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									    ALUMNI PROFILES

             “You are not here merely to make a living.
       You are here to enable the world to live more amply,
with greater vision, and with a finer spirit of hope and achievement.
                  You are here to enrich the world.
         You impoverish yourself if you forget this errand.”
“You are not here merely to make a living. You
are here to enable the world to live more
amply, with greater vision, and with a finer
spirit of hope and achievement. You are here to
enrich the world. You impoverish yourself if
you forget this errand.”

These inspiring words from Woodrow Wilson
encapsulate the attitude and spirit that come to
life at Shad Valley, and are embraced by our
alumni. The students who take part in Shad
Valley each summer join our thousands of
alumni making a difference in the world today.

From business innovators, to academics, to
researchers, to leaders in the social profit sector,
Shad Valley alumni use their initiative, skills,
and values to solve important problems –
creating value while maintaining the highest
standards of social responsibility and ethical

Prepared in celebration of Shad Valley’s 25th
anniversary, this publication provides insight
into the accomplishments and potential of Shad
Valley alumni. The capabilities and promise of
each of our alumni are reflected in these
profiles, which detail the achievements of 25
alumni from our first 25 years. Their paths are
varied and their accomplishments are diverse.
The common thread is their desire and drive to
make a difference – for themselves, for the
organizations they’re part of, and for the
community at large.

Shad Valley’s second quarter-century promises
to be as inspiring and successful as the first.
Join us, and be part of our community of
diverse leaders as we move into the future.
                              Rick Baltman
                              Realism in television and video game
                              simulations can be achieved by sticking to the
                              principles of physics — just ask Rick Baltman
                              who created ReelMotion, a real-time simulator
                              which allows animators to quickly create high
                              quality animations of vehicles and objects by
                              simulating the physics which underlies them.

                              ReelMotion has been used in TV commercials,
                              feature films, and accident reconstructions and
                              is utilized by many cutting edge organizations
                              throughout the world including NASA.

                              Rick served as president of Motional Realms,
                              the company he created to market ReelMotion,
                              until it was purchased by Rainbow Studios, a
                              leading creator of digital entertainment for all
                              media. Rick elected to stay on with Rainbow
                              Studios as the senior simulations engineer, a
                              role in which he programs the physics for all of
                              the company’s console video games including
                              ATV Offroad Fury and ATV Offroad Fury 2.

                              Rick holds a Bachelor of Applied Science degree
                              in aerospace engineering from the University of
                              Toronto and a Master of Science degree in
                              aeronautics and astronautics from Stanford

                              He has also worked for Orbital Sciences
                              Corporation in Virginia developing attitude
                              control systems for the ORBCOMM constellation
                              of satellites and unmanned reconnaissance

                              When Rick is not busy at work, he enjoys
                              freestyle aerobatics. He placed third in the
                              Sportsman Freestyle 2003 Copperstate
                              Aerobatics Championships. He has also been

                              recognized for the highest scoring First Time
                              Sportsman 2003 Bill Briski Acrofest.

Rick Baltman attended Shad Valley at the University of Manitoba in 1987.
                  Michael Brown
Michael Brown is a full-time software developer
with Research In Motion (RIM), who applies his
expertise to solving cryptology and security
challenges in the wireless world. RIM is a
leading designer, manufacturer and marketer of
innovative wireless solutions for the worldwide
mobile communications market. Michael’s team
focuses on taking security solutions that have
been developed for wired environments and
adapting them for the wireless world. Today,
Michael is the number three inventor in an
organization that thrives on innovation.

Michael started working for RIM in the summer
of 1995 as a Shad intern, and hasn’t left! After
that summer, he returned multiple times as a
university co-op student, and now contributes
as a full-time employee.

Michael attended the University of Waterloo
(UW), where he studied Computer Science and
Mathematics. After completing his
undergraduate degree, he did a Master's
degree in Mathematics at UW, specifically
looking at cryptography in the world of
quantum computers. He’s interested in many
aspects of computer science and mathematics,
but especially in cryptography and data security,
both classical and quantum.

Michael is very interested in music and enjoys
playing the piano and keyboards. He has
accompanied various local musical and
theatrical ensembles, and enjoys creative
endeavours of all kinds.

Michael   Michael Brown attended Shad Valley at the University of British Columbia in 1995.
                                Jennifer Corriero
                                Jennifer Corriero is the co-founder and
                                Executive Director of TakingITGlobal, a not-for-
                                profit organization that aims to inspire, inform,
                                and involve young people through information
                                technology. It’s a revolutionary organization –
                                one that gets more than a million hits on its
                                website each day – and it was started by
                                Jennifer when she was a 19-year-old
                                technology-focused entrepreneur.

