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   SAIW and SAIW Certification                                     Jim’s comment
   SAIW President                                                  After a little more than 60 years we have
   Prof A Koursaris - University of Witwatersrand                  decided to introduce a new SAIW logo.
                                                                   Though we are all extremely attached to
   Council members
   Mr JR Williamson - Personal member                              our crest - which remains registered with
   Mr T Rice - Personal member                                     the Institute - and what it has come to
   Mr DJ Olivier - Personal member                                 mean in the South African weld-
   Mr W Rankin - Personal member                                   ing industry, it was felt by
   Prof A Koursaris - Personal member
                                                                   many people that its time
   Mr J Zinyana - Personal member
   Mr M Hilton - SAISI representative                              had come. So, after a long
   Mr M Maroga - Eskom representative                              process, we decided on a new logo, which is modern and
   Mr D Brits - Sasol representative                               dynamic, represents the spark created by the welding
   Mr P Viljoen - Industry representative                          operation, the brightness of our industry and our country
   Mr W Coetzee – Industry representative
                                                                   and emphasises ‘SAIW’, the term which has become
   Mr L Breckenridge - CEA representative
                                                                   synonymous with this Institute and its work.
   Technology and Training Board chairman                               Part of this work is acting as custodian of the quality
   Mr P Doubell - Eskom                                            of the welding industry in southern Africa and, in this re-
                                                                   gard, I am delighted to report that Group Five Oil and Gas
   SAIW Certification Governing Board
                                                                   has become the first site-based welding and fabrication
   Chairperson - Prof M du Toit - University of Pretoria
   Deputy chairperson - Mr M Maroga - Eskom                        company to be certified to ISO 3834 in accordance with
                                                                   the SAIW/IIW Certification Welding Fabrication Certifica-
   SAIW Certification Governing Board members                      tion Scheme. The Certification was awarded based on
   Mr D Olivier - Olivier Survey Group                             their site work at the Chevron Refinery in Cape Town. It is
   Mr R Williamson - Consultant
                                                                   gratifying that prestigious companies like Group Five take
   Mr J Peters - TUV Rheinland & SAACB
   Mr D Brits - Sasol Technology                                   ISO 3834 as seriously as it should be taken. It is a univer-
   Mr F Buys - SAQCC IPE                                           sally recognised standard and I implore more companies,
   Mr M Mason - SAQCC NDT                                          large and small, to take the plunge and get certified.
   Mr G Joubert - Mittal Steel                                          This month the Institute was privileged to receive a
   Mr W Rankin - Velosi
                                                                   visit from Nigeria’s Petroleum Technology Development
   Mr J Zinyana - New Age Welding Solutions
   Prof A Koursaris - Southern African Institute of Welding        Fund (PTDF) which came on a reconnaissance visit to
                                                                   the Institute. The PTDF is a Nigerian government agency
                                                                   responsible for the funding the ‘training of the trainers’
   SAIW and SAIW Certification         SAIW Regions                programme which the SAIW is undertaking in Nigeria in
                                                                   cooperation with the Nigerian Institute of Welding (NIW).
   Executive director                  Cape Town branch chairman
                                                                   We were able to show the PTDF what we are capable of
   Mr JC Guild                         Mrs L Berry
   Tel: (011) 298-2101                 Tel: (084) 446 0629         and what sort of facilities we have and I have no doubt
   Fax: (011) 836-6014                 E-Mail:                     that our relationship with them and the NIW will grow
   E-Mail:       from strength to strength in the future.
                                                                        Finally, we had an outstanding Awards dinner, which
   Executive secretary                 Durban branch chairman
                                                                   will be reported in our next issue, and I am pleased to say
   Ms D Kreouzi                        Mr T Monte
   Tel: (011) 298-2102                 Tel: (082) 577-6158         that the standard of award recipient remains as high as
   Fax: (011) 836-6014                 Fax: (031) 700-5562         ever. Congratulations to AFSA’s Tony Patterson who won
   E-Mail:         E-Mail:                     the Institute’s Gold Medal Award. Very gratifying was the
                                     continued high-level contribution being made by women
   Training services manager
                                                                   in our industry. Earlier this year was the outstanding per-
   Mr E Nell                           KZN representative
   Tel: (011) 298-2135                 Mr I Elsdon-Dew             formance of young women in the Young Welder Competi-
   Fax: (011) 836-4132                 Tel: (031) 201-4850         tion, then a plethora of female graduates in various welder
   E-Mail:            Fax: (031) 201-4865         training programmes and now we have Emily van der
                                       E-Mail:                     Schyf winning the prestigious Phil Santilano Award for the
   Qualification and certification
                                                                   best student on our Inspector courses and Louise Petrick
   Mr J McLeish                                                    co-authoring the paper that won the Harvey Shacklock
   Tel: (011) 298 2107                                             Gold Medal. Congratulations to you all. You are proof that
   Fax: (011) 836-4132                                             welding is a career for all!
                                                                   Jim Guild
   Technology manager
   Mr J du Plessis
   Tel: (011) 298-2103
   Fax: (011) 836-4132

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