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					                                               MOBILITY AND HEALTHCARE
                                         Welcome to our First 2010 News Letter.

                                       It is going to be an extremely exciting year for our
                      NEWS             Meadow Vale Family with the launch of two very
                                       special offers for our existing and new customers.

We will be keeping you up to date on the latest mobility and healthcare news and in
addition we will be running some exciting competitions where you can win big prizes.

      Sir Michael Parkinson calls for dignity in care
Outdated stereotypes of older people, including users
of mobility scooters and stairlifts, need to be banished,
according to the government's National Dignity
Ambassador Sir Michael Parkinson.
The chat show king, who was appointed to the role in
May 2008, has published a report calling for
misconceptions about the elderly to be replaced with
a new focus on placing dignity at the heart of care.
 At the launch of his report, Sir Michael said:
"Becoming National Dignity Ambassador has
 strengthened my belief that dignity in care needs to
 be everybody's business."
 To coincide with the publication of the presenter's paper, health secretary
 Andy Burnham announced the launch of a new "dignity day of action" on February 25th
 to promote greater sensitivity towards the elderly.
He also said the government plans to launch a £50,000 Bright Ideas Grant to support
innovative projects that encourage dignity in care.

      Celebrities take on mobility scooter challenge
Celebrities including Hollywood actor Stephen Baldwin
and Heidi Fleiss have been getting to grips with a mobility
scooter and riding a Stairlift as part of the reality TV
Housemates on Channel 4's Celebrity Big Brother used
the mobility aids as part of a special obstacle course
inspired by TV quiz show the Krypton Factor.
As part of the challenge, the contestants had to ride the stairlift while dodging squirting
tea pots, before safely guiding the mobility scooter around a hat stand, a grandfather
clock and a lamp.
They finished by downing a mug of tea.
I think most of our customers would have gave them a run for their money though!

                         Meadow Vale Mouse
Look for the Meadow Vale Mouse hiding somewhere inside, let us know what page he
is on and win a prize.

     Complete the form on the back and send it back to us in the
                    supplied Free Post Envelope
                                          Page 1
 Mobility scooter market set for rapid growth in 2010
The UK's market for, mobility scooters is set to expand "well
above the pace of inflation" over the next five years, according
to a new report.
The increase will be partly driven by a rise in the disabled
population as the number of elderly people climbs.
However, there will also be an increase in demand for mobility
scooters to the growing sophistication of the equipment on
offer, which will persuade more people to adopt using a scooter
in order to carry on living independently.
The scooter shown is our new MVM Aviator, with a top speed of 8 mph with a range of
25 miles.
As with all our mobility products this is supplied with our unique 50% repurchase offer
giving you piece of mind for the future.

      We are offering a 20% discount on all scooters sold in
    January, February and March call us Free on 0800 121 8118

                          Adjustable Bed News
            How can I get a good night's kip in my adjustable bed?
Adjustable beds can be adjusted into a position to suit
the requirements of the user. If you have a medical
condition that requires you to sleep in certain positions
then an adjustable bed may help. They can also be used
by those who are temporarily or permanently bed-ridden
to make them sleep more comfortably. Sometimes, even
those without medical needs can use adjustable beds
just to have a comfortable sleep.
One of the biggest ailments is back pain; over 49% of the UK population will suffer
some form of back pain during their lives. Whether it is caused by stress, accidents,
bad posture, or by lifting something heavy, it ranks as one of the most commonly
reported conditions in the UK. An adjustable bed for back pain can help reduce pain in
the lower back and other discomfort associated with back injuries. For people with
chronic back pain the use of a riser chair may be called for, and in some cases where
there are mobility problems other products such as a stairlift may also be needed.
Adjustable beds can be altered into a comfortable position as per the sleeper's
requirements. They can be made very comfortable for reading or for watching TV in bed.
As the bed can be moulded according to the person's body structure, they can provide
utmost comfort and relaxation. They may also aid in getting out of bed.
Electric beds come in various forms - the pocket spring mattress or the modern foam
mattresses. They can be electronically controlled. The head, neck, shoulders, upper and
lower back, hips, thighs, legs and feet can be comfortably positioned, massaged and
heated on the bed by adjusting the different parts of the bed. This can be done by the
simple touch of a button.

