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Green Motivational Speaker


									If you have ever gone to see a motivational speaker, you know when you came out of
the venue that you were excited. You were going to quit smoking, lose weight, sell
real estate or save money. In the course of ninety minutes, this powerful speaker
managed to make you question your faith, your political affiliations, your stance on
every major political platform and your own self conception. Regardless of the topic
on which he or she is speaking, a good motivational speaker is one that knows how to
grab the audience's attention and hold it until the last word has been spoken. The
crowd will file out, excited by what has been said, buying the motivational speaker's
books, CD's, tapes and other items, ready to take on whatever happens to them. The
green motivational speaker is going to do the same thing, only instead of heading out
to take on the world, the audience will come out, ready to save it.

What do I need to become a successful green motivational speaker?

You need to have a powerful voice and a charismatic personality. You have to have a
deep belief in your topic, a belief that translates and resonates with every word that
you are saying. You have to have a flair for showmanship and be able to know when a
poignant story or joke is appropriate. You have to know how far you can uplift an
audience before you reel them back in. And you have to be able to finish on a high
note that leaves them feeling like they have learned something valuable yet still
wanting more.

In addition to making powerful presentations, you should be able to offer some of the
lessons that you are teaching in either audio or visual format, whether you write it or
not. It is well-known that there are many motivational speakers who rely on ghost
writers to manage their words; others write them, they deliver them. What is the
potential income for being a green motivational speaker?

The speaker fee will vary depending on the venue, who is sponsoring it and the area
of the country in which you are speaking. Even the smaller colleges compensate their
guest speakers well. You may also be asked to speak at corporate training sessions and
retreats, green business expos and other events as well. What are my risks?

You may find the right topic, with just the right presentation until you are weary of the
presentation. Other occupational hazards for the successful speaker are sore throat, jet
lag and exhaustion.

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