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									    THE BIGEN                              A P R I L           2 0 0 6

                                                             Building excellence
                          ENGINEERING SOLUTIONS FOR AFRICA

                                                               from the inside
          I S S U E 1

                                                             “Good is the enemy of great… The vast majority of companies
                                                             never become great, precisely because the vast majority become
                                                             quite good – and that is their main problem.”
                                                             Jim Collins, Good to Great
          V O L U M E 4

                                                             What started as an internal quest by BIGEN AFRICA to move beyond the simply acceptable
                                                             into that which is truly great has become a process that we believe can take service
                                                             delivery to our clients and within our consortiums, joint ventures and project teams to
                                                             a whole new, exceptional level.

                                                             While the right infrastructure, people, processes, products and services are critical to
                                                             effective service delivery, most practitioners agree that excellence comes from something
                                                             deeper. Excellence is a mindset, an attitude and a habit residing in the hearts and minds
                                                             of the people. Anybody who has walked around an organisation late at night will know
                                                             that without its people such an organisation has no soul.

                                                             So important was this philosophy to BIGEN AFRICA that we saw the need to appoint a
                                                             fulltime professional to coordinate and manage the appropriate interventions towards
                                                             ensuring that we set ourselves apart from our competitors, both as employers and as
                                                             suppliers of choice.

Building excellence from the inside
              C   O   N   T   I   N   U   E   D
        In response to this need, BIGEN AFRICA has employed Bernard Koch, a
        transformation specialist, to assist in the process of developing an environment           Executive personal
        that is conducive to attracting and retaining motivated, ambitious and highly              coaching
        creative thinkers, the “best-of-breed” in their field.

        Bernard joins us from The Pacific Institute where he provided transformation               “Nothing is impossible when we
        expertise and tools to help organisations and individuals challenge their own              follow our inner guidance.”
        thinking and standards of performance.                                                     – Gerald Jampolsky

        Bernard will be approaching the whole arena of transformation from several                 It is a truism that in order for individuals
        different perspectives and will employ a variety of methods:                               to be successful they need to be
        • Personal and team mastery workshops                                                      stretched, and they can only be
        • Transformation workshops                                                                 stretched if accountability is shifted
        • Executive personal coaching                                                              down. When this happens, managers
        • Process alignment                                                                        start to do less and coach more,
                                                                                                   devoting more of their time to getting
                                                                                                   the best out of their people, while the
        Personal and team mastery                                                                  people focus on the tasks.
        “Whether you think you can, or whether you think you can’t, you’re right.”                 Executive personal coaching assists
        – Henry Ford                                                                               leaders, managers and other
                                                                                                   individuals on a one-on-one basis in
        The principles of personal mastery give people at all levels of the organisation           entrenching new behaviours and
        the tools to manage their own destiny, despite the circumstances that they face.           achieving their new goals.
        The processes followed during this workshop are experiential to the extent that
        delegates truly understand the habits, attitudes and conditioning that hold them           In addition, leaders are coached in the
        back. In addition, tools are taught to help individuals to break out of this “stuckness”   art of coaching, to instil in them a
        into new levels of excellence. Finally, delegates are taught how, as teams, they           “coaching, mentoring and nurturing
        can apply these skills to developing team excellence.                                      culture”, one that will seek to raise the
                                                                                                   self-esteem of all individuals and assist
        Transformation workshops                                                                   them in achieving their potential.

        “The task of a leader is to get his people from where they are to where they
        have not been.” – Henry Kissinger                                                          Process alignment
        These workshops will be directed initially at those who have completed the                 “Give me a lever long enough… and
        personal mastery component and will be designed to provoke and challenge
        delegates on how to apply their newfound skills to the practical challenges that           I will move the world.” – Archimedes
        their teams are facing. One of the principles inherent in change is that energy is
        only released when there is a “stretch” goal. Leaders can and will be challenged           As in all things, one needs a structured
        to raise the bar, both for their teams and for themselves.                                 process in order to ensure the success
                                                                                                   of any of the above interventions. As
                                                                                                   one begins to align the organisational
                                                                                                   heart and mind with the challenges of
                                                                                                   the future, the process of documenting
                                                                                                   and managing an effective talent
                                                                                                   recruitment, retention and performance
                                                                                                   management strategy is critical.

                                                                                                   BIGEN AFRICA is embarking on an
                                                                                                   aggressive strategy to apply these
                                                                                                   fundamental processes to creating a
                                                                                                   paradigm shift within the company’s
                                                                                                   thinking and culture. In addition, BIGEN
                                                                                                   AFRICA will be taking these processes
                                                                                                   into our client base to further augment
                                                                                                   a n d e n h a n c e t h e va l u e - a d d i n g
                                                                                                   capabilities of our Management
                                                                                                   Services Division.

                                                                                                   For more information on the service
                                                                                                   provided, contact Bernard Koch on
                                                                                                   012 842 8796 or e-mail him at

Putting all the                                    In line with its ongoing quest towards enhancing quality, BIGEN AFRICA has
                                                   established BIGEN AFRICA Information Technology Services (BITS). BITS’s core

BITS and pieces                                    business is to provide quality hardware, software and system solutions to the
                                                   BIGEN AFRICA group, associated companies and projects.

together…                                          With the vast pool of computing resources at the disposal of modern companies,
                                                   it has become increasingly difficult to separate the wheat from the chaff. Service
                                                   level agreements (SLAs) are not always the right solution and can be expensive.
                                                   Unfortunately, the service received from many IT companies can euphemistically
                                                   be described as substandard. To ensure that clients, both internal and external,
                                                   receive what BIGEN AFRICA considers good service, BITS aims to partner with
                                                   committed suppliers and absorb the inconsistent service received from the
                                                   technology supply chain.