                                In 2000, Jennifer was identified as one of
                                Converge Magazine’s Shapers of the Future.
                                That same year, and only two years into her BA
                                at York University, Jennifer founded two
                                businesses – TakingITGlobal and Jenergy
                                Consulting. She hasn’t looked back since.
                       is an award-winning online
                                community that has attracted more than 25,000
                                members from over 200 countries. Jenergy
                                Consulting provides strategy consulting and
                                youth program implementation to big name
                                clients across the globe, giving youth a voice
                                like they’ve never had before.

                                She was the Wired Woman Young Woman of
                                the Year in 2001, a Youth Achievement Award
                                winner in 2002 and is continuing her quest to
                                change the world. Her next goal is to achieve
                                the 2010 vision of TakingITGlobal – to realize
                                the potential of at least five million young
                                people as leaders in global communities; to
                                bridge the continuity gap; to confirm that
                                young people are key stakeholders in
                                international policy-making; to produce the
                                world’s most comprehensive and powerful
                                knowledge resource; and more. It’s a lofty goal,
                                and one that she’s confident she’ll achieve.

Jennifer Corriero attended Shad Valley at the University of Calgary in 1998.
       Christine Desmarais
Christine Desmarais pursued engineering
because of the way the discipline merges
entrepreneurship and science. After high school
graduation, she was accepted to McGill
University’s Mechanical Engineering program,
which she completed in 1997 having spent one
of her undergraduate years studying physics on
exchange at the University of British Columbia.

After graduating from McGill, Christine was
selected as a recipient of a prestigious Rhodes
Scholarship to attend Oxford University in
England. There, she earned a Bachelor’s degree
in Experimental Psychology. She went on to a
role as a management consultant at McKinsey
and Company, where she developed business
strategies for leading companies around the
world. Christine then returned to engineering,
accepting a position as a flight simulation
engineer at CAE Inc., a leading provider of
integrated training solutions and advanced
simulation and control technologies to civil
aviation, military, and marine customers. While
at CAE, Christine explored virtual reality as a
tool for training pilots.

Always determined to enhance her knowledge
and stretch her talents in new directions,
Christine is currently enrolled in a one-year
Master’s program in Neuroscience at Université
de Montréal.

ChristineChristine Desmarais attended Shad Valley at the Université de Sherbrooke in 1990.
                                 Edward Doolittle
                                 Edward Doolittle is an assistant professor of
                                 Mathematics at the Saskatchewan Indian
                                 Federated College at the University of Regina,
                                 where he focuses on growing an understanding
                                 of mathematics and science with his students.
                                 Prior to joining University of Regina, Edward
                                 led the First Nations University of Canada’s
                                 Department of Science, delivering high-quality
                                 science programs and holistic support systems
                                 based on indigenous knowledge, natural laws,
                                 philosophies, practices and contemporary

                                 Edward, a Mohawk from the Six Nations
                                 Reservation in southern Ontario, earned his
                                 undergraduate, masters and doctoral degrees in
                                 mathematics at the University of Toronto. He
                                 taught mathematics, business, leadership and
                                 Native Studies at the University of Toronto,
                                 Queen’s University, York University and Six
                                 Nations Polytechnic before arriving at First
                                 Nations University in July 2001. He also helped
                                 administer the Aboriginal Teacher Education
                                 Program at Queen’s University.

                                 A recipient of a Governor General’s Gold Medal
                                 for outstanding scholarship, Edward has been
                                 named one of the Great Minds of the University
                                 of Toronto and one of 50 top young alumni of
                                 the University of Toronto.

Edward Doolittle attended Shad Valley at the University of Waterloo in 1983.
                    Lesley Fellows
Lesley Fellows is an assistant professor in McGill
University’s Department of Neurology and
Neurosurgery. Based at the Montreal
Neurological Institute, she specializes in
disorders of cognition with a particular interest
in the brain’s frontal lobes. She combines
clinical work in neurology with research and
teaching both medicine and basic science. Her
research program focuses on the brain basis of
decision making in humans, using the tools of
cognitive neuroscience. Lesley currently holds
grants from the Canadian Institutes of Health
Research, the National Institutes of Health, the
FRSQ (Fonds de la recherché en santé Québec),
and Parkinson’s Society of Canada, totaling
more than $400,000.

Following her B.Sc. in Physiology from McGill
University, Lesley earned a Rhodes scholarship in
1990 to study at Oxford University and
completed her Ph.D. in Neurophysiology. She
then went on to complete her medical degree
and neurology training at McGill University, and
most recently concluded a post-doctoral
fellowship at the Centre for Cognitive
Neuroscience of the University of Pennsylvania
in 2004.

