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How to Improve Performance of Your Computer


									                How to Improve Performance of Your Computer

By: Misay

This preparation should be done since the first moment your computer is ready for use. Once
installed with the operating system and applications are needed daily. Before raced up to the
speed limit. Before using it to work optimally. Thus, a computer let alone the still new, needs
some touch first, before it is ready to be the perfect computer.

Tip-tip in the article entitled "How to Improve Performance of Your Computer" this, my writing for
series into three parts, the parts I, II, and III. Because if put together would be too long and can
weigh loading your browser.

Now, let us begin the discussion on how to give the desired touch on your computer, Facebook
will have a maximum power of work, your job easier, and make you a satisfied smile.

IDE Settings

You definitely want to transfer data on the hard drive as soon as possible. To get it, you need to
do a little touch on your hard drive. Sometimes, we are lucky if the vendor has put the jumpers
on the hard drive and setting the optimum position. However, it's good also to see for himself to
prove it.

Check the jumper settings on your hard drive. Location tertetak jumpers for hard disk at the
rear, right next to the slot for the connector and power cable. Jumper setting instructions at the
top of the hard disk. To view it, first off the hard drive of the computer or view this guide on your
hard drive manufacturers site.

Label format is also almost the same in every hard drive on the market, namely in the form of
tables that are very easy to read. Be sure to enter the BIOS settings menu after a set position
and reinstall the hard drive jumpers correctly. Consider, if your hard drive is detected properly
by the BIOS. If so, then this step is successful you do.

Setting this standard hard drive form pairs of the most frequently accessed in a single
connector. Meanwhile, one other connectors used CD-R/CD-RW and other hard drive that is
rarely used. It should be noted, the transfer speed on two hard drives on one channel is different
from the two hard drives on two different channels.

Primary Master: the primary hard drive (the fastest and serves as the operating system).
Primary Slave: DVD-ROM
Secondary Master: CD-RW or DVD-R
Secondary Slave: Additional Hard Drive

Use Hardware Appropriate

Windows XP will truly be a reliable operating system if it works with sufficient RAM or memory.
Worse, the RAM is not cheap goods included. As lessons learned, never reduce / lack of RAM
requirements for your operating system and other applications that you need.
As the hardware is quite influential in computer speed, memory capacity (RAM), it must be
considered. I recommend 256MB as the minimum in a single computer. Indeed, in the
requested hardware requirements listed 64MB Windows XP, but some applications require
memory up to 128MB.

But believe me, with 256MB memory in your computer will make the smooth performance
without halting. Note also the type of memory that you want to buy should be tailored to your
motherboard chipset. Make sure your computer already has enough memory, before realizing
that its performance is slow compared to your next door neighbor's computer.

Convert the hard drive to NTFS

Why? Because, compared with the FAT32 format, NTFS (New Technology File System) has
better performance, more secure, and more resistant to the test. Where, with NTFS, then the
data will automatically be encrypted. With this change, maybe a little slower computer
performance than before. However, the advantage still more. There are several advantages to
using NTFS rather than FAT or FAT32 (format file management on Windows 98 and 95) of them
are from the side of better performance, safety, and reliability.

How to change the format from FAT32 to NTFS hard drive is easy, but should not be
underestimated. It is possible that this process causes permanent damage to all data and
operating systems and applications in it. Be sure to first back up all data first. If you have, then
press the Windows key + R to open the Command Prompt. Then type: convert x: \ fs: ntfs
(where x is the drive that you want to convert). Follow all the process to complete. After it is
finished, restart your computer. When you sign in Windows again, you've got an NTFS format
on the disk that you convert.

Update Driver

To update drivers through Windows Update feature may have been able to cope with your
driver problem. However, please note that the drivers available on Windows Update only certain
drivers, ie drivers who already have passed the certification mark WHQL (Windows Hardware
Quality Lab). Many hardware manufacturers, for some reason, do not use this certification.
Windows will warn if the user tries to install the drivers that do not have a WHQL.

