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					 Argent Bottle Trap P - Trap                               Argent Bottle Trap S - Trap                                              Argent Wall Plate

 chrome 28922                                              chrome 28923                                                             chrome 8647

 Elbows with 50mm extension tube                           Elbows with 200mm extension tube

                                                                                                                                                    40 - 32mm Waste Adaptor 28921

 chrome 8540                                               chrome 8500
                                                                                                                                                    32mm Plug and Waste 28910F

                                                                                                         S - Trap                      Elbows (50mm)
  technical                                  details                                     210 - MAX
                                                                                          90 - MIN
                                                          25 -120


                P - Trap
                                           25 -120




                                                                                                                                                   Elbows (200mm)                                      32

                                                                                                             814 - MAX

                                                                                                                                                        243 - MAX

                                                                                                                                                                                    218 - MAX

                  270 - MAX
                   90 - MIN                                                Wall Plate
                                             30           75                   75             30



Elbows suitable for connection to the following basin mixer hoses:                                                                            38                       33
Copper Tails: 9.5mm,10mm. Flexible Tails: 9.5mm, 15mm.
                                                                                                            The products in this brochure are subject of Design Patent Application 2441-03, 2442-03, 2443-03, 2444-03

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Argent Bottle Trap P - Trap                             Argent Bottle Trap and Elbows                           Argent Bottle Trap, Elbows and Wall Plate                             Argent Bottle Trap S - Trap and Elbows

                                                                                                            Argent Elbows and Wall Plate
                                                                                                            Argent Elbows and Wall Plate
                              Bottletrapsplus+            By Argent
                                                                                                            Designed to meet the highest requirements in modern bathrooms, the
                                                                                                            Argent Elbows and Wall Plate form an integral part of the modern
                              The New Standard
                              The New Standard                                                              minimalist bathroom. These unique products address many of the problems
                              Bathroom aesthetics and water technology are no longer unnoticeable,          associated with trying to cover the complicated fixings between basin
                              rather they are obvious through their form and functionality. Today’s         mixers and water supply. Argent’s Elbows fulfill the highest expectations
                              bathrooms expose a need for functional appealing products while               with regard to quality and design underneath the basin. With two
                              exuding a simple, calming effect.                                             options available for the Elbow tube length, hoses and pipes underneath
                                                                                                            basins can be only a memory. Combine these with the new Argent Wall
                              With its sleek stylish chrome body, the Argent Bottle Trap adds that          Plate and tiling inconsistencies disappear. No longer is it required to hide
                              designer touch to any modern bathroom. Compact in design and                  the fitting technology, Argent now provides stylish and elegant fittings
                              boasting a vast array of design innovations, Argent’s Bottle Traps reduce     to complete the design look.
                              that often cluttered look beneath many current basin designs, adding
                              to the appeal of today’s simplistic look.                                     Plug Waste
                                                                                                            Plug && Waste
                                                                                                            Complete the designer look of your bathroom using the Argent 32mm
                              The Argent Bottle Trap sets the new standard for bottle traps - engineered    Plug & Waste. Suitable for installation with the Argent Bottle Trap, this
                              specifically to suit Australia’s unique plumbing standards and gaining        waste is solid and sleek, the perfect partner in your new bathroom!
                              a WaterMark Certificate within Australian Standards. These range of
                              products have also been designed with many innovative aspects such
                              as its unique water connectors. These special devices make connection
                              to the pvc waste pipe and the tapware unbelievably simple!

                              Argent Bottle Trap
                              Argent Bottle Trap
                              The Argent Bottle Trap gives you the choice for installation – through
                              the floor or through the wall. In P-Trap or through the wall form, the trap
                              offers a wide spectrum of height and distance variables that enable
                              the basin to be positioned as close or as far away from the waste water
                              pipe as you desire. In S-Trap or through the floor form, this trap gives
                                                                                                                                          The Argent Bottle Trap is
                              any bathroom, new or existing, that designer touch! Argent Bottle Traps
                                                                                                                                          a certified product within
                              give the underside of your basin that simplistic look, whilst providing the                                 Australian Standards and
                              ultimate in functional appeal.                                                   Spec 005 Lic W20021        has a WaterMark Licence
                                                                                                                Standards Australia