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Brentwood Borough News - Issue 153 - Oct 2003

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 Borough News
                                                                                                    NO. 153
                                                                                                    OCTOBER 2003
                                                                                                  Brentwood Borough Council’s
                                                                                                  newspaper is made from
                                                                                                  100% recycled paper.
                                                                                                  Please recycle after reading

                                COMPETITION               Anglia in Bloom           Parking in
                                Design a Christmas card   awards Silver to          Brentwood... When
                                for the Mayor! page 5     Brentwood page 3          and where pages 8 & 9

Brentwood’s famous Musical
                                                                                               The show is open to the public at
                                                                                               4.30pm when Peter Holmes, of
                                                                                               Breeze/Classic Gold radio station,
                                                                                               introduces an excellent programme
                                                                                               of top class live stage entertainment
                                                                                               which carries through until 8pm
                                                                                               when the Firework Spectacular
                                                                                               begins! £10,000 of fireworks will be
Firework Spectacular, which was                                                                fired to pop and classical music
voted by a national newspaper as                                                               through a 25 thousand watt sound-
                                                                                               system! There will also be a fabu-
one of the very best fireworks                                                                 lous sound and light show which
events in the country, is set to take                                                          enhances the performance on stage,
                                                                                               plus a giant fun fair, together with
place at the Brentwood Centre                                                                  hot and cold food on sale.
Showground on Saturday                                                                         Admission is just £4.50 for adults
                                                                                               and £2.50 for children and accom-
November 1st                                                                                   panied children under 12 are
THIS SPECTACULAR show,                                                                         admitted free of charge before 6pm.
which is renowned for its themed                                                               The organisers ask everyone to
special effects and amazing fire-                                                              arrive as early as possible and
works is organised by Brentwood                                                                certainly before 7.30pm to avoid
Events and supported by                                                                        disappointment.
Brentwood Borough Council.                                                                     To ensure health and safety require-
This year's theme celebrates 100                                                               ments, personal fireworks and
years of flight and looks set to be                                                            sparklers may not be brought into
another sure fire hit with the audi-                                                           the event.
ence. The team of organisers are                                                               For more information please ring
busily building replicas of                                                                    226624.
Concorde, a Spitfire and the                                                                   Follow the Firework Code page 15
Wright brothers’ aircraft.

                                                               Don’t miss Brentwood’s Musical Fireworks Spectacular!

             TRAVEL INFO
              ON THE INTERNET
                                                     Mobile library: new times                                                                           Free and friendly
                                                                                                                                                         financial advice from the
                                                     TIMES FOR the mobile library service             Blackmore Library is to close at the end of        experts for those nearing
 elinformation                                       have changed. Now the library will visit         November. From this time it is proposed that
 including:                                                                                           the mobile library will visit Blackmore. The
                                                                                                                                                         retirement or already retired.
                                                     at the following times:
 ! Bus and Rail Journey Planner                      Thursdays                                        exact times and locations of the mobile library    At the Town Hall on the
 ! Online bus timetables and public                  at Highwood School 11am-11.30am                  have yet to be finalised although it is expected   second Friday of the month
 transport map                                       at Tipps Cross Village Hall 11.45am-12noon       that it will visit on:                             (10th October). Pop in
 ! VillageLink Rural Bus Services                    at Bricklayers Arms, Stondon Massey              Tuesday                                            between 10am and 12noon, no
                                                     12.05pm-12.20pm                                  Blackmore Village Hall                             appointment necessary.
 ! Rail, Air, Coach, Ferry and London
                                                     at Tipps Cross Mead 12.25pm-12.35pm              9.30am-1pm
 Underground links                                                                                                                                       Information on... Minimum
                                                     at Wyatts Green Lane 1.45pm-2pm                  Saturday
            ON THE PHONE                                                                              Blackmore Fingreth Hall Lane                       Income Guarantee Retirement
                                                     at Doddinghurst 2.05pm-4.05pm
 Telephone information service for                   at Wyatts Green, Glen Hazel                      9.30am-4.30pm                                      Pension, Winter Fuel
 buses, coaches and trains available                 4.10pm-4.20pm                                    For more information about the mobile library      Payments, Attendance
 throughout England, Wales and                       Blackmore Library                                please call Essex Libraries on 01206 245900        Allowance
 Scotland. Call 0870 608 2608                        Essex County Council has agreed that             or email
 Textphone 0870 241 2216
 daily between 7am and 10pm
                                                                          Benefit Bulletin
Help us fight fraud!                                                                                               A regular feature, Benefit Bulletin will
THE COUNCIL pays Housing and
                                                             For those who claim help                              keep you updated on claiming benefit
Council Tax Benefits to help people who                      with rent or Council Tax                                and let you know of any important
                                                                                                                        changes to the benefit system
struggle to meet their housing and
Council Tax costs. People who make
fraudulent claims are stealing from you.
If there is someone you think may be
                                                                    About the new Pension Credit
claiming benefits they are not entitled                       ension Credit came into force this     !If  you do not currently receive the

                                                                                                                                                    (£18.60 for couples) - ensuring that these
to... Please phone our                                        month. The intention of this new       Minimum Income Guarantee the Pension           pensioners maintain their current entitle-
                                                              benefit is to reward pensioners        Service will be contacting all people aged     ment as well as benefiting from the new
 confidential Fraud Hotline                            with modest savings and provide them          over 60 with details of how the Pension        Pension Credit.
     on 0800 028 1492                                  with a decent level of income during their    Credit will affect them. The Pension           !Several types of income will be disre-
You need not give your                                 retirement years. For the first time people   Service will give you all the relevant facts   garded. These include:
name.                                                  will be rewarded for saving instead of        that will help you decide whether or not to    Attendance Allowance
                                                       being penalised. The Pension Credit also      apply for Pension Credit.                      Disability Living Allowance
                                                       replaces the Minimum Income Guarantee         How will the new Pension Credit affect         Housing Benefit and Council Tax Benefit
                                                       for people aged 60 or over from 6th           my Housing Benefit and Council Tax             How will my savings affect my

 Into Court                                            October 2003.
                                                       What is Pension Credit?
                                                       Pension Credit is a new entitlement that
                                                                                                     !If you receive the guarantee credit (with
                                                                                                     or without the savings credit), this will
                                                                                                                                                    entitlement to Pension Credit?
                                                                                                                                                    When calculating the amount of benefit
                                                                                                                                                    that you may be entitled to, the Pensions
 The Council’s recent successful                       will be paid to people aged 60 or over by     entitle you to the maximum eligible            Service will not need to know about any
                                                       the Pensions Service (which is part of the    amount of Housing Benefit and/or               interest or dividends you get from your
 prosecutions include:                                 Department for Works and Pensions).           Council Tax Benefit. However, any              savings. Examples of the savings and
 Benefit Fraud                                         How will the Pension Credit help              deductions for other adults living in your     investments that are taken into account
 ON 10TH September, Fiona Hall and Paul                people aged 60 or over?                       home or restrictions in entitlement due to     include:
 Bluck, both of Great Warley, were found guilty        The Pension Credit will help pensioners       high rent will still affect the amount of      1 Money in a bank, building society, or
 of failing to notify a change of circumstances to     in several ways:                              benefit you receive.                           post office account
                                                       1 The Pension Credit will provide a guar-     !If you receive the savings credit only,       2 National Savings Certificates
 the Council - that Mr Bluck had started a job in
                                                       anteed level of income for everyone aged      you will not get maximum help, but you         3 Premium Bonds
 October 2002 - while continuing to claim              60 or over of £102.10 a week for a single     may still be able to get some help with        4 Investments such as ISAs, PEPs, and
 Housing Benefit and Council Tax Benefit.              person, or £155.80 for couples. These         your rent and/or council tax if your savings   TESSAs
 Mr Bluck and Ms Hall were fined £250 each             amounts may be higher if the person who       and/or investments are £16,000 or less.        5 An Income Bond, Capital Bond, or
 and both were also ordered to pay £300 towards        receives this amount is severely disabled     How will the Pension Credit help those         Granny Bond
 the cost of prosecution by Grays Magistrates          or they look after someone who is severe-     aged 60 or over?                               6 Shares and unit trusts, and
 Court                                                 ly disabled).                                 !The Pension Credit will ensure that peo-      7 Property and land (but not including the
                                                       This part of the Pension Credit is            ple aged 60 or over, will not need to live     place where you usually live).
                                                       called the guarantee credit.                  on less than £100 a week. Or £154 a week       It is likely that you will be entitled to
                                                       2 The Pension Service will provide a          for couples                                    Pension Credit if your weekly income is
                                                       reward for people aged 65 and over for        !The Pension Credit will ensure that pen-      less than:
                                                       some of the savings and income they           sioners with modest savings will no            !£139.10 if you are single, or
                                                       have for their retirement. This is worth a    longer lose a pound in their benefit for       !£203.80 if you have a partner
                                                       maximum of £14.79 a week for single           every pound of pension or other savings        You may still be able to get Pension
                                                       people and £19.20 a week for couples.         they have built up. People aged 65 or over     Credit if your weekly income is more
                                                       This part of the Pension Credit is            with incomes of up to £135 a week (£200        than these amounts if, for example, you
                                                       called the savings credit.                    for couples) will be rewarded. The maxi-       or your partner:
                                                       Most pensioners will be entitled to both      mum award will be around £13.80 per            !Is a severely disabled person
                                                       the guarantee credit and the savings cred-    week or £18.60 for couples                     !Look after a person who is severely dis-
                                                       it.                                           !The Pension Credit will replace the           abled, or
                                                       How do I apply for Pension Credit?            weekly means test. From age 65 most            !Have certain housing costs - for exam-
                                                       !If you are already in receipt of the         awards will be set for five years and pen-     ple, mortgage interest repayments.
                                                       Minimum Income Guarantee you will             sioners will only be required to report sig-   Where can I get more information on
                                                       not need to apply for the Pension Credit.     nificant changes in the circumstances. In      the new Pension Credit which came
                                                       The Pension Service will automatically        general, income during a fixed period          into force on 6th October?
                                                       work out your Pension Credit entitlement      (assessed income period) will be ignored.      Brentwood Borough Council 261111
                                                       and convert your benefit claim to Pension     !The Pension Credit will fully protect         Age Concern 0800 00 99 66
                                                       Credit. The Pension Service will write to     those on Housing Benefit and Council           Citizens Advice Bureau 222888
                                                       you to let you know what your new enti-       Tax Benefit by increasing the guaranteed       SeniorLine (from Help the Aged) 0808
                                                       tlement will be.                              elements of these benefits by £13.80           800 6565

