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					Pay per Click or PPC is a system of advertising on the Internet whereby the
advertisers only pay for their advertisements when an Internet user actually clicks on
their Ad. By bidding on certain keywords, you can have your Ad appear when those
keywords are used in an internet search.

The more popular the keywords the more expensive the bid is likely to be. The more
you decide to pay for your keywords the more likely it is they will appear high on the
search pages. The number of keywords you choose to bid on is up to you and can
range from one or two for an individual to many thousands for a larger company.

All major search engines such as the likes of Google, MSN and Yahoo as well as
many others across the globe offer PPC advertising.

PPC has only been around for a relatively short time so many people are still unaware
of how it works, what is involved and how to get the best results from it. Before
starting a PPC campaign for your business there are a number of things to consider.

Steps involved in planning and creating a successful PPC Campaign

- Identifying the target market.

- Determining a budget. - Choosing the right search engines.

- Identifying the most appropriate keywords.

- Creating an Ad and a description that will appeal to the target market.

- Deciding on the landing page for your Ad.

- Launching the PPC campaign on chosen search engines.

- Ongoing monitoring, reviewing, repositioning, and management of the PPC

Obviously the website itself has to be appealing in order to encourage Internet users
who click on the Ad and arrive at the landing page to actually stay there and buy. This
means that careful thought also has to be given to the design of the website, the layout
and the navigation.

You can attempt to manage your entire PPC campaign yourself but unless you are
experienced and have the necessary knowledge and of course the time, you aren't
likely to get much in the way of results. You are likely to have much more success by
having a professional PPC management service do the job for you. A professional
PPC management service can manage the entire PPC campaign or take on only parts
of it in consultation with you.

The advantages of having it managed for you are that a professional PPC manager
will have the analytical and reporting tools to be able to track the PPC campaign and
provide you with detailed reports and statistics about the progress of your campaign
and will also be able to make suggestions for improvements or changes as required.
The expertise and knowledge can be invaluable for creating a PPC campaign that will
give you the results you want and a good return on your investment