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					                              Walden University
                      Educator for a Day Nomination Form
In honor of American Education Week (November 16—22, 2008), Walden University is offering $5,000
grants to three individual schools participating in the Educator for a Day program. For details about
Walden’s Educator for a Day grant, please go to

Complete all required fields (*) and email this form to by the
extended deadline of October 27, 2008.
Thank you for your interest in the 2008 Educator
School Name*:
                   for a Day Grant nominations.
School Street Address 1*:
School Street Address 2:
City*:                         State*:                ZIP*:
Email Address*:                                       Phone Number*:
   The deadline for submitting nominations has
Relationship to Walden University (choose from drop-down menu)*: [Blank]
Your responses to the questions below should demonstrate your passion for teaching, knowledge of
today’s P–12 learning environment, and desire to improve children’s access to quality education with
proven learning outcomes. Your responses should describe how the grant will make your school a better
For additional information, please contact Steven
place for kids to learn and for teachers to work. Answers to each of the questions should be no longer than
1,000 characters (approximately 200 words).
                    Isbister at
1. Why is it important for non-educators in your community to know what teachers do in their

2. What is unique or compelling about your school?*

3. How will you involve the community in your school's Educator for a Day participation on
   November 20?*

4. How would your school use a Walden Educator for a Day Grant?*

I agree that Walden University and Laureate Education may use my name, likeness, and answers to the above
questions (as answered or edited but with substantially the same meaning) for publication purposes without
limitation and that all such materials remain the sole and exclusive property of Walden University and Laureate
Education and that I do not have the right to review such materials prior to their use. I agree to make myself and my
school available for print, television, radio, Web, and other media opportunities before, during, and after the
Educator for a Day event. I will work with Walden University’s public relations officers on all media opportunities
related to this event. I represent that I am a qualified teaching professional and/or school and that I have no
conflicting contractual obligations that would interfere with my performing services hereunder or my granting the
rights herein granted.

   Check here to indicate your agreement with the statement above.

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