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7 Ways to Rank High in Google


Advanced SEO techniques to get you high ranking on google, yahoo and bing.

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									                       7 Ways to Rank High in Google

The key to land on the top pages of Google is to give the latter what it wants. This can be
achieved by means of SEO or search engine optimization. The process may not be easy
and it may take some time before you could actually see the desired result but let the
following tips help you get a good start on this journey:

1. Come up with relevant and original content
Relevant and unique articles are not only loved by online users but by search engines too.
No matter how desperate you are to come up with great content for your web page, do
away from copying other people’s work. Plagiarism is not just a bad idea; it’s also the
evil key that can place your business into havoc.

2. Mind the keywords
Don’t just write articles according to your own liking. Make sure that your content has
significance to a specific keyword. Thus, it’s equally important to choose the right
keyword. Make sure that it is what online users would most likely use and be more

Suppose your website is all about dog care. Instead of using “dog care” as your keyword,
it would be best to trim it down into something more specific like “dog care supplies” or
“dog care shops.”

3. Do some research
The competition to be on top of the search engine is tight. However, this doesn’t mean
that you can’t learn from your competitors. Do some research and try to see what they are
doing. Search your keywords and explore the pages that landed in the top 10 result. Find
out what keywords the people are using to give such page result. Do these to come up
with strategies that can improve your page and eventually your page rank.

4. Make your page interesting
You’ll never go wrong by stuffing your page with informative content. But come up with
ways to present it in a creative manner. Adding interesting facts, figures, and even
controversies can help. Make the readers feel that your page is worth their time. When
you’re able to do this, then you can worry a little less on competition.

5. Be specific in your title and meta description tags
It is through your title and meta description tags in the HTML code of your web page that
the search engine get to know your website. Making it more specific for each page
increases the chance of having your pages to be individually indexed. Google has set
specific number of characters for each: 66 characters and spaces for the title while meta
descriptions can have as much as 150.

6. Provide a sitemap
A sitemap is a navigation tool used by Google to get to know your site better. This is
easily obtained in WordPress with the use of the plugins. If you’re using other blog

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                        7 Ways to Rank High in Google

platforms or sites, you will still be able to generate one with the use of the tools available
online. And remember, sitemap is just like anything else – you need to keep it updated.

7. Tell the search engine which page to index
Surprisingly enough, there are pages of which you can tell the search engine to index and
there are those that you can just leave behind. I know this sound queer especially for an
SEO newbie. But here’s the thing: not all the pages that you have in your website
contributes significantly to the users. Pages that include resources for other important
pages but are in themselves insignificant are among them. Using robots.txt file enable
you to sort out pages to be indexed.

Good SEO doesn’t just comprise these things although these are great ways to give you a
good start. Along the way, you may encounter things that may create a stir in the aspect
of search engine optimization. But don’t worry; just do your part, choose your sources
and people to rely on wisely, and you’ll see, your site will soon be proudly landing on the
top rank of Google.

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