Hamsters are Stupid by aihaozhe2


									The great thing about not being a hamster is that we humans are smart. Hamsters on
the other hand are stupid. They spend their whole life running on a wheel and for
what? Sure they are heart healthy, but what do they look like? They are fat little balls
of fur. Okay, so they are cute too, but the key word is fat ball. Do you want to look
like a hamster? I didn't think so.

If you don't want to look like a hamster then quit spinning your wheel on the darn
treadmill! If you run on the treadmill for 60 minutes every day, then you will have a
very strong heart and a very poor waistline. Not only that, but you will have wasted 7
hours of your week! If you could cut your cardio to a third and get 10 times the results
wouldn't you do it? Of course you would. You are smart, unlike the hamster.

Cardio for fat loss is best when done in short bursts like sprints. For example; when
you perform a constant 60 minutes in your target heart rate zone you will burn X
number of calories depending on your bodyweight and muscle density. If you were to
instead perform 20 short bursts really fast for 30 seconds followed by 30 seconds of
rest you will have burned X times 10 the amount of calories during the 60 minute
session and you only went 20 minutes! Not only that, but when you perform long
constant cardio you stop burning calories when you step off the treadmill. If you were
to perform short bursts, your caloric expenditure will continue for 78 more hours!

Just think of the possibilities! You would only be on the treadmill for around 20
minutes at a time, but to your body it would seem like it was exercising for over three
days straight!

Don't be a hamster! Start incorporating interval training into your program. This will
help you blast through any plateaus and keep your body primed for fat loss. Here is a
great workout that you can try for yourself.

Get on a treadmill and set the speed to a mild pace for two minutes. Then alternate
between hard and mild every minute for 16 minutes. Finnish up with a two minute
cool down at a mild pace. You can also do thirty second intervals if going a full
minute is too difficult.

Give it a try. It will save you some time, and burn ten times the fat of conventional
cardio sessions!

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