Guide To Choosing Exercise Equipment by aihaozhe2


									Buying an exercise machine can be expensive, and potentially a waste of money if
you dont make the right selection.

I have seen many clients use their exercise machine with zest for the first few weeks,
only to discard the unit in their basement after the glamour wears off. I don't want this
to happen to you.

The market for exercise machines is worth billions of dollars and growing
exponentially. An astounding number of gadgets out there, and associated
infomercials claim to transform your pudgy abs into washboard abs with "virtually no
effort on your part." Unfortunately, the only thing that they're likely to do is reduce is
the balance in your checking account, not your scale.

The first mistake made by consumers is to rush and buy TV exercise equipment.
When you watch exercise machine ads on TV, keep the following tips in mind:

1. If the advertisement makes unreasonable claims, forget it.There are several catch
phrases used by advertisers to sell to unsuspecting customers.

2. Be wary of the promise "guaranteed or your money back." Always look for the fine
print. The manufacturers may promise that you'll lose 10 pounds in 3 weeks, if you
follow the program. This eliminates the possibility of refunds, under the premise that
'you failed to follow a low fat diet and exercise program'.

3. Celebrity endorsements should be an indication that the product is backed by
money, not necessarily customer reviews, feedback and a history of effectiveness.

So how do you choose the right exercise machine?

1. Determine your goal (fat loss = treadmill, toning the abdominals = ab exercise
machine, knee problems = schwinn fitness cycle).

2. Choose the right manufacturer for your exercise machine. Personally, I prefer
schwinn exercise bikes, pace exercise equipment and proform exercise equipment.
Bowflex makes an excellent home gym system, and I have also reviewed them. I like
machines that train several muscles at one time and provide you with the option to
introduce variety in your exercise sessions. This maintains motivation and prevents
you from getting bored of the routine, which goes a long way in getting results.

This is an important fitness decision, and not one you should hurry. Choosing the right
exercise machine can make the difference between an average routine and an
excellent one. I strongly advice you to visit websites and read manuals dedicated to
exercise equipment reviews before you make this all important fitness decision. There
is no single factor that can help you decide, but a combination of factors. Take your
time, make notes and ask several questions before you decide on the exercise machine
that's right for you!

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