Try to always use the feature in Windows XP, the System Restore. With this feature, so
Windows will restore the original system, if it turns out the new drivers even make your
computer unstable or cause conflicts with other drivers. With this feature, then do not worry
about trying the latest drivers on Windows XP. Both drivers are WHQL certified or not. To
activate this feature manually, first into restore points. Way, via System Restore utility on the
[Start] >> [All Programs] >> [Accessories] >> [System Tools].

Update Driver Chipset

If you install Windows XP or ME without installing the motherboard chipset drivers, then the
computer will become unstable. Could be worse, for example, Windows is not accessible.
Chipset driver serves to connect an operating system with the motherboard. Windows XP and
ME are already providing a database driver. However, there is the possibility of the database is
limited and can not be fully utilized or drivers in the database is not up to date. To get the
maximum performance and stability of your computer's performance, so always use the latest
chipset drivers and from reliable sources.

Most of the drivers for the motherboard is obtained simultaneously with the purchase of goods,
but there is no harm in opening the motherboard and chipset vendors website you downloaded
the latest drivers accordingly. Then the installation on Windows XP. With the driver updates, can
add stability and durability of motherboard and add speed. Because, sometimes the updates
available to fix bugs or defects.

BIOS Update

If you hear the term trauma to flash the BIOS, then just ignore this step. Naturally, since this
step is the most challenging and dangerous tip from so many other tips in this article. The risk, if
while doing this step you make the slightest mistake, then the motherboard in your computer
certainly can not be used anymore (totally destroyed).

So think carefully before you update the BIOS! Are you ready to accept the risk that this
uncomfortable? Replacing the motherboard, then spend money again. Work is interrupted, play
fun games delayed, and a large collection of music that must wait to be played back (because
your computer is damaged).

But otherwise, if you dare to accept this challenge and successfully perform a BIOS update,
then you also will gain a well-balanced. Bug on the motherboard will be lost, the more hardware
that can support with your computer, and performance is much faster and stable on your
computer. However, still think about it carefully before you do this tip ...!

If already established, when booting, note at the top of the screen. There are listed identity and
BIOS revision number of your computer. Write down the line. Because time is short
appearance, it may take some time to boot to copy all the existing numbers and alphabet. If an
"ad" of the motherboard manufacturer's logo you use, press the Esc key or the tab. This
depends on the type of motherboard you use.

However, there are actually a much simpler way, press the Del or F1 to enter the BIOS. In it, the
identity of the BIOS has been recorded in full. Check once again to ensure the sequence of
letters and numbers correctly.

Once copied, the identity of the BIOS can be checked through a site, the official website of your
motherboard manufacturer. Find the latest BIOS update on the site and make sure that exactly
the same with your BIOS. Usually the BIOS update file size is no bigger than a floppy. If you've
met, download and save, then copy to a floppy. After that, set the process of booting from
floppy, then follow the step by step carefully. Make sure there are no misperceptions or
misunderstood orders. Because, if there is one mistake you do mean death for your

Just a note, time to update the BIOS, you usually need a floppy drive. Like it or not, there is no
other way except to install a floppy drive before running this tip. After finishing use, keep a good
file to update the BIOS, to guard if needed again at any time. Better yet, if all the drivers for your
computer in a back-up a CD to make it easier at any time if necessary.
SiSoft Sandra

Computer chips rather like hotcakes collection in one package. Among the many contents, there
must be a bitter or bad taste in tongue. Likewise, the computer is bad. Usually, a bad computer
worked fine when first used. But after all this time is used, performance is gradually diminishing.
In the end, we also made difficult. For should provide more free time, to set and reset the
configuration. Perhaps it also should provide more money to add components.

That is why, at first using a new computer we better test the ability of optimal. Is stable and
works well as the reduction in the age of the warranty, or not. Identical to that done by the
owners of motorcycles who use up to a limit when the condition is still a new motorcycle.
Because it is not it better if we could see the lack of computers since well before we emerge
later regret. Is not nothing to regret later?

