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              P R I N C E S

             19 May 2006 – Week 3, Term 2            Secondary School

             The Hidden Curriculum

             W       e all think we know why our boys
                     come to school. They come to learn,
             to pass their SACE or IB exams, to succeed
                                                                  In the yard, if I pick up papers, I am saying
                                                                  that this is important; if I correct a boys’
                                                                  uniform, it is more a lesson on representing
             at sport, to be leaders, to make lifelong            the school than about him personally.
             friends….any number of very obvious and              The opposite is also true.
             reliable purposes underpin their rationale
             for coming to Princes. But whilst this overt         If I overlook a boy being late to class or I
             level of purpose dominates our                       am late to class, I am telling him that being
             expectations, there is another level of              punctual does not matter. If he does not
             learning taking place and one that ironically        bring his books to class and he is not
             is far more powerful than any classroom              corrected, he learns not to bother. If I
             activity. This is called the ‘hidden                 allow boys to ‘break’ a rule that is school
             curriculum’.                                         policy, I not only let myself down, but also
                                                                  my colleagues. If I allow a boy to play sport
                                                                  on Saturday, even though he has not
 If we ‘fight their battles’ for them, they will never            trained, I send the message to the other
 learn to make their own decisions.                               boys that they need not bother to train
                                                                  either. If one boy is allowed to hand in
                                                                  work after the deadline, why would others
             It works like this.                                  bother to meet it next time? If a class is
             If I enter the classroom and speak to the            allowed to leave a few minutes before the
             boys by name and ask about their particular          bell, what value will be placed on the lesson?
             sport or weekend activity, I give them a             Much of this curriculum is never assessed
             lesson in courtesy and the message that they         and never made explicit, yet it teaches boys
             matter to me. When I ask them to take out            significant lessons about emotional and
             their folders and locate a sheet of paper I          social competency, resilience and values.
             am teaching them about organisation. If I            We may think that being relaxed and
             correct them when they make a disparaging            friendly with the boys is a better experience
             comment about another student, it is a               for them (and on the surface this may well
             lesson in values. When I make them work              be the case!) but we are not offering them
             in groups not of their choosing, it is a lesson      the range of adult values that they need to
             in social responsibility. A test failed is a         learn. They watch us carefully and they
             lesson in resilience and self-confidence if it       learn about us as adults in their lives. They
             is approached with care.                             will take these behaviours and values into
                                                                                                  (Continued on page 2)
(Continued from page 1)                                   which we will agree!
                                                          I think there is a Physics theorem which states that
their adulthood and we want these to be the best          ‘for each action, there is an opposite and equal
they can have.                                            reaction’. This applies particularly in the lives of
The same ‘hidden curriculum’ exists at home in the        adolescents and nowhere more powerfully than in
rules, or lack of, by which a family operates. If we      the messages we give our boys about what matters
are often late to collect our children, they learn that   simply by what we do and do not do, either
we have more important things to do than respect          unintentionally or purposefully. As teachers and
the arrangements we have made. If we do not               parents, we have a responsibility to ensure the
hear them out when we are lucky enough to hear            ‘hidden curriculum’ is one with which we are just
them share things, they learn that their views do         as comfortable as we might be with the formal and
not matter. If we ‘fight their battles’ for them, they    published curriculum which appears in the school
will never learn to make their own decisions.             literature.
Conversely, if we do not set parameters for parties       Cynthia May
and social activities, we may well be inviting our        Head of the Secondary School
children to establish their own curriculum of
behaviours and it is unlikely that it will be one with

