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									If you are an artist looking to sell your art online, there is no other
better and easier platform to push your paintings into the masses than
eBay, this "how to sell your art on eBay" guide will feature general
advice plus lots of resources geared specifically towards serving your
eBay needs and help you understand the eBay art market. The benefits
behind eBay Why you should sell your art on eBay The number one reason
for choosing eBay as your primary output channel is its vast market size
and deep outreach. There is not one person who hasn't heard about eBay at
least once. Many are using eBay to find art for their friends and loved
ones or to decorate their walls, right now! Another reason to sell your
art on eBay and use eBay as your distribution channel is its easiness of
operation. No contracts, no qualifications, no (or little to none) fees
are required in order to sell your art on eBay. The internet giant lures
in with its "no nonsense" approach to online selling, perfect for artists
who want to pull a stable monthly profit without spending an unnecessary
amount of time on the business side of things. Last but not least, it is
quite inexpensive to sell your art on eBay. But how to sell your art on
eBay when there are so many talented and resourceful artists to compete
with? Selling art on eBay, requires a lot of patience and dedication. As
with anything, there is no easy money to be had, but with the right
attitude as well as the right material it is possible to generate a
considerable income from your art work. You might want to check out this
how to sell your art on eBay guide as it offers comprehensive mentoring
and tons of material (like eBay templates and eBay tools for art
selling). Some points to consider before you can sell your art on eBay
Who should sell art on eBay? eBay is a tough market. While, as said
before, it does get a gigantic amount of traffic, do consider that some
categories of art are a lot more popular than others. Your chosen
category might not get any traffic at all. If you want to make "Art" your
professional career and become a recognized painter (sculptor,
photographer, etc.) than I would advice against selling art on eBay as it
WILL undervalue your future potential. Not everyone should sell their art
on eBay. Selling art on eBay is for individuals who would like to sell
art as a hobby or make it a side business. You should concentrate your
efforts on gaining a representative or being featured at a gallery and
let them do the marketing and pricing strategies, if you want to become a
renowned artist. How to sell your art on eBay - Part 1 Who buys art on
eBay? In a buyer-dominated market (eBay offers a lot of purchasing power
to the consumer, as it presents the average eBay shopper with many
opportunities to buy cheap and to buy diverse, hence it is a buyer
dominated market) price is king. It is important to understand who buys
on eBay and why they buy on eBay before beginning to understand how to
sell your art on eBay and how to price your art work. Lets look at the
general demographics of eBay shoppers. People who buy on eBay are looking
for a bargain. Thats all there is to it. Many artists who sell their art
on eBay make the mistake of pricing their art similar to an art gallery.
Ebay shoppers are not prepared to spend a lump of money on art,
especially on unknown art. Do understand that you can not sell your art
on eBay by pricing your artwork akin to an art gallery, as they are
promoting already established, renowned artists, who have spent an
extensive amount of time promoting their paintings. Now the next step in
understanding how to sell your art on eBay and how to choose an
appropriate pricing strategy is finding out the motives of buyers who
shop for art on eBay. Usually a buyer will become interested in your
artwork because: a) He likes your style/movement of choice b) He likes
your subject c) (Most common reason) The buyer believes that the
painting will complement a room's decor Those are the top 3 reasons
behind an eBay art purchase. Keep this in mind to find out how to sell
your art on eBay effectively. There is another common reason, which is
buying art for investment value, but we can rule this one out since you
are not an established artist and do not hold any investment value at
this point (hey, things can only improve from here on!) How to sell your
art on eBay - Part 1.1 Helping you choose an appropriate pricing strategy
to sell your art on eBay effectively You might be asking yourself "How to
sell my art on eBay if the competition is so fierce?" The explanation is
easy. Ebay is a buyer-dominated market, as apparent from the points
described above. Basically the demand for art work as well as levels of
competitions are prime factors in determining ones price range. Ebay's
economy is characterized by (nearly) perfect competition. That is, from a
certain point onwards (usually determined by buyer rating and shipping
price/time), it does not matter who to buy from and selling your art on
eBay becomes a matter of superior pricing strategy and understanding of
the consumer as well as the provider (your competition) market. This
creates lots of rivalry as well as lots of choices for the buyer (hence
eBay's popularity). To successfully sell your art on eBay you have to
figure out competition and price levels for your field first. As basic
economics dictates: do not sway away from the average price level, in a
perfectly competitive market. Research your competitors, conclude the
average price level, set a price for your art work and then sell your art
on eBay. A shortcut to price determination is figuring out the average
price for the type of art work you are selling and then asking yourself
"Based on the average price level, what is the lowest price which would
make a sale on eBay reasonable?" Here is one how to sell your art on eBay
resource that will provide you with tools to help you determine your
perfect price range as well as crush the competition. Find out the number
one mistake of failed eBay artists and why selling your art for an
opening bid of 1$ or less is a huge NO-NO. A number of tips to sell your
art on eBay Make your eBay art dealing experience more fruitful
Choosing the right category is very important. Listing your art work in
the wrong category will devalue your pieces considerably. Before listing
your art work, find out what kind of art is listed in what kind of
categories, making sure that your pieces match the other pieces listed in
the category of your choice. It takes some time to build up a following,
selling your art on eBay. Be patient and you will be rewarded. Make sure
your auctions end on the weekend, preferably in the evening hours, to
sell your art on eBay more efficiently. Research, research, research!
How to sell your art on eBay - Part 2 What sells on eBay? The question
behind how to sell your art on eBay can be resolved by identifying art
demand. Working out what sells and what doesn't will provide you with
further understanding of the eBay art market. Hammertap and TeraPeak are
two market research solutions which you can take advantage of. Please
consider that although painting to a market may sound as a great way to
sell your art on eBay and drive in more sales, it may reflect on your
artwork and diminish its quality if you don't enjoy painting motives
which are hot on eBay right now. How to sell your art on eBay - Part 3
Conclusion In conclusion I would like to say that it is not as easy as it
may seem to sell your art on eBay, but it can be done with the right
tools and the right attitude. We would really like to recommend the "how
to sell your art on eBay" online course, as it is specifically geared
towards any artist who would like to sell his/her art on the eBay market.
The course is packed with detailed advice on everything eBay, covering
the topics of eBay research, how to figure out the right price, secrets
of successful eBay art listings and much, much more (including
professional template files and image optimization tools). Do check it
out if you are looking for a superior and very comprehensive "how to sell
your art on eBay" guide!

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