Herbalife Review - An Unbiased Review of the Herbalife Business Opportunity by aihaozhe2


									Herbalife is best known for its products that help people lose weight and boost their
metabolism. However, Herbalife is also known for it's business opportunity that offers
potential for an amazing income stream for the average person. If you are considering
Herbalife for an MLM opportunity read this information on the company.

My only goal here is to help you and provide you with an unbiased review of
Herbalife and the business opportunity.

Herbalife History

In 1980 a gentleman named Mark Hughes started the company we know as Herbalife.
In his words, he dreamed of "a future brilliant beyond compare". The goal Mark had
was to help people improve the health in their lives and give them a dynamic business
opportunity at the same time. Now, thirty years later, Herbalife sponsors various
sports teams, is an international company, and has continued to grow and thrive.

In the early 2000's Herbalife had to change several of their products that involved
Ephedra. Ephedra was found to increase the risk for certain heart conditions. As soon
as that information was verified they took the proactive steps to create safer products
that were Ephedra free. Those products became available in 2004. Herbalife has
shown that they are interested in consumer safety and keep on top of all available
research to make sure that their products are high quality.

Herbalife Products

Herbalife became very well known for its weight loss supplements. Now, they have
expanded into other product areas that also do very well. Energy and Fitness products
are very popular because of peoples increased interest in health and well being.
Herbalife also offers Targeted Nutrition and Personal Care products. The product line
offers products that are of value to most all people. Once again, Herbalife seems very
interested in making sure that they only deliver the highest quality products. Very
reassuring for the would be distributor.

Herbalife Compensation Plan

The compensation plan for Herbalife is called the break-away plan. This type of
compensation is the oldest one out there and fairly common in established MLM
companies like Herbalife. After a distributor meets certain performance criteria they
can break away from their original sponsorship line. The original sponsor will get a
percentage of the entire break away organizations sales.

The benefit to break-away compensation plans is that they incorporate flexibility and
motivation techniques for distributors to help them advance. Since the person who
brought you on will benefit from your success there is a very good support system in

One of the disadvantages of the break-away compensation plan is that it can be
somewhat difficult to explain to your Herbalife prospects. Many people are used to
compensation plans that are quite direct. When you introduce a break-away
compensation plan it can be challenging to get people thinking the way you'd like.

Herbalife Summary

Herbalife is a solid MLM company. They have been a strong presence in the MLM
community for 30 years now. They have stayed in the spotlight because they continue
to do research and look for ways to improve their products and make them optimal
choices for consumers and distributors. The compensation plan that is offered through
Herbalife is considered a fair and reasonable plan. Those who distribute Herbalife
usually keep the support network of their original sponsor because they will benefit
from the success of those they bring on. Overall, I would say that Herbalife is one of
the better MLM companies out there and worth looking at if you are looking for a
home based business opportunity.

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