Use the free version of SiSoft Sandra. Once properly installed, the program that comes from this if implemented could provide some options. Among these
subsystems which we want to test the ability of optimal. Then SiSoft Sandra will give a few
orders continuing the long and heavy.

This test will run several hours. If your computer is able to survive in the SiSoft Sandra test, then
the computer can be said is feasible to use. Once handalnya ability of the SiSoft Sandra
benchmark, SiSoft Sandra is used by the widest range as a reference the assessment of a
computer, including computer media. In addition to SiSoft Sandra, there are also some other
programs the same function. But until now, SiSoft Sandra is still the best and easy to use.

Create Partitions for Data Special

Data, in any form, is very expensive. Thesis manuscript, love letters, photo memories, and
others will not be replaced if not lose it. That is why, put the data in one area with the operating
system that may experience a system crash or other error is very high risk.

Ideally, there is a special partition on our hard drive, which is not disturbed by the operating
system. If the operating system error, the data will still be saved. How to create a partition quite
easily. For example, using FDISK or during installation of Windows XP. If Windows XP already
installed, use "Partition Magic" from PowerQuest. When creating partitions, make sure the size
is quite adequate for the needs of your data, either for now or for the future. Better yet, if there
are two different harrdisk, one for the operating system and programs only, and one specific to
the data. While doing a partition in Windows XP can be done easily, there is no harm in this
case you use one of your favorite program to create disk partitions, the Partition Magic.

Computer Patch

There are three types of update to complete installation of Windows XP, namely:
First, commonly called the "critical updates". Update type is used to fix security holes - which
can cause a person to infiltrate a computer - and coding blunders that closed the possibility of
all or part of the operating system clash or conflict.
Second, "Windows XP update" to fix the bug is updated component of Windows and add the
operating system performance.
The three "update drivers" to add stability and durability of the hardware that works under

Unfortunately, many updates are requesting restart the computer to complete installation. This
means, we must enter the Windows several times to complete all installations of Windows

Click [Start] >> [All Programs] >> [Windows Update]. Installing the first update of the most
important. Then restart the computer and open again Windows Update to update the other
drivers. Finally, repeat once more for another additional installation. How a little long-winded
indeed, but how this can make the update to work optimally.

Save Master Program in One Location

Surely you've heard wise advice, "do not put all eggs in one basket". However, for the master's
program or programs are not installed, it is better kept in a folder. Included in it, the results of
program downloads, freeware, shareware, drivers and update it, utilities, and so forth. This
folder will serve as a tool box. The difference is, if the tool box containing various tools in the car
repair shop, then this folder contains a variety of useful software.

Create a new folder and name the tool box or other name you want. In essence, distinguish its
identity with other folders. Then save this folder in a separate place with another file. Included
separately with data the default folder, ie My Documents. Better yet, the folder tool box is stored
separately on another drive, to prevent were damaged along with the file system or data in My

Enable DMA Features

Almost all installations of Windows XP already put the setting DMA (Direct Memory Active)
correctly. If not, then the hard drive and CD-ROM, CD-RW or DVD-ROM will show slower
performance. Instead, the correct DMA settings can help to speed data transfer "from" and "to"
hard drive, CD-ROM, CD-RW, DVD-ROM, DVD-RW, or fdisk.

It is very easy. First, right-click My Computer and select Properties. Then click the [Hardware]
>> [Device Manager]. Select the IDE / ATAPI controllers. In the window that appears and then
select the Primary IDE Channel right click and select the Advanced Settings tab. Make sure the
device is set to DMA if Available. If you are still in the position of PIO Only, then slide the menu
down to a choice DMA if Available. DMA feature can speed up the performance of hard disk,
CD-ROMs, and CD RW.

