Gothic Costumes by aihaozhe2


									I wonder how many people have thought about dressing in Gothic Costumes for
Halloween. Gothic costumes have always been popular and dressing in Gothic
costume was quite the rage back in the late 1970's. Gothic costumes were influenced
by the many Gothic novels and horror films of the past. The Goth movement of the
1970's had a profound effect on the youth of many countries. It took hold in England
and particularly in Germany. This movement spread to the USA and many other
countries throughout Europe. The Goths, as they were called back then, listened to
Goth music and dressed in the dark gloomy clothes portrayed in many of the old
vampire movies.

The Gothic bands that appeared during this time were a huge influence on the clothes,
hair and make-up that were all an important part of creating the Gothic costume. The
stage costumes worn by these bands had a profound influence on their fans. There
were no set rules about what a Gothic costume had to be and it allowed for an
individual to be experimental and also express their inner creativity. The popular
colors used in Gothic costumes were black, purple and dark red. They were created
out of satin and velvet and frilly lacey type materials. Women would fashion their
costumes after the characters portrayed in the vampire horror films. The use of black
fishnet stockings and gloves were very popular among the young women. Men liked
to include a fancy and frilly shirt like the ones that were worn by the romantic poets in
the creation of costume attire. Many Goth costumes were finished with the addition of
accessories such as a studded dog collar, silver buckles, silver jewelry and of course
the classic Gothic chokers. Both men and women wore white make-up and
accentuated their eyes with mascara and black eye liner. Red, purple and black
lipstick was popular and of course black fingernail polish was applied by men and

Each year there is a gathering of Goths in England in the seaside resort of Whitby.
Whitby is the town where Bram Stoker set his original Dracula horror story. During
this gathering they show all the old Dracula movies and many of the newer vampire
films such as "Interview with a Vampire" adapted from the novel by Anne Rice and
"Beetlejuice" by Tim Burton. Goth bands have always added their music to this
cultural scene and influenced the whole Gothic culture. Dancing to the music created
by these bands is a large part of fun and entertainment enjoyed by the Goth culture.
The Goth bands created had wonderful names such as Killing Joke, Southern Death
Cult, Dead Can Dance, Sisters of Mercy and one of the most popular was Siouxsie
and the Banshees and The Cure.

Many of the young people who chose to portray the distinctive Goth look were not
appreciated by their elders and peers. In Fact, these young people were made fun of
and bullied around. Many of the youth who dressed in Gothic style were insecure
about how they looked. These same young people felt that the Gothic look gave them
a character they could hide behind and boosted their self confidence so they could
deal with daily life. The late 1970's culture tended to force a need to look perfect and
the majority of young people were all trying to look like fashion models, but dressing
in Gothic costumes allowed for the expression of individuality. Today, the Goths are
still around, but their numbers have depleted. Most of these people have outgrown the
need to express themselves in Gothic costumes in daily life. They still have many of
the same friends and enjoy sharing the good old times through photographs and
attending special Goth gatherings. These people who shared the Gothic culture will
have interesting stories to tell their children.

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