                                                       The Council is determined to encourage Brentwood residents to apply and receive their full entitlement to help with housing
                                                       costs. Look out for more information about Housing Benefit and Council Tax Benefit next month!
                                                       Please contact Catherine on 261111 ext 217 for help and advice on claiming Housing Benefit and Council Tax Benefit, or visit the
                                                       Council’s website on
                                                                                                                                           BRENTWOOD BOROUGH COUNCIL, OCTOBER 2003 3

 Council                                              THE COUNCIL is looking for young people
                                                      aged 13 to 16 to help them set up a Young
                                                      People’s Action Group.
                                                      The Group will work with officers on a range of

                                                      projects designed specifically to involve the
                                                      Borough’s young people in the democratic
                                                      process and show them what it’s all about.
                                                      Projects will include:
                                                      !A ‘Young Mayor for the Day’ competition

 youth on                                             where the winner has a series of ‘official’ func-
                                                      tions to attend as Young Mayor
                                                      !A ‘Young People’s Achievement Award’, along
                                                      the lines of the Borough’s Civic Awards scheme

 board                                                !A four-page supplement in the Brentwood
                                                      Borough News written by young people for
                                                      young people.
                                                      Anybody who would like to get involved, or who
 ages 13 to 16 wanted                                 would like more information, should contact Eric
                                                      Smith or Sue Lawther at the Town Hall, on
 to sit on Action Group                               261111.

Brentwood takes the silver!                                                                                   DORIS GOWER, a member of the In Bloom
                                                                                                              Strategy Group was presented with the Roy
                                                                                                              Lacey Judges Discretionary Award at the
                                                                                                              Anglia In Bloom presentations.
                                                                                                              The Award was in recognition of Doris’s hard
                                                                                                              work and commitment to the enhancement of
                                                                                                              Brentwood, and the achievement of the
                                                                                                              Anglia In Bloom aims and objectives.
                                                                                                              The judges said, “Doris Gower is to be con-
                                                                                                              gratulated by the way she has overcome
                                                                                                              adversity and is still keeping the churchyard
                                                                                                              and cemetery at Shenfield so immaculate
                                                                                                              with her determination as well as her
                                                                                                              Doris Gower, pictured right, was presented with a
                                                                                                              Civic Award for Lifetime Achievement

                                                                                                                                                                                         6097BN 19/9/03

                                                                                                                                                           Your local college
                                                                                                                                                           for vocational
                                                                                                                                                           training and
                                                                                                                                                           higher education
                                                                                                                                                           is only five
                                                                                                                                                           minutes from
                                                                                                                                                           Gidea Park
                                                                                                                                                           Station. Bus 294
                                                                                                                                                           stops outside
                                                                                                                                                           Gidea Park
                                                                                                                                                           station and goes
                                                                                                                                                           to Ardleigh Green
The Mayor of Brentwood, Councillor Shirley Howe, admires the High Street planting                                                                          Plus we have over 360
BRENTWOOD TOOK a silver award                         the Silver Gilt award, Broxbourne, Ipswich and                                                       programmes available.
                                                      Brentwood were all awarded Silvers.
in this year’s Anglia in Bloom awards.                Of Brentwood, the judges said, “Partnership...                                                       For further information contact
Congratulations go to the Brentwood In Bloom          appears to be very much the driving force of                                                         Information, Advice and Threshold
Strategy Group for leading the Borough to success     Brentwood in Bloom, an excellent example to                                                          Services on:
in the prestigious competition.
Brentwood took Silver in the Best Small City cate-
                                                      other similar communities in the region. All in all a
                                                      good entry. Well done.”
                                                                                                                                                           01708 462801
gory, a terrific achievement given that we were       The Brentwood In Bloom initiative is led by the
judged alongside giants such as Norwich and           Strategy Group and supported by the Council and
Ipswich. Norwich took the Gold, Stevenage took        Town Centre Partnership

                                  BRENTWOOD HAS just been placed 35th in a                                          Financial/Tr ailable
 Top 10%                          quality of life survey of 408 local authority areas.
                                  In a study published last month, Brentwood was placed in the top 10% in
                                                                                                                   Assistance apply

 in the                           England and Wales for quality of life. The survey, by global business
                                  solutions company, Experian, was judged against three criteria: crime,
                                  health and education, and compared with house prices.

                                                                                                                 Ardleigh Green Campus,Ardleigh Green Road, Hornchurch, Essex RM11 2LL
                                  Chief Executive and Town Clerk, Bob McLintock, said, “The Council is           Harrow Lodge Campus, Hyland Way, Hornchurch, Essex RM11 1DY
                                  delighted to learn the results of the survey; although we always knew          Quarles Campus,Tring Gardens, Harold Hill, Romford, Essex RM3 9ES
                                  Brentwood was a great place to live!”

is offering the
opportunity to
all Brentwood
based primary
schools to be
involved in the
new Bodycare
programme.                    during exercise              activities away from          equipment and the children will each
The programme is a            !Teach children the ben-     school. £1 vouchers will      receive two workbooks and fit tick stick-
health promotion scheme       efits of exercise and an     be distributed to partici-    ers as necessary. There is no cost as
which is being run by a       active lifestyle             pants that can be             Essex      County      Council       Sports
number of local authori-      ! Teach     children the     redeemed at both the          Development Unit has been successful in
ty sports development         importance of a balanced     Brentwood Centre and          obtaining funding from the Children's
units in the county.          diet and energy balance.     Shenfield Sports Centre.      Fund for this programme.
The scheme is ideally         The Bodycare pro-            For every activity com-       Ten schools have already made enquiries
suited for children in        gramme is run by a           pleted the children           about the scheme and it is anticipated
years five and six and fits   trained tutor visiting the   receive a "Fit Tick           that take up will be good. If there are any
into the national curricu-    schools over a five-week     Sticker" that they collect    further questions about the scheme
lum. The main aims of         period. Each session is      in their workbooks.           please contact Warren Smyth 215151.
the scheme are to:            one hour and involves a      There are certificates of
                              range of classroom and       participation for all chil-
!Encourage children to
become more active
away from school
                                             Play tennis on
                              practical activities.
                              Activity vouchers
                                                           dren, and bronze, silver
                                                           and gold certificates for
                                                           those children who are
! Teach    children the
effects of exercise and
how the body changes
                              During the five weeks
                              children are encouraged
                              to take part in physical
                                                           very active.
                                                           The tutor provides all

                                             evenings at the
 M O N D AY 2 7 t h - T H U R S D AY 3 0 t h

 at the B R E N T W O O D                                  CENTRE
                                                                                                                                       BRENTWOOD SCHOOL
                                                                                                                                          SPORTS CENTRE

                                                                                         THERE’S       NO
      Trampolining . Basketball . Multi-Tournaments                                      need to book, just                             Regular early morning
      Badminton . Short Tennis . Team Challenges                                         turn up and play                               sessions available from
      Football . Art Attack . Games Galore & more...                                     and pay for your
                                                                                         session.                                      September 1st, and new
                                                                                         under 14s 6 - 7pm                                 swimming lesson
                                                                                         Outdoor, weather per-
                                                                                         mitting (indoor short ten-                      programme available
                                                                                         nis available if wet)
                                                                                         Price: £3.50/£4 without a
                                                                                         Centre Card per session.
                                                                                         7 - 8pm Beginners
                                                                                         8 - 9pm Improvers
                                                                                                                                        For further information please contact the Centre Reception
                                                                                         9 - 10pm General                                 Brentwood School Sports Centre, Middleton Hall Lane,
                                                                                         Price: £3.70/£4.20 with-                                        Brentwood, Essex CM15 8EE
                                                                                         out a Centre Card per                                     Tel: 01277 243344 Fax: 01277 243346
              Doddinghurst Road                      session.
               Brentwood. Essex            Telephone: (01277) 215151                     Coaching is available
                                           Textphone: (01277) 225346                     with a fully qualified
                                                                                                                                         BRENTWOOD BOROUGH COUNCIL, OCTOBER 2003 5

Brentwood’s Christmas Magic
                                                                 sponsored by Anton Group
                                                                 THE COUNCIL is delighted that Anton                              avoiding any nuisance which might
                                                                 Group is once again very generously sponsor-                     be caused by under-age drinking in
                                                                                                                                  the streets.
                                                                 ing Brentwood’s Christmas Magic.                                 The day is a fun-filled festive occa-
                                                                      The event will take place, as usual on the                  sion for the whole family.
                                                                       last Saturday in November - the 29th -                     Support for the occasion is vitally
                                                                             so make a note in your diary                         important
                                                                 Brentwood’s Christmas event is now one of the most pop-          The award winning Anton Group is one of the largest print
                                                                 ular in the south-east, with thousands of people attracted to    groups in the country with its headquarters in Prospect Way,
                                                                 the town to enjoy the day of entertainment and festivities       Hutton. Employing over 250 people, Anton Group is a sub-
                                                                 and to see the Christmas lights turned on.                       stantial and thriving local business with clients in the UK,
                                                                 The parade through the town was dropped last year because        Europe and USA. This is the second year they have spon-
                                                                 of safety concerns and the day this year will follow the         sored Brentwood’s Christmas Magic and the Council is
                                                                 same format: the High Street will be closed to traffic, allow-   pleased to have their continued support.
                                                                 ing stages to be placed at various locations for entertain-      See next month’s Brentwood Borough News for up to date
                                                                 ment, and stalls and kiddie rides to be offered. The Council     news on Brentwood Christmas Magic and the day’s
                                                                 intends its ban on public drinking to be in place by then,       programme details

