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									                                                                            Velvet Pears
                                                                           Susan Southam

      Title                  Velvet Pears
      Author                 Susan Southam
      ISBN                   9781741963656
      Imprint                Murdoch Books
      Binding                Hardcover
      Extent                 296 pages
      Dimensions             245 x 225mm
      RRP                    $65.00
      Release Date           April 2009


A lavishly illustrated and deeply personal story of the creation of an idiosyncratic Australian
country garden, Velvet Pears is an inspirational book that is also full of practical ideas.

Author Susan Southam created the amazing garden at Foxglove Spires on the land of an old
dairy paddock. She now lives there, with her family, in harmony with the seasons; cooking,
eating, celebrating and decorating with her vast garden’s bounty. Susan generously shares her
life’s lessons in this beautiful gift book.

Velvet Pears is beautifully illustrated throughout with photographs of Susan’s house and garden.
Susan includes suggestions for planting schemes as well as her favourite recipes, using produce
from her own garden. There are lyrical descriptions of the garden through the seasons as well as
inspiring ideas for creating ‘romance in the everyday’.

Velvet Pears captures the essence of living simply and with the seasons, within a local
community, with a sustainable lifestyle.

Sales Points

◦ Susan Southam’s garden at Foxglove Spires is one of Australia’s best loved gardens

◦ An inspiring book about living with the seasons, this has great relevance in the current times

◦ This elegant book is finished with a black velvet ribbon, making it a beautiful keepsake

◦ An ideal gift for garden lovers

Author Profile

Susan Southam was born in Sydney. At the age of 11, she moved with her family to a small
country town on the south-eastern coast of Australia where she found her passion for gardening.
At Foxglove Spires, in her house and garden, Susan creates beautiful pictures, layered with
romance and beauty.

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