Tuggeranong Archery Club by hjkuiw354


									                    Tuggeranong Archery Club                                                           Tuggeranong Archery Club
                                                                                                       Soward Drive, Tuggeranong, ACT
               … the friendly community archery club supporting archers of all disciplines,            PO Box 1421, Tuggeranong, ACT, 2901
               Olympic to compound, medieval to traditional, catering for families, novices,           www.tuggeranongarchery.com.au
                                   the enthusiast and the disabled.
       The Tuggeranong Archery Club was formed in 2002 to service archers, both novice and experienced,
         in the Tuggeranong area. The club is fully affiliated with Archery Australia, Archery ACT and the
                                   International Federation of Archery, FITA.

Tuggeranong Archery Club is fortunate in that the club actively supports many disciplines of Archery, including -
Target (Olympic) which involves shooting at targets set at distances varying from 18 meters (indoor) to 90 meters
(outdoor), with targets ranging in size from 40 cm to 122 cm. Most target tournaments involve shooting 60 to 144
arrows over several distances and target sizes.
Field, (International FITA) which can be likened to a combination of archery, golf, and bushwalking. Club members
and their guests can enjoy 24 targets at various combinations of target sizes and distances from a 20 cm “bugs-eye”
target at 5m to an 80 cm target at 60m through trees, across dams, and on the edge of hillsides.
SCA Traditional, where archers shoot as in the tradition of medieval Europe, including the Kings Shoot which is still
shot in yards and is held on the main range at Tuggeranong on the first Sunday of each month.
Clout, in which the archer has to lob arrows into a ground target measuring 15 meters in circumference at distances
up to 180 meters.

                                              Archers can use any of the three main types of bow:
                                              Long bow , Traditional one piece wooden bow.
                                              Recurve, Olympic style bow that may include, sights and stabilisers
                                              but still employs the archers strength and skill.
                                              Compound, a technical style bow that uses wheels in a lever type
                                              principal that allows the archer to hold and aim the bow at a lower
                                              poundage than when the arrow leaves the bow.

Tuggeranong Archery Club meets at the end of Soward Drive, Greenway, for “come-and-try” and beginners from 9:30 each Sunday through the year
 except for January. Members of Tuggeranong are also members of Archery ACT and Archery Australia and are able to shoot at Archery Australia
                                      clubs across Australia and with FITA affiliated clubs internationally.

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