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									                                         Wing Lok Si Man Oriental Pearl
restaurant "perfect home" appliances Group buy event will be
held at 7 o'clock on the August 10 official launch. In order to allow
members of the Group buy have better purchasing environment, Wing Lok Si
coordinated text, originally scheduled for a final decision on August 11
at the escalation of open Group buy Group buy for the Session and Group
buy time to August 10 night. To help consumers choose, Yongle has
advanced for the Group buy members of the Group buy color TV sets of ex-
gratia Information: 21 & Illness real ??? 00 yuan, 29 & ie
subjects about real bridal veil Huan Zhang Tuo? 000, 19 & home pits
real Ke Zou nest? file? 000 yuan or less. Learned that recently have
joined the Industrial Bank Customers, Industrial Bank card holders can
also participate in the activities of customers, enjoy the Group buy
large none other activities, while holding the Industrial Bank Card
customers can also enjoy the following benefits: Group buy customers to
shop card consumption, with a valid credit card one can exchange Hing
gift. Group buy consumers need to participate in addition to the Xiamen
Daily registration phone call can also call the text of the Oriental
Pearl restaurant Wing Lok Si appointment Tel: 5378800. 8,9 is Shucu month
season, the enrollment more than 300 members of the Group buy them, but
also is directed at a large proportion of notebook computers and digital
products come. Therefore this issue, Wing Lok Si Man Oriental Pearl
restaurant manager 3C products for consumers buying guides, reference as
consumers buy, hoping that consumers can buy affordable and satisfactory
3C products. Reporter: buy, how in the 3c products are kind of
preferential? Wu Xin: 3C products to buy members of the audience can
enjoy the preferential activity during the Group buy. Group buy can
participate in on-site lottery and be able to enjoy VIP service members.
In addition, computers, Lenovo, Acer, Haier, and several other brand
offers more than strength, Customers also launched during the rush to buy
special machines and machine limited; mobile phones, Motorola, Amoi, Sony
Ericsson also offers a relatively large; digital products, Canon,
Panasonic, Olympus, Samsung, and several other brand were relatively
large price cut in time. Reporter: 3C products are relatively high-end
technology products. Ordinary people to buy what should be considered
when the primary? Wu Xin: According to the demand to buy, according to
spending power to buy. Now that the computer can be divided into home
computers, business computers, dedicated computers, graphic design,
consumer demand should be based on their type of computer to buy, buy
during the site will be dedicated staff to guide Shopping guide consumers
to choose the appropriate model. Decision comes with the phone function
is an important factor in its prices. Phone with the MP3, MP4, GPS,
camera functions, consumer demand and consumption levels should be based
on purchase, do not blindly fancy features. Digital products, currently
used non-professional high-end functions of digital products are more
similar to members of the public can follow their favorite brand to buy,
while reminding consumers not to fall into "the higher the pixels,
the more clear image" of the errors, not blind pursuit of high
pixel. In addition, regardless of what products to buy can not ignore the
after-sales service and warranty services. Reporter: Wing-lok, the
reasons for the introduction of these brands? Wu Xin: these brand models
higher than the current cost-effective and meet the diversified needs of
consumers. According to our guide that consumers can buy their
satisfaction with the product. In addition, Wu Xin Group buy members
recommended: Group buy pay attention to is the "strength in
numbers", buy the optional membership in the digital area when the
study can be considered together to discuss and exchange information, buy
products to make the same choice section products, so one can buy digital
products before a more comprehensive study, product quality, performance
comparison and secure; the other hand, is the most important aspect, you
can get in the Group buy from the largest paper thought Paradise
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