; December 1_ 2008 - THE LOYOLA NEWS
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December 1_ 2008 - THE LOYOLA NEWS


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“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” Benjamin Franklin                December 1, 2008            Volume VI, Issue I

          AUTUMN GOLD RUSH! LOYOLA WINS                                                                  Inside this issue:
                                                                                                         Current News, p. 1-5
                                                       Two soccer crowns and a volleyball triple
                                                         crown jump start the sports program             Arts &
                                                     The Loyola sports program has had a bumper          Entertainment, p. 6-7
                                                     crop of gold medals in the autumn season as
                                                     two of three varsity soccer teams won gold          Sports and Clubs, p. 8-13
                                                     and all three varsity volleyball teams reign as
                                                     city champions.
                                                              Get the details in the Sports and              NEWS OF INTEREST
                                                     Clubs section!

                                                                                                         •    Frank Mirarchi and Peter
                                                                                                              Racine remember Martin
                                                                                                              “Polo” James, p. 2
                                                                                                         •    New Teacher Feature:
                                                                                                              Mr. Charles Millette, p. 2
Members of the Juvenile Warriors city champions                                                          •    Loyola’s first Parish Day
soccer team celebrate a crucial score in the city                                                             by Sean Duffy, p. 3
final.                                                                                                   •    Ethanol is not the answer
                                                                                                              by Ryan Patton, p. 5
                                                                                                         •    Dance report by Dylan
         WEISSFELNER SPREADS HIS WINGS IN                                                                     McCarty, p. 6
          LOYOLA DRAMA’S CUCKOO NEST                                                                     •    Mediacity: The New Face
                                                                                                              of Media by Mark
                                             On November 27         McMurphy (Weissfelner) and                Weissfelner, p. 7
                                  and 28, the stage adaptation      his experiences within a ward
                                                                                                         •    Loyola Wilderness Club
                                  of Ken Kesey’s One Flew           of a mental institution in Port-
                                  Over the Cuckoo’s Nest was        land, Oregon. Along with                  report by Ryan Patton,
                                  performed by Loyola High          other patients, such as Chief             p. 11
                                  School, starring Mark             (Saabas), Harding (Andrew            •    Halloween at Loyola,
                                  Weissfelner, David Saabas,        Wilson) and Scanlon (the
                                                                                                              p. 15
                                  and Erica Murray. Loyola’s        exceptionally hilarious An-
                                  very own MacClean Centre          thony Gervasi), McMurphy
                                  set the stage for the play and    deeply feels the effects of the
                                  was packed with attendees         tyrannical rule of Nurse                 Editor-in-Chief:
                                  both nights.
                                             Originally pub-
                                                                    Ratched (Murray), and de-
                                                                    cides to take a stand against
                                                                                                             Ben La Schiazza
                                  lished in 1962, One Flew          her. Chaos ensues, tensions
                                  Over the Cuckoo’s Nest tells      rise, and serious conse-
                                  the story of Randle Patrick                    (Continued on page 3)
  Mark Weissfelner
Page 2                                THE LOYOLA NEWS                                                                        Volume VI, Issue I

Frank Mirarchi and Peter Racine remember their co-worker
and close friend Martin “Polo” James
          The Loyola commu-          had a unique relationship with
nity was shocked and greatly         Polo.
saddened by the drowning
                                               Although Frank and
death of Loyola’s own Martin
                                     Polo knew each other for only
“Polo” James this past summer
                                     four years, they became best
at a lake north of Montreal.
                                     friends. Polo worked for the
Polo had a great influence on
                                     former cleaning company that
many people at Loyola, includ-
                                     was employed by the school
ing both the staff and the stu-
                                     and Frank worked in the cafete-
dents. But perhaps those he
                                     ria. Both gentlemen were hired
touched most were his
                                     within six months of each
“partners in crime”, support
                                     other. “He was a very easy guy
staff workers Peter Racine and
                                     to get know and he was very
Frank Mirarchi.
                                     friendly,” noted Frank. “He was
          The Loyola News            a friendly giant, that’s what he
recently sat down with the two       was.” Interestingly, it was
gentlemen to find out a little bit   Frank who suggested to                        Above: Frank Mirarchi, Peter Racine and
more about Polo and gain some        Loyola’s building manager,                         the late Martin “Polo” James
insight into the relationship        Tony Ruscitto, that he should
between the “three amigos”.          hire Polo.
                                                                        togethers throughout the school      authentic and Frank indicated
          Both Frank Mirarchi                  Frank and Polo’s fam-    year were common as well as          that the numbers in attendance
and Peter Racine came to know        ily grew very close and shared     summer barbecues. The impres-        at Polo’s wake and funeral was
Polo through their work here at      many memorable moments             sion that Polo gave as being fun-    a testimony to this. “He knew a
the high school but each friend      together. Weekend get-             loving, kind and happy was                         (Continued on page 14)

New Teacher Feature: Monsieur Charles Millette
Name: Charles Millette               ronment and enjoy the enthusi-     asked for more.                     I like to spend time with my wife,
Birthplace: St-Roch-de-              asm of the students. It's also a                                       be outside as much as possible,
l'Achigan, Quebec                    great school to get involved in    What is your personal ap-           and have friends over for dinner
High school: College de l'As-        more than just teaching.           proach to teaching?                 or to watch a Montreal sports
somption                                                                I like to make the students think   game.
Favorite book: The Bible             Have you taught at any other       and reflect on what they read,
Favorite type of music: The          schools?                           write or listen to. I also try my
Habs hockey game on the radio        No, I've only done supply          best to incorporate the Quebe-
Favorite movie: James Bond,          teaching                           cois culture into everything I
all of them                                                             teach, I think it's important to
University: McGill University        As a rookie coach for the Ju-      know and experience the prov-
Degree: Education, specializing      venile soccer team, you won        ince they live in.
in French                            the city championship. De-
Classes you teach: French            scribe your experience with        How important are the high
Extra-curricular school activi-      the team this season.              school years to an adolescent?
ties: Juvenile Soccer Coach,         I had a great time with the boys   Very important, as they are
Spiritual Retreat Team               on the field and sharing some      starting to figure out who they
                                     experience I had gained            are and what they are made of.
Are you enjoying your new            through the years. The boys
job at Loyola?                       worked hard and always gave        What do you like to do in
Yes, I love the teamwork envi-       us their best, I couldn't have     your spare time?
THE LOYOLA NEWS                                                                            Volume VI, Issue I                             Page 3

