; SEO Basics for Newbies
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SEO Basics for Newbies


Basic SEO tactics to help newbies to make it big online.

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									                                SEO Basics for Newbies
Ranking on top of the search engine is not a joke. No matter how much I’d like to come up with a potion
or so to help you climb that spot, I can’t for there isn’t really is. The only thing that I can do to achieve
that is to give you a good advice on links, design, context, and structure.

Before we get to that, let me just emphasize to you that AdSense has nothing to do with your site’s rank
in the search engine. These two things are entirely different entities. You see, Google ranks websites
according to its numerous algorithms. Thus, no matter how hard you try to stuff your site with ads, its
rank will stay as it is not unless you do something great on optimizing it.

Speaking of optimization, it is a process that is done on a long-term basis. Expecting to be on top 10
after just a day spent in link building is hilarious. It’s not even a good idea to make use of strategies that
will give an abrupt surge of your site’s rating. Most often, these techniques violate the rules set by
Google. It’s still best to seek help from forums like the one Google has before employing any of these
techniques. There are always people in these forums that are more than willing to give you a hand.

To effectively improve your site’s ranking in the search engine, you need to at least focus on the
following areas:

    •   Backlinks
        Backlinks are actually links from other sites directing to your own. Getting quality backlinks is a
        task that you too need to work hard for. However, you can make a good start at it by making
        sure that your site has relevant, unique, and interesting content that would drive online users
        and even other site owners on the same niche into your page.

    •   External links
        External links are as important as backlinks. But before you add your link to another site, make
        sure that you follow the rules in doing one and see to it that it benefits both your visitors and
        your site’s traffic. Also, bear in mind that not all schemes in link construction will give a
        significant bearing in your page rank. In fact, participating in one could jeopardize your dream of
        having your site on top rank of the search engine.

    •   Site Structure
        One factor that could affect your site’s reputation among online users and site owners is your
        site structure. Having an organized site structure with relevant internal links gives you an
        opportunity to receive quality backlinks. When it comes to backlinks, it’s a good idea to sign up
        for tools that will enable you to track them. Another way to improve your site structure is by
        coming up with clear and useful title tags. Avoid naming your headings as the “Main Page” or
        placing words like “Welcome to my site.”

    •   Design

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                              SEO Basics for Newbies
       Each and every thing that you do to your website must be based on the users. And your site’s
       design isn’t an exception to the rule. Come up with a catchy design yet it must be user-friendly.
       Also, see to it that the images that you use have the ALT attributes that perfectly describe them.
       Don’t worry if you’re clueless on how to do it. There are video tutorials that you can find online
       to help you at it.

   •   Uniqueness
       One thing that Google loves is originality. By consistently studding your site with original and
       informative content, you’re sure to get a desirable spot in the search engine in the long run.

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