Term Dates 2007
In 2007, Easter will be at the end of Week 9, leaving Week 10 as a three and one half day week. This
creates difficulties for our boarding community in particular, as Easter is an exeat weekend making the
return to school for a short week a costly and perhaps unproductive exercise. Also, the Association of
Independent Schools SA (AISSA) has recommended that boarding schools adjust their school calendars
to allow for a three week break at the end of Term 1.
After lengthy discussions with various school groups, it has been agreed that the school calendar for 2007
                                                   will be adjusted as the following:
                          Term 1
 Monday 5 February             Thursday 5 April           This will mean a three week holiday period at the
                                                          end of Term One incorporating both Easter and
                                                          Anzac Day. The earlier start to Terms 1 and 3
                          Term 2
                                                          will compensate for two of the days lost from
                                                          Week 10 in Term 1.
    Tuesday 1 May                  Friday 6 July
                                                          The proposed variation in school term dates is in
                                                          response to the unusual circumstances for 2007,
                          Term 3                          and the difficulties it creates for families with
                                                          children who are boarders. It also solves many of
    Monday 23 July           Friday 28 September          the operational problems which the timing of
                                                          Easter would create for the school.
                          Term 4                          Kevin Tutt
                    Secondary School
 Tuesday 16 October           Friday 7 December
                                                                Australian Army Cadets, fostered by the
                                                              Adelaide University Regiment at Keswick are
                                                               currently recruiting male and female youth
                          Term 4                                aged 12 1/2—18 years. (parental consent
                   Preparatory School                                            required)
 Tuesday 16 October          Tuesday 11 December              To book please phone Captain David Milne
                                                              on 0438 891 711, Lieutenant George Mikajlo
                                                             on 0418 827 620 or Lieutenant Ian Dispain on
                                                                            0438 842 918.

Page 2
Highlights of my week
•   Each Monday the Captain and Vice-Captain of School join Cynthia May and me
    for lunch to discuss school matters from a student perspective. Stefan and Adam
    are proving to be outstanding student leaders — it is a pleasure to work with them.
•   The Secondary Staff Meeting on Monday afternoon included a presentation by
    Craig Bowyer and Patricia Samuels on Gender in the Curriculum. The intention of
    the session was to question the ways in which teachers present gender differences
    in our classrooms and curriculum. We can be confident that equal contribution
    from each gender makes a difference in how we promote a modern masculinity and
    help boys to develop good attitudes to the role of girls and women in the world.
•   Monday night was meeting night: Finance Committee followed by the P&F
    Association meeting. Both make a very valuable contribution to the school.
•   Our new Secondary Common Room is starting to take shape in the refurbished Colton Wing. I was
    pleased to show Robin Parsons, President of the Common Room, through the new facility and to discuss
    interior décor plans and other requirements.
•   At this time of the year, Cynthia May and Richard Bruford join me in meeting each Head of Department to
    discuss their annual academic report and goals for 2006. This week we were pleased to meet with Peter
    Karamoshos (Mathematics), Anthony Izzo (Technology), Tim Agnew (Humanities) and Chris Jordison
    (Science). Good curriculum is happening!
•   On Thursday, David Cornish and I enjoyed a lunch with Miss Vivienne Langley, Miss Margaret Davey and
    Mrs Jean Lang (the last two are sisters) who are long life friends of the school. Miss Langley’s father was
    one of our longest serving staff members (50 years), while Miss Davey and Mrs Lang are the daughters of
    Dr Llewellin Davey, who was the school’s doctor for a very long period.
•   Friday saw me lose my locks in support of the Leukaemia Foundation. I was something of a chicken
    preferring a number one, with Mr Nalder, Mr Andary, Ms Farrell, Mr Ritchie, Mr Harris and Mr
    Weatherald brave enough for the full shave. Special thanks go to Mrs Bradford (also a number one) for
    promoting this in the school and to Ms Farrell who raised $2000. Mrs Shaw’s presentation to the boys was
    heartfelt, and drew our attention to the real purpose of the haircuts! It’s a beanie for all of us for a while.
•   The Australian String Quartet concert on Thursday night was a celebration of Mozart’s 300th birthday —
    music at its best.
•   On Friday, it was a great thrill to hear that our team of Javed Alam, Ike Kutlaca and Davor Pavlin-Premrl
    have won the State finals of the Bond University Mooting Competition. The boys will travel to the Gold
    Coast in July for the national finals.
•   The Boarders Parents’ Consultative Committee meets each Friday prior to the exeat weekend. The group
    is committed to support the development of the best boarding house in Adelaide.
•   Saturday was a day at the football watching the Year 8s, Second XVIII and First XVIII games. The Firsts
    played magnificently to defeat St Michael’s College, 28·6 to 6·8, a 130 point win.
    Kevin Tutt

                                      that once again a number of old         Melbourne just happened to be
Message from the                      scholars have willingly volunteered     visiting Adelaide that week & when
Careers                               their time to assist current students   asked readily agreed to
                                      in their decision making.               participate. Monash initially
Counsellor                            In addition, all SA Universities,
                                                                              declined but have since told me that
We will have a Careers Night at                                               a representative will be in Adelaide
                                      Bond University, Melbourne
PAC later this term in the evening                                            at that time & have tentatively
                                      University & Monash University,
of Tuesday 20 June, 6:45-                                                     agreed to have him/her there on the
                                      TAFE SA & a number of other
9:00pm. It will follow the same                                               night.
                                      higher education providers have
model as in previous years where a    agreed to be present.                   More details will follow in a later
number of presenters will speak                                               newsletter.
about their occupation three times    The presence of the two Victorian
                                      Universities is a bonus as              Malcolm Dawe
during the evening. I am grateful

