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					Program Details                                                                                                                Business
Project applications will be ranked according to
financial viability, market development potential,
job creation and positive impact on the

Applications must be in writing and supported
by a detailed project proposal or business plan.                                                                          Funding for Waste Diversion Initiatives
  • A non-refundable processing fee must
    be included with each application
    (not-for-profits are exempt from this fee).

  • The maximum program contribution
    will not exceed 50% of total project costs,
    unless approved by RRFB Nova Scotia.
                                                     Nancy Humby of Fresh Start Denim Art transforms used
  • Project funding is limited.                      denim jeans into decorative handbags, ties and accessories.

All information received is protected by privacy
guidelines and will be treated as confidential.      If you would like additional information
                                                     or an application form, please contact
                                                     RRFB Nova Scotia at:
Eligible Applicants and Projects
Eligible applicants include individuals,
businesses, partnerships, organizations,
agencies, municipalities and universities.

Eligible projects include:
                                                                      14 Court Street
  • manufacturing new products or services                            Suite 305
                                                                      Truro, Nova Scotia
  • prototypes or demonstration projects                              B2N 3H7                                                  Don’t let your good ideas
  • research and development studies                                  Telephone: 1-902-895-7732                                      go to waste!
                                                                      Hotline: 1-877-313-RRFB (7732)
All projects must support the goals of the                            Fax: 1-902-897-3256
Nova Scotia Solid Waste-Resource                                      Email:
Management Strategy.                                                  Website:

                                                     E     Printed on 100% post-consumer recycled paper. September 2005
Business Development Program
Program Overview                                              Program Funding                                            2) Research & Development
Nova Scotia has developed a worldwide                         Funding is available for projects that break new           Funding for research studies or pilot projects that
reputation for its innovative waste reduction,                ground either with processes, products or devices          divert waste materials or add value to materials
reuse, recycling and composting programs.                     that divert materials from the waste stream.               diverted from the waste stream.
Much of Nova Scotia’s success lies in our
ability to convert waste-resources into business                                                                         Research & Development examples include:
opportunities that protect the environment,
as well as create jobs.                                                                                                     • Funding to examine the challenges of
                                                                                                                              recycling and composting packaged
RRFB Nova Scotia, through its Business                                                                                        food waste.
Development Program, fosters business
opportunities by providing financial support                                                                                • Funding to improve compost quality
to entrepreneurs, businesses and not-for-profits                                                                              in Nova Scotia.
that divert waste materials from the landfill.
The Program also encourages innovative
research and development within the solid                                                                                3) Special Projects
waste-resource sector.
                                                              Research study improved the quality of compost made from
                                                                                                                         Funding for initiatives that divert materials
Projects must support the goals of Nova Scotia’s              organics collected through curbside green cart programs.
                                                                                                                         recovered from the waste stream including:
Solid Waste-Resource Management Strategy
by either diverting waste materials or adding                 The Business Development Program covers three                 • Support for a community workshop
value to materials once discarded, and creating               categories of funding:                                          that manufactures strawberry flats and
employment and potential export opportunities.                                                                                flowerboxes from used wooden pallets.
                                                              1. Value-Added Manufacturing
                                                                                                                            • Funding for an environmental group that
                                                              2. Research and Development                                     promotes bicycle reuse and recycling
                                                              3. Special Projects

                                                              1) Value-Added Manufacturing
                                                              Funding for the manufacture of products or services
                                                              that recover materials from the waste stream.
                                                              Value-Added Manufacturing examples include:

                                                                 • Expansion of a newspaper recycling
                                                                   facility that produces insulation.
Bartlett Plastics and Precision Machining’s lobster holding                                                              Touch on Wood berry baskets created from discarded
                                                                 • Expansion of a micro-business that
pen manufactured from recycled plastic and rubber crumb                                                                  wooden pallets.
                                                                   converts old blue jeans into new handbags
made from used tires.
                                                                   and accessories.