                                                   BIGEN AFRICA is dedicated to maximising its use of appropriate technology.
                                                   Advances in technology have resulted in many solutions to common problems.
                                                   However, some innovations have also been created for innovation’s sake without
                                                   providing any real-life benefit. BITS spends time testing with real-life parameters
                                                   to ensure that the most effective solutions are deployed.

                                                   BITS is thus an information technology company especially focussed on the needs
                                                   of BIGEN AFRICA and its projects.

                                                   For more information contact Mark Oakes on 012 842 8717 or e-mail him at

    The way forward for the Construction Charter
  BIGEN AFRICA CEO, Francois Swart,                Economic Empowerment (BBBEE) Act,
  chairs the South African Association of          but this can only happen once the DTI
  Consulting Engineers’ transformation             codes as mentioned previously have
  committee and also represents the built          been gazetted.
  environment profession (BEP) during
  charter negotiations. This article aims          In addition, before the section 9
  to give readers a sense of the way               gazetting an industry-funded, third
  forward regarding the complex issue              party independent audit of our charter
  of the Construction Charter.                     has to take place. Once this process
                                                   has been completed the Construction
  For the moment, and until further                Charter will have the same status as
  notice, the existing Preferential                the DTI codes. However, once our code
  Procurement Policy Framework Act                 is gazetted the 12-month transitional
  (PPPFA) regulations apply as far as              period comes into play and the
  procurement is concerned.                        mentioned formula will probably also
                                                   apply. The trick here is to keep the gap
  Only after phase 1 and 2 of the                  between the DTI process and our
  Department of Trade and Industry (DTI)           process as small as possible.
  codes are concluded and gazetted in
  terms of section 9 of the black                  The good news is that the Minister of
  e c o n o m i c e m p ow e r m e n t ( B E E )   Public Works, Mrs Stella Sigau, has in
  legislation, can the amended PPPFA               principle approved our charter. Our
  regulations come into play. This will            Construction Charter Group has agreed
  harmonise all the legislation relating           with her recommendation that there
  to procurement in so far as BEE is               will only be an interim target for              So what do we do in the interim?
  concerned.                                       employment equity (management)
                                                   where a 30% target will apply for the           For the sake of uniformity, the
  Once the DTI codes have been gazetted,           first three years jumping to 40% for the        Integrated Management Committee
  a 12-month transitional period using             remaining four years. The Minister was          (IMC) proposes that parties in the public
  the formula (ownership + control) x 1,92         not prepared to contemplate a roll-out          and private sector should voluntarily
  or the generic scorecard comes into play.        in respect of the other element for             subscribe to the Construction Charter
  In the meantime our sector charter for           procurement.                                    as an interim measure until the
  the construction industry progresses                                                             Construction Charter is gazetted and
  in parallel in terms of section 12,              As you will appreciate our charter is           becomes compulsory to use. A practice
  followed by gazetting in terms of                unlikely to see the light of day until the      note to that effect will be distributed
  section 9 of the Broad-Based Black               last quarter of this year or early next year…   to all parties concerned.

    Proje ct News
   BIGEN AFRICA expertise
   applied in Olievenhoutbosch
   ministerial project
   The Olievenhoutbosch ministerial project,
   which was launched by the National Minister
   of Housing, Dr Lindiwe Sisulu, on 20 February
   2006, combines the efforts of four leading
   role players: banking group ABSA, the National
   Department of Housing, the Gauteng Department
   of Housing and the City of Tshwane. BIGEN AFRICA,
   acting as agent on behalf of ABSA Property Development, has,
   through its project management division, led a consortium of
   experts in achieving the various project milestones to date.
                                                                                               Artist’s impression of planned development
   The Olievenhoutbosch project spearheads BIGEN AFRICA’s involvement in the greater
   ABSA integrated housing programme. The project is the first ministerial integrated             The Olievenhoutbosch project is
   housing project and leads the “breaking new ground” or BNG initiative of the National          grounded on the following key principles
   Department of Housing.                                                                         of urban design:
                                                                                                  • Integrated sustainable communities
   BIGEN AFRICA is responsible for project management and civil engineering services              • Open space planning and quality
   on the project. Innovative project management tools and techniques, tailor-made                  environments
   to suit the integrated housing model, have been implemented on the Olievenhoutbosch            • Ease of movement with the appropriate
   project. The project is a leading development incorporating the principles of integrating        focus on pedestrians
   spatial development and housing products, and thus also communities. The
   development aims to establish subsidised, institutional/social and individually                The project intends achieving a fully
   owned, bonded housing products that complement each other and form part of a                   integrated and sustainable development
   sustainable human settlement.                                                                  model. This is made possible with the
                                                                                                  active participation and commitment of
   The project will deliver an integrated mix of housing typologies totalling                     all spheres of Government together with
   5 436 units, distributed as follows:                                                           the private sector.