Tweak your BIOS

For a real computer users, tweaking the BIOS is a test of courage, challenge, and little
temptation. Alas, there are no similar guidelines for all types of BIOS. Although derived from the
same BIOS manufacturer, but sometimes there are also some differences in how tweaking the
BIOS. In fact, tweaking the BIOS is not too dangerous. In addition, results were also good,
where the computer's speed will increase after tweaking the BIOS.
To ensure that the results of tweaking goes according to plan, start the computer a few hours
after you make a step change in setting to see the difference from the previous settings. Why
wait several hours in advance? Because, if we immediately start the computer when all of the
settings we have to change, then we will never know where the setting changes that affect
computer performance.

Most BIOS will appear when you press the F1, F2, or Del when booting. If the logo appears
when booting the motherboard manufacturer, reset the computer first. Press and hold for a
moment the Esc key. If correct, then the "ad" does not appear and the BIOS can be accessed.
Most menus for tweaking existing under the Advanced Chipset Features menu. In general,
change the value can use the Page Up or Page Down or may also press the Enter key and
select the desired value. Then click Save and Exit and press Enter or F10. These four features
that can be done:

System BIOS Cacheable: Change to the Disabled position. If the System BIOS Cacheable
Enabled is set, then this setting will be stored in L2 cache.

Video BIOS Cacheable: Change to the Disabled position. This setting, like setting on the
System BIOS Cacheable, will affect the existing space in the L2 cache, because the video BIOS
settings will be stored there. In general, there are some speed performance can be increased,
with the amount of empty space at the L2 cache.

Video RAM Cacheable: Change to the Disabled position. This setting will also be eating space
at the L2 cache. With the change to Disabled, then the space at the L2 cache can be saved.

AGP Aperture Size: Change to 128MB. This option allocates a range of memory
can be used to accelerate texture storage at the port graph. Can be a map
data or vertex data in games. In the past, many people who set these options with
formula one and a half times more than the system memory. Now, such calculations are no
longer feasible to use. Just imagine, if present in the computer memory has reached 256MB to
1GB. Ideally, once again, the AGP Aperture Size gives a chance to be 128MB.

Create A Static File Swap

Sometimes your computer is experiencing difficulties that arise because the memory is full. One
reason is the swap file settings. For example, we are open 20 high resolution image files on a
computer with 256MB memory, the computer will automatically create a temporary data file
known as the swap file. Although the virtual memory file functions the same as system memory,
but much slower.

Swap files are stored on the hard drive. Swap file can be resized as needed. Moreover, if we
use the hard drive is small. But if your hard drive size 100GB or more, then this step becomes
less important. Therefore, the swap file takes only a few megabytes of space only. By changing
the size of the swap file on a constant value, then we can make savings on disk space. Perform
this step as soon as possible. ASAP. "As soon as possible!"

First, open the System Properties. How short, press the Windows key and Pause / Break. Click
the Advanced tab and then click the Performance Settings button. In the new window that
appears, click the Advanced tab and click the Change button too. To create a swap file, select
Custom size and fill the same amount in both columns Initial size and Maximum size.

If on your computer have more than 1GB of RAM, the number of swap files ideally 1.5 times the
total RAM.
If you are a number of 256MB RAM to 1GB, swap files 2-fold the amount of RAM.
If you only have less than 256MB of RAM, just let Windows manage the swap file size for you.

After creating the swap file, the computer should be defragmented. Use the best defragmenter
program. For example, Diskeeper from

Uninstall applications / programs you do not need / use

Without us knowing it, the computer will work more slowly as the number of applications or
programs you have installed on our computers. For example, an online service, the utility that is
already expired, and so forth. Moreover, programs that work in the background. Difficult to
know, but it takes no small amount of memory.

Open the Add / Remove Programs in Control Panel. Note the list of programs that exist. Select
and uninstall the programs that are not used anymore. For example, already installed as a
viewer ACDSee image, then you certainly do not need another viewer.

