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					                                  Educational Planning Committee
                                          February 4, 2009

Attendance: Kathleen Burke-Kelly, Thelma Day, Maryanne Des Vignes, John Freitas, Daryl Kinney,
      Betsy Manchester, Daniel Marlos, Maria Reisch, Ken Sherwood, Andrew Walzer

Absent: Belinda Acuna, Arax Cohen, Merrill Eastcott, Mickey Hong, Joe Meyer, Joyce Moore, Gayle
      Partlow, Reri Pumphrey, Nancy Pierce, Bernadette Tchen, Kalynda Webber, James Zetino

Guest: Jan McEveety

Convened: 12:30 PM

Agenda: The minutes of the January 14 meeting were approved as presented.

Student Success update: Andrew Walzer presented an update on the Basic Skills/Student Success
efforts at LACC. A request for BSI proposals will go out to all faculty and staff soon; because we are
getting a late start on this request for proposals, Andrew approached the SGC budget committee to
request an extension to the budget deadline until March 16; this request was granted with the
admonition that in future years this process will be aligned with the annual unit plan processes. For
this year only, proposals will be submitted to the Student Success committee by March 16; the
proposals will be reviewed and awards made to those approved for funding in the 2009-10 fiscal
year, beginning July 1, 2009.

Chair Report: Daryl Kinney explained her new position with the BSI grant and outlined the
transition to a new EPC chair; the election for EPC chair will take place in April, after LACC’s
accreditation site visit.

Dr. Moore’s letter to the LACC community explaining the SGC’s action on Monday to turn control of
the NEC over to the LACCD for the next five years was reviewed and dicussed.

Jan McEveety presented an update on the Dance Discipline Viability Review from 2005. In response
to the EPC recommendations at that time:
    1. No additional full time dance faculty have been approved; in fact, the sole full time dance
       instructor is currently on substantial reassigned time.
    2. Additional equipment for dance activities has been purchased.
    3. Alliances have been made with the Theater and Music departments.
    4. Little work has been done to advance a degree in Dance at LACC; not having fulltime faculty
       limits the development of new courses; without additional courses and increased demand and
       FTES, there is little support for additional faculty.
    5. No report on recruiting students into performing arts programs (Dance, Art, Theater, Music)
       has been received by the EPC.
Committee Updates:
  1. Educational Master Plan—Nancy Pierce is now heading up this committee and will soon ask
     for participation in revising the EMP draft to fit in with the new, shorter time span for the
  2. Program Review—there remain just a few departments to be validated: Theatre, Library,
     Counseling, Foreign Languages & Humanities, and Workforce Programs. The credit programs
     should be completed before the end of February. Workforce has been given until February 20
     to complete their program review; the EPC validation of Workforce Programs should be
     completed by 2/26 so that the program can be reviewed at the March 4 EPC meeting. This
     timeline allows all academic department program reviews to be completed before our
     accreditation site visit at the end of March. We need volunteers to review and validate the
     Workforce Program review.
  3. EMaP—this committee has met twice in the new year and is putting together a text version of
     the EMaP Implementation Grid. Completion is expected by the end of February.

The meeting was adjourned at 2:00.

EPC subcommittees scheduled meetings: Committee chairs—please let me know when you plan to
      Educational Master Plan:
      Program Review:
      Distance Education:
      EMaP: February 24, 2:30 PM, PCR
      Student Success: February 17 at 12:30 PM in the PCR

Next EPC meeting: February 18 at 12:30 in the PCR. Theater, Library, and Counseling reviews will
be validated; it may be that Foreign Languages and Humanities will also be completed at this time.

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