoltaic Modules.
          Megan Euston-Brown, Sustainable Energy Africa. Sustainable energy for
          cities; Managing the opportunities and transitions.
          Raoul Goosen, Sustainable Progressive Solutions. Domestic Fuels in S.A.
          Nadia Hamid, DME. Liquid Biofuels Broadening South Africa’s Energy
          Zaheer Khan, ESKOM. The future of large-scale electricity generation
          in SA.
          Maurice Pigaht, REEEP, Southern Africa. Bridging the gap between
          finance and sustainable energy projects.
          Douglas Banks & Jason Schäffler, RAPS Consulting. “The potential
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          happening in SA.

31 May
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31 May
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              COAL INDABA
22 November
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12 October
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25-26 August
                 Opening Address by the Director General of Transport.
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19-20 October   MOZAMBIQUE GAS TO S.A.

                Dr Rod Crompton, DME. Gas from Mozambique - An Energy Policy
                M. De Pontes, iGas (Pty)Ltd. The Concept of a national and international
                gas grid Can it become a reality and by when? .. Small scale use of gas
                in rural and low income areas: What are the prospects?
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                Arthur Dykes, Advisor: Gas and Petroleum Pipelines, NER Project Team.
                Regulation of the Gas Industry. What is Envisaged ?
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                Eskom’s plans?
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                1: Observations.
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               Uludag. Wits Ehac Index 2010/07/22 The past, the present and the
18 February    POWER GENERATION.

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5 November
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               COAL ASH CONFERENCE
16 September
               Prof. Jim Williamson, Imperial College, London, U.K. (Keynote Lecture)
               The Future for Coal-Fired Power Generation.
               M.G. Blenkinsop, Waste Energy Recovery & Management. Coal
               Management Model.
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            During Use.
            Prof. Jim Williamson & Fraser Wigley, Imperial College, London, U.K.
            "Predicting Coal Ash Slagging in Pulverised Fuel Combustion."
            COAL INDABA - 9th Coal Scientific & Technology Conference
2-30 July
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            Remaining in Pillars Using Computer Applications.
            Chaudhary Babija, Asian Energy Ass. Alternative & Renewable Energy.
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             agglomerated coal.
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             Determine Cumulative Effects to Aid Environmental Monitoring and
5-8 August
             Coal & The Environment - Pre-Conference to the World Summit on
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            concentration, temperature and pH on the energy value of selective oil
            agglomerated coal.
30-31 May
            Virtual Mine Overview.
            Guy Le Blanc Smith, ConCaris. Virtual Mine Technology.
            Joan S. Esterle, Guy Le Blanc Smith, Joel Vincent et al. Regional &
            Minescale Geological Modelling for Hazard Prediction in Underground
            Mines in the Bowen Basin, Queensland, Australia.
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            CSIRO Overview.
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            Coal Fragmentation During Mining & Processing; The Coal Frag Tool.
            Darren Thornton. Assessment and Control of Coal Damage & Loss.
            Tools for Optimising Coal & Overburden Blasting.
            3D Imaging for Geotechnical Assessment & Monitoring. Improving
            Safety & Productivity Using 3D Images

            GAS 2001

            Dr. M de Pontes, iGas. The Clean Development Mechanism; An
            Opportunity for S.A. Government's Role in the Development of the S.A.
            Gas Industry.
            Arthur Dykes, DME. The Gas Bill.
            Kevin Chapman, Regoli Gas. A Private Investor's Perspective.
            Cathy Laing, ESKOM. Natural Gas to Power.
            David Fortune, SHELL. The Market for Gas in the Cape. The Rationale
            for the Cape Power Project.
            Jacques Roux, Petroleum Agency S.A. Natural Gas Potential of Offshore
            MOSSGAS Role in GTL Developments.
            Roger Swart, NAMCOR & Mike Beaumont, SEPN. Kudu Gas : A Major
            Energy Resource for Southern Africa.
            Dr. Rod Crompton, DME. Government's Approach to Gas in S.A. Energy
            du Ruyter, SASOL. Mozambique to S.A. Natural Gas Project.
            Tore Horvei, SAD-ELEC. Potential for Gas in the S.A. Energy Economy.

            AGRAM Energy. Boiler Energy Management Solutions

            Boiler Energy Management Solutions : Features Numerous brochures;
            Soot Blowers, Clean Boilers, RP Positioner, Deslagger, Operator
            Training and Nirafon Cost Saving Acoustic Cleaners.
            Presentation for AGM 2002 - ESKOM. Includes : ESKOM and NEPAD,
            Vision for Africa, African Grid, Hydro-Resources, Gas Reserves, Virtual
            Power Station & "Coal Industry - Moving Towards a New Paradigm."


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