   • 3 005 subsidised units (for the indigent)                                                    The ultimate goal of the project is to
   • 1 263 institutional units (affordable social housing)                                        create an integrated and sustainable
   • 1 168 bonded units (purchasers financed through home loans)                                  housing estate providing a variety of
                                                                                                  quality houses with associated services,
   Ancillary land uses within the development include 17 business sites, 13 light industrial      so that families can establish their homes
   sites, 10 churches, 2 schools, 6 crèches, a community centre, a communal sport and             in an attractive and secure environment.
   recreational facility and 15 parks/public open spaces. Infrastructure included in the
   project comprises fully surfaced roads with applicable stormwater drainage,                    The project budget, excluding bonded
   waterborne sanitation and individually metered water connections and electricity to            top structures, is estimated to be around
   all properties. The project will also address the associated bulk and link service             R400 million. This funding will be sourced
   requirements.                                                                                  through the Gauteng Provincial Housing
                                                                                                  Subsidy Scheme, the City of Tshwane
   Housing and sanitation are at the forefront of Government’s goal of ‘housing the               Metropolitan Municipality, ABSA Bank
   nation’, and it is therefore imperative that the public and private sector work in             and various Government funding
   unison, as they are doing on the Olievenhoutbosch ministerial housing project, to              programmes and depar tments as
   alleviate homelessness and, indirectly, also poverty.                                          applicable.

   Due to an influx of job seekers and their dependant families to the employment hubs            The construction of the first batch of top
   of Southern Africa, of which the greater Midrand/Centurion area is one, housing and            structures is planned to commence as
   the related infrastructure have become an ever-increasing priority for both Government         early as May 2006. The remaining three
   and investors from the private sector. The Olievenhoutbosch development site is                phases of development will overlap in a
   located within a 10 km radius of major work opportunities in Midrand and Centurion.            fast-track manner, and the entire
                                                                                                  development is scheduled for completion
                                                                                                  towards the middle of 2008.

     Programme management and co-ordination for Nkangala District

     BIGEN AFRICA and Lulu Gwagwa development consultants have been appointed
     for the programme management and coordination of all efforts to ensure
     accelerated infrastructure and service delivery within the Nkangala District

     Seven key focus areas (KFAs) have been identified for the purposes of this project:

     1 Programme management and coordination – establishing capacity to manage,
       coordinate, monitor and evaluate the intervention at a district and local municipal   Patricia Gumbi and Bernard Cronjé inspecting the
                                                                                             Tshepong site with toilet structures in the background.
     2 Water services development planning – managing the water services blueprint
       and collating a regional approach towards water services delivery                     Mentoring female contractor on
     3 Institutional development – creating an institutional environment and capacity        Tshepong project
       to support the implementation of the various interventions
     4 Technical support services – establishing a technical capability for accelerated      As part of the iNtatakusa Africa joint
       implementation of emergency, short- and medium-term interventions                     venture, BIGEN AFRICA was appointed
     5 Beneficiary management – facilitating optimum participation and beneficiation         by the Gauteng Department of Housing
       of communities, small, medium and micro-enterprises (SMMEs), local                    for the construction of toilet structures
       professional services providers and suppliers                                         for the Tshepong proper development
     6 Infrastructure fund and transaction advisors – creating the financial and             in Sedibeng.
       intellectual capability to support, develop (including the structuring of private
       funding) and implement mega-projects through a range of alternative mechanisms        Patricia G’s Women in Construction was
     7 Project implementation – facilitating accelerated implementation of all projects      appointed as the contractor for the
       through appropriate implementation mechanisms                                         project consisting of 949 toilet
                                                                                             structures. Patricia Gumbi from Patricia
     The project, which commenced on 16 January 2006, will run over a three-year             G’s Women in Construction has a real
     period. The first phase consists of a three-month period of initiation, planning        rags-to-riches story to tell. She started
     and start-up. Thereafter a 33-month period of execution and control will follow.        out as a sub-contractor in 1999 doing
     The project will be concluded with a three-month close-out period. The value of         paint jobs, bricklaying, etc. Although
     this project amounts to R2.86 million.                                                  experienced and skilled in her trade,
                                                                                             s h e l a c k e d a d m i n i s t ra t i ve a n d
     The diagram shows the implementation structure and where the KFAs fit into the          management know-how. BIGEN AFRICA
     big picture.                                                                            assisted Patricia with the planning and
                                                                                             execution of the project through a
                                       District Municipality                                 programme that was drawn up to guide
       KFA 6                                                                                 her in the timeous ordering of materials
                                                                                             and to conduct the entire construction
                                                               KFA 1                         process without a hitch. The programme
Transaction   Infrastructure
  Advisors         Fund               Programme Management                                   taught Patricia how to spend her money
                                          & Co-ordination                                    wisely and to manage her cash flow.
                                                                                             BIGEN AFRICA mentored Patricia
                                                                                             throughout the project to ensure that
                                                                                             she delivered quality structures on time.

Water Services                 Institutional              Technical           Beneficiary    According to resident engineer Bernard
Development                    Development                 Support           Management      Cronjé, it was not all plain sailing -
  Planning                                                Services                           there were some hiccups. The project
                                                                                             started slowly and he was worried that
    KFA 2                        KFA 3                     KFA 4               KFA 5         they were going to run out of time. The
                                                                                             reason for the delay was that Patricia
                                                                                             had to train additional people and
                                                                                             had to get used to the programme. But
                                                                                             after a few weeks the momentum
  DM                LM 1              LM 2          LM 3           LM 4         LM 5         picked up. Patricia and her team,
Sub PMU             Sub PMU           Sub PMU       Sub PMU        Sub PMU      Sub PMU      consisting of 28 females and 18 males,
                                                                                             made up for lost time and handed the
                                                                                             project over in October 2005.

