Harley Davidson - The History of Harley Davidson Motorcycles

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					Harley Davidson motorcycles are probably the most popular motorbikes on the planet.
It is a brand name that has been around for over one hundred years, and the name
itself has inspired an entire subculture for bikers everywhere. The Harley Davidson
Motor Company is an American company that manufactures world-class bikes. It is
based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. These are not your typical sport bikes. Harleys are
heavyweight machines built for cruising on the highway. Their unique chopper design
and quality craftsmanship have earned the brand a reputation as one of the finest
motorcycles ever made.

The very first Harley Davidson motorcycles were made by William S. Harley and
Arthur Davidson back around 1901. After failing to make a powerful bike on their
first few attempts, the young men learned from their mistakes and constructed new
models with bigger engines and new frames. They soon had some moderate success
and were able to build their first factory in 1906. Around 50 motorcycles were
produced that first year. More and more improvements in the design of these early
Harleys led to increased demand for the bikes. When World War I came around, the
Harley Davidson Company ended up providing more than 20,000 to the armed forces
for combat service.

Amazingly, by the year 1920 Harley Davidson was the biggest manufacturer of
motorbikes in the entire world. When the Great Depression happened, the company
struggled to survive. Sales were down, but they began to book when World War II
started. Mass shipments were again made to the armed forces. Later on, Harley
Davidson bikes would earn a new reputation as motorcycles used by outlaw biker
gangs. Many popular films in the 1950s through the 1970s brought the life of biker
gangs to the big screen, and rugged Harleys were the center of attention. It was during
this time that the nickname "Hog" was adopted.

New ownership in the 1980s led to a number of changes. The globalization of the
motorcycle business really began to take hold, but Harley Davidson bikes retained
their status as quality machines. The fame of these legendary bikes exists today, just
as it did so many years ago. These iconic cruising machines as easily recognized on
the road. The unique chopper style and powerful engines have garnered the
international recognition they deserve. Many biker clubs and fan groups dedicated to
this brand exist. If you are looking for a stylish motorcycle with grit and toughness,
there is no bike like the Harley. Just ask anyone who owns one and they will tell you
what it feels like to own a piece of history.