                                                                                                             Page 3
Performing Arts
Headmaster’s Assembly
Pianist Frank Xiong performed Chopin’s Fantasie
Impromptue to open the Efforts Awards Assembly on
Monday. His teacher Irina Lioubimova said it was
an exceptionally fine performance.

                                            Big Band 1 performed two of their repertoire for Mount
                                            Gambier Generations in Jazz at last Monday’s Assembly.
                                            There is no doubt they will represent their school superbly
                                            at this prestigious event.
                                            Arts Awards
                                            Students are reminded that they must complete and submit
                                            an overview of their contributions and attainments to be
                                            considered for an Arts Award in 2006 by 31 May. Please
                                            collect the pro forma from either Student Services or the
                                            Music Office.
                                            Pamela Freeman
                                            Director of Artistic Performance

         Performance Dates
   Friday 19 and Saturday 20 May
              7.30pm                         Important dates and events for
   Middle School Drama Production            the next week
     Sunday 21 May 11:00am
  SA Open Heritage Week Service -            •      YEAR 8 FLO CAMP TO SCOTTS CREEK
    Chapel Choir Pilgrim Church                     FIELD CENTRE
                                                    Tuesday 23 May returning Friday 26 May
      Friday 26 – Sunday 28 May
   Generations of Jazz – Mt Gambier          •      PYP/MYP/REGGIO CURRICULUM EVENING
                                                    Wednesday 24 May 6:15pm
   Wednesday 7 – Friday 9 June 7:30pm
       Musical HMS Pinafore                  •      FOUNDATION BUSINESS LUNCH
                                                    Friday 26 May 12:-00 for 12:30pm (Banquet Room,
      Sunday 2 July 10.30am                         Adelaide Town Hall)
 Chapel Choir Service and Medallion
           Presentations                     •      GENERATION OF JAZZ FESTIVAL BIG
       Monday 3 July 7:00pm                         BANDS TO MT GAMBIER
                                                    Friday 26 May, returning Sunday 28 May
  Concert with Eltham College Band
      and Payneham City Band
                                             •      FOUNDATION BUSINESS LUNCH
          (Assembly Hall)                           Friday 26 May 12:00 for 12:30pm (Banquet Room,
                                                    Adelaide Town Hall)

Page 4
Message from the Chaplain
Do you believe in miracles?
I do, but I am not sure what sort of miracle some of the Prep School staff might have been looking for last
Friday. They were in the middle of one kind of miracle. To see how much a few committed people can
achieve was one sort of miracle. To raise $6836.86 was a great effort and the efforts of a few people were
The miracle of having people prepared to take the risk of appearing foolish for a great cause was another sort
of miracle as people stepped out of their comfort
zones and discovered the joy of selflessness. (The
foolishness of God is wiser than man?)
To know that the money raised will be used by
doctors to assist in the miracle of healing (all healing
is a miracle!!!) is a great joy.
All of these are miracles of a human kind. They are
miracles that are accessible to us all and are
                                                                            Da        t e:
wonderful. Those who were in the Chapel on
Friday morning and heard Carol Shaw speak of the                                        ation
                                                                               C  orpor be held
journey of her niece; Montana, as she struggled with                     erard         ill
                                                                  The G Lecture w une.
leukaemia became aware of another sort of miracle.                   ation          13 J
As Carol spoke of her family’s faith in the face of            Innov n Tuesday                  are
                                                                     o                 to 12
great pain, it was possible to see love being lived in                         a rs 10 ey are
                                                                         in Ye        th               .
a special way and to be reminded of the pain of all                Boys nded that he lecture
those who struggle as the lives of those they love                   remi o attend t aside.
                                                                        ted t          date
are threatened, or sometimes taken by illness.                   expec se put this                 re
                                                                    Plea                    to 9 a
Then there are the miracles of answered prayer                                      ars 8 ttend.
                                                                             in Ye
where the rules of this universe are broken and                        Boys raged to a                   an
                                                                        encou                     o be
healing happens in ways that can not be explained.                                         ises t
                                                                                  r prom         e.
As someone who has seen this happen I believe in it
                                                                       es peake ptional on
and pray for it, but as I get older the world seems                 Th       exce                     oon.
                                                                                             follow s
more and more full of wonder and now I find that I                                  s will
appreciate all the sorts of miracles more and more.                    More
By the way, there was another sort of miracle on
Friday. There was the miracle of a community
going deeper and discovering more of what it might become as together boys and parents cheered and
laughed, as parents reluctantly edged out the door because they were going to be REALLY late for that
meeting, but somehow struggled to leave. There was the community of boys who understood that
worthwhile things were in their grasp, but how wonderful it was to share that journey with other generations.
This community extended its boundaries through this as well as deepening its life. I pray we will not wait too
long before we do something similar!
Trevor Klar