Loyola’s first Parish Day was a success
           Loyola High School,      part in the singing. Fr. Frank,         that over the years, Loyola and     astic about this event.
in conjunction with St. Luke’s      Loyola graduate Tom Sullivan            the parishes had drifted apart.
                                                                                                                            “This event received
Parish and over nineteen differ-    and one of the youth members            They were separate entities
                                                                                                                an overwhelming response from
ent parishes in the diocese of      at St. Luke’s talked about their        trying to achieve a similar goal,
                                                                                                                the religious community,” he
Montreal, launched a pilot pro-     experiences with the Holy               namely to serve the greater
                                                                                                                said. Parish Day helped to pro-
ject to help bring awareness to     Spirit and about where we can           community and to help God’s
                                                                                                                vide students with an opportu-
students about the many differ-     seek God in our lives. Students         people. Students at Loyola
                                                                                                                nity to be more involved in their
ent interesting activities taking   were encouraged to attend mass          would serve the community for
                                                                                                                own religious communities and
place in their faith communi-       at their local parishes and to get      their CSP projects, while often
                                                                                                                fostered communication be-
ties. The hope was to encourage     involved in activities that are         simultaneously neglecting their
                                                                                                                tween those communities and
students to take part in these      both helpful and rewarding.             own parishes, which were in
                                                                                                                Loyola High School. When
activities and give back to an-                                             need of their support and vol-
                                              Later, students were                                              asked if Parish Day might be-
other part of society which                                                 unteer work. Parish Day, Mr.
                                    divided up by Parish or reli-                                               come an annual event, Mr.
promotes Loyola’s message of                                                Donovan said, was a way to
                                    gious group, and given the op-                                              Donovan acknowledged that
being Men for Others.                                                       “get students connected with
                                    portunity to speak with the                                                 this was quite possible. All in
                                                                            their local religious groups, and
          The event, held on        religious and spiritual leaders                                             all, as a first time event, Parish
                                                                            motivate them to serve the
October 23rd, began with a          of their parish and collectively                                            Day was a complete success and
                                                                            community on a level other
cheerful, ‘World Youth Day’         plan different activities.                                                  perhaps an eye opener for stu-
                                                                            than CSP.” He mentioned that
themed assembly run by St.                                                                                      dents and teachers alike.
                                             In an interview with           religious leaders who had often
Luke’s Parish Youth Group,
                                    the Loyola News, school prin-           hesitated to get involved in the
HIGH. Students, led by a rock                                                                                   By Seán Duffy
                                    cipal, Mr. Paul Donovan, stated         school in the past were enthusi-
band, were encouraged to take

Weissfelner spreads his wings, continued from Page 1
quences are paid.                   the cold and calculating antago-
          For the play, the Mac-    nist, Nurse Ratched. Remaining
Clean Centre’s stage was liter-     deeply in character, Murray made
ally transformed into Ratched’s     the audience believe they were
ward. All of the locations were     members of the ward, truly feeling
easily recognizable, such as the    the effects of her control and her
Nurse’s station and Disturbed.      actions.
The make-up and costumes                       All in all, One Flew Over
were all remarkable – espe-         the Cuckoo’s Nest was well-worth
cially the tattoos covering the     the months of hard work and effort
arms and neck of Aide Wil-          put into it. It was clear that every-
liams (Robert Trocchia).            one put all their heart into it, from
          Upon watching the         the actors to the set designers to
play, anyone could really see       the choir, making it a night that
the months of hard work that        will not soon be forgotten by play-
had been put into the play.         goers.
Mark Weissfelner’s portrayal
of R. P. McMurphy was inde-         By The Loyola News Theatre
scribable. Several people were      Critic Rory Mallette
overheard after the play, com-
menting that it was “exactly
how [they] imagined him in the
book,” and some were even
comparing Weissfelner to Jack
Nicholson, who portrayed
McMurphy in the 1975 film
adaptation. Erica Murray, on
the other hand, was perfect as
Page 4                                   Newsletter Title                                                                          Volume 1, Issue 1

Update: Trimestering schedule change remains on the table
          Over the past year,          year with the Loyola News,           and students, who might find it       tion of alternatives. The trimester-
many changes have been imple-          School Principal, Mr. Paul Dono-     difficult to concentrate for this     ing system, he said, is just one
mented at Loyola High School in        van introduced the trimestering      period of time.                       possible solution. “We do not
an attempt to improve both edu-        system, a possible solution to                                             necessarily [have to implement]
                                                                                        Since last year, how-
cation and student life. The Qué-      these problems. The system                                                 this model, but rather must ex-
                                                                            ever, the talk about the trimester-
bec Education Reform executed a        called for a schedule based on                                             plore different models and ways
                                                                            ing system seems to been left on
plan to completely restructure the     three terms, each with its own                                             to deal with” this situation. He
                                                                            the back burner. Our schedule
school system, changing both the       exam period. Courses would be                                              stated that, “due to all the changes
                                                                            has not yet been changed. In a
courses to be taught and the           broken down into trimesters, with                                          in our school this year,” namely
                                                                            recent interview with the Loyola
methods in which they should be        larger courses being taught over                                           the issue over the government’s
                                                                            News, Mr. Donovan confirmed
instructed, as well as the manner      two trimesters and smaller                                                 Ethics and Religious Culture
                                                                            many people’s suspicions. He
in which students should be            courses taught over one. The                                               course, “the timing for such a
                                                                            stated that this year was one with,
evaluated. Simultaneously, the         daily class schedule would also                                            drastic change was not right.”
                                                                            “too many changes,” and thus not
administration of the school ex-       be modified, allowing for four
                                                                            an opportune time to implement                   The trimestering sched-
plored the current school sched-       periods a day of seventy-five
                                                                            such a drastic change. He men-        ule change is not over. The ad-
ule and sought out methods by          minutes each, as well as a thirty-
                                                                            tioned that, though certain teach-    ministration will continue to rely
which it could be improved.            minute tag, on a Monday to Fri-
                                                                            ers expressed enthusiasm in im-       on student and teacher feedback
                                       day cycle.
          Many students feel                                                plementing the system immedi-         about this issue. We must be pre-
overwhelmed under the current                     This system would         ately, many were against the          pared to see various changes in
schedule, where they have multi-       prevent students from having         change. The general feeling was       the near future, and hope that they
ple heavy courses over at the          many heavy courses at a time,        that a change was needed, but not     improve the situation. After all,
same time. They feel overloaded        allowing them to focus their en-     necessarily this model and not at     these changes, if any, will affect
with homework, assignments,            ergy and stay on top of their        the current time.                     all aspects of student life, particu-
projects and tests, as well as extra   work. Teachers would also have                                             larly the future of
                                                                                       Mr. Donovan stated
-curricular activities. Both stu-      fewer students and fewer classes,                                          our education.
                                                                            that, “the trimestering system is
dents and teachers may fall be-        and would be able to see these
                                                                            still on the table, but its
hind due to the rapid pace of the      classes more regularly. The                                                By Seán Duffy
                                                                            [implementation] has been de-
school.                                longer periods would allow more
                                                                            layed,” to provide an opportunity
                                       time for in-class work, but may
          In an interview last                                              for further tweaking and explora-
                                       seem too long for both teachers

