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Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA®) is an international professional designation offered by the CFA®
Institute (formerly known as AIMR) to financial analysts. The designation is one of the most sought after

designations in the financial industry today. ‘The Economist’ ranked the CFA® Program as the gold standard

among investment analysis designations. Having these 3 coveted letters next to your name certifies you as an

excellent professional in the financial domain, having a comprehensive knowledge and understanding of

Finance. One of the best things about the CFA® curriculum is the fact that it is global in its design and outlook.

In an increasingly globalized world, the program prepares you to understand the industry much better. There

are more than a 100,000 CFA® Charter holders today, and the world is certainly asking for more.

CFA® is getting increasingly popular in India, with more and more recruiters recognizing the competence the

program brings in. With more and more major Investment Banks, Hedge Funds, Private Equity Funds,

Insurance Companies and Mutual funds setting up fully fledged operations in India, the demand for excellent

professionals is going to increase and CFA® Charter is one of the best qualifications to tap into this


To obtain the CFA® Charter, one must clear 3 exams and have 4 years of work experience in a Investment

decision making role. The 3 exams are respectively Level 1,2 and 3. The topics covered in the exam are Ethics,

Quantitative methods, Economics, Equity Investments, Fixed Income, Financial Statement Analysis, Portfolio

Management, Alternative Investments, Corporate Finance and Derivatives. The exam for Level 1 is of objective

type, consists of two 3-hour exams having 120 questions each.
CFA® Charter holders around the world have the opportunity to play major roles in the

evolution of less developed capital markets An educational experience that better equips you

with the fundamental knowledge you need to work in demanding world of professional

investing CFA® Program is considered as the gold standard among investment analysis


The CFA is a qualification for finance and investment professionals, particularly in the fields of

investment management and financial analysis of stocks, bonds and their derivative assets. The

program focuses on portfolio management and financial analysis, and provides generalist

knowledge of other areas of finance.

From 1963 (when the CFA designation was first awarded) to 2006, approximately 78,000

people from at least 126 different countries have been awarded the right to use the CFA

designation, 68,000 of them in the years since 1990. As of 2006, more than 116,000 people are

currently enrolled to take one of the examinations.

Exam consists of 3 levels, sequential program, self study driven, based on reading assignments

designed by CFA Institute.
The curriculum for the CFA program is based on a Candidate Body of Knowledge established

by CFA Institute.


The curriculum includes these topic areas:

       Ethical and Professional Standards
       Quantitative Methods (such as the time value of money, and statistical inference)
       Financial Reporting and Analysis
       Corporate Finance
       Analysis of Investments (stocks, bonds, derivatives, venture capital, real estate, etc.)
       Portfolio Management and Analysis (asset allocation, portfolio risk, performance
       measurement, etc.)


    For exams from 2008 onward, candidates automatically receive the curriculum readings
     from CFA Institute when they register for the exam.

    Exam consists of 3 levels, sequential program, self study driven, based on reading
     assignments designed by CFA Institute.

    For the test, only two calculators are allowed (the Hewlett Packard 12C and the Texas
     Instruments BA II Plus.

    Level I is 100% objective type, i.e. multiple choice (1.5 minutes per question, total of 240
     questions in 6 hours).

    Level II is 100% item set (short case study, each case has 6 questions and 10 cases per

    Level III is 50% item set and 50% essay type.
Education that is equivalent to US bachelor's degree is the minimum requirement for signing

up for Level I exam. Also students in the final year of their studies are eligible to take the

exam. Normally it takes 4 years to complete the requirements for a Bachelor's degree in the

U.S. as compared to 3 years for a B.A or B.Com degree in India. However CFA Institute has

stated that if the India degree leads to similar job opportunities then it will be considered

equivalent to a U.S. Bachelor's degree, even if it does not encompass 4 years of study. We

advice India students (with 3 year degrees) to drop an email to CFA Institute and get written

email confirmation on their eligibility.

Weightage of Topics

The chart below provides rough guidance around topic area weights for each of the three levels

of the CFA exams. The items that have been highlighted are areas of focus for that level. Since

the weights can vary year to year please visit the following link for current/ official weights.

 Topic Areas                                     Level I         Level II        Level III

 Ethics/ Professional Standards                  15%             10%             10%

 Quantitative Methods                            12%             5 - 10%         0%

 Economics                                       10%             5 - 10%         0%

 Financial Statements Analysis                   20%             15 - 25%        0%

 Corporate Finance                               8%              5 - 15%         0%

 Equity Analysis                                 10%             20 - 30%        5 - 15%

 Fixed Income                                    12%             5 - 15%         10 - 20%

 Derivatives                                     5%              5 - 15%         5 - 15%

 Alternative Investments                         3%              5 - 15%         5 - 15%

 Portfolio Management                            5%              5 - 15%         45 - 55%
Corporate Bridge CFA® (Level I) - 150 hrs (20
Days) Classroom Trainings
  100 hrs - 17 days classroom trainings over 9 weekends (special Sunday only

  batches in Mumbai)

  3 days revision classes – all important concepts of all the subjects will be

  revised again

  3 Mock Tests – (in Nov 2010) specially designed by our trainers based on the

  CFA® Candidate Body of Knowledge (CBOK) to evaluate your relative

  performance vis a vis other candidates

  30 hrs of online tests (2500+ questions)

  Mostly CFA® Charter Holder as Faculty with significant experience drawn
  from IIT/IIM's

  Online Solved Examples & Practice Exercises

  Training Fees:

         For Indian Students: 16,545 /person or

         20% discount for a group of 5 or more students

         15% discount for a group of 3 or more students

         10 % Early Bird Discount on registrations before 5th December.
Class        Level 1

Weekend 1    Corporate Finance

Weekend 2    Financial Statement Analysis

Weekend 3    Economics

Weekend 4    Financial Statement Analysis

Weekend 5    Fixed Income Investments

Weekend 6    Economics

Weekend 7    Financial Statement Analysis

Weekend 8    Fixed Income Investments

Weekend 9    Portfolio Management

Weekend 10   Financial Statement Analysis

Weekend 11   Equity Securities

Weekend 12   Derivatives

Weekend 13   Alternate Investments

Weekend 14   Quantitative Analysis

Weekend 15   Quantitative Analysis

Weekend 16   Ethics
Get access to various mock tests in order to analyze your performance

Projects will be assigned to all the users, which need to be completed in

stipulated time.

Download your performance reports both in excel and PDF format.

Get 14 books of CFA prepared by the experts from IIT and IIM

Access to online forums to participate in the discussion of the particular


High quality videos with step by step explanation of the topics.

For Students who want to prepare on their own, we provide a complete

study package, which includes presentations (for all subjects),

Question Banks (2500 + Online Topic wise Questions)

47 Mock tests on individual chapters

Fees Rs 3,000 (Including Taxes) (which is included in the classroom

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