Adept at finding balance between work and
home, Lesley unwinds by cycle commuting
through Montreal traffic, and devotes much of
her spare time to her two children.

          Lesley Fellows attended Shad Valley at the University of New Brunswick in 1986.
                             Wojciech Gryc
                             Wojciech Gryc dedicated much of his teenage
                             life to ensuring that youth have the
                             opportunity to voice their concerns regarding
                             issues impacting their lives. Among his
                             accomplishments is founding Five Minutes to
                             Midnight, an online publication dedicated to
                             giving youth a voice and media outlet for
                             human rights and international issues.

                             Five Minutes to Midnight is read by over 1,600
                             subscribers in 25 countries. It has volunteers on
                             every continent, has published a book, and runs
                             interdisciplinary workshops on psychology and
                             media. Current efforts include promoting media
                             awareness abroad, and using open source
                             software to create grassroots, youth-led media
                             and research projects in developing nations.

                             In addition to spearheading Five Minutes to
                             Midnight, Wojciech also served as the Chair of
                             Human Rights for the United Nations
                             Association in Canada – Toronto Region Branch.
                             He spent summer 2005 working with IBM’s
                             Business Consulting Services - Ontario Public
                             Sector division, on research and development of
                             large-scale collaborative software for public
                             policy development and civic engagement.

                             Wojciech is pursuing International Development
                             Studies and Mathematics at University of
                             Toronto at Scarborough. His efforts for human
                             rights have taken him to various development
                             projects in India and Nepal, with more travels
                             expected in the future. Wojciech was
                             recognized by Youth in Motion as one of their
                             2005 Top 20 Under 20™ awards recipients.

Wojciech Gryc attended Shad Valley at the University of Calgary in 2003.
Kunal and Kanika Gupta
Kunal and Kanika Gupta are exactly one year
apart in age - perhaps this explains how this
ambitious brother and sister are very similar - yet
very different.
Kunal is currently enrolled in the University of
Waterloo’s Software Engineering program and
Kanika is in the midst of her studies at the
University of Ottawa’s School of Management.
Kanika was awarded a Chancellor’s Scholarship
valued at $26,000 over four years. She is the vice
president of Media Relations with the Commerce
and Administration Students Charity Organization,
and VP internal of the Entrepreneur’s Club at the
University of Ottawa. Kanika has been involved in
anti-violence and mediation groups and has taken
part in a number of cultural, humanitarian and
political events. Kanika also received an award as
Youth Philanthropist from Child and Youth
Friendly Ottawa and last year worked as a
Parliamentary Page in the House of Commons.
In addition to contributing to Canadian businesses
through co-op terms at Bank of Montreal, Telus
and Deloitte, Kunal is the founder of Impact, an
organization promoting entrepreneurship and
business leadership at the post-secondary level.
Kunal’s goal with Impact is to immerse every
participant in a business environment and
surround them with entrepreneurs and industry
leaders, to fuel their ambition and passion for

entrepreneurship. Impact is run entirely by student
volunteers from across Canada.
Since childhood, both Kunal and Kanika have
played badminton and tennis together. Kunal's
interests include basketball and hockey, and he can
never play enough Monopoly and Risk. Kanika has
very creative interests which include photography

and cooking international cuisine. Both siblings
have travelled across Canada, the US, Europe,
Mexico, and Central America, and they travelled
India together.

          Kunal Gupta attended Shad Valley at the University of New Brunswick in 2002.
          Kanika Gupta attended Shad Valley at Dalhousie University in 2003.
                             Andria Hunter
                             Since 1999, Andria Hunter has been working for
                             the University of Toronto as a lecturer in the
                             Department of Computer Science. She primarily
                             teaches first year introductory Computer
                             Science and programming courses. Her
                             students are delighted to discover Andria’s
                             sporting background. She was a member of the
                             1992 and 1994 Canadian gold medal teams at
                             the Women’s World Hockey Championships,
                             competed in Switzerland for one season, and
                             played for many seasons in the elite National
                             Women’s Hockey League.

                             Andria played university-level hockey at the
                             University of New Hampshire on an athletic
                             scholarship, and later at the University of
                             Toronto (U of T) while completing her graduate
                             studies. She holds a Master of Science degree
                             from the Department of Computer Science. At
                             U of T, Andria conducted research in the fields
                             of system modeling and analysis as well as
                             distributed computation and networks. After
                             completing her Master’s, and before joining
                             U of T as a lecturer, she did contract work
                             through her company, ALH Computer Solutions.

