A Disciple's Heart: An Introduction to Opening Your Heart to God by P-InnovoPublishing


Have you ever wondered what the Lord wanted you to do in a particular situation? Do you hear His voice clearly when you try to listen to Him? Do you find that sometimes it is easy to hear the voice of God, but at other times it is almost impossible? A Disciple's Heart helps you consider how well you listen with your heart, in order to discover how your spiritual listening skills may be strengthened. When we seek more in our relationships with God, we are seeking to open our hearts to Him with intention. Join us as we examine how being discipled relates to developing our hearts. Learn how discipleship is to help us embrace the guidance, counsel and comfort of The Teacher, the Spirit of God, with our hearts. Come with us as we discover what it means to hear God's voice in our hearts whether we are making big life decisions or facing normal everyday issues.

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