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					                                       EXEMPLARY EDUCATOR
                                       2007 Nomination Form

         Each year exemplary educators from Kenosha (city/county) and Racine
         (city/county) are honored and recognized for their vital roles in society by being
         inducted into the Southeastern Wisconsin Educators’ Hall of Fame. Nominees
         must have had a significant impact on education in Southeastern Wisconsin as
         evidenced by the following attributes:

                        Local recognition by students and parents as an excellent teacher
                        National or statewide recognition as a contributor to education
                        Participation in community and educational organizations
                        Development or support of worthwhile programs in schools
                        Involvement in education in Southeastern Wisconsin for five years
                         or more

         The nominee may be a current, retired, or deceased teacher, support staff member,
         administrator, school board member, or community leader.

         This year’s celebration dinner will be held in the Todd Wehr Center, Carthage
         College, 2001 Alford Drive, Kenosha, Wisconsin on Friday, April 20, 2007.
                            Previously Inducted Hall of Fame Members
John Aceto                    Andrew Fennema           Evelyn Kronenwetter   Harold Sahakian
Roberta A. Akalin             Donald T. Ford           Harold H. Lentz       Ralph Schroeder
Dwaine Anderegg               Delbert Fritchen         Barbara H. LeRose     Alan Shucard
Joseph S. Balsano             Rosemary L. Fritchen     Mary Anne Lochner     Larry Simons
Annastasia Batikis            Lloyd Frye               Keith R. Mack         Florence Smekens
Mary Lou Bauer                Eugene Gasiorkiewicz     Joseph Mangi          Cameron Smith
Kim Baugrud                   Laura Gellott            Andrew M. McLean      Harvard C. Smith
Eugene Bilotti                Stella Gray              June Menge            Walter M. Stenavich
Jeffrey J. Blaga              Gerald Greenfield        Barbara Ann Meyocks   Bernadette Tacki
Mabel Bond                    John Hakala              C. Richard Nelson     Barru Thomas
Mary D. Bradford              Annette Sue Hart         Edith E. Nohling      Donald R. Thompson
Mildred D. Brown              Oliver S. Hayward        Stanley Nosal         Ann Timm
John Buenker                  Tamerin Hayward          Dwayne Olsen          Emily Timmons
Lois Jane Campbell            Perry K. Hellum          Miriam Olson          George B. Walter
Mildred Carlson               Gerald Hinderholtz       Corinne Reid Owens    Henrietta Welch
Mary Jane Carreno             T. Shandy Holland        Jackson V. Parker     Henry Wellner
Mary Catherine Cashion        John J. Hosmanek         Helen Patton          Sr. M. Albertona Wenthold
Conrad E. Chaffee             Ralph Houghton           Albert Pitts          Margaret Wernecke
Eleanor Chapman               Norbert Isenberg         Nancy Poulson         Florence Wesselius
Al Clausen                    Lloyd Jackson            Phyllis Prochacka     Anna Maria Williams
Joyce Cronin                  Mary Turner Johnson      Harvey Radke          L. Elizabeth Williams
Florence M. Donnelly          Patricia Meyer Johnson   Jeanne Radke          Dennis R. Wiser
Paul Eberly                   Paul Kafer               Virgil Recob          Helen Bishop Witte
Richard Ehlert                Frances M. Kavenik       Lois Rebicek          Robert K. Zold
Bernadette Elverman           Vera M. Kolb             Dudley V. Riggle
Robert Ertl                   Gerald Kongstvedt        Joan Harvey Rohan
Mark Farris                   Irene Kraemer            Marjorie Rohner
Douglas Feld                  David Kreutz             Lynn Rutter
DIRECTIONS: On a separate sheet please give the following information
in the order requested. All information must be included. Please type
the information.

1. Personal data: name of educator, home and work address, home
and work telephone number

2.    Present employment: position, school/district, years

3.    Previous employment: position, school/district, years

4.    Educational background: school, degree(s) earned, year

5.    Professional associations, awards, honors

6.    Community organizations, honors

7. Please state how this individual has contributed to the
professional    growth opportunities of other educators.

8.    Please state how this individual has established or supported
      educational programs for students.

9. Please indicate the most important contributions this
individual has  made to the educational profession (300 words or

10. Include at least two, but no more than five, letters of
endorsement       which indicate what outstanding contributions the
nominee has made       to education which merit induction into the
Hall of Fame. For            currently employed individuals, one
letter must be from a supervisor.

11. Include nominator’s name, address, and home (and work) phone

     RETURN COMPLETED FORM by Monday, December 18, 2006 to:

              Educators’ Hall of Fame – Shannon McGuire
                The Center for Community Partnerships
              Education Outreach Office - Tallent Hall 101
                   University of Wisconsin-Parkside
                             P.O. Box 2000
                      Kenosha, WI 53141-2000
                            (262) 595-2309

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