                             In 2002, she competed for Canada at the
                             first-ever Women’s Inline Hockey World
                             Championship, where Canada won the gold
                             medal. Andria is also responsible for helping
                             create the Women’s Hockey Web at

Andria Hunter attended Shad Valley at the University of Calgary in 1984.
                 Braden Kurczak
Braden Kurczak is a Sustainable Building
Consultant for Enermodal Engineering Ltd.
Enermodal is the leading sustainable building
consulting firm in Ontario with the first two
Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design
(LEED®) Canada certified buildings in the
country. His responsibilities include building
research, energy modeling, design optimization
and sustainable building design and assessment
using the LEED® rating system.

Braden’s recent projects include four projects at
McMaster University; the sustainable design of
the Toronto Botanical Gardens addition; and
the Aylmer Ministry of Natural Resources office
building. All of these buildings have been
designed to provide significant energy savings
relative to standard design practice as well as
provide a minimized environmental footprint.

After graduating from McMaster University’s
Mechanical Engineering & Management
Program in 2003, Braden worked on numerous
research projects including a study of the
potential for solar lumber drying in Canada,
and an investigation into subsidy impacts on
renewable energy technologies in remote
Canadian areas.

In his free time, Braden is the president of and
performer for Slam Dunk Entertainment. SDE is
an acrobatic basketball troupe (basketball with
trampolines) that travels the globe entertaining
crowds of all ages at fairs, festivals, corporate
events and professional and amateur sporting

   Braden Braden Kurczak attended Shad Valley at Acadia University in 1997.
                           Darlene Lim
                           Darlene Lim specializes in paleolimnology, the
                           study of the history of lakes, and its
                           implications to Mars analogue research. Darlene
                           is in the midst of conducting research as a U.S.
                           National Research Council post-doctoral fellow
                           at the NASA Ames Research Centre in northern
                           California. She conducts astrobiological studies
                           in Mars-like environments ranging from the
                           High Arctic to the deserts of Chile, and is
                           Principal Investigator of the Pavilion Lake
                           Research Project.

                           Darlene earned a B.Sc. in Biology from Queen’s
                           University and a M.Sc. in Geology from the
                           University of Toronto (U of T). She also
                           completed a Ph.D. in Environmental Geology at
                           U of T. In 2003, she received the Graduate
                           Student Award of Merit from the Senior
                           Women Academic Administrators of Canada
                           and the prestigious D. N. Chorafas Foundation
                           Award for her Ph.D. dissertation.

                           While working on her Ph.D., Darlene spent
                           summers at the NASA-SETI Haughton-Mars
                           Project on Devon Island, Nunavut, 700
                           kilometers north of the Arctic Circle. Her
                           research into the history of high arctic lakes and
                           ponds as a tool for tracking the effects of
                           climate and environmental change may help
                           future exploration of ancient lakes on Mars.
                           Darlene was part of the inaugural crew of the
                           Mars Society’s Flashline Mars Arctic Research
                           Station, the world's first Mars simulation base
                           located on Devon Island.

                           Because of her expertise in Mars analogue
                           research, Darlene has been part of numerous
                           television and radio programs including
                           Discovery Channel, CBC Newsworld, Canada

                           AM, and BBC Worldnews, and has contributed
                           to Macleans magazine and the Globe and Mail.

Darlene Lim attended Shad Valley at the University of Calgary in 1989.
                               Joshua Liu
Joshua Liu’s passion for science, technology,
engineering and mathematics led him to such
challenges as ASM Materials Camp Canada, the
Ontario Math Olympics and the Toronto Science
and Technology Fair. His crowning accomplishment,
however, is founding SMARTS: the Student
Mentorship Association Regarding Technology and

SMARTS is a student-run program within Youth
Science Foundation (YSF) Canada that informs,
inspires and engages youth across Canada in
programs, competitions and events. Joshua founded
SMARTS in response to Canadian students’ lack of
exposure to science and innovation. SMARTS
manages an online database of opportunities in
Canada, connects youth through a national school
correspondent network, and provides peer
mentorship for project-based science. SMARTS is
firmly established in eight provinces and currently
involves over 40 schools in Canada. For his efforts,
Joshua was recognized by Youth in Motion as a
recipient of the 2005 Top 20 Under 20™ National

Currently in his last year of high school, Joshua is an
inspirational leader and social justice advocate. He
co-founded a youth organization called Our Kids
Our Future, to end child poverty in Canada. Earlier
this year, Our Kids Our Future became the first-ever
youth partner of Campaign 2000, a national charity
and network of over 95 organizations in Canada
addressing child and family poverty. Through this
partnership, Joshua helped create and currently sits
on Campaign 2000’s youth action committee.