  Festival City Photography took photographs of the Gig at the Gov on Monday 15 May.
         If you would like to view and purchase photos of your son please visit:
      Click on the entry ‘Gig at the Gov’ under PAC, and then pop in the date 15/05/06.
                              Order your photos using the form provided.

                                                                                                       Page 5
                                 Curriculum Evening 2006
                          Kindergarten to Year 9 Curriculum @ PAC
                                      Experience learning at PAC as do the boys
                                              Come to the Information Evening
                                  6:15pm Wednesday 24 May starting in the Chapel
  It gives us great pleasure to invite you to our Parents’ Curriculum Information Evening on Wednesday
     24 May. This evening is designed to give you an opportunity to experience first hand the sorts of
                            teaching and learning activities your son encounters.
      You will be able to choose two different activity-based sessions to attend on the evening, each
  incorporating both the activity and a brief talk by staff on the program in that learning area in the years
                        covered by the Primary Years and MYP@PAC programs.
       A form has been given to all boys in Years 8 & 9 to be completed by parents and then returned to
                               Student Services no later than Monday 22 May.

6.15       Welcome & Introduction - Chapel
               Richard Bruford - Director of Teaching and Learning
               Neil Andary, Deputy Head of the Preparatory School
               Ken Watson, Deputy Head of the Secondary School
6.40       Move to first session
6.45       Activity Session 1
7.25       Move to second session
7.30       Activity Session 2
8:15       Refreshments and informal discussion – Prince Philip Theatre
9.0        Evening Concludes

                        Session 1                                                     Session 2
                      6.45pm                                                                 7.30pm
                Session                           Venue                       Session                      Venue
 Kindergarten/Early Learning Centre
 Romp, Stomp, Chomp                                             Reception/Year 1                             Year 1
                                                Kindergarten    Inquiring through Literacy
 Learning through investigation and play.                                                                  classroom

 Year 4/5                                                                                                    Yr 6
                                                  Year 5S       English
 Together Everyone Achieves More – a
                                                 classroom      Audacity - Integrating ICT and Literacy   Prep PC Lab
 hands on approach to learning
 Physical Education                                  SS         Music
 See 21 Century sports science in action                        How the boys do it in the Middle School   Music Suite
                                                sports centre
                                                    Yr 7
 Mathematics                                                    Year 2/Year 3                               Year 3
 Maths in the MYP@PAC                           Ningana Mac     Constructing meaning in Maths             Classroom
 Science                                            SS          Humanities                                    SS
 Practical experiment                           Science Lab     GIS – Geographic Information Systems      Classroom
 Art in the Prep School                             Prep
 Flight of the imagination – the essence of
 creativity is embedded in the curriculum.        Art Room

