7th Annual Crystal Gala by dfsdf224s


									7th Annual Crystal Gala
Saturday, November 19, 2005
Ramada Plaza & Conference Centre

$150.00 per person
Only 356 Tickets Available
For more information call 604.850.5873

                             Abbotsford Printing Inc.   Fall 2005
Founding Angel Sponsor
Abbotsford Printing Inc. is Proud to be an Angel Sponsor for The Crystal Gala

                                            even years ago several ladies       The 7th gala promises to once
                                            from Abbotsford decided to      again be a tremendous success!
                                            throw the best fundraising      November the 19th will see The
                                  party Abbotsford has ever seen!!          Ramada Plaza’s ballroom become
                                  Hoping to top the $500,000 total in       a feast for the eyes, sparkling with
                                   2005 this group just keeps on ticking    crystals and illuminated with white
                                   and ticking. They are best described     essences that will dazzle the guests as
                                    as “a group of women who meet           they wine & dine! Bernie & Red
                                     around a kitchen table BUT get         will be the evenings MC’s with
                                     boardroom results.                     entertainment by the amazing
                                          This diverse group of ladies      group-The TimeBenders who
                                      have achieved what many               promise to have the 350+
                              would have thought impossible, but            guests dancing into the
                              together with numerous businesses and         hours of the morning but not
                              Abbotsford Printing Inc. an evening           before our gala auctioneer
                               truly to be remembered has been              Jim Marsh will having the
                               established.                                 bidding become fast and
                                    “This event is a remarkable accom-      furious for the fabulous live
                                plishment and one that could not be         auction items that have been
                                 achieved without the generous sup-         graciously donated for this
                                 port and commitment of all the busi-       years gala.
                                 nesses and individuals that sponsor           Brand New for 2005!
         and donate to this event” says Dorothy Dyck 2002-2004              The committee will be selling
         chair. Also a very special thank-you to all the committee          raffle tickets prior to the event.
         members and volunteers who have put in countless hours             One of the major prizes has
          to contribute to our events unequalled success.                   been donated by Brian Lee from
                                        True Passion for a “future          Lee’s Fine Jewellery. Brian has
                                    without breast cancer” has driven       graciously donated a custom designed piece of
                                    these ladies to the success that,       jewellery valued at $5000.00+ Wouldn’t you
                                    anyone involved with this event         LOVE TO WIN THIS! For more information
                                    has heard it referred to as, ‘The       please email crystalgala@shaw.ca or phone
                                    Premiere Event of Abbotsford.’          604-850-5873 or contact anyone of the
                                        In 2004 The Crystal Gala            committee members and they will be thrilled
                                    committee was awarded the very          to sell you as many tickets as you
                                    prestigious “Awareness Award”           would like!!
                                    in Vancouver for their ongoing              If you are interested in becoming
                                    dedication in their fundraising         part of this incredible journey to create
                                    efforts for this worthwhile cause!      a “future without breast cancer” a
                          Abbotsford Printing Inc. is proud to be           crystal gala committee member would
                      a founding sponsor for the Crystal Gala and           love to discuss how you can become part
                      salutes ALL the businesses that are contributing      of this event.
                     to this event and in doing so are directly                 Become a sponsor, donate an auction
                     responsible for making a HUGE difference in            item, purchase tickets but whatever you do
                    our community.                                          DON’T DELAY.
                                                                                 Call 604-850-5873 or
                                                                             email crystalgala@shaw.ca.
                          We’re having a year long
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                                 and you can WIN!
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       (excluding tax) you are entered to                    tax) you are entered to            (excluding tax) you are entered to

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          $100.00 Gift Certificates at
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           Lee’s Fine Jewellery Ltd.                           Champagne & Lace                        Restaurant 62

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2005 C Valued
  A Prize 000      2545 McCallum Rd.,            Foundin r
                                                                 604.852.8686                 106 - 2001 McCallum Road
    at $500                                    Silver S l Gala
                Abbotsford, B.C. V2S 3R1               sta      33811 South Fraser Way,        Abbotsford, BC V2S 3N5
                                               for Cry
                   Tel: 604-853-9192
                                                               Abbotsford, B.C. V2S 2C4
                  Fax: 604-853-4995
          e-mail: info@leesfinejewellery.com                info@champagneandlace.com               Platinu
                                                             www.champagneandlace.com                     r for th
             www.leesfinejewellery.com                                                            Sponso Gala
                                                                                                    C rystal

