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           FOCUS OF Lesson #1
Lesson must have direct application to the company you visited. Must use company name. Emphasize
jobs there. Discuss careers, skills needed and education needed for those careers. A lesson that helps
students understand what it is like to have a job at that company. Perhaps a simulation. Consider using
the problem solving process to come up with solutions. Have them produce or create a project relating to
the company.
                                                  Teacher: John Sharkus
School: Wyoming Valley West High                  Subject Area: English
                                                  Grade level: 9th Grade
Materials / Equipment needed: (attach copies of handouts/worksheets)
Newspaper, Internet Access, Laptop/Computer capability, PowerPoint
software, Microsoft Excel, and Audio/Visual Equipment. Construction
paper, markers, poster board, and art supplies may be needed if
modifications are required.

Lesson Objectives
By the end of the lesson, the student will be able to:
      Prioritize information based on their audience.
      Understand the relationship between their own working responsibilities as compared to
       those around them.
      Distinguish between essential and nonessential information and then write concise and
       purposeful excerpts (no room for “wordiness”).
      Use technology, as a team, to create a 5-minute news broadcast of the day’s important
       events, determined by the “staff,” pertaining to their audience. (If technology is down, or
       some parts are unattainable, students may use art supplies to get the job done.

National or Industry:
    13.1.11A. Relate careers to individual interests, abilities, and aptitudes.
    R11.B.3.2 Distinguish between essential and nonessential information within or across text.
    R11.B.3.3 Evaluate text organization and content to determine the author’s purpose according to the
       author’s thesis and logic, headings, graphics, and charts to derive meaning.
Procedures (This particular lesson will take several class periods to complete.) This lesson also follows prior
lessons that would have outlined the use of several computer programs essential to the completion of the

Time        Activity                                                                           Notes/other
5 min       Introduction/Starter:
            To begin/get settled into class students would be asked to
            journal about all the different jobs they believe are required
            to create a successful news broadcast.
            Students will quickly share their opinions regarding the
5 min.      different jobs that are required to successfully create a news
            broadcast. A list will be composed on the Promethean
(Discus     board/black board based on the students’ responses.

            Students will be given the list of jobs that go into a single
            news broadcast at WBRE. They will be asked to silently read
10 min.     the description for each job.

            Students will be shown several archived news broadcasts via
            the WBRE website, in order to show them what the finished
15 min.     product should be. (Obviously I’m not expecting the quality
            of WBRE, but in a perfect world….). Students will then be
/Modeling   placed into groups of 5.

5 min.      Within each group students will draw numbers from a hat,
            these numbers will designate their responsibilities for the
            news broadcast.
            1 – Anchor
            2 – Executive Producer
            3 – Producer
            4 – Technical Producer
            5 – Graphic Designer
2 (ish)     Students would return from the preparing and begin getting
periods.    to work on composing a news broadcast based on various
            newspapers that I would assign to each group, along with a
            The executive producer would be the team leader; he/she is
            responsible, overall, for the quality and completion of the
            broadcast. The anchor would of course be responsible for the
            presentation end of everything, but what many students
            would find is that the anchors are responsible also for
            contributing to the schedule construction, and their opinions
            on various pieces that serve to be potential news
            stories/leads, the anchors must also proofread the
            speaking/notes to ensure they will speak error free. The
            producer would be responsible for creating the initial order
            of the broadcast as well as initial speaking notes, they are also
            responsible for contributing toward opinions on stories to be
            covered as well as time to spend on each bit of information
            being covered, also responsible for proofreading. The
            technical producer would be responsible for setting up the
            necessary technology for the broadcast and then ensuring its
            successful implementation the technical producer would
            have to be able to trouble possible problems. BECAUSE
            THEY WILL ARISE. Graphic Designer would be responsible
            for the aesthetic appearance of the set and the captions
            during the broadcast. They would need to assist the
            Technical Producer as necessary, students will need to film

5 minutes   Closing/summary:
            Students would return to their journals, where they initially
            began this lesson, and reflect on the job that they were able to
            do with the broadcast. They will also share with their
            journal, the skills they feel are important to be successful in
            this field.