Then also click on the Add / Remove Windows Components. However, if you are not sure of its
function, should not be changed. Therefore, it could be a dubious program is required by
Windows to be able to walk normally. This step can be repeated at any time.

Turn off the program in Background

Although already is uninstalled, some programs still possible to walk and was active in the
background. And of course, this is detrimental because the memory will still be used by
programs that we do not want.

Click [Start]> [Run] and type msconfig then click OK or press Enter. Click the Startup tab. On
this tab, will appear a list that contains all the programs running in the background since the
beginning of Windows is running. Uncheck the programs that are not desirable. After all
finished, then restart the computer, so that changes to the newly created settings can walk.

Unfortunately, the names in msconfig difficult to understand because the names are still using
the original program name, which sometimes form stands alone. It's not like the program name
in the Start Menu. To understand these names, use the help of the site (http://www.pacs- This site provides a database containing the names of
programs on startup along with descriptions of each. Although appearance is not serious, but
the content of this site can be unreliable. (Please, do not look at a site just from its interface
design, because the contents of the site is no less important).

Set Default Program

When you open a data or files, then Windows will automatically determine what program is
used. For example, files that have extensions. Html will be opened by default with Internet
Explorer. Users can also specify other programs as the default, such as Mozilla, Opera, and so
forth. Because, not all users feel comfortable using the application that is set by default by

For example, you use Mozilla as your default browser. First, go to Mozilla and settings as the
default browser. Then go to Add / Remove Programs in Control Panel. Select Set Program
Access and Defaults. Click the Custom button. Although simple, this button can guide users of
Windows XP to choose one at a program that is used for various applications. For example,
specify the default program for e-mail, browser, media playback, and Java. No need to worry
about changing this default program. Because If non-default Windows program you've
uninstalled, then the default program will be re-run as before.

Basic Utility Installation

After the operating system installed, proceed with the installation utility that is most often used.
Wherever possible use freeware or shareware to save cost and convenience to use the
program legally. For example, here are some programs that are used by most users:

• ACDSee. A practical and easy to use viewer.
• WinZip. Utility for compressing multiple files at once pengekstraknya (
• ZoneAlarm. "Only" free version, but has a lot of protection with a powerful firewall
• Norton AntiVirus. Not much can be said by Norton about the virus. There is only one word:
"Exterminate ...!" (Http://
• Ad-Aware, a free utility to detect the presence of an intruder that can be updated on a regular
basis (
• Pop-Up Stopper. This software prevents the emergence of pop ups that open themselves

Take advantage of Space Time

Many default settings in Windows XP that no longer fit to be used at this time. One is the
capacity of the Recycle Bin is 10% of total hard disk. If we use the hard disk of 1GB, for
example, there is a special space for the Recycle Bin for 100MB. In fact, today many of the hard
drive size to 120GB up to 600GB. Just imagine, 1.2 GB up to 60GB just for the provision of
space for the trash.

Very easy to adjust the capacity of the Recycle Bin. Simply right-click the Recycle Bin icon and
select Properties. Then change the size of its capacity as needed, 1 to 2% is quite a lot,
depending on the size hard drive you have. Then, open the System Properties by pressing the
Windows key and Pause / Break at the same time. Open the System Restore tab to change the

The next step could be done to take advantage of the maximum capacity of hard drives is to
adjust the cache settings in Internet Explorer browser. To do so, open Internet Explorer click
[Tools]> [Option]. Open the General tab and click the Settings button under Temporary Internet
Files. Then change the settings by sliding the sign pointing there. Based on my calculations,
200MB is more than enough for most computer users to accommodate the browser cache.
Do not forget to clean the cache and the Recycle Bin periodically to avoid accumulation of so
many files that are not needed anymore in our computer. Use the Disk Cleanup from Windows

A little trick. If you believe you are going to remove files permanently without via the Recycle
Bin, press and hold down the Shift key in conjunction with the Del key. In this way, the file will
be immediately discarded without being able to be restored again through the Restore menu in
the Recycle bin. Of course, this trick is only valid if the file you want removed has been
determined to be not used anymore.