                                                                                                                     St Francis Hospice                          Leukaemia Research
   Christmas and the Environment                                                                                          Christmas                                      Fund
                                                                                                                           Bazaar                               Brentwood, Hutton and
         Card Competition                                                                                           at Ingatestone Community Club
                                                                                                                                                                  Billericay Branch

                                                                                                                  Saturday 22nd November
   Design a Christmas card for the Mayor and                                                                                 10am-12.30pm                         BAZAAR
   you could win a gift voucher for                                                                                   cards, books, gifts, stamps,
                                                                                                                                                               SHENFIELD PARISH HALL
                                                                                                                   Christmas ideas, cakes, new gifts,
   you and £100 for your school!                                                                                         bric-a-brac, handicrafts
                                                                                                                                                                    Saturday 1st
                                                                                                                    superb raffle prizes &
   The Mayor is asking youngsters in the                  There are three                                                                                            November
                                                                                                                  luxury hamper to be won
   Borough to design her a Christmas card.                categories of entry:                                    Entrance 30p, accompanied children
                                                                                                                                                                 10am till 12.30am
   The theme is Christmas and the                         !ages 4 to 7 years                                                                                         Entrance fee 20p
                                                                                                                  free. Refreshments 70p. Free Parking
   Environment which leaves the field                     !ages 8 to 11 years and

   wide open for some creative thinking                   !ages 12 and over

   with a festive theme!                                  A winner, second place, and third
   Entries should have name, age, address                 place will be chosen by the Mayor
   and telephone number written on the                    from each category.
   back, together with the name of the                    Each winner will get a £20 gift voucher
   school attended.                                       for themselves and £100 for their
   Unfortunately we will not be able to                   school. Second places will win a £10
   return entries.                                        gift voucher each, and third places will
   Entries must be received by Friday                     win a £5 gift voucher each.
   31st October 2003. Please send to:                     The winning designs will be used for the
         Brentwood Borough News                           Mayor’s Christmas cards and will also
                                                          be on sale in the Information Centre. All
        Christmas Card Competition
                                                          proceeds from the cards will go to the
          Town Hall, Ingrave Road
                                                          Mayor’s chosen charities, SNAP and
           Brentwood CM15 8AY                             Victim Support (Brentwood).

Mr West Horndon dies
MEMBERS AND staff at the Council
were saddened to hear of the death of
Roy Boggis.
Roy was a borough councillor for West Horndon
for over 12 years, losing his seat earlier this year at
the age of 81. He was never a man to tow a party
line and was the sole Liberal on the Council for the
last seven years. Always a man to speak his mind,
Roy was often to be found on the other side of the
fence, but he never sat on it!
He was a staunch supporter of West Horndon and
was still working tirelessly for its community as a
parish councillor at the time of his death.
Roy and his wife Freda (pictured right with a card
of congratulations from the Queen) were delighted
to celebrate their diamond wedding anniversary
last year.
Our condolences go to Freda and their two daughters.

Would you commit a crime against the environment?
NO, OF course
you wouldn’t, but
it is possible you
are an unwitting
                                                                                                                                                                           for a
Every day in Brentwood
somebody will have                                                                                                                                                        AS PART of the cam-
some rubbish cleared                                                                                                                                                      paign to promote
from their house by a                                                                                                                                                     recycling, the Council
man with a van.                                                                                                                                                           has launched a poetry
Unknown to the resident                                                                                                                                                   competition        in
this rubbish will be des-                                                                                                                                                 schools.
tined to be dumped in                                                                                                                                                     Each school has received
the rural areas of                                                                                                                                                        a 'waste pack' full of
Brentwood.                                                                                                                                                                background information
A common story                                                                                                                                                            on current waste issues
Mr Lopez of Hutton                                                                                                                                                        and recycling and activi-
requires a shed to be                                                                                                                                                     ties aimed at educating
taken down and disposed                                                                                                                                                   pupils in this subject.
of. It's an asbestos roofed                                                                                                                                               Using this information
shed and as such requires                                                                                                                                                 pupils in Years 3 to 9, in
dealing with by a spe-                                                                                                                                                    participating schools,
cialised         company.                                                                                                                                                 will be asked to compose
However Mr Lopez                                                                                                                                                          a poem with an environ-
wants it done quickly                                                                                                                                                     mental theme, concen-
and cheaply. He scans                                                                                                                                                     trating on the subject of
the local newspapers and                                                                                                                                                  Reducing, Reusing and
spies a small advert...                                                                                                                                                   Recycling (3Rs). It is
‘All rubbish cleared                                                                                                                                                      hoped that this will high-
   at competitive                                                                                                                                                         light the importance of
  rates… ring this                                                                                                                                                        recycling to the younger
  mobile number’                                                                                                                                                          generation.
One phone call later and                                                                                                                                                  The winner from each
it's arranged for the fol-                                                                                                                                                year group will receive a
lowing day.                                                                                                                                                               prize, plus £100 to go
The next day a white          be collected.                                                                                                                               towards new equipment
                                                           waste and they must
transit tipper van turns
up and disgorges three
                              Being asbestos the
                              charge       to      the
                                                           either be a registered
                                                           waste carrier or use a            What to do if you see                                                        for his/her school. All
                                                                                                                                                                          runner-ups will receive a
                                                                                                                                                                          young poets pack as
men who proceed to
demolish the shed.
Safe working practices?
                              Brentwood ratepayer is
                              in the region of £300.
                              This contributes to the
                                                           registered waste carrier.
                                                           Some      traders
                                                           attempt to avoid this
                                                                                 will        someone fly-tipping                                                          well.
                                                                                                                                                                          Look out for news of the
You're joking... asbestos                                                                                                                                                 winning poets at the end
                              annual total of £22 mil-     reponsibility in an effort
fibres are flying every-                                                                 THE MOST important                      Note as many of the above details as     of November.
                              lion spent in the UK in      to evade paying the
where and Mr Lopez's          clearing dumped rub-         charge called landfill tax.   rule to remember is not                 you can and contact the Council or        Ingatestone Musical &
children are watching         bish.                        Please help by not being                                              The Environment Agency                   Operetta Group presents
and breathing in this         Mr Lopez has been a          another Mr Lopez.             to approach anybody fly-                !Brentwood Borough Council
deadly         substance.     major player in this         Only use bona-fide            tipping.                                01277 261111                             Rodgers & Hart
The job is finished with-     crime by using the ser-      companies that can            The fly-tipper(s) are carrying out an   !Brentwood Borough Council                A Celebration
in the hour. Payment          vices of these spurious                                    illegal act and may become violent.     HOTLINE 0800 328 6835                        at Ingatestone &
                                                             prove how they
made, cash only of            businesses. No doubt he                                    Note the following :                    !Environment Agency                       Fryerning Community
course.                                                    intend to dispose of                                                  HOTLINE 0800 706050
                              would be mortified to                                      !Date and time                                                                             Club
 The white transit            know the results of their         the waste                !Location of the fly-tip                Please supply the above details, even    Tuesday 14th October to
                              actions. To avoid this       Be wary of businesses                                                 if you don't wish to act as a witness.   Saturday 18th October at
 van heads off to a                                                                      !Details of the fly-tippers
                              scenario, it is imperative   that only operate from a      !Description of the vehicle             Anonymous messages can be left on        7.45pm, Sat matinee
 local dump, more                                          mobile number. Your
                              that if you make arrange-                                  (Make, colour and registration)         the Council's Hotline.                   18th Oct at 2.30pm
 commonly known                                            efforts will help to                                                  If someone is found guilty of fly-tip-
                              ments for the removal of                                   ! What was your location when                                                    Tickets: £7 Tues, Wed,
  as a gateway in             waste you use a regis-       reduce the expense in                                                 ping they could face imprisonment        Thurs, £7.50 Sat eve,
                                                                                         viewing the fly-tip?
  Goatswood Lane              tered waste carrier.         clearing away fly-tips        !What was the weather like?             or a fine of up to £20,000.              £8.50 Fri (have a drink
Eventually the Council        All businesses have a        and the eyesores created      !What was dumped? (Do not touch         As a further incentive to catch the      with the cast), £4.50
receives a call and we        'duty of care' when it       by fly-tips on our envi-      the waste and do not remove any evi-    perpetrators of fly-tipping the          concs.
arrange for the fly-tip to    comes to the disposal of     ronment.                      dence eg addressed envelopes)           Council is offering a reward of          From      Kendons      at
                                                                                         !How much was dumped?                   £250 for information that leads to       Gemini Jewellery, or tel.
                                                                                         !Anyone else with you?                  a successful prosecution.                01245 360532.
                                                               BRENTWOOD BOROUGH COUNCIL, OCTOBER 2003 7

                                 Do you know where these three
Where in the world?              pictures were taken?
                If you do, write the answers by a, b, and c, and send, with your name and
                address and telephone number to Brentwood Borough News, Town Hall,
                Ingrave Road, Brentwood CM15 8AY, by Monday 20th October. The first
                correct entry drawn after the closing date will win a £20 garden voucher
                from Tomlins Nurseries.
                The pictures left all feature examples of the          den, don’t forget the Council’s free kerbside
                work that has been going on throughout the             collection of garden rubbish. The Council
                Borough during the Summer Streets cam-                 organises collection on a fortnightly basis,
                paign. Hedgerows have been cut back, paths             alternating with collection of waste paper for
                tidied, walkways cleared and litter blitzed            recycling.
                during the summer months.                              Twenty biodegradable bags were delivered
                Now the Council has found funds to contin-             earlier in the summer to all households in the
                ue the good work into the autumn so the                Borough for green waste. If you now need
                Summer Streets campaign will become the                more, they can be bought at £1 for 10 from
                Autumn Pick-up as the leaves fall in our               the locations listed below.
                leafy Borough.                                         If you don’t know the dates of your collec-
                Free collection of autumn leaves                       tion please call Mike Dun at the Town Hall
                If autumn leaves are a problem in your gar-            on 261111 ext 293.
                   Location                                 Address                           Tel.No. (01277)

