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         112 Russell Street
                                    Toowoomba Clubhouse.
      PO Box 3027 Village Fair
       Toowoomba QLD 4350                                                 November 2010
        Phone: 07 4632 4688
         Fax: 07 4632 4988

                                      The Boss Drops In
                                  Chief Operating Officer
                                  for the ICCD Jack
Special points of interest:
                                  Yatsco dropped into
      Interview with Captain
                                  Toowoomba on his way
       Australasian Conference
                                  through to the Austral-
       Clerical Unit update
                                  asian Conference espe-
       Kitchen Unit update
                                  cially to visit
       New staff & Members
                                  Toowoomba Clubhouse.
      Employment and Edu-
                                  Check out his interview
                                  on page 2.
      New Social Rec Calen-

                                        YES WE KNOW WHO WE ARE !!! (DO YOU?)

                                Events of significants for this Quarter;
                                   Progressing to ICCD accreditation

                             THE ICCD JACK YATSCO
  What brought you into the Clubhouse family?
  Jack has been working in the mental health field for many years. He was living in Ohio when
      he saw a job ad for a Clubhouse called Friendship House, in the clerical unit. He applied
      and got the job. He worked there in the Clerical Unit and later became the Director of
      Friendship House. He was working in the Clubhouse from 1989 to 2002.

  What is your current position and how long have you held it?
  Jack is the Chief Operating Officer of the International Centre for Clubhouse Development.
      He joined the faculty of the ICCD in 2002, and has been in the faculty from 2002 to pre-

  What is one thing you have learned as you travel around the Globe, about Clubhouse
  He has learned that the human condition is the same all around the world. Clubhouse is a
     good match to the human condition, with its holistic support. Clubhouse is there for eve-
     rybody no matter what level of recovery they are in.

  Would you please share your favourite conference memory?
  These are three stories that he shared with us:
               Jack smuggled pineapples into Sweden. He used the pineapples to stand for
                the different islands. He ran out of pineapples though because he kept giving
                them away, so he had to start using shoes. Even 20 years later people still
               When a Director of Clubhouse lost her husband, she gave the Clubhouse her
                house to use as a Clubhouse. Her name was Arlene and the Clubhouse was
                the Clear Blue Sky in the Virgin Islands. This story still touches Jack.
               At an Australian Conference, Jack was giving a speech. He was confused
                when he said the word ‗root‘ and people giggled. It wasn‘t until afterward that
                someone from Stepping Stone Clubhouse explained what root meant in Aus-

  Have you ever tasted vegemite?
  Yes, Jack said he has tasted vegemite.
  What do you think of it?
  He doesn‘t like it.

  Given your 10 year experience in Clubhouse, what would you tell a potential member
      about Clubhouse, who may want to join but not understand what Clubhouse is?
  Jack said ―Give Clubhouse a shot. People will find opportunities no matter what the interest
      might be. Clubhouse offers ‗Hope, opportunity, and a real chance to get into your life

Don‘t blame me but I gave him a packet of TIM TAM‘S another and much yummier Aussie icon.

              9th Australasian Clubhouse Conference
                  Mt Tambourine Qld 26– 29th September
30 representatives of our clubhouse attended. Comprising members, staff, management committee, and a
carer. To share in a wealth of knowledge on topics in workshops related to clubhouse functioning ,based on
ICCD standards, with personal testimonies and discourses from members and staff, and directors. The
venue was at the beautiful Mt Tambourine in the Gold Coast Hinterland. Cabin style and bunk bed rooms
had the effect of bonding our members and brought us closer to knowing each other which is only found in
these sort of activities, and it was great on the second night to sit with a group of us Toowoobaites whom we
don't normally associate chatting, laughing and sharing our dreams and passions for our clubhouse over a
beer and chips. It was a very bonding experience and as the photo below shows, it was a good time for indi-
viduals from all over Australia to celebrate, meet new friends. The common bond what the world may call a
weakness, we call our life journey and legends doing our stuff. Hosts of the conference were Cane fields
clubhouse Logan Qld. Other Clubs in attendance were Bridges from Bundaberg, pioneer Sydney NSW,
Stepping stone Brisbane, Jacaranda from , Billabong from Tamworth NSW, Japan and never forget the
Kiwi‘s they were there also. Lots of knowledge on running and keeping a happy clubhouse, how to imple-
ment education, exercise, WOD participation and loads of other stuff shared from all the other clubhouses
there. Proud of all members that gave talks and other clubhouses for sharing ideas. Makes you happy we
have a hyperactive director with all that new knowledge and strategy plans to implement, and a dedicated
staff group, and members .To support new members in our journey of growth and future development of our
clubhouse as a whole, were the road to recovery and development of our clubhouse ―a bright future‖, with
all our new ―how it is happily done‖ information.
Great time was had by all. Driving down our convoy looked like 1) big greek family going on holidays, 3
I.max vans the yin and yang plus a hire yin with trailer with 6 bikes on board, the Tida came out of hiding and
4-5 private cars made the illustrious convoy. Big thanks to the funding bodies for paying the bill, the opportu-
nity to attend, the staff at the complex. Cane fields and all the persons that made it a reality. Also a big
thanks to those that stayed to keep the Home fires burning.

