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					Experts agree that a fully active and functional immune system will
protect you from colds, flus, tumors, cancers, heart disease, viral
infections and related conditions, and so much more! In fact, if your
immune system were not impaired you would never catch colds or get sick
at all!So lets talk about what it takes to supercharge the human immune
system and our overall health - It's really simpler than it appears, with
huge implications for our lives...As with hacking anything, if you're
going to change your immune system, you're going to have to have a deeper
understanding of what you're doing and why. The most effective way to
"hack" your immune system is by enabling it to focus on the job it was
designed to do without being drained with unnecessary burdens. One
process in the human body causes more drain on your body's ability to
mend itself and on your immune system than any other - digestion.With
today's typical diets, our food can be 20 - 30 times less nutritious than
that of even 70 years ago! Worse, is that every time food is heated,
cooked, microwaved, or processed, it's ability to assist with digestion
and absorption becomes none existent due to the killing of any enzymes it
had in it's raw state.The lack of these enzymes is what causes such a
drain on the body. Food was designed to basically digest half of itself
in the stomach, through living enzymes that are in everything we eat.
Without these, the body is drained of it's metabolic enzymes, which are
required for every other process in your body, just to complete
digestion. If fact, years of eating dead and lifeless food overworks and
needlessly drains the body's power, energy, and enzyme reserves, making
it possible to acquire all types of physical problems and
disease!Correcting the problem by ensuring the complete breakdown of
ingested food and liberating the body from having to focus so many
resources on digestion is the primary way to improve your health. The
purpose of focusing on digestion is to build up and conserve high enzyme
levels in the body. When the body has an abundance of enzymes, it can
protect itself and repair the damage from virtually all degenerative
disease disorders and sickness! The most effective way to do that is
through a good digestive supplement. In fact, an effective plant
digestive enzyme is the only health product able to take these
unnecessary drains off the body. Just make sure to research the best
enzymes before committing to a new enzyme regimen. They don't all perform
the same.

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