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Halloween Table Decorations


									Last week I discussed an "orange" themed Halloween party and now I will share with
you some Halloween party tips for Halloween table decorations. These tips are easy to
do and inexpensive to produce.

With all of my events, no matter if they are serious fundraising galas or whimsical
birthday parties; I still like to keep an element of style, hip and class to the table
décor. Even when I use inexpensive props such as the Halloween items for
this Halloween display, I still like to mix and match with more expensive-looking or
natural Halloween items too.

There are so many choices when looking at decorations for Halloween. What I like to
do is collect Halloween items during the season and then on November 1st, go back to
the drug store or party supply store and pick-up whatever is left over and inexpensive.
Nothing makes me feel better than garnering bargains on cheap Halloween
decorations. I make sure to buy items that I will have a use for and that will store
easily in my party planning design box, an item I discuss in Budget Bash - Simply
Fabulous Events on a Budget.

To create the whimsical Halloween table decorations for this article I used the

Gold organza fabric for a table runner - You can buy any type of fabric and make a
table runner, scrunch up unfinished fabric down the center of the table or use pinking
sheers and cut a runner for a one- or two-time use (more uses are possible if you are
careful with the fabric). For this table, I used a table runner from a previous event and
scrunched it down the center of the table.

I picked up the following decorations for Halloween at the end of the season a few
years ago and have kept these items in my party planning design box. These cheap
Halloween decorations are candy corn twinkle lights, decorative candy dishes, orange
votive candles and glass votive candle holders, mini-plastic pumpkin buckets and a
witch's hat. I may have spent a total of $15 for all of these Halloween items and have
used them for the past three seasons.

While I was picking up dinner at the market, I grabbed a bunch of sunflowers,
rust-colored mums, Halloween candy and mini-pumpkins. A fun idea is to carve the
mini-pumpkin's center and sides (if you have the time) to create votive candle holder.
If not, do what I did and just add them to the table as a décor item.

Decorating the table was fast and easy. I just scrunched up the table runner and
intertwined the candy corn twinkle lights with the fabric runner. I placed the witch's
hat in the center of the table (I stuffed the center of the hat with a paper bag to make it
stand up straight), filled the candy dishes with Halloween candy, placed the votives
and pumpkins on the table and then placed the sunflowers loosely on the table. To add
a bit of color besides orange and yellow to the table, I pulled out two small blue vases
and placed the mums in those.

To create the total look of the Halloween table decorations didn't take long at all and I
coordinated my food shopping along with it. An added bonus to this table decoration
is that it will last quite a few days. Just remember to unplug the lights when you are
not around the table to prevent any type of electrical hazard from happening and if
you have animals who like to leap onto your dining room table, you may want to
remove the candy and loose flowers as well when you are not in the room.

I hope you found this Halloween party decoration tip useful. To learn more about
party planning on a budget, read Budget Bash - Simply Fabulous Events on a Budget.
Until next time remember to have fun and be a guest at your own party!

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