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					                                        What on earth is SEO?Some people
think that SEO is a state in Korea, some people think that SEO is like a
mind and body thingy. But actually SEO is Search Engine Optimization. So
what on earth is SEO? you more or less gets the definition of it, but for
the true meaning of SEO is still a question in your mind!There are many
definitions for SEO, SEO can mean bring traffic to your website, SEO can
also mean that the page is optimized just alone, some SEO meaning is that
your website is listed in google. So what exactly is SEO and how can it
help my website and my business? In Short SEO means having your website
positioning in the right position, mostly on the first page results of
the search engines like & with the keywords you have
chosen to be the targeted keywords to search for you on.For example, i
have a keyword "SEO Singapore" and "SEO Consultants" in many various
parts of my website and the content in which i created. So you will think
that,, Oh if i just put my keywords everywhere and repeatedly as many
times i will get my website optimized with SEO. Well, not exactly true,
if you were to put your keywords in a chain like "SEO Singapore""Seo
Consultants""SEO Singapore""SEO Singapore" many times throughout the
website, you may get banned from the search engines and will never be
found on the search engines again at least for the next 6 months.So what
are the ways of SEO and how can i do it? I have heard that by using SEM,
Search Engine Marketing, i can have my rankings being pushed up by the
search engines, is that true?Well to answer that question, that is a myth
or a rumour you may have heard and its not true. If you use SEM,, how on
earth will your website be SEO? There is no relation to it at all. There
are a few simple things to note for in SEO which have to be done to get
your website optimized. There are alot of versions available, but which
one is correct?Let me, Jeremy Lee tell you on what are the basic things
you will need to get your website optimized with SEO. in SEO there are 2
things to take note of. One is onsite SEO, and the other is offsite
SEO.Onsite SEO simply means that you will have to tweak your website
content and the other variables to make it optimized. First from the top,
you will need to have a Good title, The title of the particular page in
the website must mirror with the words you used in the content of the
page. for example, I have a topic on digital marketing solutions. So i
will put Digital Marketing Solutions in my title tags, so that when
people who comes to your website, the first thing they were to see at the
top left of your browser bar is your title "Digital Marketing SOlutions".
Ok now you have got that, so whats next? In every content, there are some
other focus topic which you would want people to know, or at least let
the Google bot and yahoo bot sniff you out for. So for Digital Marketing,
i provide additional services like SEO, SMM, SEM, SMa, eDM. So i will
separate them in the title tag by using either a "," or using a break
like "|". So my title will appear to the search engines and the search
results as "Digital Marketing Solutions, SEO, SMM, SEM, SMa, eDM." Now
you have so call done the first step of SEO to your website pagem whats
next? Include a H1 tag, thou not really necessary, but in Yahoo, and in
other search engines except for Google now, (accurate as of 18 Nov 2010)
they all require the H1 tag to be in your HTML code. H1 tag is a mirror
of your title tag. you can leave it as the same "Digital Marketing
Solutions, SEO, SMM, SEM,SMA, eDM".Ok so now whats next, after doing all
these for all the pages you are required to do some additional things
like changing the way the links look like. Its always good to have your
links to mirror the keyword of choice for your website.For example in my
website, i have a service page titles as "Email Marketing" so this is how
my website link will look like,
this is the correct way anything after is the page name, be sure
to name the page correctly and properly and in line to your page content.
ia NEGATIVE example is, or As you can see in most of the
websites, they have very long and unreadable page name, this is actually
bad for SEO, especially if you want to have good positioning, make sure
your keyword of that particular page content is mirrored in.These page
names are also known as slugs, you may find some information on the
internet for the definition of slugs for SEO. Its the same definition,
just that i elaborate more on this.Great job! you are still here, So
there are other things which needs to be done to get your website
optimized and search engine friendly, but lets get to a suammary soon on
onsite SEO. You have heard of META Tags, META Keywords, META description
on how these will be useful for the SEO results, but not in today
context. SEO is not all about these, if this is the case, all the SEO
companies will go bankrupt as everyone can do it on their own. Additional
steps for onsite SEO is to have optimized content, optimized images. More
info on other articles soon to come. So in summary of onsite SEO,
changing your website content, look and feel to ensure that information
and content is useful to people, and useful to the search engines in a
clean cut manner. As the search engines are also developed by people, and
search engines make money by delivering good content to people.Offsite
SEO. off site SEO means optimizing your websites offsite, do no changes
to your websites but instead, use external websites to make your website
in better positioning on the internet. Post articles on line to high PR
websites, usually PR9 and above is good, do social bookmarking, link
building etc.So now when people say what on earth is SEO, you can not
only tell them it represents Search Engine Optimization, you can also
tell them proudly how SEO is being done.For more articles on SEO and
Digital Marketing Solutions, please do visit EMO at
http://www.emooutsource.comJeremy Lee

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