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									Sparkling Wine & Champagne                            Glass    Bottle   Red Wine                                    Glass   Bottle

rothbury sparKlinG cuvee                              5.50     22.00    rothbury estate blacK label                 5.50    22.00
Hunter Valley, New South Wales                                          cabernet merlot
                                                                        Hunter Valley, New South Wales
nova vita sparKlinG chardonnay nv                     8.50     37.00
Adelaide Hills, South Australia                                         inGoldby cabernet sauviGnon                 8.50    39.00
                                                                        McLaren Vale, South Australia
yellowGlen vintaGe pinot noir chardonnay                       37.00
South Eastern, South Australia                                          anGus the bull cabernet sauviGnon                   42.00
                                                                        McLaren Vale, South Australia
domaine chandon nv                                             55.00
Yarra Valley, Victoria                                                  wolf blass bilyara shiraz                   6.00    25.00
                                                                        Barossa Valley, South Australia
veuve clicquot brut                                           120.00
Reims, France                                                           tyrrell’s moore’s creeK shiraz                      26.00
                                                                        Hunter Valley, New South Wales

Piccolo                                                        Bottle
                                                                        mothers milK shiraz
                                                                        Barossa Valley, South Australia

                                                                        zema shiraz                                         48.00
yellowGlen ‘yellow’ or ‘pinK’ 250ml piccolo                     8.50    Coonawarra, South Australia
South Eastern, South Australia
                                                                        lonGview red bucKet shiraz cabernet         7.50    30.50
rosemount “o” 250ml piccolo                                     8.50    Adedlaide Hill, South Australia
Hunter Valley, New South Wales
                                                                        hay shed hill cabernet merlot                       38.00
Killawarra (lush, darK or velvet)                               8.50    Maragret River, Western Australia
Barossa Valley, South Australia
                                                                        tim adams ‘ferGus’ blend                            44.00
                                                                        Clare Valley, South Australia

White Wine                                            Glass    Bottle
                                                                        wolf blass yellow label merlot
                                                                        Barossa Valley, South Australia

                                                                        rosily merlot                               8.50    39.00
rothbury estate blacK label chardonnay                5.50     22.00
                                                                        Maragret River, Western Australia
Hunter Valley, New South Wales
                                                                        tyrrell’s old winery pinot noir                     34.00
lindemans porphyry sweet white wine                   5.50     22.00
                                                                        Hunter Valley, New South Wales
wolf blass bilyara chardonnay                                  25.00
                                                                        airlie banK pinot noir                              35.00
Barossa Valley, South Australia
                                                                        Yarra Valley, Victoria
annie’s lane chardonnay                               8.00     39.00
                                                                        Gabbiano chianti                                    39.00
Clare Valley, South Australia
                                                                        Tuscany, Italy
rosily chardonnay                                              39.50
Maragret River, Western Australia

west cape howe rieslinG
Great Southern, Western Australia
                                                      7.50     37.00    Dessert Wine                                        Bottle

brown brothers crouchen rieslinG                      7.50     32.00    hollicK ‘the nectar’ 375ml                          29.50
Milawa Vineyard, Victoria                                               Coonawarra, South Australia

drift sauviGnon blanc                                 7.50     33.00    noble one botrytis semillon 375ml                   38.00
Marlborough, New Zealand                                                Hunter Valley, New South Wales
                                                                        One of the most awarded wines in history!
anGel cove sauviGnon blanc                                     33.00
Marlborough, New Zealand

matua hawKes bay sauviGnon blanc
Hawkes Bay, New Zealand
                                                              38.00     Coffee & Tea
lindemans reserve verdelho                            6.50     29.00    espresso coffee & tea selection available       from 4.00
Hunter Valley, New South Wales                                          We proudly serve Segafredo premium coffee
rothbury estate blacK label                           5.50     22.00
semillon sauviGnon blanc
Barossa Valley, South Australia

see saw semillon sauviGnon blanc                               35.00
Hunter Valley, New South Wales & Marlborough, New Zealand
Grasshopper                                                        10.00   fruit tinGle                                                         12.00
a sweet, mint flavoured after dinner drink. the name is derived            a light & refreshing cherry delight with parfait amour & blue
from its translucent green colour which is created by vigorously           curacao topped with lemonade & raspberry cordial
shaking the crème de menthe w/ white crème de cacao & cream

                                                                           melon splice                                                         12.00
sex on the bay                                                     10.00   just like the ice cream! a delicious mix of melon liqueur,
an appropriate refreshing delight for the bayswater with peach             coconut liqueur & pineapple juice with floating cream
schnapps, vodka, splashed with orange & cranberry juices
& built over ice
                                                                           toblorone                                                            12.00
                                                                           exactly what you would expect....a chocolate delight with
bayswater breeze                                                   10.00   baileys, Kahlua, frangelico & crème de cacao blended with
a summery bayswater creation with strawberry & lychee                      milk & cream
liqueurs topped with orange & pineapple juices

                                                                           japanese slipper                                                     12.00
cosmo                                                              12.00   a martini conversion of midori, cointreau & lemon juice
made famous by the hit show “sex & the city”. it is a refreshing
shaken mix of vodka, cointreau, lime & cranberry juices
served with a flamed orange                                                daiquiri                                                             14.00
                                                                           the absolute classic rum cocktail best drank by the pool,
                                                                           on the beach, cruising through the caribbean or just sitting
mudslide                                                           10.00   on the bayswater balcony! your choice of mango, strawberry,
an old favourite....with an indulgent blend of vodka, Kahlua,              raspberry, Ginger or traditional lime
baileys & cream

                                                                           bay sprinG punch                                                     12.00
moscow mule                                                        10.00   a fruity sensation with vodka, lemon juice, strawberry
a refreshing mix of vodka, a splash of lime juice, fresh Ginger            liqueur & strawberry purée, shaken & topped with sparkling wine
muddled & strained then topped with Ginger beer

                                                                           mai tai                                                              12.00
mojito                                                             10.00   a sweet tropical delight with appleton v/x rum, bacardi &
a cool summer sensation with bacardi, lime juice,                          orange curacao, topped with orange & pineapple juice and a
sugar & mint leaves                                                        dash of raspberry

lychee mojito                                                      12.00   pina colada                                                          12.00
a delicious twist of the classic cuban cocktail with lychee                another rum classic with bacardi, malibu & coconut milk
liqueur, bacardi & fresh lime muddled with sugar & fresh mint,             with cream & pineapple juice
then topped with soda

                                                                           bloody mary                                                          10.00
passionfruit mojito                                                12.00   a world famous drink for all occasions...refreshing, revitalising,
a wicked mix of passionfruit liqueur, bacardi & fresh lime                 good for brunch or even better for a hangover! a mix of vodka,
muddled with sugar & fresh mint, then topped soda                          worcestershire sauce, hot tabasco, tomato juice & lightly
                                                                           seasoned with cracked pepper & salt

berry fizz                                                         10.00
a flavoursome mix of vodka & chambord shaken with
lemon juice & topped with soda

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