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									     Search Engine Marketing – Doing SEO & SEM Right Does

Contrary to the popular belief, Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Search Engine
Optimization (SEO) are not the same. These two things are entirely different entities
although they are both important aspects of internet marketing.

SEO is basically the process of making your website more visible in the search engine. It
is concerned with having your website recognized by the search engine – be it be Google,
Yahoo!/Bing, or MSN. To be able to do it, the following things should be taken into

*Meta Description
*Page Layout and Load Speed
*Keyword Selection and Density
*Internal Linking Structure
*Inbound and Outbound Links
*Readable Page Content and Display Formats
*Site Map and Analytics Installations

These items are just among the 200 indexing points that search engines consider when
ranking websites but these are the most important factors that you have to address. Once
you have successfully carried out the task of optimizing your main landing page, you can
now start with the process of search engine marketing or SEM.

SEM is not synonymous with SEO. This focuses more on making your website the
authority site in your respective niche. You can actually put it this way: SEO is making
your site visible in the search engine while SEM promotes your site in it.

If you’re able to master and successfully carry out the processes of SEO and SEM,
landing on the top 1 rank of the search result will be just a breeze. However, you need to
see to it that the following points are addressed:

*Continuous Creation of Original Content
*Massive Content Dissemination in the Internet
*Blog Postings
*Social Bookmarking
*Video Creation
*Press Releases for Both Paid and Free Media Access
*Mobile Apps, Advertising, and Article Writing
*Local Directory Submissions and Offline Advertising
*Pay Per Click Advertising

Keep in mind that the aforementioned items are just part of the so many factors that you
need to consider in order to land on top1 search result.

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     Search Engine Marketing – Doing SEO & SEM Right Does

It is deemed important to start the process of site optimization as soon as you start
developing your website. By doing so, you will be able to successfully optimize it by the
time your site has fully been developed. This also gives you a better chance to do the
process of SEM easily.

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