                                    Brook Street Stores, 35 Brook Street                              223 428

 A                  Brentwood
                                    Information Centre, 44 High Street
                                    Robert Dyas, 95 High Street
                                                                                                      201 111
                                                                                                      219 981
                                    Brentwood Council, Ingrave Road                                   261 111
                                    D&M Piears (Londis), 19 Warley Hill                               220 208
                                    Doddinghurst News, 78 Church Lane                                 822 084
                                    Fairway Food Town & P.O, Doddinghurst Road                        822 908
                    Herongate       Herongate Village Stores, 156 Brentwood Road                      810 266
                                    Brackenbank Stores, 52 Hanging Hill Lane                          213 774
                                    AM General Stores, 3 Rayleigh Parade                              201 347
                      Hutton        AJB Cochrane News, 26 Springfield Avenue                          225 747
                                    Wisebuys, 62-64 Woodland Avenue                                   216 079
                   Ingatestone      Ingatestone Parish Council, 7 High St (Community Club)     353 315 (Tues/Thurs am)
                      Ingrave       Martins newsagents, 15 Eastham Crescent                           228 936

                 Kelvedon Hatch Alans DIY, 36 Blackmore Road                                          373 335
                  Pilgrims Hatch Pilgrims Hatch P.O (Hutchins), 422 Ongar Road                        372 204
                                    Christopher Millett, 238 Hutton Road                              210 406
                                    R & V Slade, 244 Hutton Road                                      227 199
                      Warley        Brentwood Borough Council Depot, The Drive                        262 728
                                    West Horndon Horticultural Society, 118 Thorndon Ave.             811 413
                  West Horndon Jacksons Newsagents, 187 Thorndon Avenue                               811 457
                  Yes Please             #Grass cuttings #Leaves and twigs #Weeds #Hedge and
                  tree trimmings #Plants and flowers #Sawdust

                  No Thanks              "Soil, stones, concrete and brick "Kitchen waste "Animal
                  waste "Logs and planks "Plant pots and seed trays "Plastic bags inside
                  the sack "General rubbish

                 Bulky collections
                 THE COUNCIL offers a chargeable                      1 Pass the items onto friends or family.
                 collection service for large items that              2 If the items are in good condition and have the
                 would not normally be taken with the                 appropriate safety markings you could contact
                 household waste collection service.                  the following charitable organisations:
                 The minimum charge is £10 for two items              Furniture Exchange 222468
                 and additional items at £5 each, although this       Salvation Army         217609
                 varies for items that are difficult to collect       3 Advertise the items in a local newspaper or on
                 e.g. pianos. If it's difficult to clearly identify   a postcard in a local newsagent or supermarket.
                 the number of items, a quotation can be given        4 Take the items to a civic amenity site. There
                 for their removal after having been viewed.          are three sites easily accessible for Brentwood
                 If you're interested in using the Council's col-     residents.
                 lection service please ring 261111 ext 288 or        ·          Coxtie Green Road, Pilgrims Hatch
                 338. Unfortunately we are unable to remove           ·          Roman Road, Ingatestone
                 hardcore, concrete earth, paving, trees or           ·          Mill Lane, High Ongar

C                large branches.
                 There are a number of other options for the
                 disposal of unwanted items.
                                                                      For further information concerning the civic
                                                                      amenity sites contact the Essex County Council
                                                                      Waste Helpline on 01245 491222.
8 BRENTWOOD BOROUGH COUNCIL, OCTOBER 2003                                                                                        BRENTWOOD BOROUGH COUNCIL, OCTOBER 2003 9

Parking in Brentwood
      hopping in Brentwood has never been more
                                                                                                                                Pay and display
                                                                                                                                Mon to Sat 8am - 6pm
                                                                                                                                Up to ¼ hour 10p

S     attractive now that parking has been made easier.
      Council-employed parking attendants regulate the
parking and keep it fair for us all, so we can concentrate
                                                                                                                                Up to ½ hour 20p
                                                                                                                                Up to 1 hour 50p
                                                                                                                                Up to 2 hours £1
on visiting the shops, restaurants and pubs that make our
town centre such a pleasurable experience. Not sure                                                                             Up to 3 hours £1.50
where to park? The map here should tell you.
                                                                                                                                Up to 4 hours £2
                                                                                      FREE for 30 minutes                       Up to 5 hours £2.50
                                                                                      No waiting longer than ½                  Up to 6 hours £3
                                                                                      hour 9am-6pm Mon-Sat                      Over 6 hours £6
                                                                                                                                Blue Badge and
                                                                                                                                motorcycles free

                                                             Car park tariffs
Pay and display                                              1 Sir Francis Way
                                                               season tickets only
Mon to Sat 8am - 6pm                                           £30 per month (+ £10 initial fee)
Max stay 2 hours                                             2 Westbury Road
Up to ¼ hour 10p Up to ½ hour 20p                              season tickets only
                                                                                                       4 & 5 Hart Street & Crown Street
Up to 1 hour 50p Up to 2 hours £1                              £50 per month (+ £10 initial fee)
                                                                                                        pay and display
Blue Badge and motorcycles free                              3 William Hunter Way
                                                                                                        0-1 hour 50p
                                                              pay on foot:
                                                              0-1 hour 50p        Separate area for     1-2 hours £1
                                                                                                        Max stay 2 hours
FREE for 30 minutes                                           1-2 hours £1          Blue Badge
                                                              2-3 hours £1.50       holders only       6 Coptfold Road Multi Storey
Mon-Fri                                                                                                 pay on foot: as William Hunter Way
                                                              3-4 hours £2
No waiting longer than ½ hour                                 4-5 hours £2.50                           season tickets available £65 per month
7am-9.30am and 4.30pm-7pm                                     5-6 hours £3                              (+ £10 initial fee) No Blue Badge
                                                              over 6 hours £6                           concessions except for Shopmobility users
No waiting longer than 2 hours
                                                              season tickets available £65 per month   7 Town Hall
9.30am-4.30pm                                                 (+ £10 initial fee)                       Free (Saturdays only)

  Tower                                                                                                                                                                        Sheltered
  House                                                                                                                                                                        housing...
                                                                                                                                                                                 offers a
 garden’s                                                                                                                                                                        safe and
  a work                                                                                                                                                                       independent
  of art!                                                                                                                                                                         way of
ART     REALLY                                                                                                                                                                     living
does change lives!                                                                                                                                                             THE      COUNCIL
That's the message from
                                                                                                                                                                               has a range of
Cultural          Services
Manager Sue Lawther,                                                                                                                                                           accommodation in
who has been working                                                                                                                                                           the Borough which
with the Tower House                                                                                                                                                           is designated as
Residents and Housing                                                                                                                                                          sheltered housing
Services           Tenant                                                                                                                                                      for people over 60
Participation Co-ordina-
                                                                                                                                                                               years old.
tor Sandie Salway this
                                                                                                                                                                               It offers safe and com-
summer on a garden
                                                                                                                                                                               fortable accommodation
design project.
                                                                                                                                                                               for older people who
The patch of bare grass
                                                                                                                                                                               want to remain indepen-
and concrete that was the
                                                                                                                                                                               dent for as long as possi-
communal garden has
been transformed thanks
                                                                                                                                                                               Resident Wardens live in
to the hard work and
                                                                                                                                                                               certain sheltered housing
commitment of the
                             Many hands make light work! All ages helped in creating Tower House’s new gardens                                                                 schemes, usually those
Tower House Residents
                                                                                                                                                                               flats and bedsits located
Association. It's been       spoken to each other        D'Arcy      and      artist   Associations across the      the project. This is the      environment that is gen-     in one block. The bunga-
brilliant. Everyone who      found themselves chat-      Caroline Wright have          Borough. This was            first project that Tenant     uinely their own and         lows and flats not locat-
wanted to take part has      ting over a coffee in the   been working closely          topped up with a grant of    Participation and Art         which will be pleasant and   ed in a single block usu-
had their say, right down    new pergola. Now they       with residents to create a    £4875 from the Arts          Development have been         safe for future residents.   ally have one of the resi-
to the youngest of the       are really looking for-     family friendly garden.       Council England (East)       involved with jointly and     If you would like to         dent wardens living
kids, whose paintings        ward to seeing the fin-     The source of funding         towards several original     it has proved to be a         know more about Tenant       nearby. All properties
inspired the design and      ished garden, when they     for the project was           pieces of artwork created    great success. By work-       Participation or Arts        have an alarm to call the
the artworks.                can point to a piece of     through the Community         by and for the residents.    ing together real value       Development, contact         Central Control Centre
Since digging and planti-    artwork or a plant and      Housing Budget, which         Sandie Salway, Tenant        has been added to the         Sue Lawther or Sandie        and a warden.
ng began residents who       say 'I did that!'           is available to all           Participation Co-ordina-     Council's properties. The     Salway at the Town Hall      All tenants are offered
had previously never         Garden designer Bella       recognised      Resident      tor, has been managing       tenants have created an       on 261111.                   daily contact with a war-
                                                                                                                                                                               den but can also choose