Page 6
                                                  Gold       PAC 3 defeated Pulteney Gold 2
Co-Curricular Results                             Winners:   Michael Brown, Richard Gale, Josh
BASKETBALL                                                   Gugliotta
Group 1A PAC 31 defeated by Trinity 48            Black      PAC 2 lost to Rostrevor Black 3
Scorers: Jack Harford 8, Elliot Watts 6,          Winners:   Bryon Chia, Aaron Jin
         Lachlan Campbell 6, Matt Rundell 5,
         Sam Thomas 4, James Perrin 2             FOOTBALL
Best:    Jack Harford, Lachlan Campbell,          1st XVIII PAC 28-6 (174) defeated STMC 6-8
         Elliot Watts                                       (44)
Group 1B PAC 50 defeated Trinity 26               Goals:    James Smith 7, Matthew Roscow 5,
Scorers: Peter Douglass 15, Alfred Carlson 11,              Brendan Papps 3, Tom Holmes 2,
         Cameron Schultz 6, Nick Crawford 6,                Will Dalwood 2, Stewart Fincher 2,
         Udit Lakra 4, Josiah Fyfe 4, Arthur 2,             Seb Paynter, Max Clarke, James Byers,
         Sam Hanzalik 2                                     Nathan Daniels, Myles Heritage,
Best:    Peter Douglass, Alfred Carlson                     Xavier Watson, James Van Hoof
Group 2A PAC 55 defeated Trinity 23               Best:     Byers, Watson, Smith, Daniel May,
Scorers: Jonathan Foo 20, Tom Hilbig 15, Karl               Papps, Holmes, Daniels, Clarke,
         Siebels 8, Andrew Lukowicz 6, Alex                 Roscow, Fincher, Van Hoof, Heritage
         Brown 6                                  3rd XVIII PAC 8-4 lost to Mercedes 8-11
Best:    Tom Hilbig, Jonathan Foo, Karl           Goals:    Michael Clarke 6, Alex Harms, Jacob
         Siebels, Max Burford, Andrew                       Leak
         Lukowicz                                 Best:     Harry Perks, Clarke, Greg Wiseman,
Group 2B PAC 73 defeated Trinity 4                          Jackson Southcott, Callum Brewerton,
Scorers: Christopher Le 27, Angus McLaren                   Mike Walkden
         16, Max Sullivan 8, Hayden Nadolny       10A       PAC 17-15 defeated Trinity 5- 4
         8, Chris Miliado 6, Jesse Fyfe 4,        Goals:    Sebastian Moroney 4, Ben May 3, Ned
         Atanas Athanasov 4                                 Thwaites 3, Lachlan Sandow 2,
Best:    Christopher Le, Jesse Fyfe                         Jeremy Broadbent 2, Elliot Opie, Jack
                                                            Stephens, Nick Whetstone
CHESS                                             Best:     Jeremy Broadbent, Sebastian
Division I - Round 1 (postponed from last                   Moroney, Elliot Opie, Charlie Olsson,
           week)                                            Alex McLeod, Sam Pittman, Henry
Red        PAC 5 defeated CBC Purple 0                      Riggs, James Venning, Lachlan
Winners:   Mahesh Umapathysivam, Peter Avina,               Sandow
           David Brown, Hugh Bond, Bo Zhu         10B       PAC 5.4 defeated by Sacred Heart
Division II - Round 1                             Goals:    William Lambert, Josh Harkness, Ian
Red        PAC 2 lost to Unley 3                            Mazure-Johnstone
Winners:   Hui Heng Tseng, Daniel Tsang           Best:     Dan Stevens, Patrick Deegan, Alex
White      PAC 5 defeated Walford 0                         Silins, Josh Harkness, Llewellyn
Winners:   Joel Amos, Terry Moschou, Tom                    Wood, Ian Mazure-Johnstone, Will
           Hilbig, Jonathan Eske, Max Sullivan.             Lambert, Will Farminer
Gold       PAC 5 defeated St Peter’s White 0      9A        PAC 10.13 defeated Immanuel 6.5
Winners:   Michael Brown, David Brown,            Goals:    Matt Easther 5, Scott Elliss 2, Joshua
           Duncan Soang, Richard Gale, Aaron                Morrell, Tom Wicks
           Russo                                  Best:     Jack Trengove, Thomas Welsby,
Black      PAC 4 defeated St Peter’s Girls 1                Joshua Hall, Matt Easther, Jack Kelly
Winners:   Yao Ly, Daniel Quirke, Bryon Chia,     8A        PAC 7.2 lost to Trinity 11.9
           Aaron Jin                              Goals:    Matt Rohde 2, Will Latchford 2, Ed
Division II - Round 2                                       Greeves, Sam Day, Jared Barkla
Red        PAC 1 lost to Pembroke 4               Best:     Sam Day, Will Paynter, James House,
Winners:   Matthew Du                                       Matt Rohde, Corey Morton, Will
White      PAC 3 defeated Marryatville 2                    Latchford, Jack Perks
Winners:   Joel Amos, Terry Moschou, Iain