      V a r i o u s                                P r o j e c t s                           Patricia says she developed a very good
                                                                                             working relationship with BIGEN
                                                                                             AFRICA. She says that unlike some
DM - District Municipality KFA 7                                                             engineers who stand back and watch,
LM - Local Municipality                                                                      the BIGEN AFRICA team helped her right
PMU - Project Management Unit                                                                through the project.

                                                                                                          Work in progress in Tshakane
   Design and construction of gravel roads in Ekurhuleni and Orange Farm
   As part of the Nyoni Africa Consortium, BIGEN AFRICA has been appointed for the design and construction of gravel road
   upgrading in the eastern regions of the Ekurhuleni Metropolitan Municipality. The project includes road-building activities
   in towns such as Tshakane, Cerutiville and Duduza, which are situated in the vicinity of Benoni, Springs, Brakpan and Nigel.

   The Nyoni Africa Consortium is one of six consortia employed in the entire Ekurhuleni area to eradicate the extreme backlog
   in terms of the upgrading and surfacing of roads.

   The BIGEN AFRICA team will follow the same successful design and construction recipe as that used during the upgrading
   of gravel roads in the Johannesburg area. In Soweto, for instance, all gravel roads have been upgraded.

   The Ekurhuleni project to the value of R20 million has started in January 2006 and completion is set for June 2006.

   BIGEN AFRICA has also been appointed by the Johannesburg Roads Agency for the design and construction of surfaced roads
   and stormwater infrastructure in Orange Farm. The work also started in January and the required completion date is the end
   of June 2006.

                                                                                                     Proje ct News
   DWAF drought relief monitoring             a “three-tier” approach which would
   and information management                 see that further support (beyond
                                              information management support to
                                                                                         Eastern Cape
   In 2003, BIGEN AFRICA was appointed        the national departments) would be         B I G E N A FR I C A a s s i s t s w i t h
   by the Department of Water Affairs and     provided to include co-ordination          economic growth in Wild Coast area
   Forestry (DWAF) to provide monitoring      support to the regional DWAF and
   and information management support         hands-on project procurement and           The Development Bank of Southern Africa
   for the R153 million countrywide           project management suppor t to             (DBSA) and Old Mutual signed a
   drought relief effort. Further amounts     struggling local authorities. The result   memorandum of understanding in terms
   of R49.5 million and R280 million were     was the fast-tracking of the nationwide    of which they have undertaken to work
   allocated for drought relief efforts in    drought relief efforts at local level.     together to facilitate accelerated
   2004 and 2005 respectively, and BIGEN                                                 economic growth in the Wild Coast area
   AFRICA was appointed to continue with      The B IG E N AF R IC A information         of the Eastern Cape Province through the
   the provision of information               management support contract came to        establishment of a local investment
   management support.                        an end in August 2005. However,            agency (LIA). The envisaged LIA will co-
                                              because of the persistence and             ordinate and manage development
   Although these funds were made             escalation of the drought conditions       processes in a designated area. The LIA
   available to affected municipalities, it   and the outstanding service that the       will, inter alia, perform the following
   was noted that very few of them had        BIGEN team has rendered to the client      functions:
   the capacity to effectively plan and       on the previous allocation, the National
                                              Treasury has allocated a further           • Identifying, preparing and packaging
   manage the expenditure of the funds
                                                                                           projects which will be approved jointly
   in time-frames needed for effective        R311 million based on BIGEN AFRICA’s
                                                                                           by the DBSA and Old Mutual
   response under disaster conditions.        assessment of drought relief needs in      • Facilitating the participation of key
                                              all the provinces. Furthermore, BIGEN        stakeholders, including Government,
   During the 2005 expenditure year the       AFRICA Management Services has been          the private sector and civil society
   BIGEN AFRICA team providing support        recommended for re-appointment for a         groups, in the development process
   to the DWAF and the National Disaster      further 18-month support contract. This    • Mobilising all the necessary resources
   Management Centre (NDMC) proposed          will include continuation of support on      for projects
                                              the unspent funds from previous            • Providing capacity-building support for
                                              allocations and suppor t on the              projects in the designated area(s)
                                              deployment of the newly allocated          • Mobilising finance in the form of both
                                              R311 million.                                debt and equity for identified projects

As part of the process to be employed towards establishing the LIA, the DBSA and          Phase two
Old Mutual have appointed BIGEN AFRICA, in association with ODA and Mbumba
Development Services, to assist with the development of an implementation                 • Conducting a thorough analysis of
framework in respect of the Wild Coast area.                                                each project in order to determine
                                                                                            who the relevant stakeholders for
The consulting team shall perform a number of functions in a phased approach, as            each project are, any constraints that
outlined hereafter.                                                                         need to be resolved in respect of each
                                                                                            project and the development status
Phase one                                                                                   of each of the identified projects
                                                                                          • Developing and preparing a detailed
• Identifying and prioritising suitable commercial projects with a potential                and comprehensive local spatial and
  development impact                                                                        development framework for each of
• Preparing a macro spatial framework clearly indicating the interlinking of all the        the identified projects
  projects identified                                                                     • Preparing a preliminary cost estimate
• Developing a conceptual framework (including visual presentations) for each of            for each of the identified projects
  the prioritised projects                                                                • Preparing an indicative
• Conducting a high-level analysis of the projects to determine the relevant                implementation plan for each of the
  stakeholders, constraints and the development status of each of the identified            identified projects
  projects                                                                                • Preparing a final comprehensive
• Developing a high-level local spatial and development framework for each of the           written report setting out the results
  identified projects                                                                       of the investigations