   Say it with Flowers!                                                                Country park activities                                                                 not to if they wish.
                                                                                                                                                                                 Resident wardens
                                                                                                                                                                                 are on duty five
                                                                                              OCTOBER               fascinating life forms.       their occupants.              days a week, and
                                                                                       Sunday 12 Weald              How do you tell them          Open: 10am to 4.30pm,          mobile wardens
                                                                                       National Seed                apart? How do they            Countryside       Centre,
                                                                                                                                                                               cover weekends and
                  Sponsor a flowerbed and                                              Collection Day               spread their spores? Are      Thorndon North.
                                                                                       Environmental        tree    they tasty to us or just      Sunday 16 Thorndon              bank holidays
     link your company name with one of the Borough’s                                                                                                                          Overnight response to
                                                                                       games to discover how        to the slugs? Pre-book-       Jolly to the Pub
            most appealing environmental projects                                      seeds move around and        ing essential: 211250.        A gentle ramble of about     emergencies is relayed
                                                                                       grow into trees. Collect     Meet: 2pm, Countryside        five miles stopping at the   through the Central
              Prices start at just £145 per month                                      your own seeds and           Centre, Thorndon North.       pub for lunch. Wellies       Control Centre to resi-
                                                                                                                                                                               dent wardens on week-
                                                                                       grow your own tree.          Cost: £3 per person.          and wet weather gear
   Call Lisa on 261111 ext 533 to reserve your flowerbed                               Suitable for children        Sunday 26 Weald               recommended. 211250          days and to the mobile
                                                                                       aged 6-12 and adults         Fungi Walk                    before 15 Nov to book.       wardens at other times.
                                                                                       (children     must     be    Discover the interesting      10.30am, Countryside         Wardens offer support
                                                                                       accompanied, sorry no        world of fungi on this        Centre, Thorndon North.      and advice to their ten-
                                                                                       dogs). Meet: 2pm,            guided walk. Suitable for     Cost: £2 per person (not     ants daily. They encour-
                                                                                       Visitor Centre. Cost:        all ages (children must       including lunch).            age and help tenants to
                                                                                       Adult £3, Child £1.50.       be accompanied, sorry         Saturday 22 & Sunday         socialise.There are a
                                                                                       Sunday 12 Thorndon           no dogs).                     23 Thorndon                  whole range of social
                                                                                       Daft, Dazzling &              2pm, Visitor Centre. Cost:   Art Exhibition               activities which are
                                                                                       Darling Dogs                 Adult £3, Child £1.50.        Charming exhibition of       encouraged but are not
                                                                                       For all dog lovers and       Friday 31 Weald               work from two local          compulsory, for exam-
                                                                                       owners: a chance to help     Halloween at Weald            artists using various        ple, at St George’s Court
                                                                                       local charities, have fun    Dare you visit a spooky       media. 10am to 4.30pm,       there is an active 'silver
                                                                                       and learn interesting        country       park       on   Countryside       Centre,    surfers' group.
                                                                                       things about our canine      Halloween? Lots of            Thorndon North.              If you are already a
                                                                                       buddies. 11am to 4pm,        scares, screams and sur-      Sunday 23 Thorndon           council tenant and want
                                                                                       Countryside       Centre,    prises along a guided         Steps Through History        to move into smaller
                                                                                       Thorndon North.              walk. No children too         Join local expert Michael    accommodation which
                                                                                       Wednesday 15 Thorndon        young please and no           Golding for a walk           includes sheltered hous-
                                                                                       Seasons                      dogs. Hot food available.     exploring the site of Old    ing, the Council encour-
                                                                                       Seasonal adventures for      Booking essential on          Thorndon Hall and            ages transfers to smaller
                                                                                       pre-school children. Pre-    261343 or 216297.             explaining the influence     size properties by paying
                                                                                       booking         essential:   Meet: 7pm Cost: Adult         that the 8th Lord, Robert    under occupation grants.
                                                                                       211250 after 24 Sept.        £5, Child £3.                 James Petre had on the       This can be as much as
                                                                                       Meet: 2pm, Countryside       NOVEMBER                      landscape. Wellies and       £1000 per bedroom that
                                                                                       Centre, Thorndon North.      Saturday 15 & Sunday          wet weather gear recom-      is under occupied.
                                                                                       Cost: £2 per child.          16 Thorndon                   mended. 211250 before        If you would like to find
                                                                                       Sunday 19 Thorndon           Photographic Exhibition       22 Nov to book.              out more about sheltered
                                                                                       Find the Fungi               An exhibition of pho-         10.30am,        Pavilion,    accommodation please
                                                                                       Hunt under bushes and        tographs of local parks       Thorndon South. Cost:        contact Dawn Shepherd
                                                                                       on dead wood for these       and nature reserves and       £3 Adult, Child £1.50.       on 261111 ext 258.
                                                                                                                                               BRENTWOOD BOROUGH COUNCIL, OCTOBER 2003 11

‘That Precious Legacy’                                                               Mayor’s Brentwood brings on young DJs
Exhibition celebrates Ralph Vaughan Williams and one                                 Coffee
hundred years of Essex folk songs                                                    Morning
IT WAS in 1903, 100           ing folk song throughout                               In aid of the Mayor’s
years ago, that the com-      England.                                                     Charities:
poser, Ralph Vaughan          The      Council     and                                 Special Needs
Williams, first visited       Brentwood Town Centre
Ingrave and heard an old
                                                                                        and Parents
                              Partnership hosted an
labourer sing the song        exhibition about the                                        (SNAP)
"Bushes and Briars."          composer last month in                                     and Victim
Moved by the beauty of        the Bay Tree Centre.                                        Support
what he heard, Ralph          Created by the Essex                                      (Brentwood)
Vaughan Williams made         Sound      and     Video                               Friday 14th November
five trips to Essex over      Archive, "That Precious                                 10.30am to 12noon
the next three years, col-    Legacy"       celebrated   Mayor,       Councillor     at Chichester House,
lecting the tunes of over     Ralph Vaughan Williams     Shirley   Howe,     was         St Francis Way,
a hundred songs. This         and 100 Years of Essex     among the first to enjoy           Brentwood
was the beginning of a        Folk Song.                 the multi-media exhibi-
period of his life collect-
                                                                                        All Welcome!
                              Pictured   below:   the    tion

                                                                                                                 Budding DJs Adam Church and Richard Dulieu pictured with Frank Bruno
                                                                                                                 THE COUNCIL added a new twist                your peers, it's no mean feat to hold
                                                                                                                 to this year's Summer Chill Out.             your nerve and see the job through.
                                                                                                                 Two young people were amazed to find         The Council is hoping to extend Chill
                                                                                                                 themselves mixing some grooves at            Out activities into the autumn and win-
                                                                                                                 Sam's Nightclub standing alongside           ter, with further DJ mixing sessions
                                                                                                                 Frank Bruno.                                 offered to young people.
                                                                                                                 Adam Church and Richard Dulieu were          If you are aged between 13 and 16 and
                                                                                                                 talent-spotted by tutors on the DJ mix-      would like to develop your DJ-ing
                                                                                                                 ing workshops held at Sam's as part of       skills using professional vinyl and CD
                                                                                                                 the hugely popular Chill Out fortnight.      decks, then make sure you contact Eric
                                                                                                                 Manager of Sam's Nightclub, Kevin            Smith at
                                                                                                                 Springham, was impressed enough to           or phone 261111 ext 558.
                                                                                                                 invite the two budding DJs to do a guest
                                                                                                                 spot at one of the summer under-eigh-
                                                                                                                 teens nights. As an added bonus, Kevin
                                                                                                                 also arranged for Frank Bruno to turn up       Please note that the Howard
                                                                                                                 and surprise the two Chill Out stars.          Wallace Chorale concert
                                                                                                                 Regular DJs at the club were impressed         planned for the 25th October
                                                                                                                 with Richard and Adam's efforts; when          has been cancelled.
                                                                                                                 you're put on the spot in front of 600 of

                                                                                    Entertainment on your doorstep
                                                                                    ESSEX ON Tour,               to enjoy; the popular          The new tour leaflet is    !Ling Chung the

                                                                                    supported by Essex           Mad         Dogs       and     available from libraries   Dragon on Sunday
                                                                                                                 Englishmen         Theatre     and Tourist Information    8 February
                                                                                    County Council, is           Company performing             Centres. For more infor-   !Bakelite Boys on
                                                                                    bringing 42 live,            great comic tales in           mation, a leaflet, or to   Saturday 14 February
                                                                                    professional perfor-         'Outrageous Nonsense';         find out about promoting   Doddinghurst Village
                                                                                    mances to 32 local           'Cellorhythmics'        an     shows in your own venue    Hall
                                                                                    venues.                      evening of non-classical       contact Deborah Neubauer   !Radio Days & TV

                                                                                    Entertainment for every-     cellos and percussion, a       on      01245     436151   Times on Sunday 29
                                                                                    one is touring rural com-    treat for all music lovers.    Email:deborah.neubauer@e   February
                                                                                    munities over Essex          Essex on Tour is part of
                                                                                    from September 2003 to       the National Rural             Venue Diary:                 Brentwood
                                                                                    April 2004.                  Touring Forum, a net-          Brentwood Theatre
                                                                                    There is a selection of      work of schemes around         !Cellorhythmics on          Philharmonic
                                                                                                                 the country.                   Sunday 18 January
                                                                                    entertainment on offer                                                                   Orchestra
                                                                                    ranging from a variety of                                                               Final concert for 2003
                                                                                    music, drama, opera,          FIVE CHOIRS FESTIVAL                                     Saturday 18th October
                                                                                    musicals and children's
                                                                                                                      Brentwood Cathedral Singers and                      Featuring Handel-Harty’s
                                                                                    theatre to poetry, story-
                                                                                    telling, puppetry, cabaret      Brentwood, Billericay, Ingatestone and                 Suite from The Water
                                                                                    and comedy.                           St Cecilia choral societies                      Music, Bartok’s Dance
                                                                                    Each show is promoted              on Saturday 8th November at 7.30pm,                 Suite, Grieg’s Homage
                                                                                    by local people and                        Brentwood Cathedral                         March,               and
                                                                                    staged in places such as      Programme includes Bach Double Choir Motets:             Tchaikovsky’s Symphony
                                                                                    village halls, community      Singet dem Herrn; Komm, Jesu, Komm; and                  No 4, and conducted by
                                                                                    centres, churches and         Fürchte Dich Nicht, Rachmaninov Vespers (select-         Roger Lawrence
                                                                                    school halls. Capacity        ed movements), organ solos played by Stephen             Brentwood Ursuline
                                                                                    ranges from 50 to 250         King, and Rachmaninov piano duets played by              Convent High School
                                                                                    people with perfor-           Martyn Heald and Andrew Wright. The evening’s            7.30pm Tickets £8,
                                                                                    mances by highly recom-       conductor will be Bruce Pennick. Tickets are £10         concs £7, children £2,
                                                                                    mended companies spe-         and £8 reserved and £5 unreserved, tel 265288.           tel. 233698
                                                                                    cialising in work for
                                                                                    small spaces.                     Brentwood Musical Society offers a wide range of
                                                                                    Highlights this year                   chamber concerts to suit many tastes
                                                                                    include wonderful visual
                                                                                                                 A highlight will be the concert given, in    given by the duo Musica Primavera on
                                                                                    effects and inventive
                                                                                                                 association with the Society of Recorder     16th October, Sarah Nicholls on piano
                                                                                    puppetry by the Tam
                                                                                                                 Players, by the Fontanella Quintet of        on 22nd January, Rebecca Jones on
                                                                                    Tam Theatre performing
                                                                                                                 recorder music from the Elizabethan          viola on 25th March.
                                                                                    two shows, 'The Dream
                                                                                                                 period to the modern on Thursday 6th         Tickets are £7 for each concert, avail-
                                                                                    Tree' and ‘Ling Chung
                                                                                                                 November.                                    able on the door. Further information
                                                                                    the Dragon’ for families
                                                                                                                 Other concerts include a song recital        from Francis Morris on 373292.