                                                                                          Page 7
(Continued from page 7)                                       Michael Schiller 3-0
                                                 9 (1)        PAC (1) lost to PAC (2) 0/4
HOCKEY                                           9 (2)        PAC (2) defeated PAC (1) 4/0
1st XI  PAC 5 defeated SPSC2 0                                Tom Cocks 3-0, Karl Seibels 2-1,
Goals:  Daniel Simounds 3, Sam Hilditch,                      Michael Pascoe 3-0, Terry Moschou
        Matthew Claxton                                       2-1
Best:   Sam Fitzgerald, Daniel Simounds,         9 (3)        PAC (3) defeated PAC (4) 3/1
        Matthew Claxton                                       Jordan Agutter 2-1, Tom Watson 3-
2 nd XI PAC 2 defeated CBC 0                                  0, Matt Sallis3-0
Goals:  Matt Selway, Jahan Penny-Dimri           9 (4)        PAC (4) lost to PAC (3) 1/3
Best:   Matt Selway, Chris London, Will                       Atanas Athanasov 2-1
        Selway, Jahan Penny-Dimri                8 (1)        PAC defeated Marryatville 3/1
8/9     PAC 0 lost to MHS 2                                   David Piper 3-0, Jack Morelli 3-0,
Best:   Erik Holmwood, Tom Fitzgerald,                        Matt Barnett 2-1
        Michael Brown, Tom Watson, Matt          8 (2)        PAC defeated PAC (3) 3/1
        Scheepers                                             Aaron Russo 2-1, Duncan Soang 3-
                                                              0, Josh Gugliotta 3-0
SOCCER                                           8 (3)        PAC lost to PAC (2) 1/3
1st XI  PAC 3 versus Trinity College 4                        Richard Gale 2-1
Goals:  William Katsambis 2, Dong Hee Lee 1
Best:   Dong Hee Lee and Andrew Dickson          TABLE TENNIS
2 nd XI PAC 2 versus Unley 0                     Open A/B PAC defeated Glenunga
Goals:  Joseph Cuzzocrea 1, Stephen Elley 1               International High School 21-3
Best:   Davor Pavlin-Premrl and Tanawat          Singles: Tony Le, Victor Seng, Jonathan Foo,
        Sutuntivorakoon                                   David Hanin, Will Thomas
3rd XI  PAC 3 drew with CBC II 3                 Doubles: Tony Le & Victor Seng, Jonathan
Goals:  Aleco Mitropoulos                                 Foo & Vincent Cheung, Will
Best:   Aleco Mitropoulos, Sam Mitchell,                  Thomas & Thomas Blanch
        Nathan Cao                               Open C/D PAC defeated Blackfriars 15-9.
10A     PAC 1 Blackfriars Priory 6               Singles: Sam Lehman, Vijay Hillier, Phillip
Goals:  Will Smith 1                                      Allgeuer.
Best:   Zach Cox, Adam Bajcarz, Callum Ray,      Doubles: Andrew Gillespie & Ashwin Kurup,
8A      PAC 0 lost to Rostrevor 10                        Sam Lehman & Vijay Hillier, Daniel
Best:   Jonathan Van Dissel, Aaron Russo,                 Tsang & Meherzad Shroff.
        Tim Smith                                9A/B     PAC A’s lost to Adelaide High
                                                          School 6-0 (186 points to 86 points)
SQUASH                                                    PAC B’s lost to Adelaide High
Open Div 1 PAC (142/6/2) lost to Pembroke                 School 3-3 (133 points to 168
           (155/6/2)                                      points)
           Chad Kennett 3-0, James Moschou       Singles: Justin Winter, Bryon Chia
           2-1                                   Doubles: Patrick Kirwan & Justin Winter
Open Div 2 PAC (3) 3/1 defeated SPSC (1)
                                                           Seymour College Tour Dates
           Will Gray 3-0, Mahesh
           Umapathysivam 2-1, Adam Collins           The Principal of Seymour College, Ms Belinda
           3-0                                    Provis, warmly invites families who are considering
Open Div 3 PAC defeated Rostrevor (forfeit)         sending their daughters to Seymour, to visit the
           Bo Zhu, Hui Tseng, Peter Peng            College on Saturday, 17 June, from 10:00am to
10 (1)     PAC (1) defeated PAC (2) 3/1             11:30am. To book your place on this tour, or to
           Michael Bolzon 3-0, Elliot Wasow 2-     arrange a personal tour of the College at another
                                                 time, please contact the Director of Admissions, Mrs
           1, Chris Wasow 3-0
                                                        Elaine Curran, on 8379 0011 or email to
10 (2)     PAC (2) lost to PAC (1) 1/3             

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