Joshua is a recreational therapy volunteer for
children with disabilities and lead singer for Sunday
mass. He plays the trumpet and piano, and loves to

compete in table tennis, basketball and volleyball.
Joshua aspires to be a pediatric neurosurgeon and
hopes to one day volunteer overseas with Doctors
Without Borders.

           Joshua Liu attended Shad Valley at McMaster University in 2005.
                       Craig MacAdam
                       Craig MacAdam is a key player in Canada’s
                       booming financial sector. As a Portfolio
                       Manager for Aurion Capital Management Inc.,
                       he offers investment management services to
                       institutional investors in three main areas:
                       portfolio management, pension fund
                       management, and alternative asset
                       management - innovative products developed
                       specifically for today’s dynamic markets.

                       Craig’s portfolio is impressive: he helps manage
                       just under two billion dollars in Canadian
                       equities. He takes his education in science,
                       technology, liberal arts and finance to new
                       heights daily as a young entrepreneur in a very
                       competitive business. Craig attended Bishop’s
                       University where he secured a BBA in Finance
                       and also studied drama. Aurion hired Craig a
                       week after he graduated.

                       After two years with Aurion, Craig put his
                       financial career on hold to build his own
                       entertainment management company, move to
                       Nashville, and secure a record deal with a major
                       record label for his talented friend and business
                       partner, Johnny Reid. Two years later, Johnny
                       had a record deal and Craig was back at Aurion.

                       Beyond his daily commitments at Aurion and
                       oversight of Johnny Mac Entertainment, Craig
                       and his wife Alexandra enjoy playing golf and

Craig MacAdam attended Shad Valley at Acadia University in 1992.
                         Elicia Maine
Elicia Maine is an Assistant Professor of
Management of Technology with the Business
Faculty at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver
and holds a $159,000 Social Sciences and
Humanities Research Council (SSHRC)
Innovations in the New Economy (INE) grant.
Her work is focused on investigating the
growth processes of early stage technology
firms in the evolving advanced materials and
fuel cell industries. For this work, Elicia is
collaborating with the Sloan School of
Management at MIT and the Centre for
Technology Management at the University of

Elicia earned both a BA in English and a B.Eng.
in Materials Engineering from Queen’s
University. She proceeded to MIT in Cambridge,
Massachusetts where she studied Technology
and Policy and received her Master of Science.
Finally, Elicia studied for her Ph.D. in
Technology Management at the University of
Cambridge in England.

In 2002 and 2003, Elicia served as founding
educational coordinator for the TELUS New
Ventures BC competition, one of the largest
technology business idea competitions in North
America. Currently, she is interviewing the
founders and senior management of advanced
materials and fuel cell firms in Canada, the US
and the UK to better understand their unique
survival and growth challenges. Elicia has
developed an investment methodology for
materials which serves as a strategic tool to
assist seed capital firms in assessing early stage
material innovations. She has also co-authored
a manual on the topic entitled "Succeeding

with New Materials: a Comprehensive Guide for
Assessing Market Potential".

          Elicia Maine attended Shad Valley at the University of Waterloo in 1987.
                                Shonagh McVean
                                When Shonagh McVean pursued a career in
                                intellectual property law, she didn’t expect to
                                be standing in high heels in a dirt field, phone
                                in hand, supervising an early morning raid on
                                infringers of intellectual property rights. But
                                unconventional situations aren’t unusual when
                                you’re a scientist and a lawyer leading a busy
                                intellectual property and patent practice.
                                Shonagh is a founding partner at Gilberts LLP
                                where she primarily works with the
                                pharmaceutical and biotechnology sectors. She
                                particularly enjoys this practice as it exposes her
                                to innovation and breakthroughs that make a
                                difference to people’s lives.

                                After graduating from the University of
                                Western Ontario with an Honours Bachelor of
                                Science in Genetics, Shonagh turned her
                                attention to law. Shonagh advises high-ranking
                                individuals in industry and the public sector on
                                their rights and obligations, and interacts with
                                top scientists in many fields. She frequently
                                appears before the Federal Court of Canada
                                and government regulatory bodies. She has
                                been involved in legislative and regulatory
                                reform of the patent and drug approval
                                regimes in Canada and the US. She is a
                                registered patent agent which allows her to
                                represent clients in the Canadian patent office
                                and the US patent and trademark office.

                                Shonagh successfully balances demanding work
                                and family responsibilities and shows her
                                commitment to the community as the President
                                of the Board of Directors of Voices, a 20-
                                member chamber choir.