D e p a r t m e n t o f Wa t e r A f f a i r s a n d Fo r e s t r y ( D WA F ) – S o u t h e r n C l u s t e r S u p p o r t U n i t
The DWAF has appointed BIGEN AFRICA          client institutions. While OSSs serve a      The environmental factors influencing
(as part of the Kuyasa Consortium)           dual role, the expert team can provide       the process include the following:
through the Southern Cluster Technical       specific technical support in the key        • Limited and overloaded capacities
Assistance Contract to assist the            support areas identified by the DWAF.          within the DWAF and client institutions
Eastern and Western Cape regional                                                         • Co-ordination inefficiencies in the
offices in undertaking their support and     These areas include the following:             overall strategy
regulatory functions. This contract will                                                  • Integration inefficiencies
assist the DWAF in providing support         •   Free basic services support              • Differing levels of readiness and
to local government in a consolidated        •   One-stop shop and call centre              capacity across client sectors
and hands-on manner, supporting the          •   Transfer support                         • Limited change management initiatives
drive of the Director: Water Support         •   Operation maintenance and                • Lack of capacity building in client
Services, Kalinga Pelpola, to establish          refurbishment support                      institutions
one-stop shops (OSSs) in all DWAF            •   Water conservation and demand
regions.                                         management                               Skills transfer and capacity building will
                                             •   Water quality                            form a central theme throughout all the
In addition to serving as information        •   Planning and municipal infrastructure    various project streams, with a strategy
dissemination and support centres, the           grant (MIG) activities                   designed to identify individuals, assess
OSSs will provide the DWAF with              •   Facilitation                             their training requirements and then
information on the current state of its      •   Secretariat support                      assist with their development through
                                                                                          involvement and skills transfer on the
Buffalo City Municipality - Mdantsane schools pedestrian facilities
BIGEN AFRICA has been appointed by             provided with a less than basic level
Buffalo City Municipality for the              of service
upgrading of the Mdantsane schools           • Providing new pedestrian facilities at
pedestrian facilities.                         those schools currently without any
                                               facility. Construction will comprise, as
Walking is an indispensable part of the        applicable, combinations of the
current transport system, particularly         following:
in urban areas such as Mdantsane.              - Raised pedestrian crossings
People should be able to walk in               - Roadside drop-off zones
reasonable comfort and safety and it           - Traffic calming measures
is vital that their vulnerability be
addressed with a high standard of            There are 90 schools in Mdantsane and
pedestrian facilities. This project will     the construction work will be executed
entail the construction of pedestrian        in terms of Expanded Public Works
facilities at all the schools located        Programme (EPWP) principles and by
within Mdantsane.                            contractors procured through the Labour-     Thumbs up for the Mdatsane schools
                                             Intensive Emerging Contractor                pedestrian facilities
The scope of the project consists of the     Programme designed by the Department
following:                                   of Public Works (DP W ) and the
• Upgrading pedestrian facilities at all     Construction Education and Training
  schools in Mdantsane currently             Authority (CETA).

   B u f f a l o C i t y M u n i c i p a l i t y r u r a l g r a ve l r o a d s u p g r a d i n g
   BIGEN AFRICA Consulting Engineers (Pty) Ltd was appointed by the Buffalo City
   Municipality (BCM) for the upgrading of all the rural gravel roads within the BCM.
   The project forms part of a multi-phased upgrading programme with a currently
   approved MIG funding of R12.5 million. The current appointment is for the period
   2004/2005 up to and including 2006/2007.

   The roads that will be upgraded are located in five rural areas of the BCM: East
   London, East London Rural North, Chulumna, Dimbaza and King Williams Town.
   All gravel roads included under this project are classified as low volume roads
   and will, in terms of the Guidelines for the Implementation of Labour-Intensive
   Infrastructure Projects under the Expanded Public Works Programme (DRPW,                         Existing gravel roads in Phakamisa
   18 March 2004), be upgraded using labour-intensive construction methods.

   The upgrading work will include the following:

   • Re-gravelling and re-shaping existing gravel roads as required
   • Upgrading dirt roads to gravel roads
   • Upgrading existing standard alignments if required from a road user safety point
     of view, also taking into account financial and environmental aspects
   • Upgrading and constructing stormwater structures and drains
   • Upgrading and providing clear zones
   • Upgrading and installing roadside furniture (road signs, guardrails, delineators, etc.)

   The first upgrading project commenced in January 2006 and will be completed by
   June 2006. This contract consists of the upgrading of approximately 35 km of                     Upgrading of existing roads in Phakamisa
   gravel roads in Ilitha, Ndevana, Pakhamisa and Zwelitsha, situated between Berlin
   and King Williams Town.

