Help With IRS Tax Debt by aihaozhe2


									You can get help with an IRS tax debt by retaining a tax negotiator who has the
experience and knowledge. As a taxpayer you have a lot of rights which the IRS won't
bother to tell you about during the collection process. Having a tax negotiator on the
frontline of defense can result in less tax debt or even no debt.

The Army's General

When you need help with an IRS tax debt, it means the debt has become
unmanageable. The IRS is not patient, and the delinquent notices will begin showing
up in your mailbox soon after the tax is due. The notices begin with fairly mild letters
and each letter after that gets more threatening.

The interesting thing about a tax debt is that you may very well not even owe the
money. The IRS sends out tax collection notices everyday that are for taxes already
paid or for tax amounts that have been calculated incorrectly. But whether you owe
the money or not is beside the point when you begin to accumulate collection notices.

The reason it's initially beside the point is because, until you resolve the problem, the
notices will continue to be mailed. A tax negotiator can show you how to get the IRS
to correct their records or come to agreement on the amount due. You can find relief
in the form of reduced taxes, payment agreements, or debt elimination when you ask
for help with an IRS tax debt.

A tax negotiator is like a general leading an army. The negotiator represents you in
your fight to make the IRS adhere to your taxpayer rights. The negotiator develops a
strategy, instructs you in how to respond, and takes no prisoners when it comes to
settling a debt.

Plan of Attack

It's really too bad that you have to think about dealing with the IRS in terms of war
and battle. But having a plan of attack which relies on taxpayer rights is important
before ever trying to negotiate with the IRS. Most taxpayers are too frightened of the
IRS by the time they need help with an IRS tax debt to confront agents on their own

A tax negotiator can help with an IRS tax debt in a number of ways. Your tax debt will
be analyzed in order to determine the best way to approach the IRS. The negotiator is
prepared with an arsenal of taxpayer rights and an in-depth knowledge of IRS
settlement procedures.

Most tax negotiations never make it to court which is good and bad. Any tax
negotiation that occurs outside the courts is not subject to the burden of proof by the
IRS. Instead, the burden of proof is on the taxpayer. In court, the IRS has the burden
of proof.

This fact alone means a tax negotiator is worth its weight in gold. The negotiator can
help with an IRS tax debt by convincing the agent to ignore burden of proof and
instead focus on reasonable collection.

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