Shonagh McVean attended Shad Valley at the University of British Columbia
                                                                  in 1987.
       Matto Mildenberger
Matto Mildenberger is pursuing a double major
in Botany and International Relations at the
University of Toronto(U of T), and aspires to a
career in environmental law and diplomacy. In
2005, Matto was named an Energy Ambassador
by Natural Resources Canada for conducting a
major behavioural study at the University of
Toronto’s Trinity College to determine how and
why students were using energy. Matto and his
partner piloted several programs aimed at
motivating behavioural change, and is currently
engaged with the University of Toronto’s
Sustainability Office to develop a campus-wide
framework for energy and environmental
behavioural change.

When Matto was accepted to the University of
Toronto, he was named a U of T National
Scholar, the most prestigious undergraduate
admission scholarship awarded by the
university. A dedicated violinist from Saint John,
New Brunswick, he was also a recipient of a
Canada Merit Scholarship. When Matto
attended Shad Valley in 2002, he was honoured
with the Dave Black Memorial Award for
Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

Beyond his involvement with campus
environmental organizations, Matto is also the
editor of several journals and newspapers, and
remains a dedicated volunteer and musician.

          Matto Mildenberger attended Shad Valley at the Queen’s University International
          Study Centre in 2002.
                                  Parker Mitchell
                                  Parker Mitchell is co-founder and co-CEO of
                                  Engineers Without Borders (EWB), a leading
                                  charitable organization dedicated to addressing
                                  unacceptable equality in developing countries,
                                  with a goal of decreasing world poverty by half
                                  by 2015. EWB’s 12,000 members strive to make
                                  Canada the most development-friendly and
                                  sustainable country in the world, and over 150
                                  young Canadian engineers have been deployed
                                  on important development projects in 20

                                  Parker's work in international development
                                  began with a simple water purification system
                                  for developing communities designed during
                                  Bachelor's degrees in Engineering and Arts at
                                  the University of Waterloo. This progressed to a
                                  Master's in Development Studies at Cambridge
                                  University in England and, using strategic
                                  planning experience gained while a business
                                  analyst at McKinsey and Company, the founding
                                  of Engineers Without Borders.

                                  Parker was recently acknowledged as one of
                                  Canada’s Top 40 Under 40™ for 2004. Parker
                                  has won awards from the Canadian Bureau for
                                  International Education, was featured in TIME
                                  Magazine as one of Canada's next generation
                                  of social leaders, and in 1996 was a finalist in
                                  Magna International’s As Prime Minister

Parker Mitchell attended Shad Valley at the Université de Sherbrooke in 1993.
        Rohit Ramchandani
Rohit Ramchandani’s passion lies in the field of
ophthalmic public health — an area where he
has made significant contributions. Rohit
recently completed his Master’s of Public Health
at Boston University, and is Canada’s regional
director of Unite for Sight, a not-for-profit
organization dedicated to empowering
communities worldwide to improve eye health
and eliminate preventable blindness.

Building on his ophthalmic research at Toronto
Western Hospital's Department of
Ophthalmology, Rohit led a group of three
students to Hyderabad, India in summer 2004
where they completed a World Health
Organization internship through the world
renowned LV Prasad Eye Institute. While in
India, Rohit and his group worked on
community eye health projects in urban slums
and rural villages throughout the state of
Andrah Pradesh.

Rohit has also spent time working deep within
the equatorial rainforests of Guyana on issues
ranging from HIV/AIDS to malaria. He founded
the University of Waterloo International Health
Development Association (UWIHDA) while
pursuing his Honours Bachelor of Science in
Health Studies and Gerontology there.

An accomplished actor, Rohit recently starred in
his first film. Produced by Harvard University,
the fictional film addresses issues relating to
drug abuse, and recently premiered at the
Boston Short Film Festival. Rohit is well
decorated as a scholar, having received a
national Canada Millennium Excellence Award,
a John McBain Scholarship for International
Entrepreneurship, and a Vedic Cultural

Scholarship for his contribution to the South
Asian community.

         Rohit Ramchandani attended Shad Valley at the University of British Columbia in 1999.
                                   Christina Stachulak
                                   Christina Stachulak holds an Honours B.Sc. in
                                   Biochemistry from the University of Ottawa, a
                                   M.Sc. in Science and Technology Policy from the
                                   University of Sussex (UK), and plans to pursue a
                                   Ph.D. in Science Policy for International
                                   Development at the Institute of Development
                                   Studies (UK). Christina is currently working in
                                   international relations as Science and
                                   Technology Attaché at the Canadian Embassy in
                                   Paris, France, where she interacts with
                                   influential Canadian and French scientists and
                                   entrepreneurs, while promoting Canada’s
                                   scientific and technological strengths.