Memorial Day service reenacts 2007 Loyola Europe trip ceremony
In 1922, shortly after the Great War,          92 years, a group of young men from                          1918 ROLL OF HONOR
the Loyola alumni honored its fallen           Loyola helped keep the memory of a
Warriors with a bronze plaque and              Loyola Old Boy alive by returning to
maple trees planted along Sherbrooke           the fields where he and 36 others
Street for each Loyola Old Boy killed          achieved so much, and made the ulti-
in the war. But an error was made in           mate sacrifice.
1922 – one name was mistakenly left                      In order to share the wonder-
off the plaque and no tree was planted         ful and moving experience that the 47
for one Loyola Old Boy, Lt. John               Loyola students had in Belgium, this
Howe.                                          year’s Remembrance Day assembly
          On March break last year, 47         was a re-enactment of the prayer ser-
Loyola students travelled to Europe for
                                               vice held at John Howe’s grave. As
a combination hockey and cultural trip.
The boys visited many World War I              photos were displayed on a large screen
and World War II sites, including Vimy         from the original prayer service, stu-
Ridge, Dieppe and Normandy. One of             dents and staff re-enacted the prayer
the highlights of the trip was a memo-         service. The entire Loyola student body
rial prayer service held at the grave of       was able to pay tribute and honour to
Lt. John Howe in the Lijssenthoek              one of its forgotten fallen – John Howe
Military Cemetery, just outside the            was rightfully remembered.
town of Ypres, Belgium. Finally, after
Newsletter Title                                                                           Volume 1, Issue 1                                  Page 5

Scandal! Loyola woefully unprepared for zombie invasion
After a secret and extensive in-     weren’t real…LIES!!! Zombies          and disadvantages of certain                     The lack of weaponry is
vestigation by the F.V.Z.A.          are as real as your friends, and      structures, what to do, what to       also frightening. We should be able
(Federal Vampire and Zombie          now it will be my duty to follow      avoid; it goes on, I will guide you   to arm each student with at least a
Agency) and various experts in       up with articles on zombies every     in these dark times. I will be        reliable blade or bludgeon. One of
the Zombie Survival                           issue. Not to make you       “The Zombie Guy.”                     the best bludgeons is the aluminum
Guide by Max Brooks                           laugh, not for activity                                                         baseball bat; because
                                                                                       In this article
(including myself) it has                     letter points, but to save                                                      remember, the only
                                                                           I would just like to
been concluded that,                          your lives.                                                                     way to kill a zombie is
                                                                           point out how woefully
alarmingly, Loyola is                                                                                                         to destroy the brain,
                                                          For starters,    unprepared we are for
woefully unprepared for                                                                                                       everything else is use-
                                               zombies are real, and not   a zombie invasion.
the imminent zombie                                                                                                           less. A crowbar is also
                                               the way they’re por-        One advantage we
invasion. And we look                                                                                                         a deadly weapon
                                               trayed in so many abso-     have is the insane
upon ourselves as warri-                                                                                                      against the undead. A
                                               lutely terrible movies      amounts of alternate
ors…sickening.                                                                                                                quote from the Zombie
                                               about them. They are not    exits, staircases, en-
                                                                                                                              Survival which I love
          How many of                          fast like cars, or strong   trances, but all the
                                                                                                                              is “Blades don’t need
our ancestors remember the           like Super Saiyan Vegeta. Zom-        entrances can be a problem. We
                                                                                                                 reloading.” I feel the teachers
dreaded years of World War Z.        bies are the result of a virus        have too many glass doors which
                                                                                                                 should be given basic combat train-
How many of us lost loved ones,      known as Solanum. This will be        can be easily shattered by the
                                                                                                                 ing in firearms, and the students
saw them being devoured before       further discussed in later issues     persistent blows of the Undead.
                                                                                                                 should have a mandatory course on
our very eyes by the hordes of       about zombies; what they think,       We have no reinforcements for
                                                                                                                 how to effectively wield their
the undead! I know a lot of you      senses, psychology, anatomy, the      these doors, we are vulnerable.
                                                                                                                 bludgeons and a lesser variation of
must be thinking wow this guy is     virus, home defense, weapon           They will act as more of a dis-
                                                                                                                 the faculty’s training in case one of
nuts…zombies aren’t real.            efficiencies, on the run, different   play case then any kind of de-
                                                                                                                                  (Continued on page 7)
LIES!! Whoever told you they         methods of offense, advantages        fense.

Ethanol is not the answer
           Ethanol is an increas-    regulations that favour the pro-      corn used to make the equiva-         solution to the use of gasoline in
ingly widespread alternative to      duction and use of fossil fuels.      lent of a tank of ethanol fuel        automobile engines. The idea of
gasoline. It is made out of corn,    Ethanol is a financial and envi-      could feed one person for a           ethanol may seem great when the
wheat and other cereal crops.        ronment                                                 year. The use       consequences are overlooked,
Ethanol can in fact be made          burden. In                                              of corn in          however a better alternative must
from any feedstock that con-         order to                                                ethanol has         be found. It does not make sense
tains sugar or can be converted      produce                                                 caused a dra-       to use a fuel that is a resource
to sugar. In 2002, there were        one litre of                                            matic increase      drain, not to mention a catalyst
five ethanol-producing plants in     corn-based                                              in the price of     for rising food prices. A one hun-
Canada. There are approxi-           ethanol,                                                this crop.          dred percent clean, renewable,
mately 1000 ethanol-blended          one litre of                                            Farmers are         efficient, and non-oil dependent
gasoline retailers in Canada         oil is                                                  struggling to       solution must be sought out. Hy-
today. Less than 250 million         needed.                                                 purchase feed       drogen cars and electric cars are a
litres of ethanol is produced        This                                                    for their ani-      better alternative when looking to
nationally each year. Ethanol is     causes the                                              mals. As it is      the future. Capital should be in-
commonly blended with gaso-          same                                                    now more            vested in finding a solution to the
line at around 10 percent of the     amount of                                               expensive to        oil dependence, instead of creat-
volume. Vehicles built since         oil to be                                               raise livestock,    ing ties with rich oil producing
the 1970’s are compatible with       burnt as                                                beef, pork, and     states. A green economy is the
an ethanol blend of 10 percent,      well as the                                             other meat,         key to a strong economy in the
also known as E-10. Cars can         corn-based ethanol. This is not       prices are increasing. People         future. Hopefully something will
now actually run on an 85 per-       a legible solution to a depend-       living in poorer nations are          be done about this problem.
cent ethanol blend, E-85.            ence on oil.                          most affected by the rising
                                                                           price of food, and some fami-         By Ryan Patton
         So why not use etha-                  Corn is a staple for
                                                                           lies simply cannot afford to
nol and forget about gasoline        many people. Last year the US
                                                                           feed themselves.
altogether, it is not that simple.   used more corn to produce
                                                                                      Ethanol, too many
For one, governments and car         ethanol than was the size of the
                                                                           seems like the only feasible
companies are restricted by          Canadian crop. The amount of
Page 6                                Newsletter Title                                                                          Volume VI, Issue I

