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									                                        WARNING! Home Sellers...Don't get
caught in the 'Pricing Trap' sell my house fast, sell condo fast "If
You're Home Isn't Selling as Fast as You'd Like, Don't Drop The Asking
Price Another Penny Until You Read This FREE REPORT !" sell-my-house-
fastThe USA TODAY reports "there are now 7.4 million homes for sale" and
the conventional 'list and sell' approach isn't working for many of them!
Find out how others sold their property fast in today's housing
market.sell my house quickly, condo for sale Are you asking, "How Can I
Get More Buyers Interested In My Home For Sale?""Discover The Secret To
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T:for-sale-by-owner we-sell-houses-fast fast-home-sell-for-sale-by-owners
how to sell a home image The Proven Home Selling Strategy For Today's
Slow Housing Market -- With or Without a Realtor!   buyers-for-your-
property Pete Iannelli "Discover The Secret To Finding a Buyer For Your
Property in 21 Days or Less!" Former 'Desperate-To-Sell' Homeowner in
Florida Narrowly Escapes Foreclosure & Sells Home In Only 21 Days After
Placing Breakthrough Ad...Shows Other Frustrated Home-Sellers A Simple
Strategy For Enticing Serious BUYERS Into Their Homes -- And Getting A
Signed Contract In 3 Weeks or Less! home selling tipsre you starting to
get anxious because your property isn't selling?Or maybe you're just
thinking about selling, and you're not sure how buyers will react...Of
course a couple of years ago, anyone could have unloaded their home
easily... just name your asking price, place an ad in the newspaper or
hire a Realtor, and BINGO... SOLD!But that's not happening in the current
real-estate market.What may have worked then, isn't working so well
today. In fact, the statistics state that your home may very well 'sit'
unsold for up to one year. "Don't Fall Into The 'Pricing Trap'... If
Your Home Isn't Selling As Fast As You'd Like, Don't Even Think About
Reducing The Asking Price One More Penny Until You Finish Reading This
Special Report!" Not long after that, a co-worker of a friend of mine
overheard me talking about "the sale" and starting grilling me about the
strategy I used for my house as well as my brother's house.We knew each
other from the past. His name was Joe. Joe was nearing retirement from
the post office and he and his wife were ready to pack it all up
afterward and move to North Carolina.The only thing keeping him stuck in
Florida was his "can't sell 2/2 condo" as he referred to it ... His
property had been on the market for over four months with little activity
and he was really stressed out by it all. As I talked to him, I found out
he had listed it originally for $220k and it was now lingering on the
market at $204k.In all that time he had not even received one written
offer!After sizing up his situation, I tossed a bold statement at
him:"Joe, I'll help you sell your house in 3 weeks! You can keep the same
Realtor and everything," I said. I then explained the procedure briefly
to him, but Joe's wife was dead set against it and refused.Their house
languished another month without activity... Finally, Joe insisted on
using my strategy and his wife reluctantly agreed.And with Joe's house, I
followed EXACTLY the same steps as I did two houses earlier and felt even
more confident about using my techniques.I practically led him by the
hand as we executed each step. We then called his Realtor, told her what
was going on, and instructed her to reword the description in the MLS
listing. Then his ad appeared in the local newspaper... "Joe, now we sit
back and wait for the response," I explained. And just like clockwork, it
happened again... Same Procedure, Same Results!In a few days, the phone
started ringing, people started talking, Joe and I forwarded phone
numbers, instructions, and important information to his Realtor, other
Realtors began communicating with Joe's Realtor, appointments were
made...... And the whole, spinning, buzzing operation, was set off,
spiraling into motion! After a little more than two weeks from the time
traffic started flowing into Joe's place, his Realtor had received
numerous offers. Joe actually selected the second highest offer because
his Realtor informed him that the buyers financial situation was much
stronger and they were willing to plunk down a large chunk of cash,
thereby needing a smaller loan for the property. Done deal.He was happy,
his wife was happy, the Realtor and the buyers were happy, and ME... I
was hooked! Three houses, three sales! And I'd never had any strong taste
for "real estate" before in my life!I now realized I had a proven SYSTEM
in place. This was truly a step-by-step, 1-2-3, paint-by-the-numbers
formula for selling one's property in a sluggish housing market - and
getting the best market value for it."Remember, These Proven Techniques
Work Whether You've Listed Your Property With An Agent or Are Selling It
'By Owner'"

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