              Proje ct News                                                                                        Proje ct News
         Limpopo                                                                                    Mpumalanga
   Master plans for Lephalale                       Strategic, technical and                        Refurbishment of Driekoppies
                                                    management support for GSDM                     reservoir
   The Lephalale Municipality in Ellisras
   (Limpopo) has appointed BIGEN AFRICA             On 2 February 2006, the Greater                 An appointment to the value of
   for the development of master plans              Sekhukhune District Municipality                R880 000 has been received from
   for water, roads and stormwater,                 (GSDM) appointed BIGEN AFRICA to                Ehlanzeni District Municipality (in
   sanitation and electrification in                assist in a strategic, technical and            Mpumalanga) to refurbish a reservoir
   Lephalale/Onverwatch/Marapong. The               management support role. Amongst                in Driekoppies in the Nkomazi area of
   total budget for this appointment                other duties, BIGEN AFRICA will be              the district. This appointment comes
   amounts to R430 000.                             involved in the following:                      after BIGEN AFRICA’s submission of a
                                                                                                    business plan to the Ehlanzeni District
   BIGEN AFRICA’s expertise is also                 • Co-ordinating the Masibambane                 Municipality which was fur ther
   required in developing a master plan               capacity-building programme                   submitted to the Mpumalanga
   for water services for the rural villages        • Setting up a management system                Department of Local Government and
   of Lephalale with a total budget of              • Managing the capital programme                Housing for soliciting municipal
   R150 000.                                        • Providing strategic input into                infrastructure grant (MIG) funds.
                                                      infrastructure planning
                                                    • Conducting the overall planning of
                                                      water services provision
                                                    • Implementing a new operation and
                                                      maintenance strategy
                                                    • Planning and implementing cost
                                                      recovery systems
                                                    • Managing the capacity-building of
                                                      GSDM officials

                                                    The appointment to the value of
                                                    R2 million is for a period of 18 months.
                                                                                                    Driekoppies reservoir in dire need of refurbishment

                                                                                                                              Proje ct News
                                                                                                             North West
                                                                                                          Thandeka Mbassa, Acting DDG: Regions DWAF; Ray
                                                                                                          Motsepe, Mayor of Madibeng; Liu Guijin,
                                                                                                          Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary for
                                                                                                          the PRC, Zhai Haohui, Deputy Minister of Water
                                                                                                          Resources of the PRC.

                                                    C e re m o n i a l h a n d - ove r o f g ra n t m a t e r i a l s i n M a j a k a n e n g
                                                    On 23 September 2005 a ceremonial hand-over of grant materials, consisting of
                                                    water meters and uPVC pipes donated by the People’s Republic of China (PRC) to
                                                    the Department of Water Affairs and Forestry (DWAF), took place in Majakaneng.
                                                    Ms Thandeka Mbassa, Deputy Director-General of the DWAF, speaking on behalf
Drumrock development getting off                    of the Minister of Water Affair and Forestry, Ms Sonjica Buyelwa, thanked the
the ground                                          People’s Republic of China for their generous contribution and support in the
                                                    provision of water to the poor. Although the South African government has served
C o n s t r u c t i o n o f t h e D r u m ro c k    15 million people in the past 11 years, a further 3.8 million people, many in rural
development has commenced. This is                  areas, are without basic water supply. The Department has provided free basic
an upmarket residential development                 water to 35 million people of which 14 million are poor. As an outright grant from
located some 8 km north of Nelspruit                the People’s Republic of China with a replacement value of R260 million, these
en route to White River. The value of               pipes and meters will be utilised to serve the poorest of the poor. The materials
the civil engineering infrastructure                were distributed to five provinces and have served approximately 750 000 poor
component of the project is R14 million.            people. To date 3,2 million people in the North West Province and approximately
The concept is the development of 199               310 000 people in the local municipality of Madibeng have been served with free
serviced stands within a security                   basic water. BIGEN AFRICA has been responsible for the materials management
village. Stand sizes generally vary                 of uPVC pipes and water meters since 2001.
between 500 square metres and 2 120
square metres, and the vacant stands                EPWP launch in Rustenburg
generally sell at prices ranging between
R285 000 and R790 000, with a few                   BIGEN AFRICA was appointed by the Rustenburg Local Municipality (RLM) to assist
selling at prices in excess of R1 million.          with the overall programme management of the Expanded Public Works Programme
The terrain is characterised by steep               (EPWP) linked to local economic development (LED).
s l o p e s , d e n s e ve g e t a t i o n a n d
prominent granite rock outcrops. The                RLM plays a critical role in the local economic development of the region through
steepest longitudinal slope of one of               capacitating local contractors towards sustainable growth with specific focus on
the roads matches the steepest road                 the implementation of labour-intensive construction projects.
presently existing in Nelspruit,
namely 25%.                                         Through the implementation of the contracts, the local contractors play a critical
                                                    role in capacitating local unemployed persons through skills training and life skills
Further possible phases include a Res               training, to being employed on contracts providing township infrastructure to the
3 development, comprising 315 upmarket              people of Rustenburg.
units, as well as the development of a
further 150 stands.                                 BIGEN AFRICA and the National Electrification Programme (NEP), as professional
                                                    service providers to RLM, have completed the labour-intensive contract designs
                                                    and are presently supervising the construction phases of all 22 contracts, worth
                                                    a total of more than R12 million. The launch of the EPWP was held on 27 October
                                                    2005 at the sports grounds in Boitekong Ext 4, Rustenburg.