Dance Report: bumpin’, grindin’ and...just kidding
                                    readers, seize the day, these        ken out. It is quite amusing to      were lots of people just dancing
                                    dances go by really fast and are     watch nonetheless.                   on their own, groups of girls wait-
                                    a great way to meet girls! So                                             ing for someone to make a move
                                                                                    After this dance of
                                    don’t anyone dare say it sucks if                                         on them…but none dared. I think
                                                                         September 19th, things grew to a
                                    they just sat there doing noth-                                           the letter and the increased
                                                                         more precarious level of con-
                                    ing. A dance is not for specta-                                           amount of teachers certainly got
                                                                         cern with regards to the whole
                                    tors, I may sound harsh but it is                                         the right message across. We love
                                                                         problem of grinding at the
                                    for the strong minded. How-                                               our dances (those that go), and do
                                                                         dances. We all received the
                                    ever, I will not write an article                                         not want them to be cancelled if
                                                                         letter warning us about the is-
                                    about how to pick up girls,                                               we can help it.
                                                                         sue, that if we don’t clean up
                                    maybe some other time but this
                                                                         our act, the dances would be                    I feel that it is important
                                    is a whole different story.          cancelled all together, and I am     for me to say this. I know that the
What a terrifically exciting                   All the action took       grateful that the Loyola dances      whole banning of grinding has
read, a report on the senior        place on the dance floor. It’s an    have continued because I am          turned many people off from
dance of September 19th and of      amazing sight. I remember step-      such a fan of them, and I would      coming, as many say well what’s
the most recent one of Novem-       ping out from lecturing one of       have hated to see them gone. I       the point then if we can’t grind? If
ber 14th where their fate was on    my friends for sitting at the        of course attended this what I       all the dances ever were, were a
the line. Well…how to begin, I      table for more than 10 minutes       call ``test dance`` to see if we     chance for you to grind, well fine,
mean, I’ve been a fan of the        onto the dance floor. Powerfully     were behaving basically. I did       but there is so much more than
dances since my rookie days in      loud music that you can pretty       notice a big change from the         that! You don’t need to grind with
sec 1, and now, I hate to miss      much feel AND hear, I feel the       last dance to this one. I under-     a girl to get her phone number or
them.                               techno beats pulse through me        stand why the administration is      email, initiate conversation with-
                                    it’s nuts; flashing lights and       so concerned however. One            out a dance, makes it a whole new
           As usual the dance
                                    then all the girls available for     thing that I heard was how we        battlefield. Just because the grind-
committee did an absolutely
                                    initiating conversation and or       were fighting against having the     ing is no longer part of it, does
fantastic job at setting up and I
                                    dances, marvelous I say!             government religion course           not mean you shouldn’t go. There
presume dismantling the setup
                                                                         imposed on us because we are a       are still plenty of girls to meet. Be
as well, but I really enjoyed                  They’re so fun filled,
                                                                         Private Catholic School and all      opportunists, one day, when
myself that night, I must say.      at one point a tecktonik circle
                                                                         that jazz, and how the grinding      you’ve graduated, there won’t be
It’s such great times; sitting      was started where all our big
                                                                         to a certain extent makes us         high school dances for you to get
with all your friends scoping       tecktonik studs got a chance to
                                                                         look a tad hypocritical. How-        a girls number by dancing with
out which girl we’re going to       show off their mad yet bizarre
                                                                         ever onto the dance itself, I        her, I’m sure one of these days
try and pick up, supportive         skill. Personally I can’t stand
                                                                         understood where the admini-         we’ll be in a bar and tben wow…
laughter upon rejection, a coy      tecktonik being the white boy
                                                                         stration was coming from, but        that girl across the room will look
grin in response to success,        dancer that I am, I feel that the
                                                                         as soon as I walked in, I felt the   amazing! Uh oh…if you can’t
we’ve all been there, but how       dance looks too much like a
                                                                         tension. The increased number        dance with her then your game is
many of us make the best of it?     mass of uncontrolled flailing
                                                                         of moderators definitely added       over! Unless you’re courageous
I can’t stand it when I hear peo-   limbs, but nonetheless I have
                                                                         to that effect, but I can’t say I    enough to initiate conversation
ple say the dances suck. I ask      lots of friends who are really
                                                                         wasn’t expecting it. I don’t         from scratch that is. If you’re that
them “Well what did you do?”        into it so I appreciate the style,
                                                                         know if it was just me, but it       disappointed about the anti-
The answer I always get; “I         although, I would prefer if the
                                                                         seemed that the lights were also     grinding laws, think of it as a
chilled with my friends.” My        circles to be a bit less…
                                                                         a bit brighter. There also defi-     different way to pick up these
only comment in response to         aggressive? I was dancing with
                                                                         nitely seemed to be much less        young ladies. Don’t give up hope,
that…wow.                           this one girl, working up to
                                                                         people than there usually is, but    there are young
                                    getting her e-mail when all of a
          I don’t understand                                             above all, the dance floor           girls out there itch-
                                    sudden we were being violently
why more people don’t seize                                              looked dead compared what I          ing to be hit on,
                                    pushed back in order to make
the day and go dance with some                                           see at the other dances. The way     trust me, I know
                                    room for the tecktonik circle.
of the unbelievably attractive                                           it seemed to me was that people      from experience.
                                    Lucky for everyone I’m not an
young females, opt for emails/                                           were afraid to dance altogether,
                                    angry guy, I’m sure if an angry
phone numbers, it’s quite dis-                                           and I know that to be true be-
                                    guy had been in my place, some                                            By Dylan
couraging. Believe me all you                                            cause it’s how I felt also. There
                                    serious tussles would have bro-                                           McCarty
Newsletter Title                                                                          Volume VI, Issue I                                   Page 7

Mediacity: the new face of media
We experience, see, feel and,        many critics’ eyes, the “Video        Pew Internet and American Life       lives, having to often eat, sleep, get
hopefully, understand the media      Game” has become one of the           Project (see                         a job, work, and of course, fight.
that surrounds us. That said, what   most influential.                     www.pewinternet.org for more         People exchange real world money
happens when what we know                                                  information) concluded that ef-      for goods in these fictional worlds,
                                            Indeed, it may be consid-
begins a transformation, a con-                                            fectively 99% of teen males play     and the games never really end,
                                     ered safe to say that most people
version, a reformation - a shift,                                          video games, and 94% of teen         because a person has to continue
                                     living in “Western” society have
fluctuation or metamorphosis?                                              females engage in some form of       playing to continue to “level up”
                                     at the least seen or somewhat
What happens when the media                                                video-gaming as well. This           and enjoy the benefits these worlds
                                     experienced a “video game.”
we make up begins to make us?                                              means that 97% of teenagers in       supposedly offer.
                                     Today, video games are a moder-
       The world is changing. In                                           the United States today are ac-
                                     ately affordable entertainment                                                    Besides our newfound inter-
the words of Loyola teacher Ms.                                            tively engaged in video gaming,
                                     medium, which are enjoyed by                                               est in video games or fictional
C. Craton, people are becoming                                             in some form or other.
                                     people from many walks of life.                                            worlds, we have even begun to
more and more “Mediated” in
                                     The average budget for produc-               Companies have started to     digitize once physical events, such
their daily lives. Whether or not
                                     tion of a video game, which was       realize the potential for some-      as shopping or dating, which can
they realise it, they are affected
                                     once rather modest, has in recent     thing as rampant as such, and        now both be enjoyed from the
by what they see and experience
                                     years climbed to the cost of pro-     have begun to place advertise-       safety of one’s own basement.
around them in the ways of pic-
                                     ducing a movie (for example, a        ments inside of video games as
tures, music, literature or adver-                                                                                      The point of this article is not
                                     massively popular video game by       well, sometimes in hidden areas
tisement. As Western society                                                                                    to confound, confuse, condescend
                                     the name of “Halo 3” was esti-        or sometimes quite blatantly. A
becomes more and more digi-                                                                                     or influence, merely to inform.
                                     mated by BBC News to have cost        slightly alarming poll conducted
tized, one must wonder if people                                                                                Digitisation has begun its descent
                                     over 300 million dollars to create,   by the “Internet Advertisement
too, creating a new world built on                                                                              and is on a steep path, with human-
                                     not including advertising).           Bureau” (in conjunction with
digital phenomena, change along                                                                                 ity sitting below, watching it come.
                                                                           British magazine “Gamespot
with it. If people become ever              Many others may still con-                                          Whether or not people like it, it
                                                                           UK”) found that 73% of video
more dependent on digital proc-      sider video games a fad, but in                                            seems here to stay unless some-
                                                                           gamers did not even mind that
essing machines, then does their     doing so fail to realise the num-                                          thing massive happens. A person
                                                                           they were hit with the advertise-
essential nature alter as well?      ber of people (kids and teenagers                                          need only keep his or her eyes
                                                                           ments at all.
                                     especially) who engage in video                                            open, and stay wary in the face of
       As many authors and re-
                                     gaming itself. For example, after            Besides video games them-     the reflective screen.
porters have stated or noticed,
                                     conducting a survey of over 1000      selves has been the rise of the
“Media” itself has begun to put
                                     young people, ages 12-17, from        “Massively Multiplayer Online
on new masks, or faces. Though                                                                                  By Mark
                                     various regions of the United         Role Playing Game” (also known
there are tons of new media and                                                                                 Weissfelner
                                     States and belonging to families      as the “MMORPG”). In these
influences around the world, in
                                     of differing levels of income, the    virtual “Games,” people have full