Assessment: The assessment for this project would be the broadcast itself.
Students would need to present their broadcast to the class via a tape
recording, or Digital copy sent through email. They would be required to
record in school, where I would also organize minor quirks during the
filming, that could interfere if the team has note adequately prepared each
other to troubleshoot. The broadcast, schedule, speaking notes, graphical
representations, and the ability to troubleshoot will be the major
assessment pieces.
                      EDUCATOR IN THE WORKPLACE
FOCUS OF Lesson #2
Emphasize soft skills needed in the workplace or emphasize the math, reading, science, writing, critical
thinking needed on the job. Incorporate the company name again in the lesson. Use a scenario based on
what you observed at the company.
                                                Teacher: John Sharkus
School: Wyoming Valley West High                Subject Area: English
                                                Grade level: Freshman and Seniors
Materials / Equipment needed: (attach copies of handouts/worksheets)
Copy of Animal Farm for each student, Writing implement, Notebook
paper, stopwatch, and samples of news stories written by producers.

Lesson Objectives
By the end of the lesson, the student will:
    Read passages of Animal Farm and decide which information is the most
    Students will be able to work in triads to place the important information into 15-
      second blocks of information.
    Students will be able to produce well-written, yet concise sentences and pieces.
    Students will be able to proofread and edit each other’s information.
    Students will be able to present their 15-second information blocks to the rest of
      the class.

National or Industry:
    13.3.11E. Evaluate time management strategies and their application to both personal and work
    13.2.11E. Demonstrate, in the career acquisition process, the application of essential workplace
       skills/knowledge, such as, but not limited to: commitment, communication, dependability, health/safety,
       laws and regulations, personal initiative, self-advocacy, scheduling/time management, team building,
       technical literacy, technology.
    R11.A.1.4 Identify main ideas and relevant details
    R11.A.1.5 Retell or summarize the main ideas/themes of text.
    R11.B.2.1 Analyze the author’s use of figurative language.

Time          Activity                                                                        Notes/other
5 min         Introduction/Starter:
              Students would be asked to recall the previous days activities,
              individually, and summarize their day in 4, well developed
              and grammatically correct, sentences.

              We would then take volunteers to share their responses.
              Students would then share whether or not they were able to
              do so in 4 sentences. In essence, were students able to
              describe their day accurately, without going over the confines
              of the assignment.
5 min.        Activity:
              After our discussion, I would begin to reveal to the students
              what life is like in the news industry. The type of writing that
              is expected and utilized at places like WBRE. I would explain
Lecture       to them the importance of proofreading and editing even the
              most concise of pieces. I would explain the process a news
              stories goes through before it rolls off of the Anchor’s tongue.

10 min.       Students would be given examples of stories used by WBRE. I
              would then provide examples of the piece as it travels through
              the revising and editing processes all the way to the
Independent   teleprompter. Students would be able to see how much effort
              goes into creating a clear and concise statement that is also
15 min.       After viewing the examples, students would be placed into
              triads. They will each be assigned a chapter from the novel
Group         Animal Farm that we had recently completed. Students are
Work          responsible for being the executive producer for their
              particular chapter. They assign a producer and an anchor for
              their chapter. They then give the producer all of the
              important information from the chapter. The producer then
              whittles down this information so that it can fit into a 15
              second segment read by the anchor. The anchor knows how
              well he or she is able to read, so he or she would then further
              edit the piece to ensure that it is under/at time limit. All
              changes must be cleared with the executive producer.
              Students will work on all chapters simultaneously, as every
              person should have each of the 3 possible roles.
10 min.       Each of the students will move in order and present the
              information about the chapter for which they are the anchor.
              The instructor will time them; if an anchor runs over time,
              that executive producer receives a point reduction. The point
              reduction for each person affects the entire group. While
              groups are presenting the audience is taking notes, in
              preparation for a more formal assessment on Animal Farm.
Homework      Closing/summary:

              (In Class: Closure would be a reminder that students had
              inadvertently hit on all parts of the writing process:
              Brainstorming, Drafting, Revising, Editing, and Presenting!
              Good Job!)

              Assignment: Students will write a response to the activity and
              whether or not they felt they benefited from the assignment,
              and learning to cope with restrictions. What did they enjoy,
              what did they dislike?
Assessment – Presentations and Writing samples would prove to be the
assessment for the activity. The formal test, would serve as an indicator of
how well the students responded to the activity as a class.

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