Hot Toys and Great Gifts to Keep the Kids Happy

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					The hot toys and great gifts that will keep the kids happy are neither hot nor great yet:
but they soon will be. The holiday period is rapidly approaching and Christmas Day
will be here before you can blink. A slight exaggeration I know, but you get the drift,
and it's amazing how many parents leave it to the last minute and then bemoan their

I remember Christmas a few years back when my kids demanded Roboraptors and
that furry thing - what was it? Yes. . a Furby! The kids were just the right age then so I
got them well in advance. Guess what? The demand got so great that I sold my
Roboraptor for a $150 profit gave my son the $100 and kept the rest for me! The
Furby was also selling at really hot prices on eBay, but I kept that because that was a
definite must - she had to have it to boast at school that she got one.

These were really hot toys and they certainly made the kids happy, but not the parents
- at least not those that had to pay through the nose for them in the week up to
Christmas. If you intend buying this year's hot toys to keep the kids happy then make
sure that you get these great gifts now and don't leave it until the big man is almost
clambering down the chimney!

Remember the Playstation 2 fiasco? Everybody wanted one and they didn't make
enough! The queues were endless and the poor kids that didn't get theirs were mocked
at school for having dumb dads. Will that be you this Christmas? Will you be a dumb
dad, or even a dumb mom?

Check out the hot toys for this holiday period and find out what your children want.
Don't try to guess because you will likely get it wrong, and they will look up at you on
Christmas morning with big sad eyes and ask what they had done bad for Santa Claus
not to answer their prayers. Can you really answer that question - would you really
want to have to?

Absolutely not, so find out what is going to be big and in great demand and get it in
plenty time. Here are some tips (but don't quote me on them):

For Girls

Disney Princess and Me is a set of five 18 inch princess dolls from Disney movies.
This is a collection that any little princess would love to own. My Pillow Pets is a
series of stuffed animals that convert to a pillow. Ranging from cows to bugs, these
useful toys were designed by a mother who knew what her kids wanted.

Monster High dolls that were released by Mattel in mid 2010 are 'must haves' for kids
this Christmas. These make excitingly scary hot toys and all of these will make great
gifts this holidays.
For Boys

Fast Lane Wildfire Monster Truck is a massive remote control truck with big treaded
tires and is over 2 feet long and 18 inches high. This is expensive - ranging in price
from $150 to $280 depending on how lucky you are, and you certainly don't want
caught up in a bidding war for this hot toy come December.

Imaginext Bigfoot the Monster can sleep, throw a ball and can be angry, happy or sad.
This is going to be one of the hot toys of the year among the 3 - 8 year-olds, and at 4
feet tall it isn't small - kids love large toys! This is going to be really in demand after
all the holiday TV advertising and although it might be under $100 now, it sure won't
be the week before Christmas when they are sold out and available only on eBay at
twice or maybe even three times the price.

For Both

Both boys and girls will love LEGO MInotaurus, a board game involving knights a
labyrinth and a minotaur that they must first build before they can play. This is
forecast to be one of the top selling gifts of the decade so don't get caught out and be a
sad dad!

Final Gift Tip

Whether it's in the 2010 list of hot toys for the boys or not, never buy anybody
anything electronic such as a cell phone, iPhone, iPad or headphones: give them the
cash to buy their own. There are so many options available today that you are certain
to get the wrong thing. This is particularly so with teenagers. Money or gift vouchers
but nothing electronic unless you are a nerd, and definitely no computer games unless
they ask for them.

These are only a few tips on what may be hot toys this Christmas , and each of these
are definitely great gifts whether or not they sell out. It is almost certain that at least
one of these will since it is the Christmas tradition - hot toys sell out, kids get angry or
sad and moms and dads have to pay what it takes to get one of these great gifts that
could have cost them a fraction of the price a couple of weeks earlier.

So identify the 2010 hot toys early or ask your kids what they want, and get your great
gifts wrapped and hidden away in plenty time - you know it makes sense!

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