Finding someone reliable
What do you do if you have an emergency leak and don’t already have a number for a plumber you can
trust? Where do you find someone reliable to put in a new kitchen for you? Getting work done on your
home can be stressful but you can help yourself by taking a step-by-step approach…
Finding a trader              for the same work.            important put that fact in     you have agreed to the          credit agreement think
Where to look                 Beware of the hard sell       writing                        work starting.                  carefully and take legal
• Ask friends and neigh-      Don’t let fast-talking        • details of any guarantees.   Buying on credit If you         advice before you with-
bours if they can recom-      cowboy builders who           Your cancellation rights       pay for home improve-           hold payments as your
mend anyone.                  just happen to be ‘in your    Whether you have can-          ments work through a            future credit rating could    For further information tel: 0870 60 60 321, email:
• Be wary of people ring-     area’ talk you into a spur-   cellation rights depends       credit arrangement in           be affected.         or visit
ing you up or knocking        of-the moment decision        on how you ordered the         which a contractor lends        • If you paid by credit       Quality Mark Scheme tel 0845 300 80 40 or visit
on your door.                 that you later regret.        work you want done.            you money or arranges           card or the work is being
• Be cautious of advertis-    • Never accept lifts to       Buying from a door-to-         for you to borrow money         financed by a credit          Bigger jobs visit
ing which comes through       banks from salesmen for       door salesperson You           from a creditor, you            agreement arranged by         holders and
the door, particularly        you to collect money for      have cancellation rights       might have cancellation         the trader the lender is      booklet/whole.htm, tel: 0870 122 6236, or textphone:
adverts which have only       the deposit.                  for some home improve-         rights or time to change        jointly liable with the       0870 120 7405.
a telephone number.           • Never give your credit      ments services which           your mind. Also, you            trader for any breach of

Questions to ask a trader     card details over the         you buy from a door-to-        will normally have a            contract (if the work
• Are they a member of a      phone in response to a        door salesperson who           right to cancel the credit      costs between £100 and

                                                                                                                                                              advice on all
trade association?            sales call.                   has called at your home        agreement if you have           £30,000). Tell the lender
• Can you see references      • If you are interested in    uninvited or who has           signed it at home.              if there is a dispute.

                                                                                                                                                             human rights &
and/or similar work the       the deal being offered        called on you at a time        Paying for the work             Going to court
trader has done in the        ask for written informa-      they arranged with you         • Try to avoid paying           You can take your con-
                                                            during an unsolicited          deposits,      particularly     tractor to court. Citizens’
                                                                                                                                                              civil liberties
past?                         tion about it. Don’t sign
• Do they have insurance      up to anything on-the-        phonecall.                     large deposits, and don’t       Advice Bureaux and
against damage to prop-       spot.                         If you do have cancella-       ever pay the whole              consumer advice centres
erty (your neighbours’ as
well as yours)?
                              Your rights
                              You have basic rights
                                                            tion rights, you must be
                                                            given a cancellation
                                                                                           amount up front.
                                                                                           • Try to keep back
                                                                                                                           have leaflets explaining
                                                                                                                           how the small claims                   issues
• Is their work guaran-       under the law. You can        notice in writing when         enough money to keep            procedure works and can            The Human Rights Act 1998 - privacy
teed? If so, is the guaran-   expect that the work be:      you agree to buy the ser-      pressure on the trader to       help with filling in the        - problems with the police - rights at work
tee    insurance-backed       • carried out with reason-    vice. If the trader does       get on with the job and to      forms. They may also be          - discrimination - access to your records
(which means you are          able care and skill           not give you one, they         finish it properly.             able to give free legal                     - public authorities
protected if they go out      • finished in a reasonable    cannot enforce the con-        • Before you make any final     advice, and get someone
of business)?                 time (unless a specific       tract. You must tell the       payment make sure you are       to go to court with you.        Call LIBERTY’s free legal advice line for
Shop around                   time has been agreed)         trader in writing within       satisfied with the work that    You may need to get an           all human rights and civil liberties’ issues
• Ask at least three          • provided at a reason-       seven days of signing the      has been carried out.           expert opinion to back
traders to quote on your      able cost if you have not     contract that you want to      • Be suspicious if you are      up your complaint. A dif-
                                                                                                                                                                        0845 123 2307
work.                         agreed a specific price –     cancel.                        suddenly being charged          ferent contractor may
• Make sure they give         but you should always         Buying over the phone,         for extra expenses. If you      charge you for giving an
you a quote for a fixed       try to agree a fixed price    on the web or by mail          have agreed a price             expert opinion.
price and not an estimate     in advance.                   order If you buy this          beforehand for the work,
(a guess which could go       You have these rights         way, as long as there are      you should not have to
up later).                    even if nothing is written    no face-to-face meetings       pay for ‘extras’.
• Be specific about what      down. But a written           (not even a site visit)        • Sometimes unexpected
you want when asking          agreement or contract         before you buy, you may        extra work will be need-
for quotes so that the        can help things run more      also have cancellation         ed, but agree the addi-
traders are giving a price    smoothly.                     rights. You must tell the      tional costs before extra
                              What to include in a          trader in writing within       work starts.
                              contract                      seven working days if          • Get an invoice, includ-
                              • a description of the        you want to cancel. You        ing VAT, and ask for a
                              work to be done               may lose your right to         signed receipt for every
                              • the price you have          cancel if the work has         payment you make –
                              agreed (with the trader’s     started before the seven       keep all invoices and
                              quote attached)               days are up and you were       receipts.
                              • start and finish dates –    warned about this before       • Do not pay an individ-
                              if the finish date is         you agreed to buy and          ual builder, always the
                                                                                           What to do if things go
                                                                                           Many disputes are set-
                                                                                           tled quickly and amica-
                                                                                           bly – but it will help if
                                                                                           you know what to do.
                                                                                           Give the trader a chance
                                                                                           to put things right. Put
                                                                                           things in writing and
                                                                                           keep notes.
                                                                                           • If you are still not satis-
                                                                                           fied put your complaint
                                                                                           in writing. Say what you
                                                                                           want done and set a
                                                                                           • Keep copies of letters,
                                                                                           photos and a diary of
                                                                                           events. Make a note of
                                                                                           any conversations.
                                                                                           • If the trader belongs to
                                                                                           a trade association, there
                                                                                           may be a conciliation or
                                                                                           arbitration scheme.
                                                                                           As a last resort, you
                                                                                           could consider withhold-
                                                                                           ing payments.
                                                                                           When paying on credit
                                                                                           • If you have any kind of
                                                                                                                                                BRENTWOOD BOROUGH COUNCIL, OCTOBER 2003 13

  Support                     Civic                                                                                            Cut-out and keep
                                                                                                                        useful numbers for older people
  Back to                     Awards
                              Make your nomination for the
                                                                                                                        !   British Telecom - Disability Team 0800919591
                                                                                                                        Provides advice and a large selection of telephones for people who are
                                                                                                                        disabled and/or suffering from sight or hearing deficiency.
                                                                                                                        !   Pension Payments Information Line 0845 731 3233

  School                      Borough’s most prestigious                                                                !   Benefits Agency - Customer Service 01268 363090
                                                                                                                        Queries, complaints and general advice - income support, social fund.
VICTIM          SUPPORT       awards                                                                                    !   Brentwood Council for Voluntary Service 01277 222299
Essex is returning to
school to inform students     CIVIC AWARDS are presented annual-                                                        A local independent voluntary organisation run by local voluntary groups to
of the range of services it   ly by the Council to the Borough’s most                                                   provide, promote and support voluntary action within the community, and to
has available even if the     deserving citizens.                           those who have worked for the com-
                                                                                                                        provide information on what services are available.
crime has not been            They are the highest awards possible;         munity, for charity, in hospitals, youth
                              those who receive them have been sin-         groups etc, and in the world of the arts,   !   Carers Advice Line 0808 808 7777
reported through con-
ventional channels.           gled out by their peers and judged by         and those who have shown unusual            Provides support and advice to people who look after relatives or friends who
Victim Support are eager      the community to be worthy.                   bravery and courage.                        cannot manage at home without help - provides details and support for care at
to embrace the young          The awards are made for a wide variety        If you know someone who deserves a          home, day care away from home, residential break, holidays etc.
community to their ser-       of reasons and have been given to peo-        Civic Award, let us know about it. You
                                                                                                                        !   Age Concern Counselling Service 01245 264499
vice and have developed       ple from all walks of life. But the one       can pick up a form, complete with
                              thing all these people have shared is the     details to make your nomination, from       Trained staff can offer advice and information on all issues affecting older
a bookmark project dur-
                              quality of being extraordinary - in the       the Information Centre, 44 High Street,     people such as housing, finance, insurance and legal issues, welfare benefits,
ing the school summer
break in modern texting       commitment, dedication, energy and            or from the Town Hall, or telephone         local information about activities and clubs, counselling, advocacy, energy
language used by young        effort they have shown in their particu-      261111.                                     efficiency advice etc.
people on their mobile        lar field.                                    Civic Awards are presented by the           ! Winter Fuel Payments - Information Line 08459 151515
phones. The imaginative       Previous award winners have included          Mayor at the Council’s annual Civic
                              a policeman, sports coach, teacher,           Dinner in March.                            ! Brentwood Council Emergency Services 01277 262728
presentation is believed
                                                                                                                        ! NHS Direct 0845 4647
to be more appealing to
the intended audience.
The bookmarks explain
that young victims of
crimes such as harass-
                              A taste of teaching                                                                       Provides confidential health advice to any age group in the community.
                                                                                                                        !   Essex Social Services Direct Daytime 01268 643333
                                                                                                                                       Emergency out of hours 01245 434083
                                                                                                                        Advice, information or assessments for those having difficulties in managing
ment, assault and theft,      ARE YOU keen to                lenge and reward that        suitable.
who are statistically less    take up the chal-              you would expect from a      For more information          at home or requiring care in residential or nursing homes.
likely to report incidents                                   graduate entry job and       about the Taster Course,          Intermediate Care for the Elderly 01277 302319
                              lenges and rewards                                          or to find out about the