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            $2000.00 Travel Gift Certificateredeemable at Ambassador Travel
                                                                 (some restrictions apply)
 Standing above
 the Crowd
      n today’s highly competitive business
      environment it is critical to find ways to
      separate yourself from the other companies
 who sell the same – or similar – product and/or
 service. Here are several strategies that can help
 you accomplish this:
      Help your clients achieve their goals. Virtually
 every business person has specific goals they are
 striving to achieve. These can include everything
 from increasing their market share and sales, to
 reducing operating expenses, to streamlining the
 business, to incorporating new business practices.
 Invest time learning the key objectives of each of
 your customers. Then determine how your products
 and services can help them achieve their targets. In          However, if you try to be innovative ONLY         and practical tips to improve their business; this
 some cases, you may not be able to help them but        when it’s absolutely necessary, you will never          can be set up quite easily electronically.
 recommending someone who can assist them will           get the head-start on your competition. Watch                 Send cards on special occasions but instead
 be recognized and remembered. The more you can          for trends in other industries as well as yours and     of the standard Christmas cards send some on
 help them achieve their goals the more valued you       think of how you can incorporate these into your        lesser promoted days such as St. Patrick’s Day
 will become.                                            business. Be a leader instead of a follower.            and Halloween, etc. You can also send postcards
      Under-promise, over-deliver. As old as this              Surprise them. Look for ways to surprise          from exotic locations – just be careful not to write
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 stand out from the crowd. Far too many people           unexpected for them. Make a charitable donation         Maarten in the Caribbean and found a beautiful
 make commitments to their customers and fail            in their name. Invite them to a special event.          postcard of a beach along the Caribbean Ocean.
 to follow through as promised. It’s easy to fall        Give them a bonus gift or service. Find out what        I sent this card to about four dozen clients and
 into this trap, particularly for service-oriented       networking events your clients might like to attend     prospects with the message, “When the winter
 individuals. We have every intention of delivering      and send them a complimentary invitation. If they       starts getting you down, take a three minute
 on a promise but often, unexpected circumstances        enjoy reading send an occasional book in their          vacation by picturing yourself on this beach.”
 crop up that prevent us from doing so. While this       area of interest. Gift certificates to a show or play        Have a VIP day. You can organize a golf
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 frequent occurrences will drive your customers to           Two words of caution: i) Be careful that your       play the game. If you’re a retailer, you can invite
 your competition.                                       “surprise” is not misinterpreted as a bribe to do       your best customer to an invitation-only special
      Be innovative. Most companies do business the      business with you. There cannot be any strings          sale.
 same way until a crisis, emergency, or significant      or hidden conditions attached to this offering. ii)           Every year, a friend of mine organizes an
 change in the marketplace forces them to adapt.         Make sure your client is allowed to accept a gift.      evening filled with networking opportunities,
 The most successful organizations are creative          Some organizations have a strict “no gift” policy       guest speakers, great food and beverages and
 and innovative. They constantly look for new ways       and you must respect it.                                invites his clients, prospects, and friends to attend.
 to do business, gain more of their market share,            Keep in touch. Very few people keep in touch        Another friend of mine takes several of his clients
 please their customers, and offer new products and      on a regular basis with their customers. Yet, this is   on excursions to a local winery. He ensures they
 services. The inherent challenge with this is that      the best way to keep your name in their mind. An        get a tour, a private tasting of premium wines, and
 you will encounter resistance from many people          effective strategy – without appearing like a pest      a five-star dinner.
 both inside and outside of the company; I have          – is to send them useful information on a regular
 experienced this first-hand in several companies I      basis. You can send a newspaper clipping or a                                Kelley Robertson, President of
 have worked for.                                        magazine article. You can also send them helpful                                 Robertson Training Group

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