Holidays in Taba - One of the Finest Egypt holiday destinations

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					Taba is a small town located on the border between Egypt and Israel. This destination
has always been a major tourist destination but in recent years with the opening of an
international airport hosting direct charter flights from Europe, the ratio of vacationers
visiting Taba has increased incredibly. The destination has experienced a growth
spring on its coastline and is now home to international leading hotel chains. It has
become one of the most sough-after destinations in the Red Sea Riviera and a favorite
holiday spot. It is one of the few destinations that offer opportunities for both those
who wish to relax in the sun and those who always like or search for a more energetic

Today it is one of the key beach destinations of Egypt and well known for its
picturesque bays and coves. It is even considered as one of the most spectacular
coastal landscapes in the Red Sea. The Taba coast is just like a heaven featured with
unbeatable views of the sea that is perfect for a tranquil and slow-paced beachside
holiday. Spending holidays in Taba can be the most memorable experience as it also
offers enormous scope to enjoy wide range of outdoor or water sports activities such
as windsurfing, water skiing, sailing, fishing and even sea kayaking.

For those who are looking for other option can enjoy scuba diving. In fact, the wealth
of things you see beneath the Red sea bed can be more exciting. The shallow depths at
which the reefs lie make it most thrilling to enjoy the beauty of life on the coral reef.
The wide variety of endemic species of creatures such as toadfish, as well as the
well-preserved state of the coral reefs is one of the most attractive experience being in
this area.

In case, if you are looking for other outdoor options apart from water sports or beach
activities then taking a boat trip from the Taba Heights Marina to Aqaba in Jordan can
be the ideal yet most feasible alternative. These days many independent bodies
conduct popular day trips from Taba Heights that include a visit to the close
faux-medieval Castle Zaman, a snorkelling trip to Farun Island, or a sunset cruise on
the sailing boat Henry De Monfreid. However, in case if you would like to explore the
Sinai Desert you can also enjoy outdoor bike safaris through the famous Coloured
Canyon. This canyon is famous for being the location where Moses spent 40 years
after the famous exodus from the Pharaoh in Egypt.

You may also explore the Mount Sinai and the incredible Saint Catherine's Monastery.
The incredible Catherine's Monastery is one of the famous UNESCO World Heritage
Sites, and one amongst the oldest Christian sites in the world. During your visit to the
monastery you can view and touch a modern day descendant of the original Burning
Bush in the courtyard of the monastery. Apart from all this, your vacation to Taba is
not complete unless you visit the nearby Island of the Pharaoh. This island is situated
just 5 km southeast of Taba and surrounded by coral and dominated by the
magnificent Salah el-Din fortress, built by Crusaders in the twelfth century.
If you are one of the shopping enthusiasts then this location can be the most ideal
option as it features few famous shops. Though the shopping opportunities are limited,
but Taba yet offers a good selection of gift shops selling souvenirs, local craft items
and holiday memorabilia. In addition to this, as the sun goes down this small town
lights up and turns out to be the most happening place. Taba is popular for its
lavishing nightlife as well, in evening hours many casinos get open and conduct
programs featuring local talents and their performances.

Taba even offers a wide variety of cuisine for visitors on holiday to enjoy. There are
also pubs and grills including a splash bar that can be yet another to hang out with

Definitely with all this and many other spots to explore a visit to Taba can mark an
unforgettable experience of a lifetime. This is one of the few destinations in Egypt
that consists of various ancient sites, the adventurous and recreational options and
various hotels featuring modern facilities and a relaxing environment. This holiday
season, if you are planning to visit Taba, make sure you plan a proper tour and enjoy
the best tour experience. You just can not afford to miss a thing in Taba.

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