Set the Start Menu

With so many programs you need plus a variety of utilities, freeware and shareware, the Start
Menu to be long. Due to the length of the Start Menu, it is hard to find the right shortcut for a
program that we want. In addition, it is probable one click. The way to handle it is to divide the
categories in the Start Menu becomes more simple and organized. For instance, Winamp,
Windows Media Player, Musicmatch, and other audio players become one in the Entertainment
folder. Similarly, for a variety of games in one folder, office applications, and others into the
most appropriate folder, so that the Start Menu appears more simple and attractive.

The trick, right-click the Start button and select Explore. Then again right click the Start button
and select Explore All Users. The first window contains shortcuts to suit your user account.
Meanwhile, a second window containing all the shortcuts that can be accessible to all users. If
there is a shortcut that you hide, be sure not to put in windows for all users.

Set the Start Menu of this window as well as set the directory folders in Windows Explorer. Set
all the shortcuts as you see fit. Can be in one folder, renamed, or even deleted. Better yet, if you
just leave alone application shortcut. Shortcut to the help files, uninstall, or to a sample file can
be removed. In addition to avoiding one click, the help menu and sample a rarely opened can
be accessed from Windows Explorer. While the uninstall can be done through the Control

Set File and Folder Structure

When the first day of computer use, better folder structure is set immediately. This setting is
even better done before the computer began to be used to process the data, playing games, or
other work. With a regular folder structure, the computer will run more smoothly.

Prepare a folder for each different data typical. Differentiate the storage folder on the file type.
For example, there are folders for file storage Song MP3, WAV, or MP4. Then the Data folder
for files ending in rich tech format (rtf), spreadsheets (xls), document (doc) and other
worksheets. Of course, sharing folders can be customized to your wishes. However, the division
should remain based on the type of file. When finished, do not forget to backup all the data

Firmware Update

By doing a firmware update, then we like to use the new hardware without buying new goods
altogether. The firmware itself if interpreted in a simple device controller is software that exists in
the chip on board the hardware in question. For example on CD or DVDROM, CD or DVD-RW,
or on a digital camera. By doing a firmware update, then the hardware will increase
performance, bugs can be fixed, even there might be a new feature that can be used. Update
the firmware can be obtained from the official website of the relevant hardware manufacturer.

Firmware updates are usually referred to as flashing. Each hardware manufacturer has a
different way of flashing between each other, which need to be considered is the risk. Although
flashing is not too complicated, but a few mistakes in the process of flashing can cause
hardware damage. Therefore, follow the flashing instructions carefully and cautiously. Never
skip at every step of existing and never turn off the computer when flashing process takes

Setting Auto Play Set

Windows XP has many features that were created to give comfort to the user's computer.
Unfortunately, sometimes excessive comfort, so that was inconvenient. For example, the
AutoPlay feature. This feature was created to give an action by the Windows XP option to the
detection of a CD / DVD when inserted into the drive. If we often use the CD / DVD that is
different, the view AutoPlay quite disturbing. Moreover, if the CD / DVD that we put contains
various types of data. Start the music, until a back-up data.

Open Windows Explorer, right-click the optical drive (CD-ROM/DVD-ROM or CD-RW/DVD-RW).
Select Properties and click Auto-Play tab. Select the action you want and click the OK button.
Repeat for each different content type.

Windows Service Selection

Windows XP has hundreds of components do not appear on the desktop called the service or
work in the background. This service helps the function of the operating system. Similar to a
USB port, computer slot, and onboard sound cards that help function on your motherboard.

How, Click [Start] >> [Run] and type services.msc

Compared with the msconfig menu is more secure. Therefore, the components needed to boot
Windows will not be erased from the menu these services. Because of this feature has
information every service. Just right click and select Properties on each service, then we can set
the course of an application. For example, disable or re-start. The changes apply settings after
your computer restarts. Start the computer after you remove the service if not needed. This is to
membuktlkan that the service is removed does not interfere with computer performance.