                                New Member Profile
Hi my name is Diane Turner. I was born in more NSW. I have completed my educa-
tion in Warwick and the University of Southern Queensland. I am a new Member of
Toowoomba Clubhouse and have found the support great. I have built up a support
network that has improved my opportunities in life such as future housing possibili-
ties and rebuilding my family relationships. I have lived in Toowoomba for 26 years
and with the help of the Clubhouse I will be able to live a more stable life as I have
moved far too many times which has been extremely stressful. This problem of not
having permanent housing is being addressed by the Clubhouse and I know I could
not do this alone. The Clubhouse plays a very important role in my life.
I dream of having the freedom to truly be myself.

                                   New Staff Profile
Hi everyone,

For the few of you that don‘t know me my name is Darren Marks the (not so) new
staff member at Toowoomba Clubhouse. As I write this I suddenly realize that I have
been working here for about five months now. Time really does fly when you‘re hav-
ing fun! I have been spending the majority of my time in the Clerical unit, and help-
ing organize the Social Rec program. As many of you already know I‘m a quiet
country boy that loves his bikes and footy and is always keen for a chat, so don‘t be
shy and come and say G‘Day. Oh, and if you have any suggestions for upcoming
social rec opportunities please come and see me.

                                   MORE ON EDUCATION
                                               SOCI AL REC REP OR T

David Fredericks is currently studying for a Bachelor of Science
degree at USQ in Toowoomba. So far he has been going very
well, with straight High Distinctions and a Grade Point Average of
7.0. Last semester he achieved 100% for Algebra and Calculus 1,
a university mathematics course. David is doing a double major
in Physics and Mathematics and a minor study in Computer Sci-
ence. He is planning on going on to First Class Honours and
eventually doing a
Doctorate of Philosophy in Astrophysics. It is his future
ambition to work for NASA in the USA. See the poster in the
cave to see David meeting an Australian astronaut.

                         My Student Craziness by Jenny Nicholson
I started studying the Bachelor of Information Technology last year, and it seemed the ‗wrong‘ time.
I picked subjects that I didn‘t need to do as I could get a credit for them as I received a Diploma of
IT... My mental illness did threaten to destroy my studies... and needless to say I didn‘t pass. But I
refused to allow my mental illness stop me! Even though I also found myself in the same situation
this year, and if I didn‘t get my GPA up, I couldn‘t study for a year! Shock horror! Thank God for
Disability Services at USQ, who encouraged me to get a waiver and make those terrible mistaken
subjects disappear...
Especially maths that I hate! Now I have to deal with the hell that was last year, and really make
this work. I am glad that the Clubhouse is here to help me or I would be lost.
I must be mad (ha ha) as I am also currently studying a Diploma of Counselling at TAFE with my
sister at the same time. Thank God for external study, or I wouldn‘t have a chance. I also wouldn‘t
have a chance without the staff here at Clubhouse to help me. I am looking forward to being able to
use the skills I receive, for Clubhouse and members.

                                   EMPLOYMENT NEWS
Things in the employment unit are in full swing at the moment and have never been busier.
We currently have over 30 members in work in a variety of different roles with different
support levels. We also have a number of positions becoming available over the coming
months so make sure you come and see one of the staff to talk about options.
Employment has quite literally changed the lives of many of our members, providing oppor-
tunities for greater independence, financial security and personal satisfaction. All positions
are ―Real‖ jobs with ―Real‖ pay rates. Clubhouse staff can assist members in all areas of
the job seeking process, from resume writing to interview preparation.
Remember, the main criteria for getting a job is wanting to work. There are no interviews
for TE positions, however we do prefer that members seeking work participate in the Work
Ordered Day to demonstrate their willingness to work.

                  Mahatma Gandhi said, ‗A customer is the most important visitor on our
                  premises. He is not dependent on us. We are dependant on him. He is
                  not an interruption in our work—he is the purpose of it. We are not doing
                  him a favour by serving him. He is doing us a favour by giving us the
                  opportunity to serve him.‘
                  Why is this wise? Because it can easily be related to us here at our
                  Clubhouse and its members! A Clubhouse member is the most important
                  visitor on our premises. He or she are not dependent on us. We are
                  dependant on them. They are not an interruption in our work—they are
                  the purpose of it. We are not doing them a favour by serving them. They
                  are doing us a favour by giving us the opportunity to serve them.