20% off all adjustable beds! Call 0800 121 8118
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Meadow Vale Welcomes Richard
Meadow Vale are extremely happy to welcome Richard Ovington
to the family as Regional Sales Manager for the North. He has a
wealth of knowledge in the mobility industry and is a qualified
therapist specialising in bed therapy equipment. He is a keen
golfer, runs his local football team and an avid motorcyclist. We
even forgive him for looking like Dale Winton.

Meadow Vale Welcomes Barrie
Barrie Reader is the newest member of our team. He is an
experienced Mobility Advisor covering Sheffield and the
surrounding area. He has vast experience in mobility products
especially adjustable beds. He is also a keen golfer and also
rides a motorcycle. If you arrange an appointment for him to
assess your needs,you must ask him what recent present he
bought his wife.

Bath Lift Buying Advice
If entering and exiting your bath is becoming difficult a bath lift may
help. It operates by simply lowering you into the bath and
raising you out, once you have finished. It will help reduce the risk
of slipping or falling when trying to enter or exit the bath.

                 FREE BATH LIFT

                               Have Your Say!
As of next month we are starting a section in our news letter called “Have Your Say”.
We are inviting readers and customers to write in or email their stories, views and
thoughts on any aspect of the mobility market. Whether funny or serious we want to
know. Any reader letters that are published will be given a free gift.

                       Please send your letters either to
      The Managing Director, Meadow Vale Mobility, 155 Glaisdale Drive
                           Nottingham, NG8 4GY

                                         Page 3
                    50% Guaranteed Buy Back
Meadow Vale Mobility launches a very special promotion for all new customers. They
are offering to buy back any product sold at 50% of the original value when the
customer replaces the product at the end of the agreed term, to a maximum of 3

For example, a £4,000 scooter sold today would entitle the owner to £2,000 off a new
product when they renew.

Sean Garvin, Finance Director of Meadow Vale says: As far as we know this is the
only promotion of its kind in the mobility market and comments that we can only
offer such a great deal because we only sell the best quality products and we are so
confident in our after sales service that the product will still be worth 50% of its
original value.

If you would like to know more about this special promotion please call Nicky on
                           FREE PHONE 0800 1218118.

                              Joke of the month
A young lawyer went out and bought the fastest car in the world, the new Ultimate Aero,
for a cool £750,000. It was a nice day outside, so he took the car for it's first drive.
 As he stops at a red light, an old man on a mobility scooter rides off the pavement and
 pulls up next to him. The man on the scooter, who had to be at least 70 years old,
 leaned over at the driver's side window and asked "Nice car there Sonny, what is it?"
"Why, this is the Ultimate Aero, the fastest car in the world. It has 1183 horsepower and
 can go 257 miles per hour!" exclaimed the cocky lawyer. "And" he continued, "it cost
 3/4 of a million pounds!"
"Wow," replied the old man, "mind if I take a look inside?" he asked. "Of course not,"
 the lawyer said proudly.
 So the old man pokes his head in the window and looks around. Then, sitting back down
 on his mobility scooter, says, "That's a pretty fancy sports car, all right... but I'll stick
 with my scooter!"
Just then, the light changes and the lawyer decides to show the old man what his car
is all about. The car goes from 0-60mph in just 2.7 seconds and, before he realizes it
he's doing 220mph. Looking back, he notices a small dot in his rear view mirror. It
seems to be getting closer! He slows down to see what it could be and suddenly,
whhhoooossh! Something whips by him, going much faster!
"What in the world could be possibly be going faster than my Aero?" the young lawyer
 asks himself. Then, ahead of him, he sees a dot again... this time coming toward him.
 Whooooooossh! It flies by again, heading the opposite direction! And, it almost looked
 like the old man on the scooter! "Couldn't be," thinks the lawyer. "How could a scooter
 outrun an Ultimate Aero?"
 Again, he sees a dot in his rear view mirror, but before he could react... Whooosh
 Ka-BbblaaaaMMM! It plows into the back of his car, completely demolishing the rear
 end. The young lawyer jumps out and, to his surprise, it's the old man on the mobility
 He runs up to the mangled old man and says, "Oh my God! Are you ok? Is there
 anything I can do for you?" The old man groans and moans, finally he replies...
"Yes, unhook my braces from your wing mirror!"