The Configure Application Specific

This step is part of a little upset / dizziness. Therefore, any applications or programs you have
installed should be addressed one by one. For example, the default folder to store, view, and
preferences. But, this should be done as soon as possible after all the system was installed and
before the hard disk image created as a back-up. If something happens on a computer program
that causes damage, then after the disk image is returned with back-up image that was created
earlier, then we no longer need to repeat the program configuration settings.

Most programs, basic configuration can be found under the File or Edit menu. Sometimes, some
applications put it under the Tools menu or the Option. Change the standard you want. In
Microsot Word, the configuration can be done in one step on the Option menu.

Use Dial-up For Back-up

If you are a user's broadband connection, do not waste your computer modem. In addition to
affection and wasteful, old modem can still be used as an alternative when your broadband
connection is down.

Register yourself at the ISP (Internet Service Provider) for dial-up connection as backup.
Because, not all providers of broadband connections provide a dial-up service for free to
customers. Well, at least as well just to download the e-mail.

Compare every ISP facility before you decide to become customers. That must be considered is
the speed, the number of customers, technical support services, and the number of dial-up
number provided. The existence of 24-hour technical support can also be an assurance of
quality ISP. No harm, if it first asked for recommendations from your friends who have become
subscribers of an ISP.

Set Explorer and Folder View

Some users are complaining because when you open Windows Explorer to install a new
application, which is not exactly clicked setup.exe, but wrong setup.ico. This is understandable
because the Windows settings on the computer is not configured to show file extensions that
exist. Thus, the configuration of the display must be set in advance to avoid confusion and
facilitate the setting file further.

To do so, open Control Panel and select Folder Options. Select the View tab and change the
check mark on the option "Do not show hidden files and folders" to "Show hidden files and
folders". If you can not distinguish between files that are not and need Windows, then check the
option "Hide protected operating system files (Recommended). With a few changes this setting,
all files and folders will be visible in Windows Explorer. Unless the files needed by Windows still
will be protected to prevent deleted or moved locations.

Then open a folder. Can any folder. Set all the looks, whether the detailed, lists, or targe or
smalt icons. If you choose detail, the description of the file will appear. This description can be
modified as you wish by selecting "Choose Details" in the same menu.

After all settings are adjusted with the desire, go to [Tools] >> [Folder Options] and select the
View tab and then the button "Apply to All Folders". Then click OK. So, all folders in your
computer will adjust the setting looks the same as the first folder you set earlier.

Optimize Quick Launch

Quick Launch toolbar can be optimized as a time saver, more than just store your favorite
application shortcuts only. If there are programs that work in the background that you need,
save shortcuts on the Quick Launch. So, you can still run it not continuously. Only in times of
need only, for the sake of saving memory capacity.

Right-click an empty area on the Taskbar and click Quick Launch. So, in some parts of the
taskbar will contain the Quick Launch menu. This means that Quick Launch is active and ready
to be filled with a variety of our needs. Some commonly used shortcuts that can be installed,
such as Internet Explorer, Outlook Express, a favorite game, or even a shortcut to the file data.
To avoid missing the Quick Launch because one click, or due to negligence of others, activate
the lock the taskbar. The trick, right click on empty area on the taskbar and click Lock the

Clean Reminder

After installing Windows XP, the first time the computer will run with the appearance of colored
many reminders. Start Activate Windows, Windows Messenger, and Windows Tour. If you skip,
Windows XP will continue to bring these messages. Of course this is quite annoying. So, do not
delay! Immediately clean quite disturbing reminder of this.

Unfortunately, there is no other way to disable the appearance of messages like this. So, we
have to follow every step by step the required Windows XP, until the message does not appear
anymore. Be sure to complete each step sebelurn into another reminder. And also make sure all
the reminder will not appear again. If not, every time we turn on a back-up of the image file that
we created, then the message will still be there and constantly emerge.