Loyola not ready for zombies, continued from Page 2

(Continued from page 5)              them in front of every glass          and taking us down with you by       teeth biting into your flesh is
                                     door, should one be left open,        spreading the virus throughout       much too late. Accept it now and
our teachers should fall to the      the Undead would flock in like        the school. To remedy the situa-     prepare yourselves. I recommend
hordes of the Undead. The ai-        flies on feces, only worse.           tion I believe a fundraiser          that you all purchase the Zombie
kido of Mr. Bush, the mind                                                 should be organized to stockpile     Survival Guide by Max Brooks as
                                               Shockingly, it has                                               well as his history book World
powers of Mr. Ketterling, the                                              a variety of canned and non
                                     been learned that the cafeteria                                            War Z- an Oral History of the
chemicals of Mrs. Bartlet, all                                             perishable food items, at least
                                     has no more than a 2 or 3 day                                              Zombie War, to further educate
these weapons though deadly to                                             enough to last us for weeks.
                                     supply of food for the student                                             yourselves on the gravity of the
us will not affect the Undead.                                             Eventually, we may send out
                                     population. We may have to                                                 Solanum problem. Don’t dare
The greatest advantage we have                                             emergency scavenger teams, we
                                     survive for weeks on our own,                                              take this likely, if you have any
over them is intelligence and so                                           may be forced to take that risk.
                                     and only the strong will survive.                                          questions, find me in the halls. I’ll
we must exploit this. However I
                                     There will be no trips to the                    The final major prob-     be the one carrying the aluminum
cannot stray off topic.              Deli Pat, Subway, New Moon            lem we face is denial. You can-      baseball bat, and muttering
         We must obtain some         or any other such place permit-       not hope to survive the coming       “they’re everywhere.”
form of folding metal doors like     ted. If any of you were to go out     zombie outbreak if you doubt
we have in the hallways and          and get bitten and not tell any of    the fact that they exist. They are
atrium during dances and Battle      us, you may find yourselves           very real, and realizing this only   By Dylan McCarty
of the Bands and such, we need       joining the ranks of the Undead       when you feel their cold broken
Page 8                                Newsletter Title                                                                           Volume VI, Issue I

                               SPORTS AND CLUBS
Juvenile Soccer’s spectacular season
                                                                                                               Gut, was calm and composed
                                                                                                               before partaking in the shootout.
                                                                                                               With the team at their back, each
                                                                                                               player was able to put the ball in
                                                                                                               the back of the net and win the
                                                                                                               game and the GMAA champion-
                                                                                                               ship! Loyola Warrior James Cer-
                                                                                                               tosini was named the G.M.A.A.
                                                                                                               Player of the Game.
                                                                                                                         It was an amazing sea-
                                                                                                               son for the Loyola Warriors who
                                                                                                               had an almost perfect record of 5-

                                                                                                               By James Certosini

On a cold and crisp Saturday        solid defence was able to ward       thwarted. After 80 minutes of
morning, the Juvenile Warriors      of LaSalle’s recurring attacks.      gruelling back and forth soccer,
faced off against LaSalle           After one quick clearing of the      no one was able to score that
Catholic High School in what        zone, John Farrell was able to       winning goal so the game con-
the Warriors hoped would be         bury a ball in the back of the       tinued into extra time. Once
the game of the year. Earlier       opponent’s net, making it 1-0        again, both teams could not
on in the regular season, Loyola    for Loyola. But LaSalle would        finish. This highly entertaining
lost their one and only game        answer with a nice header off        final game was now headed
against the highly skilled La-      of a cross to tie it up.             into shootouts.
Salle team. It was Loyola’s
                                              The second half of the              Andrew Al Tork,
chance to exact revenge.
                                    game was Loyola’s as most of         Sean Cabral, Patrick Fusarini
         The first half of the      the action took place in the         and Andrew Dolfato were all
game was mostly played on the       LaSalle zone but the Loyola          expected to shoot. Loyola’s
Warrior’s side of the field but a   attack was continually               spectacular keeper, Nicholas

Juvenile Warriors Soccer Coach Fulvio discusses the “program”
With the recent success of the      one another is essential.            incredible amount of playing          entirely new level. It also gives us
Juvenile soccer program over the    The Juvenile team has always         experience and has played at the      the opportunity to build around
last three years, The Loyola        benefited from passionate            college level. I have been the        them for several years. To chal-
News sat down with veteran head     coaches. Mr. Donini (retired)        lucky one learning much from          lenge yourself at the highest level
coach Mr. Vince Fulvio to find      brought much love to the game.       these men. And of course              is what we are all about.
                                    More recently, Mr. Celani, a         the players and their willingness
out the factors behind the suc-
                                    coach with the team for six years,   to place the team objective           What are your impressions of
cess.                               brought a wealth of soccer           over their personal ambitions.        your current group of city cham-
What do you credit the success      knowledge. He's been coaching        Both coaches and players making       pion Warriors?
of the Juvenile soccer program      for over 40 years and has partici-   personal sacrifices for the better-   Above all, this team ranks as one of
to over the last few years?         pated in clinics all over the        ment of the team. Some players        the nicest I've ever coached. They
                                    world. He has been a champion-       even agreed to compete at a level     loved one another and played for
The collaboration of the coaches    ship winning coach at both the       above their age group such as         one another. When it was all said
at every level. The communica-      senior and college level. Rookie     Nick Gut and Patrick Fusarini         and done each player could look at
tion and support we provide to      coach Mr. Millette brings an         who have raised their game to an                      (Continued on page 13)
Newsletter Title                                                                        Volume VI, Issue I                              Page 9

Midget Soccer also has a championship season
The Midget Warriors soccer
club had another awesome sea-
son while not suffering a single
defeat en route to city gold. The
Loyola News sat down with
coach Mr. Michael
Greczkowski to gain some in-
sight into the inner workings of
the championship team.

