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Hannah Montana - The Tickets and the Contest by aihaozhe2


									Hannah Montana provides the dream night out for girls, making the cost of the
concert tickets well worth it. The problem is, Hannah Montana tickets sell out minutes
after going on sell. Given that fact it is obvious that many people are not getting
tickets to those concerts that would like them.

So to what extremes are people going to acquire those tickets? As with any major
concert some local radio stations hold contests to give their listeners an opportunity to
win tickets to Hannah's concerts. Even some retailers have used this type of publicity.
A Chicago-based store, Club Libby Lu, located at a mall in suburban Garland, Texas
(about 20 miles northeast of Dallas) sponsored an essay contest. The prize was to
include a makeover that included a blonde Hannah Montana wig, airfare for four to
Albany, N.Y., and four tickets to the sold-out Hannah Montana concert on Jan. 9th.

Obviously this was a prize that would make most little girls ecstatic. Various essay
themes were sure to a topic of discussion in Garland as the girls hoped to win those
elusive tickets.

The winning essay was gripping indeed. It was written by a mother and six-year-old
daughter duo. It began with the powerful line, "My daddy died this year in Iraq". It's
easy to see how that essay would have been chosen as the winner. The problem was, it
wasn't true. The entire essay was made up. Not only did the little girl's father not die
in Iraq, her father wasn't a soldier. The mother had told company officials that the
little girl's father died April 17th in a roadside bombing. She even had a made-up
name for him. But the Department of Defense had no record of anyone with that name
dying in Iraq. The mother has admitted to the deception and has since apologized. She
stated that they were doing whatever they had to to win. It's been reported that the
prize was withdrawn from this duo. In Florida a radio station held a contest for fathers.
They were required to wear a black dress, 2-inch heels and a blonde Hannah wig
while running through a mall doing some strange things.

Another Florida radio contest consists of participants being forced to listen to one
song continuously for 24 hours a day for a chance to win front row seats to a concert
and a chance to meet Hannah. Participants get food, water and bathroom breaks, and
the last person remaining in the room wins. Still another contest consists of seven
participants living in a Y-100 Ford Expedition up to six days to win tickets and to get
to meet Hannah Montana.

With the scarcity of Hannah Montana tickets the contestants are likely to go to
extreme measures to win contests. Although cheating should not be tolerated under
any circumstances it is easy to see how one could desire something so badly they
would take extreme measures to get it. This could include signing up for contests that
require participation in activities that one would otherwise never consider. Hannah
Montana has transformed the way we think about and plan for concerts. Planning
ahead is essential!

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