                                   Christina is conscious of the challenges and
                                   opportunities facing the globe and throughout
                                   her studies and work experiences, has placed
                                   her scientific and policy research into a
                                   framework of responsible and sustainable
                                   action. Since 1999, she has participated and
                                   helped coordinate several initiatives combining
                                   science, ethics and governance, with such
                                   organizations as the Life Sciences Branch of
                                   Industry Canada; Harvard Medical School; the
                                   Hastings Institute in New York; and most
                                   recently, the World Life Sciences Forum -
                                   BioVision in Lyon, France.

                                   In 2001, Christina was chosen as the national
                                   winner of the prestigious As Prime Minister
                                   Award offered by Magna International.
                                   Proficient in four languages, Christina has
                                   served as a coordinator and guide for Canadian
                                   delegations to World Youth Days in Denver,
                                   Manila, Paris, Rome and Toronto. She
                                   participates in several sports including rock
                                   climbing, fencing and sailing.

Christina Stachulak attended Shad Valley at the University of Calgary in 1996.
                        Steve Taylor
A graduate of Memorial University of
Newfoundland with a Bachelor of Science in
Biochemistry and a Bachelor of Electrical
Engineering, Steve Taylor launched Cathexis
Innovations Inc. in March 2001 with three of his
fellow MUN engineering graduates. The
company developed IDBlue — the world’s first
product to combine Bluetooth wireless
technology with Radio Frequency Identification
(RFID) reader capability.

Steve is currently overseeing the growth of
Cathexis as president and CEO. The company
has sales offices in Calgary and Texas in addition
to 20+ employees at head office in St. John’s. In
recognition of their entrepreneurial successes,
Steve and his partners won the 2005 Provincial
Best Business Award for Newfoundland and
Labrador from the Canadian Youth Business
Foundation. Cathexis was also featured in a CBC
Newsworld story on Radio Frequency

Currently finishing his Masters in Electrical
Engineering, Steve views entrepreneurship as so
rewarding and all encompassing that it touches
every dimension of his life. In his free time he
likes to learn new languages, participate in
sports, and share his expertise with young
entrepreneurs who are starting down the
entrepreneurial path. Steve sits on several
advisory boards for business groups and start-
up companies, and participates in a variety of
speaking engagements, to pass on what he’s
learned to the next generation of

          Steve Taylor attended Shad Valley at the University of Waterloo in 1992.
                          Jana Ting
                          After graduating at age 17 from Canada’s Royal
                          Conservatory of Music (RCM), Jana Ting elected
                          to study Systems Design Engineering at the
                          University of Waterloo, but kept her love of
                          music close at hand. While working as a
                          software engineer, she explored Indian ragas
                          with American composer Michael Harrison and
                          jazz piano with Charles Sibirsky in New York
                          and jazz piano with Ralph Lewars in London,
                          England. Today, Jana is pursuing a diploma in
                          Collaborative Piano Performance at the
                          University of Manitoba.

                          Jana decided to place music ahead of
                          engineering after supporting her father
                          through his final battle with cancer. She
                          completed a Licentiate in piano performance
                          from London Trinity College and an RCM
                          Associateship in teaching. In November 2004
                          she released her first self-produced recording,
                          Roses in Winter, a tribute to her father and
                          others affected by cancer. Proceeds from her
                          concerts and CD support the CancerCare
                          Manitoba Foundation and the John Ting
                          Memorial Fund, an annual prize for the top
                          international student graduating from the
                          University of Winnipeg Collegiate.

                          In August 2005, Jana joined forces with friends
                          in England to create a non-profit organization
                          called “Say I Love You”, whose mission is to
                          enable the creation of events that transform
                          communities, relationships and lives.

                          In her free time, Jana is passionate about hiking
                          (such as the Camino de Santiago in Spain),
                          languages (so far it's French, Spanish, German,
                          Italian, and Chinese), writing, and art. She also
                          volunteers as an English conversation tutor at

                          the International Centre at the University of

Jana Ting attended Shad Valley at the University of Waterloo in 1991.
                       Emma Wendt
Emma Wendt is living her dream of improving
companies’ environmental impact. Emma, who hails
from Chester Basin, Nova Scotia, started with the
World Bank’s Greening Program shortly after
university, working to improve the environmental
impact of their Washington, D.C. headquarters.
Emma is the first Environmental and Social
Footprint Officer for the International Finance
Corporation, the private sector lending arm of the
World Bank Group. Her portfolio includes
developing a greenhouse gas inventory, making the
cafeteria more sustainable, encouraging alternative
commuting habits among staff, and coordinating
community service activities.
Emma graduated from Harvard University in 2003
with a degree in Environmental Science and Public
Policy. In her first year, she earned one of two
Malcolm Holmes ’28 Scholarship awards for her
efforts with the Harvard University Band. She was
active in the Harvard Canadian Club, and served as
Prime Minister her senior year. In 2002, Emma
received a grant from the Harvard University Center
for the Environment to research and improve
greening initiatives at a resort in Vermont. She
received a Jesse E. Zofnass scholarship for
environmental studies from 2000-2002. Yet another
Harvard achievement was starting the Harvard
Curling Club and playing in the nationals in 2001
and 2002.
Emma stays connected to Canada by coordinating
activities for the World Bank Group’s Canada Club,
and participating in events at the Canadian Embassy
such as Canada25.
True to her environmental values, Emma rides her
bike as her main mode of transportation. She
pursues a wide variety of pastimes, including
knitting and origami, and loves to cook and