A glimpse of the challenging terrain on which the
development is planned                              Pictured are Naniki Mokoena (in yellow shirt), a 26-year-old construction company owner from Brits in the North
                                                    West, who a year ago was just another township girl with no job prospects. Here Naniki explains to Premier
                                                    Edna Molowa (to her left) and Rustenburg Mayor, Thabo Mabe (to her right) how she goes about her business.

    S w a r t

                                                                             S o c i o - e c o n o m i c                   d e v e l o p m e n t

                                                                   Training & development
                                                                   Human Resources tackles CPD - the issue, the answer, the future
                                                                   The issue – The Continual Professional Development (CPD) policy of the Engineering
    F r a n c o i s

                                                                   Council of South Africa (ECSA) requires all registered engineers, technologists
                                                                   and technicians to achieve 25 credits over a five-year period in order to retain
                                                                   their professional registration. The registration of individuals who fail to meet the
                      When looking through the pages of            requirements will not be renewed, and they will therefore be prohibited from
                      The BIGEN picture I once again come          practising.
                      to realise that engineering is a great
                      profession. There is the satisfaction of     The answer – It is essential to bear in mind that CPD was introduced to benefit
                      watching a figment of the imagination        the profession. Once the requirements are fully understood, professionals will
                      emerge through the aid of science to         realise that they can easily comply since obtaining five credits per annum is not
                      a plan on paper. Then it moves to            onerous.
                      realisation in stone or metal or energy.
Message from the

                      Then it brings homes to men or women.        The future – BIGEN AFRICA’s Human Resources Department is committed to
                      Finally it elevates the standard of living   ensuring that the company’s professionals are given ample opportunity to meet
                      and adds to the comforts of life. This       the CPD criteria by facilitating each professional’s development, work-based and
                      is the engineer's high privilege.            individual activities.

                      To experience this privilege one cannot
                                                                   Annual Prospective Business Engineer
                      afford to cut any corners or to              Award
                      compromise quality. BIGEN AFRICA’s
                      Engineering Services Division is             Mr Phumlani Masondo has been awarded
                      therefore proud to successfully retain       B IGE N AF RICA’s Annual Prospective
                      its ISO 9001:2000 certification after        Business Engineer Award. He won a cash
                      passing the third-party external             prize of R15 000 and the institution at which
                      surveillance audit with flying colours       h e i s e n ro l l e d , t h e U n i ve r s i t y o f
                      in February 2006.                            Stellenbosch, will also receive R10 000. This
                                                                   initiative was founded as part of BIGEN
                      As part of this process our                  AFRICA’s commitment to playing an active
                      Management Services Division was             role in the development and encouragement
                      audited for the first time, and I am         of future young civil engineers. It allows
                      proud to announce that they are also         B IG E N AF R IC A to join hands with
                      now ISO certified.                           universities in recognising unique talent               Phumlani Masondo
                                                                   and business potential.
                      We believe not only in quality products      Phumlani owns a clothing company manufacturing sports gear for the university
                      and services, but also in building           and is completing his final year in BSc Civil Eng. The award ceremony will be hosted
                      excellence from within as you will have      at the University of Stellenbosch.
                      gathered from our lead ar ticle
                      focussing on our drive to manifest           Two study bursaries awarded to top girls
                      excellence as a mindset, an attitude
                      and a habit residing in the hearts and       Jeanne van Zyl and Michelle McGarry are BIGEN AFRICA’s matric golden girls. They
                      minds of all BIGENites.                      passed grade 12 with flying colours, with Jeanne being one of the top students
                                                                   both nationally and in the Gauteng Province. Jeanne was enrolled for eight higher
                      BIGEN AFRICA and its people are at           grade subjects and Michelle for six. Both passed all of their subjects with A
                      your service, and we will continue to        symbols. In recognition of their outstanding achievements, BIGEN AFRICA has
                      engineer tailor-made solutions to suit       awarded study bursaries in B Eng to these golden girls.
                      your needs.

                                  Visit our stand at the Water
                                  Institute of Southern Africa
                                (WISA) biennial conference and
                                    exhibition at the Durban
                                International Convention Centre
                                         from 21-25 May.

      picture                                                                  Michelle McGarry                            Jeanne van Zyl

              S    o   c       i   o   -   e       c    o   n       o   m   i    c       d    e    v       e   l   o   p    m   e   n    t

  Ownership & management

                           5                   6                7                    8                 9               10           11

                  1                        2                        3                                              4