to Police or school                                          excellent opportunities
                              of teaching?                                                                              Provides advice, support and information on all aspects of health and social
authority, are welcome to                                    for progression.             different routes into
                              A 3-day course is to be                                     teaching, contact the         well being to people in the community aged 65 and over, plus carers in the
call a Victim Support                                        There are different ways
                              held at the Colchester         to train to be a teacher.    Teacher     Recruitment       Brentwood area.
office to access the nec-     Curriculum Development
essary practical or emo-                                     Whether you are an 18        Team at Essex County          !   Community Therapy Team 01277 302263/4
                              Centre later in the year       year-old school-leaver, a    Council     on    01245
tional support required.                                                                                                Provides assessment and treatment for difficulties with activities of daily liv-
                              which will include one         parent with young chil-      436252 or visit the
The bookmarks will be                                                                                                   ing and mobility, on referral from your GP, health, social services, care pro-
                              day working in a school.       dren or someone wanting      Council’s website at
distributed in schools,       Each year Essex schools                                                                   fessionals who know you. Offers a range of therapeutic groups following
libraries, leisure centres                                   to change careers to
                              appoint over 500 newly         something more reward-       School-based day              assessment, and provides a general advice and information service on daily
and youth clubs.              qualified       teachers.                                                                 living problems and equipment to help.
Tom       Elliot,    Area                                    ing and worthwhile,          The course will be held
                              Teaching is a career that      there are different routes   on 3rd November and 1st       !   Patient Advice & Liaison Service (PALS) 01277 302419
Manager of Victim             offers the variety, chal-
Support Essex explains                                       into teaching that may be    December at Colchester                                        Freephone 0800 783 519
"The 11-18 year old age                                                                   Curriculum Development        Focuses on improving service to NHS patients.
group are known to be         young people who may           Should you wish to           Centre with a school-
                                                                                                                        Provides confidential advice and support to patients, relatives and carers with
the least likely bracket to   feel isolated as a result of                                based day to take place
                                                             know more about              between these dates.          information on NHS services and helps sort out any concerns you may have,
report crime to authority     unwarranted personal                                                                      liaising with staff, managers and relevant organisations to negotiate a prompt
                                                             becoming a Victim
for fear of further           attack."
recrimination or embar-
rassment from their peer
                              The Victim Support ser-
                              vice is a visiting, volun-
                                                             Support volunteer or
                                                             would like to make a
                                                                                            Lose                        solution.
                                                                                                                        !   Community Transport 01277 261111 ext 527
group. The likelihood is
therefore that young vic-
                              tary service delivered by
                              people in the community.
                                                             charitable donation          more than                     Offers transport to Brentwood and district residents who have restricted
                                                                                                                        mobility or who may be rurally isolated, allowing them to choose where and
                                                             toward the work of
tims can become repeat,
silent victims. This pro-
                              Visits to young people
                              will not be undertaken
                                                             Victim Support Essex          a spare                      when they want to go (not for hospital appointments).
                                                                                                                            Brentwood Borough Council 01277 261111
ject is intended to raise
awareness of the Victim
                              without the full knowl-
                              edge and attendance of
                                                             in your community
                                                             please call Tom Elliot
                                                                                            tyre!                       !

                                                                                                                        Provides a wide range of local functions and services such as: planning,
Support service with          the parent or guardian.                                     SLIMMERS            IN        finance, technical services e.g. refuse collections, highway maintenance,
                                                             on 07739 487650.
                                                                                          Brentwood have cele-          drainage, environmental health and public protection e.g. food safety, pollu-
                                                                                          brated the third birth-       tion, house renovation grants, licensing, community services e.g. leisure,
                                                                                          day of their club after       housing, welfare, building surveys, architectural, information technology and
                                                                                          winning the battle of         economic development.
                                                                                          the bulge.                    ! Brentwood Council - Council House Emergency Maintenance
                                                                                          The members of the the
                                                                                          Doddinghurst        Road      01277 261112
                                                                                          branch of Slimming            Service/advice to Council tenants re: problems with plumbing, heating and
                                                                                          World have shed a total       general maintenance.
                                                                                          of 400 stones in their        !   Citizens Advice Bureau 01277 222888
                                                                                          fight against flab, which     Provides advice and information re welfare benefits, debts, legal, employment
                                                                                          represents the weight of
                                                                                                                        rights, housing, relationship problems, consumer problems, discrimination,
                                                                                          three small cars plus the
                                                                                          passengers!                   child support.
                                                                                          The group meets every         !   Anchor - Staying Put Scheme 01277 262646
                                                                                          Tuesday at 7pm in             Provides help with repair or adaptations to the house for older people, dis-
                                                                                          Doddinghurst        Road      abled and those on a low income living in their own or privately rented
                                                                                          Church Hall.                  accommodation.
                                                                                          If you would like to lose
                                                                                                                              Police, Fire, Ambulance - Emergency Services only 999
                                                                                          more than just a spare
                                                                                          tyre call group organiser
                                                                                          Amanda Walmsley on             Produced by Billericay, Brentwood & Wickford Primary Care NHS Trust
                                                                                          212303.                                          in partnership with other agencies.

  Happy Beware your blanket
   21st  Eleven electric blankets found faulty
  Bobby!                      OF THE thirty-four
                              electric        blankets
                              brought in to the Town
                              Hall for testing, eleven
                              were found to be faulty.
                              The Council holds a free
                              electric blanket testing
                              day every year in con-
                              junction with Essex
                              Trading Standards. The
                              event is aimed at reduc-
                              ing the incidence of fires
                              and electrocution.
                              The blankets faced a
NOT MANY dogs get to
                              number of tests includ-
celebrate their 21st birth-
                              ing lack of protection
day but Bobby, the
                              against      overheating,
longest serving canine
                              faulty elements, dam-
member of the Essex
                              aged fabric or flex or
Dog Display Team did,
                              switches not working
and in style.
Bobby, who is a hand-
                              Failures this year were
some terrier cross type of
                              mainly due to wear and
dog, is believed to be the
                              tear or there being no
oldest working dog in
                              overheat protector due to
the country. He’s still
                              their age (made before
working, bright eyed,
                              they were required to be
bushy tailed and has all
of his teeth we are told.
                              Old or damaged electric      originally fitted) are           Brentwood
He’s believed to have
                              blankets cause more than     damaged or missing           Spiritualist Church
carried out more displays
                              5,000 fires each year.       ! The flex is worn or             Primrose Hill
than any other dog
                              Electric blankets should     damaged                      Saturday 25th October
worldwide, and has
                              be checked or replaced       ! Any connections are          12.30 to 4.30pm
helped raise hundreds of
                              if:                          loose.                      Special Autumn Event
thousands of pounds for
                              ! The old BEAB mark is       Blankets should be test-    8 Mediums in atten-
                              displayed (in which case     ed by an expert at least    dance for individual
In celebration of Bobby's
                              it will be more than 10      every three years, or as    readings
achievements a special
                              years old)                   recommended by the          Bookable in advance
birthday party and com-
                              ! The fabric is worn or      manufacturer.               after our Sunday
panion/exemption show
                              frayed                       For more information        6.30pm or Wednesday
was held in his honour at
                              !    There are scorch        about safe electric blan-   7.30pm services
The Essex Dog Training
                              marks anywhere               kets, please call 261111    Stalls, raffle & refresh-
Centre, Doddinghurst
                              ! The tie tapes (where       ext 276 or 01245 341800.    ments

                  news                                                  UPDATE
                                                                                  from Barbara Waltham
    Autumn Breaks                                                          Crime Prevention Co-ordinator
                                                                                           Police Station,
    Now the darker evenings are upon us please                                   London Rd, Brentwood.
    take care when leaving your homes early                                                   Tel. 230689
    evening that you leave some lights on. This
    time of the year often heralds a spate of
    house burglaries - Don’t Be Dim and Let a                      DATES FOR YOUR DIARY
    Burglar In - Leave a Light On! Also
    remember if you have early morning milk                The remaining Community Police Team
    deliveries which may arrive after you have             Meetings are listed below. All meetings start at
    left for work, try and get a neighbour to take         8pm and finish no later than 9.30pm. These
    the milk in for you.                                   meetings are open to everyone, not just
                                                           Neighbourhood Watch.
    A Practical Guide to                                   21st Oct at Hutton Cricket Club
                                                           Hutton North South East and Central Wards
    Crime Prevention                                       21st Oct at Fane Hall, Kelvedon Hatch
    If you require a Crime Prevention                      Tipps Cross Brizes & Doddinghurst Wards
    Handbook please give either myself or the              23rd Oct at Town Hall Ingrave Road
    Crime Reduction Officer (223639) a call on             Westward Beat -Kavanaghs Road Warleywoods
    our direct lines. We also have copies of the           Crescent Greenshaw Bird Lane Hartswood
    booklet available in the following transla-            Homesteads Woodman Road areas.
    tions :                                                28th Octat Shenfield Parish Hall
    Arabic, Urdu, Bengali, Chinese, Punjabi,               Shenfield Ward Area
    Hindi, Gujarati and Welsh.                             If you are not sure which meeting you should
    There is also an audio cassette available for          attend give me a call on my direct line shown
    the blind, visually impaired or those with             above. Please come along and find out what’s
    reading difficulties. If                               happening in your area.
    you know someone
    who may require one
    of these give me a call
                                                               Remember Crime Cannot
    and I will order one for                                   Flourish in a Community
    you free of charge.                                               That Cares
                                                                                                                                        BRENTWOOD BOROUGH COUNCIL, OCTOBER 2003 15