                                            Page 4
Meadow Vale Rewards Scheme
As part of Meadow Vales ongoing commitment to it’s
customers they have decided to reward their
loyalty by offering a staggering 20% reward for any
recommendations that lead to a sale.

For example if you recommend a friend who buys a
product for £4,000 we will give you 800 reward
points or £800 cash.

If you wish to join Meadow Vale Rewards you will be issued your very own
Marketing Manager to help you achieve successful recommendations and maximise
the amount of points or cash that you could earn.

You may ask how Meadow Vale can be so generous and the answer is very simple:

As Phillip Hooley, Managing Director of Meadow Vale explains: It costs our business a
lot of money in marketing and promotions. For example a double page advert in the
Guardian will cost around £36,000 and a 30 second nationwide television advert will
cost around £300,000.
These marketing costs are attributable to 25% of every sale we make. That is why we
spend so much time ensuring our customers are happy and we benefit from repeat
business and recommendations. It gives us great pleasure in rewarding our
Customers for their loyalty.
If you would like to learn more about this unique opportunity please contact Nicky on
free phone 0800 1218118

                             Employee Profile
Dave Draycott
Each month we will be introducing you to a member of
our team and this month it is the turn of Dave
Draycott who works in Meadow Vales Engineering and
servicing team.
His job includes servicing, repairing and maintenance
of our customers products, usually at their home. He is
an experienced electrical engineer and valued part of
our team.
He adds: All mobility aids with electrical or moving parts including scooters, rise and
recline chairs, adjustable beds and power chairs, require regular servicing and
maintenance not only to ensure they are kept in good working order, but also to ensure
they are kept safe both for the user and members of the public. It is very satisfying
working for a company who thinks so highly of their customers.
      Book a service now and get:       Up to 20% off labour
                                        Up to 50% discount on batteries
                                        10% off parts
                         Call Helen free on 0800 1218118

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                           Stairlift Buying Advice
When climbing the stairs in your own home becomes
difficult or even dangerous, installing stairlifts can
greatly improve your independence, and allow you to
continue to enjoy your home. Often having a stairlift
installed can remove the need to move home, which
can be a very stressful and expensive alternative.

Modern stair lifts are easy to operate, quick to install
and fit most staircases; both straight and curved.

Benefits of Stairlifts - Users Feedback...

This stair lift is so easy to use with one simple control,
I do not know how we did without it, here's to the
next 10 years of life at home.

It seemed a better option than moving home.

I was surprised at the cost     it was less than I thought.

Types of Stairlifts

There are two main types, straight and curved. They can be used in just about any
home. They are special chairs which run on a track that is mounted on the stairs in your
home. This chair has a motor attached to it that will lift a person up and down the stairs.
A stair lift is simple to operate and easily installed.
Straight Stair Cases

On straight stairs cases, the lift will travel along a straight rail with the footrest of the
lift normally stopping level with the top stair.

Curved Stair Cases

Curved stairlifts, are usually more expensive, as they have to be made to measure to
travel around bends on the stairs and can be made to run on to the landing. Prices vary
according to the length of the stairs, the number of bends and the complexity of the

Curved stair lifts can usually be fitted on either side of the stairs; the layout of your
staircase will determine which is most suitable.

Our professional and friendly staff can help you in choosing the right electric stair lift
for the home, and we provide up-to-date information that includes pricing comparison
and the best places to purchase an electric stairlift and a complete range of mobility
products for the home and workplace.

For more information please contact Nicky FREE on 0800 1218118

                                            Page 6
Meadow Vale Monthly Product Test
Each month we ask one of our customers to independently
test one of our products and this month it is our 4 mph 4
wheel scooter the MVM 4. This month the review was carried
out by Mr. Brian Hodder from Beeston, Nottingham.