What do you credit the suc-
cess of the Midget soccer pro-
gram over the last few years?
Well, to begin with, we have
about three times the players we
need at the try-outs, and they
are all very good, well-seasoned
soccer players. Realistically, we
could field two highly competi-
tive Division 1 teams. Another           Above: members of the 2008 Midget Warriors Soccer team celebrate their gold medal
reason is that, we practice a lot,
and so Mr. Powell has a keen
sense of our players' strengths,
                                                                        one player...I'd have to say         their talent, they always relate to
not only skill-wise, but also in
                                                                        POLO! Our boys decided early         you as people who want what's
relation to other players, and
                                                                        in the season to dedicate each       best for their team and for their
within different team forma-
                                                                        game to the late Martin “Polo”       school. At the end of every season
tions. This year especially, we
                                                                        James. You'd swear Polo's spirit     I like to look back on the games,
found the players very coach-
                                                                        was there, inspiring our players,    the highs and lows, and where I
able, open to criticism, and hard
                                                                        and helping our D-line and           can improve for the next year.
-working at practices and in
                                                                        Keeper stop shots! Our Quarter-      Interestingly, the feelings I am
                                                                        and Semi-final games saw us          always left with invariably have
                                                                        come back from a deficit and         more to do with the players (and
Can you comment on the suc-
                                                                        win. To do this a team must          their personalities!) than the
cesses of the current season
                                                                        have positive leadership, a          games, records, or medals...we
and what type of team the
                                                                        strong desire to win, and a con-     are very fortunate to work with
coaching staff put together?
                                                                        fident, winning spirit. The lead-    such awesome students! And Mr
This season was built on play-
                                                                        ers, players and the coaching        Powell - don't let his easy-going
ing our game, with our strate-
                                                                        staff, along with the help of        affable nature fool you: as a
gies and our philosophies. I
                                                                        Polo, helped us bring the pow-       coach he is second to none.
know it sounds cliché, but we
                                                                        erhouse of talent to an elegant
needed to drill into our players
                                                                        and meaningful victory.
that we are good enough to trust
each other and rely on the skill
                                                                        What have you learned from
and sense of teammates. For
                                                                        your experience over the
example, I feel we outplayed all
                                                                        years as a Midget soccer
of our opponents, not only be-
cause we have better skills and
                                     carry a big bench. For the most    I have learned that our student-
athleticism, but because we
                                     part, however, we rotate players   athletes are multi-dimensional,
trusted and used our positions to
                                     consistently and often. We have    and have the ability to rise up to
the maximum, making the
                                     many leaders on the team, and      the demands of many chal-
team's success, and not individ-
                                     some players score more than       lenges. When I say challenges I
ual players, the priority.
                                     others. However, the team co-      am referring to athletic as well
                                     hesion was such that everyone      as those concern-
Which players made the
                                     was respected, and so our lead-    ing academics, family, friends,
greatest contribution to the
                                     ership came shining through by     and other commitments. My
team's success?
                                     players who played hard and        respect for Loyola students is
All of them. As you know, we
                                     respected each other. To pick      very high because, regardless of
Page 10                              Newsletter Title                                       Volume 1, Issue 1

                       Volleyball program reigns supreme in the city

          This season was a    cluding Anthony Di
particularly exciting season   Benedetto, Andrew Leduc
for the Bantam Braves vol-     and Connor Boyd who
leyball team. From extraor-    also won gold last year.              Congratulations
dinary plays to great come     The group of Braves was     to the team for their cham-
backs, this great team was     spectacular. We had two     pionship victory. The
lead by a fantastic coach -    very strong lines who       team faced a great oppo-
Mr. Traynor, and three         never gave up and we        nent but their determina-
veteran players: Andrew        learned from our mistakes   tion and focus paid off.
Leduc, Connor Boyd and         proving that perseverance
                                                           Special congratulations to
the championship game          and practice makes cham-
MVP Kenny Drummond.            pions.                      the game MVP Michael
Drummond is one of a                                       Dionisi (pictured at right).
group of four veterans in-     By Marco Mandato

                                                                         Congratulations to the juvenile vol-
                                                                         leyball team for their remarkable
                                                                         play in the city finals. The team
                                                                         defeated rivals Laurier MacDonald
                                                                         in two straight
                                                                         games to claim
                                                                         the Division One
                                                                         Marc Yves
                                                                         Zwananburg was
                                                                         named player of
                                                                         the game. The
                                                                         team was blessed
                                                                         with tremendous
                                                                         senior leadership from Kirby
                                                                         Coussa, Andrew Scanlan and Alex
                                                                         Kotsoros (pictured above) who
                                                                         completed an amazing Loyola vol-
                                                                         leyball career with five gold medals
                                                                         in five years.
Newsletter Title                                                                      Volume 1, Issue 1                              Page 11

                   Loyola Wilderness Club navigates the Diable River
                                                                       riors arrived at the park, and set   Some struggled, but they finally
                                                                       up camp for the night.               arrived at their destination. A
                                                                                                            couple club members knew how
                                                                                 Club members woke
                                                                                                            the river earned its name by the
                                                                       up early the next morning in
                                                                                                            days end.
                                                                       order to get on the bus that
                                                                                                                      The trip was a success,
                                                                       would bring them to the
                                                                                                            boys became men, friendships
                                                                       launching station. It was a fine
                                                                                                            were forged and rivers were navi-
                                                                       morning, perfect for exercise.
                                                                                                            gated. There were a few firsts for
                                                                       The boys were given a crash
                                                                                                            the wilderness club including a
                                                                       course in canoeing by club
                                                                                                            potluck supper. Some continued
                                                                       moderator Mr. Ketterling. They
                                                                                                            traditions such as the polar bear
                                                                       then set out in their canoes
                                                                                                            swim. This trip will not soon be
                                                                       down the Diable River. The ten
                                                                                                            forgotten by Gypsy, TC Woody,
                                                                       then shot a series of rapids. One
          On September 26,          High School on the new yellow                                           Thunder Storms, Lionheart, PP,
                                                                       group decided to try a less con-
2008, a group of young men          trireme after the Sports Tourna-                                        General, Crazyhorse, Hawkeye,
                                                                       ventional approach and went
traveled deep into the wilder-      ment rally. New members                                                 Loafer and JB Trumpette.
                                                                       through the rapids backwards.
ness that is Mont Tremblant         looked anxiously from the          The group stopped for lunch
Provincial Park. It was to be the   moderators to the club presi-                                           By Ryan Patton
                                                                       along the side of the river. It
first Wilderness Club trip of the   dent. Veterans sat quietly, pon-   was a beautiful sight. They
year, an odyssey to be remem-       dering about what was going to                                          Note: more pictures can be found
                                                                       were to be back in two hours,
bered by the boys for many          unfold that weekend. After                                              on the LWC’s official web site at
                                                                       which meant they had to paddle
years to come. They left Loyola     much anticipation, the ten War-                                         vweb.loyola.ca/wilderness
                                                                       to the best of their abilities.