Some programs like Messenger does not use the reminder, but sometimes directly ask for login.
Uncheck the option Automatically login so that this does not happen again. Do this on some
other messenger. Usually the program that requested the automatic login as there are in the

Save Display GUI

Display interface Windows XPsangat interesting, because it has a lot of visual effects.
Unfortunately, views like this actually reduces the computer performs. It is not much less than
the overall computer performance, but a reduction would have an impact.

The trick, right-click My Computer and select Properties. Click the Advanced tab and click the
Settings button under Performance menu. In the window that opens later, all the user interface
of Windows XP can be disabled. This setting is much more complete than in the Control Panel
display features. There are several options for this setting. Option called "Best Appearance" will
enable all options and "Best Performance" disable all of them. If it takes only a few options,
select Custom.

Enable Feature Treatment

After the computer is prepared to undergo the hard work by the previous steps, then the last
step is you must rnelakukan maintenance on the computer to remain smooth and comfortable to
How, Windows XP has a utility called System Information to display information about the
system configuration on local and remote computers. To run the System Information, click
[Start] >> [All Programs] >> [Accessories] >> [System Tools] >> [System Information]. In this
utility, there are some features for regular maintenance on the computer. For example, Network
Diagnostics, System Restore, File Signature Verification, DirectX Diagnostic, and Dr. Watson.

If you are interested, can also use the software "Norton SystemWorks 2002 Professional
Edition." This program has many utilities with a variety of powerful features. Includes utilities to
find at once to handle the problem of the operating system, software and hardware. For
example, WinDoctor, Speed Disk, and DiskDoctor.

Create Image

At home, I often do the tweaking on my computer. Not only that, various programs I've tried to
run. Not suitable? We uninstall again. Play around with regedit is not unusual. The risk, we
sometimes computers can not run normally. Often conflicts with the driver, between programs,
or sometimes even the operating system completely unusable.

To fix this, I can just use System Restore which had been prepared by Windows XP. However,
because it has hundreds of drivers that were milling about and sometimes settled in my
computer's operating system. Not to mention, including dozens of applications that are not so
used. Everything is mixed in an irregular arrangement. So, better and easier is to reinstall
Windows XP.

But of course this way is tedious, time consuming and tedious. Plainly supposed to do? There
are simple tips that are ideal for running on your computer such as rnilik me or your own
computer, by using the image. How it works is simple, with a particular program, I made the
image the whole hard drive on my computer in a file. If at any time my computer has an error, so
I live to re-activate the backup image file. In a short time, less than 10 minutes, the computer will
run as usual. Almost like a new hard drive again. Of course, whether or not a long process
depending on the contents of the hard disk image and specifications of the computer used.

How, do you need to run this step is a program PowerQuest Drive Image 2002, Norton Ghost,
or Acronis True Image. The three utility functions that do basically the same. All three make an
image file on the hard drive exactly the same premises as a whole, including the directory
structure, configuration of Windows, and all things in it. But not in the same extension, but only a
single file only, or the so-called image file.

Image files can be stored on a CD or on another hard disk. If at any time you need this backup
configuration, it stayed just run one program at the top and activate the image files over the
program image that already exists. Image files will be extracted into the composition as before.
Then after your computer restarts, the disk will be returned in its original arrangement. As there
has never been any changes.

Be careful when running or create this image file, especially those dealing with electricity. Make
sure the power supply to the computer does not die when the process is still ongoing. Do not
forget to turn off all other programs are still running when running the image.

Similarly, 31 Kick Secrets that you can use to make your computer a "Swordsman of Magic",
please in resume practicing for the good of your computer, your family computer, or your friend's
computer. My message is, do not let the book "The Secret Way Kick-Computer" is, falling into
the hands of evil swordsman character computer! Ha .. ha .. ha .. (just kidding). Good luck .....!!!

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