MVM 4 Scooter Test Drive
The 4 wheel scooter that I test drove was a non transportable 4 mph scooter. It was
powered by two 12 volt batteries. Features included horn, speed setting, lights, key
ignition, tilt tiller, lever forward/reverse controls and captain swivel seat.
"When set on maximum speed the power was excellent. If anything it could catch you
 of guard and you should be aware of how fast the scooter will move away. We
 recommend setting the speed on half setting when pulling away and adjust once on
 the move."                                                                     Mark
"To charge you simply plug the lead into the mains. In an ideal world you should store
 the scooter in your garage or porch and have main power there. We ran an extension
 lead into the back garden to charge the scooter. The batteries though could be easily
 removed for charging."
"Stability was excellent. The four wheels make a huge difference. Even when turning
 tightly at speed the scooter remained stable."
"Manoeuvrability was good, and was easy to get around the supermarket, a task that
 my friends 4 wheel scooter finds difficult.                                    Mark
Ease of Control
"I found it extremely easy to control. The lever controls could be used with both hands.
 Using the right hand simply pull towards you to move forward, release to stop and
 push away to reverse."                                                             Mark
"The scooter I tested had a range of 20 miles on a full charge, which was more than
 enough for my use. If you plan to undertake long journeys check the range of the
 scooter before buying."                                                          Mark
"Travelling uphill was no problem. The scooter would slow slightly but managed a fairly
 steep hill easily. The weight of the user will have an effect the ability of the scooter to
 travel uphill or even effect the range."                                               Mark
"The scooter managed with most terrains I tested included short grass, gravel paths
 and dirt paths. If you plan to use the scooter to walk dogs, then a four wheel would
 be a good selection. But check before you buy."                                   Mark
"The MVM 4 was easy to use, stable and managed most terrains. It was a pleasure to
 drive and I didn’t want to give it back. I will definitely consider replacing my old 6
 mph with the MVM4

                                           Page 7
                   Meadow Vale Competition

                                                                                        Tear off
The first competition of 2010 is for you to win either a mobility scooter,
rise and recline chair or adjustable bed. All you have to do is complete the word
search, fill in your Name, Address and telephone number and send it back to us in the
supplied Free Post Envelope.

 R    F    G   T   E   S   G   Y   H    J   U    K    S   A
 L    I    V   G   H   N   H   G   S    R   Y    T    U   O
 Y    R    S   E   Q   C   V   H   G    F   Y    K    J   Y    Words to Find:
 E    T    C   E   D   F   R   T   H    S   Y    U    H   K
                                                                1. RISE AND RECLINE
 G   H     O   Y   A   D   J   U   S    T   A    B    L   E
 Q   A     O   X   C   N   E   R   V    A   B     I   O   L     2. STAIR

 V    B    T   A   S   E   D   R   Y    I   K    M    U   O     3. SCOOTER
 T    S    E   Q   A   Z   X   R   C    R   G    O    T   R
                                                                4. LIFT
 S   D     R   Q   Q   W   E   R   E    R   E    B    E   D
 F   G     H   D   C   X   B   G   S    C   D     I   R   E     5. MOBILITY
 Q   A     L   I   F   T   C   V   B    G   L    L    R   E
                                                                6. BED
 F    T    Y   U   K   V   B   N   G    H   J     I   S   D
 D    S    A   W   E   F   C   Z   A    S   W    T    N   Q     7. ADJUSTABLE
 Y   U     J   K   M   N   B   C   V    Z   X    Y    C   E
                                                                8. CHAIR

                                                                                        Tear off
 E   W     D   V   G   T   D   S   A    N   H    Y    B   B
 A   Q     W   A   S   C   H   A    I   R   J    H    G   B

My chosen prize would be (please tick)

Mobility Scooter           Rise and Recline Chair             Adjustable Bed

Name:                                            Telephone:


Don’t Forget to look for the Meadow Vale Mouse to win extra prizes!

The Meadow Vale Mouse is on Page

Closing date for the competition is 25th March 2010 and the winner will be drawn out
of a hat on the 26th March 2010. Good Luck!!!

                               Meadow Vale Mobility
                                155 Glaisdale Drive
                                     NG8 4GY
                                  0800 1218118
                                                                                        Tear off

                                        Page 8

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