   The Firework                                                              Thank The secret of a long life?
                                                                                                           SURELY ONE of Brentwood’s oldest residents, 104 year old Mary Cramp
   Safety Code
   ! Only buy fireworks marked BS 7114
   ! Don’t drink alcohol if setting off fireworks
                                                                             You                           puts the secret of her long life down to hard work and keeping happy.
                                                                                                           Mrs Cramp lived most of her life in Kent but now lives in the Council’s sheltered
                                                                                                           housing in Hutton to be closer to her great niece who lives in Warley. The Mayor
                                                                             DeafBlind UK                  of Brentwood, Councillor Shirley Howe, popped in to see Mary and wish her a
   ! Keep fireworks in a closed box                                                                        very happy birthday - a momentous occasion indeed!
                                                                             “It was a pleasure for us
   ! Follow the instructions on each firework                                to have so many local
   ! Light them at arm’s length, using a taper                               people visit our aware-
   ! Stand well back                                                         ness and fundraising dis-
                                                                             play at the Becket site on
   ! Never go near a firework that has been lit. Even if it hasn’t gone      July 26th. We thank you
     off, it could still explode                                             for your interest and
   ! Never put fireworks in your pocket or throw them                        donations of £204.22 to
                                                                             DeafBlind UK, the asso-
   ! Always supervise children around fireworks                              ciation of dual sensory
   ! Light sparklers one at a time and wear gloves                           impaired people.”
   ! Never give sparklers to a child under five                              Rotary Club of
   ! Keep pets indoors.                                                      Brentwood
                                                                             “The Rotary Club of
                                                                             Brentwood and Rotary
                                                                             International would like
                                                                             to acknowledge with
                                                                             thanks the generosity of
                                                                             the people of Brentwood.
                                                                             During the High Street
                                                                             collection on Saturday
                                                                             22nd February, £693 was
                                                                             collected in support of
                                                                             Rotary’s Polio
                                                                             Eradication Campaign.
                                                                             There are seven coun-
                                                                             tries where polio is still
                                                                             endemic and every effort      lection day held in the         MS. Although there is        ple of Brentwood for
                                                                             is being made to immu-        Brentwood area on               not yet a cure for MS, the   their generosity on our
                                                                             nise all children less than   Saturday 9th August. We         Therapy Centre offers        flagday on 16th August,
                                                                             five years of age against     managed      to    raise        support to help improve      helping us raise the sum
                                                                             this incurable disease.”      £1093.49 for our Branch.        the attendees’ quality of    of £524.58. This money
                                                                             arc, the animal               The funds received will         life who all suffer from     has been used wholly for
                                                                             rescue society                go towards supporting           MS.”                         the transport of local dis-
                                                                             “The animal rescue            the MS Therapy Centre           St Raphael Club              abled people, especially
                                                                             charity acknowledges          at    the    Brentwood                                       those in wheelchairs, to
                                                                                                           Marillac Hospice, which         of Brentwood
                                                                             with gratitude the gen-                                                                    club meetings, outings
                                                                                                           helps local people with         “Thanks to the kind peo-
                                                                             erosity of those who con-                                                                  etc.”
                                                                             tributed to our cause on
                                                                             the 25th July in
                                                                             Brentwood, when the
                                                                             total sum raised was
                                                                                                                         BRENTWOOD INFORMATION
                                                                             £171.72. The money                                                     Brentwood Borough Council,
                                                                             raised will be used for                                                Town Hall, Ingrave Road,
                                                                             the direct benefit of the                                              Brentwood CM15 8AY. Tel. 261111
                                                                             many animals placed in
                                                                             our care.”                      e mail:
                                                                             Multiple Sclerosis     Cashier’s hours:
                                                                             Society                          OPEN:                                      Monday to Thursday 8.45am-
                                                                             “The Brentwood and               Mon to Thurs 8.30am to 5pm                 4.30pm Friday 8.45am-4pm
                                                                             Billericay Branch of the         Friday 8.30am to 4.30pm                    Housing reception:
                                                                             Multiple         Sclerosis       Minicom telephones:                        Monday to Thursday 8.30am-5pm
                                                                             Society would like to            Town Hall 263956                           Friday 8.30am-4.30pm
                                                                             thank all the kind patrons       Brentwood Centre 224386
                                                                             who generously donated           Information Centre 202249
 Help needed for young people                                                to our Branch on our col-
                                                                                                                 EMERGENCY SERVICES
COULD YOU provide            receive £120 a week.                                                                   (at weekends and
                                                                                                                                                         13 Licensing/Appeals Committee
lodgings for young peo-      Each placement will                                                                   outside office hours)
                                                                                                                                                         20 Environment & Technical
ple over the age of 16       vary depending on the                                                           262728 for street lighting, sewer
                             young person's needs -
                                                                                                                                                            Services Panel
who are making the                                                                                           blockages, icy roads, flooding,
transition from being        some may only be for          I can do all things through                       obstruction on public highway,
                                                                                                                                                         21 Pensioners’ Forum (2.30pm)
                                                                                                                                                         29 Housing & Health Panel
in care to living inde-      two weeks while others      Christ which strengtheneth me.                      dangerous or fallen trees
pendently?                   may be for up to two                                                            261112 for council house
The County Council is        years. Those providing                                         Phil.4.13                                                    5 Planning Development Control
                                                                                                             emergency maintenance
looking for people who       the lodgings will have an                                                                                                      Committee
feel they have the ability   assessment that includes                                                         Phone 261111 ext 288 for the               12 Cultural Panel
to help a young person to    a police check.                                                                  Works Department, Refuse and               19 Overview & Scrutiny
develop life skills. This    Find out more                                                                    Special Collection enquiries               26 Policy Board
would involve support        Support and training will                                                                                                     All meetings take place in the
                                                                                                              Something you’d like to ask?
such as encouraging          be given by Essex                                                                Don’t forget public question time at the   Town Hall at 7.15pm unless stated
them to attend college,      County Council.                                                                  start of every ordinary council meeting.   otherwise. Members of the public
do household chores and      If you are interested in                                                         Questions must be written and submitted          are welcome to attend
                                                               Bible verse presented by                       in advance. Please pick up a leaflet
helping them manage the      finding out more, please                                                         giving details from the Town Hall.
day-to-day challenges of     contact the Supported        Mill Green Gospel Hall
modern life.                 Lodging scheme on                                                               Advice Bureau dates:
Those who have a spare       01245 434926. An infor-              Mill Green Road,                           Eric Pickles MP The next date is Friday 17th October 2.30pm to
room and would be able       mation evening will be                   Ingatestone                            5.30pm at Ongar. Please telephone Lesley Gaymer on 0207 219 4428
to provide accommoda-        arranged in the near              Secretary:- 01277 352640                      for an appointment or e-mail
tion and support will        future.                

Borough News                     Walking with buggies
                                 Mums and babes stride out

                                  MUMS CAN walk their way to a                          buggy board to ensure that the pace of the fitness
                                                                                        walk is maintained.
                                  healthier lifestyle every Thursday at                 The walk will follow a surfaced route through
                                  11am!                                                 Hartswood, a beautiful woodland, situated with-
                                  The walks are free of charge, and last for about 30   in the Thames Chase, Community Forest area of
                                  minutes with a 5-minute warm up and cool down.        Brentwood.
                                  Each walk has two trained leaders, so you can go      If you would like to join the next walk, meet the
                                  at a pace that suits your current level of fitness.   group by the cafe in King George's Park off
                                  The walks are especially designed for new mums        Ingrave Road before 11am and make yourself
                                  who may need that little bit of extra encourage-      known to one of the walk leaders (wearing a
                                  ment and support to get back on their feet again.     white Health Trax top). For more information
                                  Partners are welcome to attend, but we must ask       about the walks please contact Sam Hayward,
                                  that toddlers who attend be in a buggy or on a        Community Projects Officer on 261111 ext 228.

                                  NEW GUIDES
                                  THE COUNCIL is currently
                                  preparing a new edition of the
                                  Official Guide to Brentwood.
                                  The Official Guide is the defini-
                                  tive guide to Brentwood and is
                                  distributed to information cen-
                                  tres all over the country. It
                                  details education and health ser-
                                  vices, churches and businesses,
                                  recreational facilities and the
                                  history of Brentwood.
                                  ...and also
                                  Next March/April, every home
                                  and business within the
                                  Borough will receive a copy of
                                  the new Annual Guide, giving
                                  the council tax and non-
                                  domestic rate details for the
                                  year ahead.
                                  The Annual Guide will also con-
                                  tain useful community informa-
                                  If you would like to book adver-
                                  tising space in either of these
                                  publications please telephone
                                  Lisa Stroulger on 261111 ext
                                  The Brentwood Borough News has
                                  no control over the independent
                                  advertisers appearing in this news-
                                  paper and in no circumstances can it
                                  accept any liability for any loss or

                                                                                                                                             Borough News
                                  damage of any kind which may arise
                                  as a result of any advertisement
                                  appearing in this publication.

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