                     Loyola Cross-Country Running: run for your life!
                                                                                                            Christopher Gill (1A, Bantam),
                                                                                                            and Davidee Inukpuk (4D,
                                                                                                            Midget) placed 3rd in their divi-
                                                                                                                       The team again ran well
                                                                                                            at their second meet on Mount
                                                                                                            Royal, in the annual GMAA
                                                                                                            competition. Once again, Chris-
                                                                                                            topher Gill and Davidee Inukpuk
                                                                                                            were able to place in 2nd and 4th
                                                                                                            places, enough to qualify for the
                                                                                                            provincial competion on October
                                                                                                            25th in Gabriel de Brandon. Peter
                                                                                                            Wilk (1E) came in 9th, also mak-
                                                                                                            ing him a potential candidate for
                                                                                                            the provincials, and Ryan Falcon-
                                                                                                            bridge came in at a strong 13th
                                                                                                            place. These speedy soles will
                                                                                                            continue to train until November,
                                                                                                            and will resume again in the
                                                                                                            spring, when the runners get
          The Loyola running        group, a smaller group of dedi-    Park (Pointe Claire) and held        ready for the halo race.
team meets on Mondays and           cated Juveniles, and an espe-      by John Rennie High School
Tuesdays after school and on        cially zealous group of Bantam     was a great success. Our             By Ms. Mariam Moussa
Friday mornings at 7:30 a.m. It     runners. The team has com-         Midget division placed first out
has grown to 33 members this        peted in two meets this year.      of all the competing schools,
year, with a large Midget           The first meet, at Terra Cotta     and on an individual level, both
Page 12                              Newsletter Title                                                                        Volume 1, Issue 1

Fall Sports Tournament Report
The James McGrath tourna-           house, which made this day and      fully the defence was good and      their games off against the
ment is part of the open house      even more special event. The        the game ended in a draw. The       Midget team. They won the
where Loyola students partici-      Juvy soccer team started the        Juvies came out of the tourna-      match 2-0. They then continued
pate in sporting events such as     day off with a match against        ment with a record of 2 ties and    on to play Laurier Mac who beat
soccer, volleyball and football.    Alexander Galt. This was once       1 loss giving them 5 points and     them 2-1. “They are one of the
This year’s tournament was an       again another match in which        a silver medal in the overall       better teams but we could have
excellent display of Loyola         both teams had great chances.       standings. The Midget soccer        easily won,” said Marc Richard-
athletics.                                                                      team was very proud of      son. They continued on to play
                                                                                their performance con-      and finished the round robin with
          The action
                                                                                sidering this was a tour-   a record of 4 wins and 1 loss.
started on Friday with
                                                                                nament full of Juvy         This performance bought them a
a match between the
                                                                                teams.                      position in the finals versus
Midget and Juvenile
                                                                                                            Laurier Mac. The team was once
Loyola soccer teams.                                                                      The first three
                                                                                                            again beat but they were very
The game was one                                                                games for the Midget
                                                                                                            happy about their performance.
where Loyola’s talent                                                           Warriors were all loses
                                                                                                            They said that with a bit more
shined at its’ brightest.                                                       but the team was still
                                                                                                            practice they might be able to
There were opportuni-                                                           able to pull out some
                                                                                                            win the GMAA. The Loyola
ties for both the Juvy                                                          positives from their per-
                                                                                                            Midget team were pleased with
and Midget had                                                                  formances. Coach Mr.
                                                                                                            their performance because they
chances. Early in the                                                           Greczkowski said,
                                                                                                            were part of the Juvenile tourna-
match Andrew Al                                                                 “The team played very
                                                                                                            ment and yet they still were able
Tork scored the lone goal of the                                        well and tried very hard. The
                                    The final score of the game was                                         to compete with the older teams.
game, putting it in the top shelf                                       team showed great sportsman-
                                    0-0. Head coach Mr. Fulvio
and securing the game for the                                           ship over their opponents and I               All in all the Loyola
                                    said “This was a game where
Juvy team. The Midget team                                              am very proud.” Their fourth        teams did a great job representing
                                    we were able to see what our
was quite impressed with their                                          and final game saw them face        our school. As a fellow Loyola
                                    team was capable of doing.”
performance. Davidee Inukpuk                                            Alexander Galt. The team            student I am proud of how our
                                    The Juvy soccer team saw the
on the Midget team said “Any                                            played a good technical game        teams played. They represented
                                    third team against St. Thomas.
team could have one it; we just                                         and as David Madruga, the           us as great athletes not only to the
                                    They played a good game but
didn’t capitalize on our                                                team captain said, “They were       other schools but also the future
                                    were unable to contain the ex-
chances.”                                                               not able to out-muscle us!”         Loyola students and parents. The
                                    cellent St. Thomas team from
                                                                        They won this game by a score       players and coaches should be
          The action continued      scoring 3 goals. Knowing that
                                                                        of 3-0.                             proud of their efforts. Good job
on Friday and saw all the vol-      this was their final opponent
leyball teams take the court to                                                   There was also some       boys!!
                                    the Juvies played an intense
play against their opponents.       game against LaSalle. Unfortu-      volleyball action going on dur-
On Saturday, on top of the tour-    nately, they were still unable to   ing the sports tournament. The      By Matthew Hogbin
nament, there was the open          put the ball in the net. Thank-     Juvenile volleyball team started
Newsletter Title                                                                       Volume 1, Issue 1                                Page 13

House League Soccer: La Furia and Huskies are the champs
SENIOR HOUSE LEAGUE                losing squad, it was a valiant
                                   effort led by Chris “Mr. Every-
The grand finale match for the
                                   where” Foster.
coveted Golden Foot Trophy
was held on Friday afternoon,      JUNIOR HOUSE LEAGUE
on November 7 and La Furia
                                   In a lopsided game, the
came out on top by a score of
                                   Axemen dominated their oppo-
4-1 over the Spice Boyz at the
                                   nents, the Huskies, for most of
Hingston Soccerplex. Led by
                                   the game but could only beat
league leading scorer Massimo
                                   the sharp Huskies goaltender,
Muia who scored two goals in
                                   Daniel Farrell, once. At the end
the contest. Scoreless with only
                                   of regulation time it was 1-1
twenty minutes remaining, La
                                   and Farrell again led the team
Furia exploded with a barrage
                                   between the posts as the Hus-
of attacks late in the second
                                   kies stole the game 2-1 after
half to record four straight
                                   shootouts. Final score: Huskies
scores and insure victory. A
                                   2, Axemen 1.
late goal by the Spice Boyz
ended the shutout bid. For the

PLACE           TEAM                GP     W     L     T     PTS
1               HUSKIES              8      5     2    1      16
2               STINGERS             8      3     4    1      10
3               AXEMEN               8      3     5    0      9
1               LA FURIA             9      8     1    0      24
2               SOCA WARRIORS        9      5     4    0      15
3               SPICE BOYZ           9      3     6    0       9
4               SUPEREAGLES          9      2     7    0      6

