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					                                      OFTP SSID Code
The data to be transmitted to the suppliers and the data received from the suppliers is
loaded at Ford in a mailbox which must be set-up according to the OFTP standards.
OFTP requires that your company has a unique OFTP code, called OFTP SSID Code.
It is your responsibility to provide us with your OFTP SSID Code.

Suppliers located in the UK are able to generate their OFTP SSID code applying the
following rules:
The maximum length of the code is 25 characters.
    •    Position 1 should be the letter ‘O’. (Some countries assign the number ‘0’ as first
    •    Positions 2-5 should identify the country code:
 Country     France      Germany    Italy   Netherlands    Spain    Sweden    U. K.    Portugal

  Code       0002          0013    0940        0943        0941      0007     0932       0944

             o Suppliers of some countries may fill this field with zeros,
    •    Positions 6-19 contain the assigned EDI code: Country code (again) + 10
         characters of the Company Identification code INIF or VAT number if
         these numbers are not 10 characters long pack out with zeros).
    •    The next 6 characters to be filled to zeros.
 Position         1              2-5            6-9              10-19             20-25
              Letter ‘O’     Country code   Country code      Supplier code   Constant 000000
                  O             0932           0932           0123456789          000000

E.g.: O093209320123456789000000

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Description: SSID is the acronym for Service Set Identifier. SSID of a wireless LAN technology can be divided into several different authentication needs of sub-networks, each subnet requires a separate authentication, only authenticated users can access the corresponding sub-networks to prevent unauthorized users access to the network.