John F Kennedy also spoke wisely when he said, ‗Ask not what your country
can do for you. Ask what you can do for your country.‘
Why is this wise?        Because it can also easily be         related to the
Clubhouse and its members. Clubhouse members, ask not what our Clubhouse
can do for you. Ask what you can do for your Clubhouse. It is by giving of your-
self, that you can enrich your life. Our Clubhouse is here for you to recover.
Your recovery can be assisted if you give of yourself, and you may be given
what you need in return. Try it and see!

                                  To give is to receive... Or so they say.
                 Stay tuned for next time when you will see more wise words of wisdom

                       To give is to receive (By Jenny with a Y)
                            I do not give just so I can receive
                     But I gladly accept whatever comes my way
                                I give because I like to give
                     I enjoy helping to make some one else‘s day
                            I love the warm and fuzzy feeling
                    That I get when I see someone I helped smile
                               I get a sense of achievement
                       And I feel like I did something worthwhile
         I get more enjoyment when I give, without expecting to receive.
            It‘s a great way to go about my day. It‘s just the way I live.

                                              EXTRA, EXTRA READ ALL ABOUT IT!
                                     EVEN BRAVEHEART BATTLED BIPOLAR BLUES!

                                   It may be comforting to know, even big stars that we
                                              know, battle the bipolar blues!
 This goes to show that we are not the only ones to suffer such mental illness as Bipolar.
      There is hope, there is help, there are people just like you, here at Clubhouse!
               If you need a friend, or someone to talk to, here we are.
           JOHN NASH HAS A BEAUTIFUL MIND! (Russell Crowe as John)
His schizophrenia may have made things more difficult for him, but he
still had one of the best minds in the world! He was a great man and
a great mathematician, and we are so lucky he was able to express
himself and play such a huge role in our times, despite his suffering
from schizophrenia. If he can do it, so can anyone else who is also
suffering from schizophrenia . To anyone who suffers this illness, you
are not your illness. Do not let it define you. Be who you are, even if
it may require taking medication and having treatment. You are more
than your illness! John Nash suffered schizophrenia, but he was
known as a great mathematician, not as a schizophrenic!
Be like him, be the best you, only you can be!

Johnny Depp, shown here as Captain Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the
Caribbean suffers anxiety. Who wouldn‘t be anxious with those bad guys
chasing him! But Johnny Depp has found a way to deal with his anxiety,
and become one of the most well known and loved actors in the world! If
Johnny Depp can overcome his anxiety and be a big star, surely those
who suffer from anxiety can find a way to deal with their anxiety and live
an amazing life!

                          TENT ON BEATING THE BLUES!
                   If Harrison Ford can beat depression and play Indiana
                   Jones and Han Solo, two of the greatest characters, the
                   blues can be beaten!
                   You can beat the blues too!

                                   Clerical Unit Update

In the clerical unit we have both witnessed and instigated some of the ‗news‘ in our sec-
tion. We have new desks, new display boards which celebrate achievement, new com-
puters, new members and a new outlook which reflects a busy work ordered day. The
conference and accreditation process has provided us with many urgent projects which we
have undertaken in a professional way – with a touch of pizzazz. Our white boards are
dripping with ideas, tasks, action plans and lists. The results of our efforts are reflected in
the energized faces of the people who are a part of this unit and those who travel through
it. Some of whom are seeking the source of the wonderful aromas and chatter coming
from the kitchen.

The morning meeting at 9.15 is where everyone gathers, learns what is happening about
the house and decides which unit they would like to work in (Kitchen, garden or clerical).
Then we have our own smaller clerical meeting. This naturally creates opportunities to talk
about the tasks to be done, their priority but more importantly build relationships. This type
of interaction is where the magic of incidental and genuine healing happens. It is in the do-
ing of compiling our daily and/or monthly newsletter, setting up our web site and maintain-
ing administrative systems that people gain confidence in themselves. There is not space
here to describe all of the wonderful work our clerical team does. Suffice to say that the
people who choose to join us in clerical do so because they want to be there. Participat-
ing in the clerical do so because they want to be there. Participating in the clerical unit is
an esteem building experience which happens because there is an abundance of mean-
ingful tasks which contribute to a common purpose which in turn give an authentic sense
of belonging. Acceptance and inclusiveness coupled with guidance and learning in a sage
and understanding environment what clubhouse does best.