Coach Fulvio, continued from Page 8
(Continued from page 8)            scorer. Trocchia the elder was a    former with a devestaing shot.         ple and always brought you his A
                                   physical presence who would         His physical presence was always       game.
his teammate in the eye for he     cause chaos in the opponents        felt. Dolfato is the ice man. No
knew he gave his best. This team   defensive third. Trocchia the       emotion, all business. He said         Was the final game at the Ed
never backed down and only got     younger was a work horse whose      nothing for his game spoke vol-        Meagher fields one of the most
better as the season progressed.   effort resulted in many goals.      umes as he could play anywhere         exciting that you have coached?
They never let themselves get      Neuman was a beast in the air.      on the field. Corbo is the artist on   It was exciting but not stressful.
caught up with their success.      His height was always something     defense. His speed neutralized         We were so prepared as a team that
                                   for opponents to con-               opposing attackers. As the team        it inspired confidence. Going to
Which players made the greatest    sider. Burke, Cabral and            stopper, Certosini neutralized         penalty shots was relaxing as it
contribution to the team's suc-    Palumbo were extremely fit and      every attack before it could de-       was the skilled most practiced. Win
cess?                              gave you everything they            velop. Catalogna could pass the        or lose I knew that as a team we did
To only mention a few would be     had. Burke's accurate shot,         ball with deadly accuracy initia-      everything we could to prepare for
unjust. Al-Tork and Gut provided   Cabral's deadly crosses and         ing our attack from deep within        that moment. The team did not
outstanding leadership. They set   Palumbo's speed was difficult for   our defensive third. Snell the         disappoint as every shot was per-
the tone for every practice and    any team to contain. Fusarini was   sweeper was the magician. Strik-       fect and simply unstoppable.
game. Tork was a tank and Gut      the wild card. Wherever you         ers seemed to dissapear in his
was a wall. Farrell was quick as   placed him you knew he would        presence. Zylak was Mr. Consis-
lightning and a natural goal       excel. Gaudio was a clutch per-     tency who kept things sim-
Page 14                                Newsletter Title                                                                             Volume 1, Issue 1

Mirarchi and Racine on Polo, continued from Page 4

                                                                                                                  us to dance, to share, and to see
                                                                                                                  the opportunity in this crisis. He
                                                                                                                  has given me back why I started
                                                                                                                  this job in the first place, and that
                                                                                                                  is the kids. He loved the kids and
                                                                                                                  that is what I want to talk about
                                                                                                                  most. He had a genuine love for
                                                                                                                  the kingdom of Heaven and the
                                                                                                                             The healing process for
                                                                                                                  Frank is slow. “It is still so hard, I
                                                                                                                  can’t look at his picture and it is
                                                                                                                  hard when I go to his house to
                                                                                                                  visit. We had so many great times.
                                                                                                                  Even when we had some disagree-
                                                                                                                  ments, two seconds later it was
                                                                                                                  over and things were back to nor-
                                                                                                                  mal.” Always in Frank’s thoughts,
                                                                                                                  Polo even visited his best friend in
                                                                                                                  a dream - one that Frank remem-
                                                                                                                  bers quite vividly. “We were get-
                                                                                                                  ting ready for work as usual, early
                                                                                                                  in the morning and I asked him
lot of people and the turnout was    could have learned something                    Polo’s rather brash          what happened at the lake. ‘I was
incredible.” Polo was a great        from him if we all chose to see.”    interaction with students when he       looking for my keys,’ he told me.”
friend and a dedicated father. He    Peter had a different relationship   started was tempered after only a       What that encounter means, Frank
greatly loved his kids according     with Polo than did Frank. “My        few words of advice from Peter          is not sure. Perhaps the keys that
to Frank, “everything he had at      first impressions of Polo were not   who suggested he relate a little        Polo left here were left for his
home was for his kids.”              wonderful. He seemed loud and a      differently to the students. “He        friend—and they may represent
                                     bit obnoxious at times when I        took the little advice I had to         Polo’s approach to life, to family,
           Becoming best friends                                                                                  to friends, and to his job. In this
                                     met him in social events. How-       offer and went to another level,”
with your co-worker is a blessing                                                                                 way Polo will never be far from
                                     ever, when I engaged in conver-      according to Racine. “He be-
and Polo’s influence easily                                                                                       his best friend. In this way Polo
                                     sation with him, I found a way to    came, I believe, after Father
spread to Frank’s work ethic as                                                                                   may give Frank the keys to re-
                                     calm him down. When he came          MacLean’s death, the spirit that
well. “He loved his job here and I                                                                                cover and make him strong again.
                                     to work here at Loyola, we had       held up the school. He lifted my
had to step it up a notch to keep
                                     an instant bond and connection.      spirit without a doubt and I’m not
up with him,” added Frank. “He
                                     He was a very different man          sure where I would be without
taught me to not be afraid to go
                                     outside the social events. We        those daily moments of laughter
the extra mile. He gave a lot of                                                                                             Walk
                                     connected on a very simple and       and joy with Polo. He was defi-
his free time to work here and he                                                                                            Dance
                                     spiritual level, it was like we      nitely the spirit of the first floor,
was very proud to be a member                                                                                                Sing
                                     were meant to meet each other        whether or not he was on the
of the Loyola community.” Un-                                                                                                Smile through
                                     and it always remained that          second or third floor, I don’t
derstandably, the loss of his best                                                                                           Impossible ways
                                     way.”                                know, but the first floor without a
friend and co-worker has damp-                                                                                               To share
                                                                          doubt. He helped me deal with
ened Frank’s work experience.                  Racine and Mirarchi                                                           Be
                                                                          my sadness and helped me heal,
“It’s more of a job right now,” he   were also aware of Polo’s deep                                                          Love
                                                                          more than anyone else and he did
claims. “It’s coming back slowly     sense of spirituality. According                                                        The shadow
                                                                          it without even knowing it, that’s
now, everything here reminds me      to Racine, “Polo had a love for                                                         Of the sun
                                                                          what makes it so special. He was
of him.”                             God, a love for love in a way that
                                                                          just being himself. I wish he were
                                     was beyond what one could see.
           Peter Racine claimed                                           here today. We miss him. But life       -By Peter Racine, dedicated to
                                     But it was definitely there with-
that Polo’s “gratitude for his                                            goes on and I know in the spirit        Martin “Polo” James
                                     out a doubt and we bonded in
work at Loyola was like no one                                            of Martin James, that he would
                                     that way.”
else’s in this school and that we                                         want us to go on, he would want
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                   Halloween at Loyola
                                   R.P. McMurphy            Mark Weissfelner
                     CAST          Chief                    David Saabas
                                   Billy                    Bradley Cooper-Graham
                                   Harding                  Andrew Wilson
                                   Scanlon                  Anthony Gervasi
                                   Cheswick                 Dylan McCarty
                                   Martini                  John Limeburner
                                   Ruckley                  Matthew Mancini
                                   Aide Warren              Christos Simitsakos
                                   Aide Williams            Robert Trocchia
                                   Dr. Spivey               Joseph Szymborski
                                   Turkle                   Matthew Lebel
                                   Nurse Ratched            Erica Murray
                                   Nurse Flinn/CStarr       Natasha Vincelli
                                   Sandra                   Liana Bedwi

Mark Weissfelner   Erica Murray         Andrew Wilson            John Limeburner

Anthony Gervasi     David Saabas            Dylan McCarty      Bradley Cooper-Graham

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