entertain. She recently started playing violin again
and especially enjoys East Coast fiddle music.

           Emma Wendt attended Shad Valley at Acadia University in 1999.
                       Gwynneth Wong
                       Gwynneth Wong is a United Nations Volunteer
                       (UNV) funded by the Southern Africa Capacity
                       Initiative to work in the United Nations
                       Development Program (UNDP) Strategic Policy
                       and Advocacy Support Unit as an HIV & AIDS
                       specialist. She has been part of a diverse team
                       of international volunteers in Lesotho since
                       August 2004.

                       The UNDP works in collaboration with the
                       Lesotho government to scale up the response to
                       HIV & AIDS in the country, and Gwynneth is
                       right in the middle of the effort. One of her
                       responsibilities is supporting the newly
                       established National AIDS Commission in their
                       role as the coordinating body of HIV & AIDS
                       activities, creating partnerships with the many
                       organizations working in Lesotho, which has
                       the world’s third-highest HIV rate.

                       Prior to leaving Canada, Gwynneth completed a
                       joint Honours Bachelors degree in Chemistry
                       and Biology (St. Francis Xavier University) and
                       Diploma in Intercultural Education and Training
                       (University of Victoria). She has studied at the
                       University of Sydney in Australia for her Master
                       of International Public Health, and worked in
                       Nepal and the Philippines with local women’s
                       organizations on community development and
                       health projects.

                       Over the past year while living in Lesotho’s
                       Mountain Kingdom in the Sky, Gwynneth has
                       seen snow in Africa and pony-trekked in the
                       mountains of the highest country in the world.
                       Gwynneth appreciates the chance to discover
                       more about the communities and people that
                       she serves, and experience so many stories
                       through them.

Gwynneth Wong attended Shad Valley at Acadia University in 1995.
                           Joseph Wu
Joseph Wu is so widely renowned for his
skillfulness with origami that when the New
York Times needed an origami shark to illustrate
one of their articles, they commissioned Joseph
to create it. He is frequently engaged to develop
origami designs for magazine ads, movies, and
television shows. His talents have supported
campaigns for clients as diverse as Intel, Luna
Energy Bars, and Stolichnaya Vodka.

Joseph received Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees
in Science from the University of British
Columbia, with focuses on biopsychology and
computer graphics, but in his career, he
concentrates on something truly hands-on.
Joseph began experimenting with origami, the
art of paper folding, at age three. At 11, he
began to create his own original designs. Today,
Joseph is an active contributor to the
international origami community. Not only does
he attend conferences, teach classes, and exhibit
works in many parts of the world, but his
website, Joseph Wu Origami, is a centre of
origami activity on the internet. Joseph
administers an email discussion group on
origami, facilitating communication between
enthusiasts from over 35 countries.

Joseph’s creativity draws its influence from his
many interests. His love of animals can be seen in
the many animal models which he carefully
researches before their creation. The mythical
creatures spring from his fascination with
imagination, and his desire to understand the
beliefs that drive human pursuits. When not
working, Joseph enjoys playing games, watching
hockey, and values his family time with his wife
and young son.

          Joseph Wu attended Shad Valley at the University of British Columbia in 1987.
              Shad Valley is a diverse extended

Our Mission   community of leaders dedicated to
              the development of remarkable
              youth, helping them to recognize,
              harness, and strengthen their talents.

              At Shad Valley, we surround
              high-potential youth with excellence,
              and stimulate their creativity.
              We nurture their initiative, skills,
              values, and desire to solve important
              problems, while challenging them to meet
              the highest standards of ethical conduct,
              social responsibility, and environmental

              The Shad Valley programs build
              on an academic foundation of
              mathematics, science, engineering,
              and entrepreneurship to develop
              intellectual excellence in our students.
              These are the tools they will use to
              excel and to innovate, during the
              programs and in their future.

              In short, we want to find the best,
              and make them better.

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