                               B I G E N               A F R I C A          B O A R D             2 0 0 5 / 2 0 0 6

1 MIKE MOHOHLO - CHAIRMAN (NON-EXECUTIVE)                                       7 FORCE MADUNA - DIRECTOR
  B Com; MBA (USA)                                                                NHD Civil Engineering
  Mike Mohohlo is that rarest of finds – a seasoned businessman                   Annually BIGEN AFRICA appoints a mentored Director to its board,
  who also gives selflessly of his time and expertise to development              thus enabling the selected individual to become familiar with the
  and the community.                                                              operations of the board. For 2005/06 BIGEN AFRICA has appointed
                                                                                  Force Maduna in this position. Force heads BIGEN AFRICA's Nelspruit
2 FRANCOIS SWART - CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER                                        and Polokwane offices.
  Pr Eng; BSc Eng (Civil); BSc Hons Project Management SEP (Stanford)
  Leading by example, CEO Francois Swart is the powerhouse driving              8 IAN BETTESWORTH - DIRECTOR
  the ongoing quest to ensure effective leadership and profitable                 Pr Eng; BSc Eng (Civil); AEP (Unisa)
  management at BIGEN AFRICA Group Holdings (Pty) Ltd.                            A qualified civil engineer with formal management training, Ian
                                                                                  brings a great deal of experience to the BIGEN AFRICA mix, and in
3 ANDRÉ GREYLING - CHIEF OPERATING OFFICER                                        a career spanning 25 years he has specialised in municipal and
  Pr Eng; B Eng (Civil); EDP (Unisa)                                              public works.
  As COO of BIGEN AFRICA Group Holdings (Pty) Ltd, which employs
  more than 300 people, André Greyling ensures that the company                 9 BONGANI MABIZELA - DIRECTOR
  runs smoothly on a day-to-day basis.                                            BTech (Civil); MBA (Success Institute)
                                                                                  Bongani Mabizela’s main area of expertise is the management of
4 YOLISWA MANCOTYWA - DIRECTOR (NON-EXECUTIVE)                                    engineering projects. Bongani has gained extensive experience in
  BA, B Ed, M Ed                                                                  management, operations and transformation in various local
  Yoliswa Mancotywa's primary focus is organisational development                 governments.
  and programme management on mega projects.
                                                                                10 CJ VENTER - DIRECTOR
5 ANTON BOSHOFF - DIRECTOR                                                         Pr Eng; BEng (Civil); Pr CPM
  Pr Eng; B Eng (Civil); EDP (Unisa)                                               A specialist in project and programme management, CJ Venter
  Anton Boshoff heads our Engineering Services Business Unit in                    manages the BIGEN AFRICA Management Services Subsidiary.
  Gauteng, one of the most challenging sections in the organisation.
  The unit includes water services, municipal infrastructure,                   11 NKU NYEMBEZI-HEITA - DIRECTOR (NON-EXECUTIVE)
  transportation and road works and construction supervision.                      MSc (Elec); MBA
                                                                                   Nku Nyembezi-Heita, who serves on BIGEN AFRICA’s board , is the
6 TIAN CLAASSENS - DIRECTOR                                                        Chief Corporate Strategy Officer for the Vodacom Group, responsible
  BSc Chem Eng (Hons); MSc Eng; MBA                                                for the formal strategy formulation for shareholders and
  A project finance guru of note, Tian Claassens has been involved                 management of the Group of Companies.
  in the evaluation and financing of numerous large-scale projects,
  and in this regard his experience ranges from mining and
  manufacturing to infrastructure.

                      B I G E N l a d i e s e n j o y Va l e n t i n e’s d i n n e r
                                                          with President Thabo Mbeki             Women Investment Portfolio Holdings Limited (WIPHOLD)
                                                                                                 fêted President Thabo Mbeki at a Valentine's dinner on
                                                                                                 13 February 2006 to thank him for what he is doing for

                                                                              13 February 2006
                                                                                                 women in the country. WIPHOLD was founded in 1994 by
                                                                                                 four successful women executives as an organisation
                                                                                                 dedicated to women's empowerment. BIGENites Yosliswa
                                                                                                 Mancotywa, Pam Taylor and Beate Scharfetter attended
                                                                                                 the event, which also served to honour the Legend Ladies
                                                                                                 who marched to the Union Buildings on 9 August 1956
                                                                                                 petitioning against the pass laws. These ladies, including
                                                                                                 Mrs O R Tambo and Mrs Moses Kotana, symbolically
                                                                                                 handed over the baton to the younger generation. British
                                                                                                 Prime Minister Tony Blair, who was visiting South Africa
                                                                                                 at the time, also attended the event.

 and endings…

 From left to right: Nick Serfontein, Ms Ruth Mompati,
 Mayor of Naledi and BIGEN AFRICA Chairman Mike
 Mohohlo celebrating years of successful collaboration.

 BIGEN AFRICA Mafikeng celebrated its
                                                                                                                               golf day
                                                                                                                      At the South African Association of
 office move to a new location and we                                                                                 Consulting Engineers golf day, which
                                                          From left to right: Wynand Jonker from Jonker
 bid Nick Serfontein a fond farewell at                   Consulting International, Francois Swart from BIGEN         was held at the Irene Country Club on
 the Leopard Park Golf Club in Mafikeng                   AFRICA, Rick van Putten from Stratam and Henk               29 September 2005, BIGEN AFRICA
 on Monday, 28 November 2005. Nick                        Boogertman from Boogertman & Partners Architects.           sponsored the watering hole on the
 retired after 27 years of service with                                                                               difficult 16th.
                                                          George Claassen Road Race

 We said good bye to another industry
 great at the end of 2005 when Otto
 Langenegger (third from left) retired
 after a career in engineering of over 40
 years. Colleagues and friends joined
 Otto for a farewell celebration on
 24 November at the Pretoria office.                      BIGEN AFRICA started 2006 with a bang by once again winning the award for the
                                                          best water point at the George Claassen Road Race held in Pretoria on
 We wish both Nick and Otto all the best                  21 January 2006. Pictured above are all the BIGEN helpers enjoying some
 for the years to come!                                   refreshments after the race.

                BIGEN AFRICA (Head Office) 182 Watermeyer Street Meyerspark 0184 PO Box 40193 Arcadia 0007
Tel +27 (0) 12 842 8700 Fax + 27 (0) 12 803 8328/8006 E-mail: pretoria@bigenafrica.com Website: www.bigenafrica.com

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