Buisness Etiquette by sdsdfqw21


									Business Etiquette
(Instructor-led course)

Course overview
This module seeks to introduce the concept of business etiquette and some basic consideration of its

Who should attend
The course is recommended for a candidate who wishes to specialize in specific business skills

This course is designed for the student who has little or no experience

What you will receive
Each student will receive a copy of the course manual for post-class reference and a certificate

Certification preparation
This module prepares candidates to sit the certified business professional exam –c40-509

Follow-up course s
• Customer service
• Sales
• Leadership
• Business communication
     Course Outline: Business Eti quette and Professi onalism
What is business etiquett e?                      Telephone etiquet te
• What is the role of good manners in business?   • Introduction
• What are the abcs of etiquette                  • What is telephone etiquette?
• Meeting and greeting scenarios                  • Answering the telephone courteously
• Guidelines for receptionists                    • Handling rude or impatient callers
• Making introductions and greeting people        • Good telephone habits for everyone
• Introducing a client                            • Screening calls
• Introducing yourself                            • Making calls
• The protocol of shaking hands                   • How to end conversations gracefully
• Meeting & board room protocol                   • Checking messages and returning calls
• Guidelines for planning a meeting
• Guidelines for attending a meeting              Multi-cultural challenges
• For the chairperson                             • Multi cultural etiquette
                                                  • Did you know?
Principles of exceptional work behavior           • Cultural differences and its effect on business
• The principles of exceptional work behavior     • Examples of cultural insensitivities
• Entertaining etiquette
• Objectives                                      New issu es in etiquette
• Introduction                                    • Netiquette
• Planning a meal meeting                         • Ethical issues in business etiquette
• Business meal basics                            • Case study
• Basics of table etiquette                       • Sexual etiquette in the workplace
• Eating the meal                                 • Why deal with sexual harassment?
• Issuing invitations                             • Five steps to prevent sexual harassment
• Choosing the appropriate gift in the business   • Dressing for success
  environment                                     • The basic business wardrobe
                                                  • Options for business casual

                        Maps to: SAQA US ID 14359 NQF LEVEL 2 CREDITS 5

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