Crystal Meth Fact Sheet by dfsdf224s


									                                       Crystal Meth                                                     Crystal Meth

Crystal Meth falls within the group Methamphetamines. It is a     EFFECTS OF USE
man made crystal like translucent substance. Crystal                    unhealthy weight loss due to loss of appetite
Methamphetaine is sometimes called ice, crystal, crank, tweek           confusion, irrational anger, paranoia
and fire.                                                               violent, out of control aggressive behaviour
                                                                        problems with thinking, memory, concentration
Crystal Methamphetamine is usually inhaled but can also be              distorted perceptions in vision, space, sounds and time
injected and snorted.                                                   increased and irregular heart rates
WHAT SHOULD I KNOW ABOUT CRYSTAL METH?                                  panic attacks
                                                                        brain damage
Crystal Methamphetamine is highly addictive. The effects are            can cause drug induced psychiatric conditions
felt within several minutes after Methamphetamine is snorted.
There is an intense rush followed by a prolonged sense of         SIGNS OF USE
alertness, increased energy, confidence and well-being. This is         talkative
followed by a crash period characterized by the opposite                high energy level
feelings once the initial effects of the drug have worn off.            dry mouth
This is often accompanied by an intense craving for the drug.           dilated pupils
                                                                        sores, lesions, and scratching “crank bugs”
Methamphetamine users are prone to go on binges, sometimes              anxiety and paranoia
lasting for up to two weeks, during which time they keep taking         strong smell of ammonia
the drug and do not eat or sleep. Users often turn to alcohol           violent behaviour
and other drugs to relieve the pain. The binge is followed by a         weight loss
crash period lasting 1-3 days. The crash period typically
includes fatigue, intense cravings for the drug and possible      If you have concerns about your own or someone else’s use of
depression.                                                       Crystal Methamphetamine call your local health centre, doctor,
                                                                  addiction services worker or talk with a school counsellor.

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