In addition to new members we have some new staff too. We welcomed Darren in May.
He is a chef extraordinaire, 'wreck' coordinator and general all rounder in the clerical
space. Also I have joined the crew in the Toowoomba Clubhouse community. I am
Danae, another all rounder in the clerical space. It would be remiss of me not to introduce
my Guide dog, Justice who supervises us all from his cozy cave under our new desks.
Please feel free to join Justice and myself for ―Thinkers Group‖ and coffee on Thursday‘s
from 3pm.

                                    Kitchen/Garden Unit Update

The kitchen is a vital and lively component of the clubhouse.
It provides members with several meals a day to ensure they eat a well balanced diet, the first be-
ing breakfast. For one dollar the members can have coffee, scrambled eggs, bacon and egg, or
fresh fruit and yoghurt.
This ensures they have a wholesome beginning to the day and also gives them the opportunity to
get to know their fellow members and to form relationships in a relaxed environment.
Stephanie and Sian co-ordinate the kitchen and organise the buying of produce for the meals in
conjunction with the members, hence giving them the knowledge of shopping for quality produce
and wise buying.
A morning tea of sandwiches is provided at 11 am each day and these are prepared by members
and co-ordinators, Stephanie and Sian.
This is great training for members who need more confidence in the preparation training de-
partment. It also extends their experience in a broad range of spectrums, such as hygiene, wash-
ing of hands, knife sharpening, washing up and sterilisation.
Lunch is prepared with the fresh produce and a great variety of herbs that are grown in the club-
house gardens. Through enormous effort of the members these gardens thrived in the drought by
dedicated team of hand waterers - thus supplying the kitchen with an ongoing range of herbs.
These gardens are attended with much devotion from the members, who spread the knowledge
of true horticulture. Beginning with the preparation of the soil, , adding of the kitchen s de-
composed leftovers and combining lawn clippings to lighten the soil to complete this
joyous mixture a generous serving of horse manure is added with gusto. The seedlings are
tenderly nurtured in our greenhouse till they reach the appropriate transferring state.
These seedlings are then transferred to their preferred positions enabling us in a few months to
enjoy full flavoured, chemical free, natural food. And most of all, grown with love and attention
from all members.
This midday feast is then prepared by members and shows them how to prepare vegetables, bak-
ing of cakes and specialty cakes on members them independence and skills.
After lunch members wash up their own plates ready for , sterilisation , reinforcing that the
plates don‘t miraculously wash themselves. And gives them the discipline in cleanliness in the
There are bountiful duties to be continued after lunch. When the kitchen is in pristine state, the
floors are swept and mopped by members.
There are also lots of ―News‖ in the kitchen as well.
We have new tables, a new washing machine in the laundry and a new ―Very Hot‖ stove which will
be arriving soon.
We are now having menu planning every two weeks so come and have some input and help cook
your favourite meal for everyone to enjoy.

           November 2010 Clubhouse Social Rec

    For more information please have a chat to any friendly staff member to find out more about any of our
Mon                          Tue                 Wed                  Thu                      Fri               Sat                Sun
1                            2                   3                    4                        5                 6                  7
                             Poetry & writing    WII & Pizza 4:30 Coffee 4pm with              Walk around                          Art Group 11 —3
                             4pm with Jeanette   with Darren          Danae                    Picnic Point                         with Jeanette
8                            9                   10                   11                       12                13                 14
Stay tuned for the $15 - 3   Poetry & writing    AGM 5:30pm Free      Coffee 4pm with          ICCD preso @      Bunya Moun-        Art Group 11—3

day camp on the 15th—        4pm with Jeanette   food @ St James      Danae                    2PM               tains/ Bush-       with Jeanette
17th of Jan –Binna Burra                         Church - Ride home
                             E&E Dinner with                                                   Art Gallery 4pm   walk—Steph
15                           16                  17                   18                       19                20                 21
                             Poetry & Writing Zumba 4:30 with         Coffee 4pm with          Bike Ride 4pm                        Art Group 11—3
                             4pm with Jeanette Sian                   Danae                                                         with Jeanette
22                           23                  24                   25                       26                27 BBQ             28
Stay tuned for the $15 - 3   Poetry &Writing     Beginner             Coffee 4pm with          Golf Driving      Frisbee’s, sau-    Art Group 11am
day camp on the 15th—        4pm with Jeanette   friendly Bike        Danae                    Range 4pm                            with Jeanette
                                                                                                                 sages & kites in
17th of Jan –Binna Burra
                                                 Ride at Groom                                                   the park
29                           30                                       Stay tuned for the $15
                             Poetry & Writing                         - 3 day camp on the
                             4pm with Jeanette                        15th—17th of Jan –
                                                                      Binna Burra

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